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By phart at 12,May,21 14:41
really, I will look at the chart later but at the moment I know state and county workers are not paid nearly what their work is worth for the dangers they face with traffic and such. I sadly found out personaly just how dangerous myself a year before that chart was written.

By phart at 12,May,21 13:21
The mindset of the gun hating liberals is if people have a gun,it somehow enacts mind control over it's owner. A gun or a 1000 guns,can't jump out of the drawer,safe or whatever and do any harm on their own.A HUMAN has to have the desire to use it for a bad reason for it to do harm.
FIX that and gun control is not needed

By phart at 12,May,21 13:13
oh,you like the civil forfeiture mindset.
Putting people away is only difficult because liberals make it that way.They prefer the fear and chaos the nut cases create for newsworthiness and reasons for taking more control of the people.

By phart at 12,May,21 13:11
talking point mostly. It urks me that real jobs,difficult jobs,dangerous jobs,don't pay shit,but burger flippers in safe buildings,with little responsibility, no higher education,are expecting to be paid 15 bucks a hour.

By phart at 12,May,21 01:44
Here ye go,didn't we try to explain this?
Wages go up,prices go up.Mcdonalds is the company that jumped right on board with the 15 a hour shit.
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So your money will be more but it won't DO any more or BUY any more than before.So what the hell have you gained? NOTHING.

By phart at 11,May,21 21:39

By phart at 11,May,21 20:45
if I eat Deviled eggs with pinto beans and pepsi cola for dinner,then later a taco from Taco bell for supper.I disperse nuclear mushroom clouds.

By phart at 11,May,21 01:09
If you ever listen to financial advisors explain how to deal with debt, they say pay off small debts first so you can see progress and be motivated to continue.

Using that frame of thought, there are MILLIONS of guns, and only 1000's of people that shouldn't be loose. 1000's are less problem to deal with than millions.
Put away dangerous people,or at least act on calls from folks saying, "hey that kid has a issue,he wants to hurt people" Instead of doing nothing and having a school shooting. People that want to kill and maim are not hidden away,they are giving off signs every day.just no one listens.they just want to hide all the tools and let the hate or pain or whatever the real issue is,boil.

By phart at 10,May,21 23:49

By phart at 10,May,21 23:41
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“As President Reagan said, the best social program is a job,”

By phart at 10,May,21 23:24
It proves the desire to kill does not require a gun to quench it's thirst.Banning guns only kicks the can down the road for another generation to figure out how to solve the strange problem of people using poisons or axes or rocks to kill.

and besides, if banning guns was a logical approach,why is it
the ONLY approach acceptable by liberals?
There are many ways to "Skin the cat" so to speak.Why not put ALL options on the table instead of just the 1 you like the best?

By phart at 10,May,21 20:29
Thank goodness I don't drink Beer!.But those that do,need to put it down,and sober up to judge a contest for sure!

By phart at 10,May,21 20:13
Well 2 Warm get out your scribe and stone and write this here down. Your hero, biden, has gone and done it. What I would have thought TOTALLY impossible just a few short months ago. biden has said something I agree with. DAMN, Did I just type that? Let me check, Yep, biden said something I agree with. I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Jobless Offered Jobs Must Take Them or Lose Benefits

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By phart at 10,May,21 19:45
"Beauty IS in the eye of the BEER holder"

There,fixed that. Sometimes there are pics that win contest that I can not for the life of me figure out how.

By phart at 10,May,21 19:43
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Wood rod and meat tenderizer, and the desire to kill a father who did not want someone in his home after a certain hour.
No gun? No problem. Another tool can fit right in.

OH my, don't have the strength to pull a trigger on a gun,no problem,have your son that was cut out of the will beat the father to death and take the blame!
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By phart at 10,May,21 15:28
Hhehehee, now there you go, inserting a sexist adjective to the word meal. Perhaps you should use Swanson's or Banquet .

By phart at 10,May,21 15:25
Only reason it could be a pipe dream is because of people like you that look at the real problem as unsolvable.

Your arguments amount to nothing when innocent people are not allowed to be prepared to defend themselves against those that should be in institutions .

Also,your argument amounts to nothing when you say it is not the same. The desire to kill is the same regardless of the tool used.The loss of life is the same,regardless of the instrument of death.
Same as the desire to put a roof on the house can be fulfilled with a hammer or a air nailer.Different tool,same job.

By phart at 10,May,21 15:24
I was researching a clamp I am working on and stumbled over this interesting read.
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A woman took over the ownership of the company way back before women could even vote. Hum,if people only took this kind of approach to things nowadays, instead of waiting and blaming.

By phart at 10,May,21 13:07
Not taking away from the tragic loss of life but if the "shooter" was a "knifer" and slashed and stabbed 6 and then himself would we need to start chewing our steaks without knives?

Find and Deal with the reasons for the desire to kill and die, then the problem will dwindle.

