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🥰 TheWife+Hubby 2023 Re-Boot New & Updates 🥰

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Started by TheWife+Hubby at 22,May,23 23:35  other posts of TheWife+Hubby
Latest news & updates for the TheWife+Hubby Re-Boot profile 😘

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New Comment

By TheWife+Hubby at 17,Jul,23 00:11 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
Hey 🙋‍♀️,

For any of you that have been following this thread for news & updates we will no longer be using it.

We have created a new group that will be a more appropriate place to do so, see you there 😘

(please tap following link) /groups.php?id=7658

By TheWife+Hubby at 12,Jul,23 11:06 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
For all those than can afford support, for this site, help out Admin guy !

Please tap the following link /blogs/54750.html#t0

By CAT at 25,Jun,23 02:50 other posts of CAT 
By Vita at 07,Jul,23 13:39 other posts of Vita 
yes ... very ok !

By Iluvmycock at 25,Jun,23 09:25 other posts of Iluvmycock 
Living every post TheWife+Hubby
By TheWife+Hubby at 25,Jun,23 09:32 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
Awwww & we appreciate all of your support 💖

By Iluvmycock at 25,Jun,23 09:25 other posts of Iluvmycock 

By PITBULL at 25,Jun,23 02:26 other posts of PITBULL 
bella! says you have too many profiles here
By TheWife+Hubby at 25,Jun,23 07:38 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
Hmmmmm, so let me think why that might be 🤔

1. Jealous that I run 2 of the most successful content sharing sharing profiles on this site, this one & the gurls one Blair_+_Chelsea.

2. Her numbers of "Number of members who blacklisted", list grew by 4 when those ☝️ 2 accounts & my 2 lesser known accounts LoveToMasturbate, PAGE_UNDER_CONSTRUCTION also blacklisted her account after I was dictated to who I should & shouldn't be communicating with on this site.

I will communicate with who the fuck I like 🤷‍♀️.

3. Combination of 1 & 2

By pornlover59 at 26,May,23 11:56 other posts of pornlover59 
great gallery,enjoy my daily edge here!

By Thickandfat at 23,May,23 02:11 other posts of Thickandfat 
My cock just came nice and hard
By TheWife+Hubby at 23,May,23 02:14 other posts of TheWife+Hubby 
Happy to hear that our content has helped you to enjoy yourself 🥰

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