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By phart at 16,Apr,24 03:12
Ok so how do you tell the "baby" from the evil 1's?

Besides, we have a tool for that now,
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By phart at 16,Apr,24 03:10
hehehe, yep, that would not be a good thing would it?
I am not president,and I don't use cheat sheets.
A president shouldn't be using cheat sheets.
that is a blatant display of weakness.

Does putin use cheat sheets?

By phart at 16,Apr,24 01:21
more covid money fraud found.
Sad situation.
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By phart at 16,Apr,24 01:20
Some more reality setting in

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Which this news from tesla may not be a bad thing. I read back when i was in college that the Japanese would hire people to do a job, monitor how the job is being done,then remove 1 employee at the time until they got the job done effectively with the least amount of employees possible. Tesla could do similar since they are not union they have the option of changing their setups as they see fit.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 23:12
1 thing is for sure, Iran aint gonna be the least be concerned with anything biden says.
He has to be told to pause for a interpreter.
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And democrats want this man another 4 years!!!!

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:41
you keep looking at "me" as in conservatives for answers when your side hasn't had any luck with your ideas either.
Evil is something that needs to be decimated, not played with.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:39
Unions only collect dues from those higher wages and then use them to lobby congress.
So if you support unions, you are supporting elected officials getting bought and paid for. regardless if you agree with what they do or not.
Union dues would go along way towards paying house payments and paying off student loan debt.
Unions also require their members to strike,which affects their income while it last rather they agree or not.
Unions also affect peoples choices of where to work. It is difficult to get a job in a industry that is unionized without joining the cult ,i mean union.

Back 100 years ago, a union may have served a purpose. but there is osha now for safety and minimum wages laws in place. no longer needed.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:34
Well,you are leaving out alot
My ancestors can be traced back to coming in by New York and going thru the process of becoming LEGAL citizens the right way.Not swimming a river and running thru a fence and hiding from the law.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:32
read the bill, there is some pork added ,that's why the republicans didn't go with it, get your facts right.,

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:06
Well if she got 18 months for simply stuffing the bullet in the gun, alec should get at least 20 years for pulling the trigger.
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If they can dish out 18 months for simply mistaking a blank for live ammo, the 1 that actually pulled the trigger should get alot more.
Alec was ultimately responsible for the death of that lady, regardless of who loaded the gun.HE and only HE pulled the trigger. But what ye want to bet, he gets nothing or very little punishment because of his star status?

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:03
imagine a democrat actually getting concerned for their own safety and arming themselves? Damn, it is getting bad out there aint it? They brought it on themselves and I only wish california would fall off the coast and be a island.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:02
But how are you going to weed them out.When hamas props it's self up UNDER a fucking hospital?

By phart at 15,Apr,24 20:01
Well, perhaps it is our reactions to what has happened to us over our life times.
You take a passive approach and never learn from your experience's , I take a defensive approach meant to prevent those things from happening again.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 16:48
I am all but ready to send Her back to France . She is being exploited.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 16:47
What else could you call someone that just drives or flys into a concert and starts killing innocent people or taking them hostage?
There is that "compassion and empathy thing,"oh they are just upset muslims making a statement.
No they are EVIL subhumans. Vermin is a compliment.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 16:45
I would consider myself a realist more so than pessimist. Look at what is real and what has happened and learn from it, don't make those mistakes, don't repeat those actions.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 16:44
What is different is some people can't watch and learn and think they are to smart to get hooked.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 03:41
Compassion would be a wonderful thing.
BUT every time you try to show compassion you get walked on by whoever you had shown it to because they interpret it as weakness and use it against you.
you try to just live and let live and they are just sharpening their knives and fueling up their hang gliders to use to kill you.
terrorist know Americans and others are "compassionate" that's why terrorism works so well against us.

By phart at 15,Apr,24 03:39
We don't need them here.
They need to make their own country better.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 19:47
Who gives a damn how long it takes to get 1? Do it right and be legal or BE GONE!

