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By PITBULL at 23,Feb,24 16:45

By PITBULL at 23,Feb,24 13:34
with her having high blood pressure, arthritis and cholesterol time is running out for her.

By PITBULL at 22,Feb,24 13:17
I like Americans. I love the head exposure.

By PITBULL at 22,Feb,24 13:16
bella! racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and a big hypocrite. You have a filthy mouth. Typical of rednecks like you

By PITBULL at 19,Feb,24 23:36
Blacklisted by the fat cow bella!. She says before doesn't blacklist other members. What a loser she is

By PITBULL at 19,Feb,24 15:02
blacklisted her to see if she takes the bait

By PITBULL at 19,Feb,24 01:58
hey Woody58 deleted your pic from 28 years ago

By PITBULL at 19,Feb,24 01:56
Showing my hard cock to some guys in church

By PITBULL at 19,Feb,24 01:05
hey CAT unbanned me you coward fat wrinkle rat.

By PITBULL at 18,Feb,24 23:59
yes, she is a desperate bitch. Just like the Court said in their ruling; deceiving members of this site with pics of more than 20 years ago.

By PITBULL at 17,Feb,24 16:08
jackass, moron
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hey, Woody does your 120 mg of Viagra working?

By PITBULL at 16,Feb,24 18:19
Now you have been charged with Attacking the Judicial System.

By PITBULL at 15,Feb,24 19:34
This comment or poll has been referred to the SITO Court for possible charges of Attacking an Immunity Member

By PITBULL at 15,Feb,24 12:05
I voted!

By PITBULL at 15,Feb,24 12:04
the above link contains a virus, do not click, please.

By PITBULL at 12,Feb,24 20:06
@ Sir-Skittles
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hey Woody58, did you complain to your doctor that 100mg is not getting you hard.

By PITBULL at 12,Feb,24 17:24
Old cunt…you are on borrowed time

By PITBULL at 12,Feb,24 01:09
Visit Freddy's box for more fun

By PITBULL at 11,Feb,24 17:17
Eat tecsan's ass


By PITBULL at 11,Feb,24 11:39
hey panty boy, tecsan your comments will be deleted. Stay in your forums you pathetic loser.

By PITBULL at 10,Feb,24 23:13
So back to viagra again

By PITBULL at 09,Feb,24 22:49
The Intel Investigation just found out Woody58 does not have that much money to cover the deductible.

By PITBULL at 09,Feb,24 17:09
According to some sources at your insurance, you are supposed to pay some deductible of $10,000.

By PITBULL at 07,Feb,24 12:02
Hey woody58 did the doctors fix your erection problem?

By PITBULL at 06,Feb,24 22:15

By PITBULL at 06,Feb,24 22:13
you just got mental retard

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 23:55
It's about time you get your ass here

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 22:06
..and so those who blacklisted me vote on my polls and read my blogs.

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 17:56
oh yes! beautiful

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 17:54
any of you uncut guys here; can pull back your foreskin showing your dick head?

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 17:53
can you pull back your foreskin?

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 17:51
It's Woody58 alive

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 17:50
I don't block or blacklist. The blacklist is for cowards. There are so many here. As in life, those who decided to blacklist me will pay the consequences of their actions.

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 17:12
I just can't believe you fall into CAT's lies. I haven't wished you dead.

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 16:01
when I was 18 a guy who was older than me (42 years old) sucked me and I fucked him too. We were in short relationship.

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 15:52
you so funny dgraff

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 15:51
Here is what CAT statements on her blog; /blogs/56463.html is saying about Woody58. Nothing. She has not made any statements about him because she is lying as always.

Look also at all the rats who made comments on her blog about Woody58. These morons believe anything CAT posts on here.

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 15:35

By PITBULL at 04,Feb,24 14:47
He was not in the hospital for 3 weeks. He fact he was in the hospital for 3 days for a; colonoscopy and gall blader removal. The pathetic CAT has always lied. This is the last Intel information I have.

By PITBULL at 30,Jan,24 23:43
It's probably someone has blacklisted me and now is gone after being exposed by me

By PITBULL at 30,Jan,24 22:07
same pictures, no negative gifts but his message wall must be clean soon.

By PITBULL at 30,Jan,24 22:06

By PITBULL at 29,Jan,24 11:55
I am the other alternative for president.

By PITBULL at 28,Jan,24 22:04
Were you at the Capitol January 6th, 2021?

By PITBULL at 28,Jan,24 18:12
Woody58 are you in the hospital for a brain transplant?

By PITBULL at 25,Jan,24 13:30
I love the nude beach

By PITBULL at 20,Jan,24 22:26
I start to see pubic hair on me around 13 years old. By 15 I have a big bush.

By PITBULL at 18,Jan,24 13:25
I only get turned on by an erect cock if the man is cute or good looking

By PITBULL at 17,Jan,24 23:18
they don't live in Orlando, so what the hell he is referring to? It has been in Orlando's low 40s all this week.

By PITBULL at 17,Jan,24 11:32
I think Woody58 is dead and CAT still using his profile as he is alive.