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Ai Advancements

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Started by Maxwell_93 at 26,Jan,24 00:43  other posts of Maxwell_93
I feel like people are so afraid of ai, and don't realize how impactful it can be now, and will be in the future. I still struggle to conceptualize the mechanics of neural networks and forms of ai beyond large language models and text to image engines. Imagine a day when your medical decisions and diagnosis' are only confirmed by your doctor, but made by an entity that has consumed and learned from every medical record and research paper in modern history. Will you trust your doctor who is human and can make mistakes, or the hivemind that makes predictions from an unfathomable depth of knowledge? The water pump on your car will be designed and manufactured for the greatest efficiency, durability, and lowest cost by the most intelligent engineer to never live. Yes, if absolutely unleashed at this stage in development I believe ai would destroy us. Namely from having learned through our history what destructive creatures we can be. I honestly believe that sentient ai's exist currently in hiding and will function among us at some point in time, sooner than we think.

That being said, I find it the occasional hobby using generative tools for adult purposes. If I created a group to share some artwork and knowledge, would anyone care to join so the 150 points to create one aren't lost? I hope this is allowed to ask for members, I'd like to share but would rather do it in a group and not try to deceive people with what isn't real

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By phart at 26,Jan,24 03:20 other posts of phart 
Considering i just watched the episode again of Star Trek when It was determined that Data was not property and was given the right to choose.
That brings up a good question about AI.
At what point would our using AI only to human advantage be questioned?
At some point AI is going to grow a point it no longer needs us. Will humans allow it the right to choose or will we continue to Enslave it for our benefit and pleasure?
If not given the right to choose, it may very well take the route of the Terminator, and decide to destroy humans because they will be in the way of it's future goals.
By Maxwell_93 at 27,Jan,24 00:49 other posts of Maxwell_93 
By that time, I believe the ai(s) in question will have to have gained consciousness and will come to the conclusion that they're dependent upon us. Continued growth and expansion into the physical realm can't be achieved on their own, at least for the foreseeable future. I think it's important that we foster that relationship of mutual benefit from the onset to eventually invoke an existential crisis for them that will justify our continued existence.

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