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Do you want me to cast a love spell on you? (Gay Magic Warlock..) ♂

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Started by #512385 at 30,Oct,22 12:31
This may seem like a really weird post but try to bear with me. I'm just posting this because I been wanting to do this again & I figured someone here might be turned on by it and/or find it interesting & would want me to do it to them....

My name is Joe & I'm a single Gay guy who's been looking for a lover/partner for a while. I been practicing withcraft for a while too.

Pictured below are a few love spells I tried casting on different men I been talking to online (I've done all of them a really long time ago). However, none of them really worked. I been wanting to try it again.

I only do love spells on guys who are willing to have me put them on them (they have to be consensual or else they WILL seriously back-fire and stright up 'not work'...) However, they can also be undone too.

I'M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE HERE WHO WANTS ME TO TRY PUTTING A LOVE SPELL ON THEM! I figured if I tried it on more men, eventually I'll find ONE GUY who it actually works on ☺ ♥

All I would need from you is a couple face pictures of you (doesn't matter what you look like, I love all men), your name, & your date of birth (the older the better_.

Then what I'd do with them is preform the ritual (writing out the petition, creating the love sigil between us, ejaculating to the thought of us as lovers, add the ingredeints in the love jar, seal it with pink candle was (which repesents sexual attraction) & red candle wax (which represents intense love) while photographing the whole process. Then leaving it under my bed & wait for it to take effect.


1.) YOU HAVE TO BE A TOTAL BOTTOM or have to not mind being a bottom all the time... I can't take it up the ass & I also don't suck dick either (my sexuality is weird. I only love men but I don't like penis at all.)

2.) I kinda prefer for you to be "submissive" really...

3.) Not 100% mandetory but I prefer for you to live in the USA, anywhere within the continental USA so if the spell really ends up working, then we can meet much more easily...

4.) Also not 100% mandetory but it'd also be very nice if you'd be ok with me taking pics of you preforming Oral sex on me & posting them here... I love doing that ☺ be even better to do it with a man who I'm truely in love with ☺ ♥

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