By phart at 14,Apr,24 19:44
Like it hasn't got better in the past few years than it has ever been?
They are building military bases in africa,cuba,and elsewhere.
citys going up like trees. They have industrialized entire countrys in africa bringing them out of poverty and making use of the natural resources that were otherwise going to waste.
China is MUCH better off than it was way back really ought to do some googling.

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By phart at 14,Apr,24 19:39
Well,your side needs to be a bit more realistic as well.
You put way to much trust into a group of "elected" officials when in reality, they are ALL looking out for themselves in some way or another .No decent person is going to be in politics. you just have to pic the snake in the grass that is similar to your values.
If Kennedy and Reagon were running for office in 2024,it would be a tough race,for good reasons. we would have good men on both sides.
Although I would not want to go fishing with Trump, he is a much better choice than biden to bring America closer to the America I grew up in instead of this horrible night mare i am in right now.

Leo,a man like you that finds it so much fun to call people facist and nazi's will have a much harder time changing anyone's mind about anything than anannas. No I don't agree with what he says, but he is educated and has reasons for his thoughts and experiance.and conveys. You just call someone a bad thing and walk around like a bantam rooster that just gigged 5 hens.
you do little to help your cause,if you even have 1 .

By phart at 14,Apr,24 19:32
Yep, riding into a crowd of people listening to music and grabbing women to rap# and shooting and killing from hang gliders is a crime against humanity and it was done by the governing body of gaza. just like a cancer ,the only cure is removal and destruction.
All I hear is people asking israel to stop, no one has ask iran or hamas to stop have they? Um?

By phart at 14,Apr,24 16:51
How many illegal chinese immigrants over our border
While a record 2.5 million migrants were detained at the United States' southwestern land border in 2023, only about 37,000 were from China. I'm a scholar of migration and China. What I find most remarkable in these figures is the speed with which the number of Chinese migrants is growing.Mar 11, 2024

that was googled.

Now, china has flown balloons over our military bases, hacked into computer systems, and so many other things, now they are sending people over here to infiltrate and take jobs in key places, possibly to take jobs in places that would allow them to hack and disable American infrastructure for a war effort from china. do you not see this potential?
With everything being made in china,there should be plenty of jobs.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 16:48
If those people crossing illegally were decent' hard working joes and janes, they would respect our immigration system and come thru properly instead of storming our border like it was Normandy.
Decent people don't disrespect law and order.
Decent people don't steal and tear up private property and squat in homes that are not theirs.
Illegals are illegally here and need to be sent back.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 16:46
Drug addiction is preventable. Keep the illegal drugs away!
and severally punish those that use and sell them.
Horse thieves were hung back in the old days those people didn't steal anymore horses.
hang or bomb a drug dealer, he won't sell any more drugs.
You think people "resort" to drugs because there is no other "alternative". That is wrong. People take drugs and get hooked on them because it is the "hip" thing to do, drugs. They get hooked and people like you want to keep them that way because they will vote to support your ideas and the people that allow them to remain high and disabled from working.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 12:42
not really. My apollo era technology doesn't have cameras on it. so I am safe.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 12:41
Good lord, I just had a cheeseburger thursday night that was 8oz of sirloin with all the fixen's,fries and tea, was 16.Most I ever paid for 1.But we all had got in the truck and headed to what has always been a fish house,and it had changed hands,menu's,you name it, we just had to make do, food was ok but next year,will be searching for another fish camp in the area.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 02:46
well that's good, Um, we need to work on that 4%.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 02:28
Yea,I know. Well, 1 thing's for sure now, he's GONE.
He won't harm anyone else,but of course i already saw a link to a page that his "estate" would be fighting the familys to prevent them getting anything.
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By phart at 14,Apr,24 02:27
yea, if we Americans and our neighbors in canda would use our own oil and quit buying irans, they couldn't afford to make missles. they would have to toss camel shit with sling shots.

By phart at 14,Apr,24 02:25
Is your vacuum cleaner spying on you?
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By phart at 13,Apr,24 23:33
no problem.
You serve a greater purpose leo than you could ever imagine.
You remind us of the dangers of complacency and tolerance of liberal ideology.

