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For dad's with Small Dicked Sons

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Started by Exposure101 at 06,Aug,23 15:15  other posts of Exposure101
What to do think when you realize your son isn't going to have a very big piece of meat?

I don't mean like your toddler only has like a couple inches. I mean like you walk in on your 14 year old pounding it out and realize he isn't working with much downstairs. Do you talk to him about it? Leave it alone? Are you embarrassed for him? What's the thought process?

My dad decided to have a "late bloomer" conversation with me when I was a teenager. Which only served to have my dad confirm every teenage boys worst fear that they have a small dick. And was ultimately useless because uhhh.... I didn't "catch up to the other boys".

So how do other dads deal with this?

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By galaxy123 at 07,Aug,23 14:19 other posts of galaxy123 
My parents and some of the wider family were naturists so it was easy growing up to see and compare against other males in the family and other boys and men at resorts or on nude beaches. By the age of 12 or 13 it was clear looking at my cousins, my father and uncle that I was not going to be as big as them. It was my mother that actually had the "late bloomer, don't worry about size conversation with me. As it happens I did develop late but I never caught up with the other men in the family, particularly my fathers side.

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