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By galaxy123 at 16,Jun,22 12:24
No she did not touch it but watched for a few minutes. It was before I could ejaculate so there was not cum. Just a dry orgasm.

By galaxy123 at 13,Jun,22 12:47
Yes, I think you will struggle in the US. Whenever I have been in gyms or on nude beaches over there I have stood out for being uncut. I have got comments on my foreskin a few times in the US.

By galaxy123 at 13,Jun,22 12:45
mine is 6.25"

By galaxy123 at 30,May,22 10:17
I think mine is small when soft about 2"

And average when hard. 6.25"

By galaxy123 at 30,May,22 10:13
soft I am about 2" - 2.5"
Hard 6.25"

By galaxy123 at 23,May,22 09:26
Yes I have. I remember doing it in the same room as my sister when we were younger and sharing a room on family holidays. She would sometimes wake up and could hear me doing it. After a few times she asked me what I was doing, I said turn the light on and I can show you. So she did. I sat on the end of my bed and showed her for a minute or two.

By galaxy123 at 23,May,22 09:21
Here is mine. It measures 5.75" around when hard.

By galaxy123 at 17,May,22 10:20
here is my head exposed.

By galaxy123 at 17,May,22 10:11
I think my mother saw me masturbating first. My mother had shown me how to retract and clean under my foreskin. When doing this I got erect. Moving the foreskin back and forth felt good so I kept doing it. She watched for a minute then left me to it. I was very young and did not mind her seeing me do it. I then started to do it with other boys in the neighborhood.

By galaxy123 at 12,May,22 13:21
When I was a student I made friends with an older couple. I was 20 and they were mid 40s. I had a few 3 somes with them over one summer. She taught me a lot, how to take my time, take care of her, understand that there are a number of places to touch her to make her reach orgasm. It was a great experience and one I would recommend.

By galaxy123 at 05,May,22 14:24
mine is 5.75 around when hard.

By galaxy123 at 05,May,22 14:21
I can't say I really enjoy it. But when at school I did get the cane a few times. The first time I bent over too far and when I got the first stroke of the cane it caught my balls that were hanging down between my legs. It was extremely painful and I actually fell down in pain. Not enjoyable if honest.

By galaxy123 at 25,Apr,22 11:07
mine is small when soft but I don't mind people seeing it. I developed late so was always the small one at school or when my parents took us to naturist beaches so I have been used to people seeing it.

By galaxy123 at 19,Apr,22 12:47
This index is useful to determine how mouch your foreskin covers the glans.

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For example mine is CI-9

By galaxy123 at 19,Apr,22 12:42
I learnt at school, the older boys showed us and then would make us do it while they watched.

By galaxy123 at 05,Apr,22 17:40

Here is mine

By galaxy123 at 05,Apr,22 17:36
I developed late so I had the opposite problem to you. Mine was tiny until I was 15. I also went to a boarding school where there was no privacy, in fact boys would be encouraged to compare dicks and were naked in the showers and dorms all the time. When I moved into the upper school boarding house aged 12 the boys from the year above lined us up and made bets on who they thought would have the biggest dick. We were then asked to drop our trousers and pants. Out of 10 boys in my dorm mine was the smallest.
So I quickly learnt that it was better to join in than hide as hiding only made the teasing worse. Once I accepted that I was never embarrassed

By galaxy123 at 04,Apr,22 17:49
I developed late and was teased a lot when young. I am proud of my size. It is small when soft

By galaxy123 at 29,Mar,22 19:10
I saw my fathers a lot. My parents were naturists so we were all naked in front of each other frequently.
My fathers was very different to mine. His was very long both soft and hard and he was circumcised.
Mine has a long foreskin, flaccid it is on the small side and average when hard.

By galaxy123 at 21,Mar,22 13:38
Here is mine

By galaxy123 at 07,Mar,22 11:55
An ex of mine liked to watch me masturbate and would ask me to do it in interesting places sometimes. On walks in the country, or beaches or at home at random times. I would sometimes have to do it very quickly. She would get very horny afterwards. I think it was a domination thing she had.

By galaxy123 at 03,Mar,22 13:09
I developed late. So I was almost 16 before I developed enough to ejaculate. At that age I had some pubic hair but not much. I was not full size yet either. At that age I was about 5" erect and 1.5" flaccid.
I was not full grown to the size I am now until I was 18 or 19.

By galaxy123 at 21,Feb,22 13:11
Mine is a grower.
2.5" soft
6.25" hard

--------------------------------------- added after 27 seconds

By galaxy123 at 17,Feb,22 15:21
I think it helps if you are circumcised. The head on mine is quite large and a little flared but not as much as cut guys.

By galaxy123 at 27,Jan,22 16:43
you can index yourself using this guide. I am a CI-9. My foreskin mostly covers the head even when hard.
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By galaxy123 at 17,Jan,22 12:32

here is my soft one

By galaxy123 at 17,Jan,22 12:31
Bigone21 gives very good advice and as someone who has been on naturist beaches most of my life I agree.

I do have a long, loose foreskin and sometimes roll it back on the beach to expose the head to the sun, also stops sand getting under the foreskin too much. Other times I pull it forward as far as I can to give the impression it is a little longer (I am quite small flaccid). Just don't go around tugging on it.