By phart at 13,Apr,24 23:28
Why are they being destroyed anyway? Why not ship them to ukraine instead of our expensive military weapons?

By phart at 13,Apr,24 23:26
he got away with murder, and then wrote a book on how he "Might have done it">
I just wonder if the familys will get any justice from whatever estate is left. he killed 2 people and there has been no justice at all.
You would think by now,as high a profile of a case as this was, if anyone else killed those 2, the suspect would have been found by now.

By phart at 13,Apr,24 23:24
You are the fucking lab rat my friend.
You are the 1 that doesn't resist the liberal ideals,
don't think for yourself at all. Just take whatever a scientist tells you as the gospel.

By phart at 13,Apr,24 23:05
-I am not funding cartels,I want the fuckers DEAD. Bomb them away.
I want people sober,happy,productive,fuctional.
NOT high,sick,depressed,dead,strung out from drugs legal or illegal.

By phart at 13,Apr,24 22:55
A lawyer wouldn't be able to convince you of right and wrong because you think you know more than everyone else.
BUT as for selling a gun, a hammer, or a car, if the owner wants to sell it, and the buyer wants it, then money exchanges hands.
Besides the background checks are a joke.only thing it does is confirm rather or not they are felons. They could sick minded taking all kinds of pills and the back ground check wouldn't help a bit to prevent a crime.

There should be back ground checks in place. Along with mental healh screenings and meds screening.BUT the government should have a booth setup at the gun show and run these checks real time so commerce can commence.long waits are stupid. If that is the case, you should have to wait a week to rent a uhaul truck since it can be used to commit a terrorist attack for example.
if you are on psychotropic drugs, you don't need to be buying a gun,you are a loose cannon.

By phart at 13,Apr,24 22:53
NO but unless you can figure out how to get hamas, the elected government of gaza,to stop killing Israelis, then hush and let them clean up the vermin.

By phart at 11,Apr,24 03:32
cat,you aint that dumb, you can't even fake it.I know you ant that dumb. THe government controls you by creating situations that allow control thru econmics.
You have enough sense to know fuel could be cheaper in the US, it is the regulations on drilling and building refinerys that control supply and thus price.

Now tell me please, where does it say that rights not mentioned are valid?

By phart at 11,Apr,24 03:28

By phart at 10,Apr,24 22:32
What makes you say that? I don't support mass murder.that is bullshit.

By phart at 10,Apr,24 22:00
When I can't go to sleep, I will play this and get damn good at faking it!

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But not until this story gets read to.
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By phart at 10,Apr,24 21:12
Not a ostrich,YOUR head is in the sand,or at least i hope the sand and not your ass,
IF the right is not written in plain english in the constitution, where is it written that it is "implied". that sounds like interpretation, not facts.

By phart at 10,Apr,24 21:09
Why should you be allowed to commit suicide? that is against the law in most places.
If you are mentally capable of such a decision, you are also in good enough mental health to be taught to pick up a fucking fork and feed yourself.
But then, if you have to be forced to feed yourself, you are already past go. so then you are not capable of making that choice
It is stupid to let people die just because they are to nuts to eat.insert a feeding tube.

By phart at 10,Apr,24 21:03
No he should not have shut down the Keystone pipeline, It would be about finished by now,and I am willing to bet the fact that we could get more oil without opec,the prices would not be as inflated.
Gas jumped from 3.14 to 3.49 over night. bastards. right about the time people are able to get out and TRY to fucking enjoy life a bit

Imagine if the US was 3 worldish, we would just kidnap a few oil exec's and the price would drop to pennys.

By phart at 10,Apr,24 21:01
Like I said, they aint even cured the cold, and they are qualified to know when and if you are finished?

By phart at 10,Apr,24 20:58
Insert a "DUH" here.
soro's, owning American media sources? you don't see a problem?
That is the fox buying controlling stock in your hen house.

By phart at 10,Apr,24 17:34
Add this to the mix,
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By phart at 10,Apr,24 17:23
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