By galaxy123 at 10,Jan,22 10:41
here is mine soft.

By galaxy123 at 16,Nov,21 11:05
Mine is quite small soft.

By galaxy123 at 15,Nov,21 17:04
I am a grower I think.

By galaxy123 at 08,Nov,21 14:31
I developed late and my penis was always small when growing up, so I knew early on that mine was small compared to others in PE class at school and when comparing with others in my dorm at boarding school. My parents were naturists so I could see my father, uncle and others at the beaches had much larger ones and when growing up I hoped mine would grow big like theirs. I never did get to the size of my fathers, his was much larger than mine but I am ok with where I am.

By galaxy123 at 05,Nov,21 15:55
mine curves slightly left.

By galaxy123 at 02,Nov,21 13:54
here is mine.

By galaxy123 at 01,Nov,21 14:27
Here are mine.
I am not very hairy and don't really need to shave them. My scrotum doesn't have much hair. I developed late so only really started to get pubes aged 15.5.

By galaxy123 at 01,Nov,21 10:53
It was and I certainly learnt a lot being with an older couple. They slowed me down a bit.

By galaxy123 at 27,Oct,21 11:31
Hi, I am not sure I can help you as ours look a similar size. But When I was young and at college I did have a 3 some with an older couple who were in their late 40s and I was about 21 at the time. The women wanted more sex and a larger penis. We had a lot to drink one night and talked about it. Turned out her husbands dick was only 4" when hard. I mentioned that mine was a little over 6" hard. She wanted to see it so we went back to their flat, all got naked and I had sex with his wife while he watched and had a wank. They were good fun and grateful and we did it a few times. But as others have said they were ready to try it.

By galaxy123 at 15,Oct,21 13:10

By galaxy123 at 14,Oct,21 14:54
A girlfriend of mine at college had a very large clitoris that would swell when she got excited. It already poked out from her labia but when she got going it would stick out about 1cm. She had strong, almost violent orgasms and get very very wet wet.

her pussy looked like this one.
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By galaxy123 at 07,Oct,21 12:43
yes, I think the older you get the longer you stretch your foreskin.

By galaxy123 at 01,Oct,21 14:10
The scale refers to the coverage you have of your glans (head of your penis). A CI-1 for example is a very high circumcision, there is zero skin left. Mine for example is a CI-9 a long foreskin overhang when soft and only a tiny amout of glans visible when hard.


By galaxy123 at 30,Sep,21 14:47
mine was a little tight and would not pull back all the way until I was about 10 or 11. Then my mother showed me how to clean under the foreskin. She firmly pulled it back a few times which was painful but then it worked free and was fine after that, sore for a few days but felt better.

By galaxy123 at 27,Sep,21 13:42
At university I was taking part in some research where they examined you, measured you, weighed you and took samples of blood, urine and semen. I was standing naked in this examination room with a female doctor and her male assistant while the were taking notes. At the end they asked if I could put a semen sample in a small container. they though I had been before and that you were meant to go into a connecting room to wank off into this cup but I had not had this explained. they went the other side of the curtain and started to write up some notes thinking I was in the other room. after 2 or 3 minutes I was fully erect and wanking furiously when they pulled back the curtain just as I was cumming into the cup. that was quite embarrassing.

By galaxy123 at 13,Sep,21 14:22
Yes, my mother had a few. I could hear the buzz sometimes outside her room.

By galaxy123 at 10,Sep,21 13:26
I was in the the airport in Paris once and an orthodox Jewish man came in and stood at the urinal right next to me. He stood very close and angled himself slightly towards me. This made me glance towards him so I could see his penis which was very large, circumcised but not peeing yet. I was already peeing. When I pee in public I retract my foreskin part or all the way to control the flow. This time I had pulled it back a little so half my glans were exposed. I glanced again towards him and he was looking down towards my dick. It was weird and slightly exciting, I kept on peeing and just before I finished he finally started peeing. At the end I turned more towards him so he could see me more. I moved the foreskin back and forth to shake off the drops then stood for a few seconds while we looked at each others dicks. I guess this was mutual curiosity. I took a look at his very large cut one and he took a look at my smaller uncut dick.

By galaxy123 at 10,Sep,21 11:01
I had an accident when young and damaged my genitals.
3 stitches in the tip of my foreskin.
2 in my scrotum at the base of the shaft.

By galaxy123 at 06,Sep,21 10:28
I tore mine in an accident when young (12) and I can confirm it bleeds alot. The docs wanted to circumcise me but my mother talked them out of it. The doc put 3 stitches in the foreskin tip and cut a little of the damaged frenulum away. I remember my foreskin being quite tight before the accident but afterwards it was good as it was nice and loose and I could retract all the way. masturbating was more fun afterwards. Once it had healed.

By galaxy123 at 06,Sep,21 10:22
here is mine.

By galaxy123 at 27,Aug,21 13:47
Here is mine

By galaxy123 at 06,Aug,21 13:58
Yes that looks about right. When were you circumcised?

By galaxy123 at 04,Aug,21 14:35
You can gauge your foreskin size or length looking at this index. only registered users can see external links

Mine is a CI-9