Find out why, for example a 6th grade girl would want to shoot in a school? Could it be bullying? Could it be a mental issue that should have that person in a asylum,where they and the rest of us are safer? Hum.It seems as though the upward trend of violence could be linked to the closing of asylums.
It turns out I am not alone in wondering about this, googled information ahead

Are there any mental asylums left?
The closing of psychiatric hospitals began during those decades and has continued since; today, there are very few left, with about 11 state psychiatric hospital beds per 100,000 people.
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By phart at 09,May,21 10:58
Lincoln hasn't rolled anything out of the showroom since 2008 I would go in debt for!

By phart at 09,May,21 01:41

By phart at 09,May,21 01:37
Racism, from the top down. I had read about that a while back. How do you determine if you are socially disadvantaged?

By phart at 09,May,21 01:36
There are a few people out there that have not drank the kool aid. Far as I am concerned,I am also a member of the other "control" group,the group without the shot. You can bet our insurance companys are taking notice as to rather or not we got our shots,

By phart at 09,May,21 01:31
There was a movie,that I remember seeing on tv a few years ago,a so called horror film,that showed a boat pushing barrels into the ocean.and then over time leaking,and then this island had these huge ants that were eating the humans.
I can't think of the name of the movie but now I am wondering if that producer or writer was trying to send a message into the future?

Edit, Empire of the Ants (1977)

By phart at 07,May,21 18:35
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By phart at 07,May,21 16:08
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By phart at 07,May,21 15:57
There was a time perhaps it was a good option for some folks,but that time has passed.

By phart at 07,May,21 13:34
This is fast becomeing a visable case of tainted jury Which with all the publicity this case had before trial,and the millions paid in damages before hand, it was easy to understand the pressure the jury was under.Now with clear and undeniable evidence that at least 1 juror lied,,it is even worse.
IF nothing is being hidden,and everything is being done above board ,the opposing side should welcome a chance to vindicate themselves .

By phart at 07,May,21 13:28
Crediablity,honor,respect,trustworthyness, are all traits along with others that have been lost in this modern "woke" world. You can't trust people anymore in anything they do. No,these things you mention above are not part of the American way I grew up in either.I can agree with you on that. BUT we may not agree on why it has become screwed first sentance is most of the contributing factor in my opionion.

A neighbors wife was in the hospital for 12 days. He had to show a photo id,his license,to have it photographed and a name tag made so he could enter the hospital each day to visit. He is FAR more conservitive than I am and DOES NOT hold back on how he feels AT ALL> He ask the lady at the desk, "YOU mean I Have to show a id to get in a hospital but don't when I vote"?
Think about that for a minute. no proof of citizenship required to vote,because it is difficult for minority's to get some type of ID. So when their loved 1's are in the hospital,how do they get in?

Creditability in elections, would fix alot of the issues.

By phart at 07,May,21 13:21
Fireman,ems,police,bus drivers,etc,are risking covid everyday to serve these pussy's that are afraid to work for a living and are making LESS fucking money. So cry me a river.Cut all the free money for those bums and let em go back to work.

By phart at 07,May,21 02:01
Hopefully other states will follow suit and do this.
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Recently a 65 acre plot of land near me sold to a millionaire that owns a bunch of Mcdonalds restaurant's in our area. while talking to him the other day He said that there 150 empty positions right now combined in his bussines's and few applicants.

By phart at 07,May,21 01:11
Well that is just Bill's attorney.
She needs to go to Dewey-Cheatem and Howe!

By phart at 06,May,21 13:07
And you are typing that as if you are a quart low?

By phart at 06,May,21 13:06
Yep,a visit to Ditcher-Quick and Hyde divorce attorneys offices is now in order.

By phart at 06,May,21 01:08
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By phart at 06,May,21 00:10
Careful,another good stumble down the stairs of Air Farce 1 and we will be "thanking" the hoe instead of joe.

By phart at 06,May,21 00:08

By phart at 05,May,21 23:50
They were conceived in those conditions and their immune systems are able to withstand it. if me or you were to go over there and do the same thing,we would probably come home with stuff that Ajax and brillo pads would not take off.
Kinda like getting ready for a trip to India,which we can't make right now,their water is all but poison to us here in the US and people have to take sort of pill or something for a time before going over there.

By phart at 05,May,21 23:48
We agree on 1 thing, this country will survive. It will be a rough row to hoe though.This current situation is like a big balloon at the dollar store.Oh so cute as it is blowing up with helium. But if the ol gal don't get that knob turned off quick enough, KAPLOOYEE. I think the economy is going gangbusters for a month or 2,people will run out of this free money and then crash.As we all predicted. I had no idea this much more free money would be flying around,all this tax credit for kids thing and such.

By phart at 05,May,21 23:45
So perhaps that explains why indians are not apt to leave their reservations because they would no longer be under that "umbrella".I often wondered why they didn't branch away from those reservations and try to make better for themselves.

By phart at 05,May,21 20:41
I was not trying to say who was right or wrong,just explaining the process he was using. Frankly since you ask,I don't think either 1 of you are dumb.You ca'nt run a business being dumb,you can't work at a hospital being dumb as you give the appearance of being.
Just for some reason you present your self in such a way as to be interpreted as a complete liberal minded dingbat.Why you would want to appear that way is beyond my level of understanding. Could it be you have always dreamed of being simple and overcoming the burdens of intellgence?

By phart at 05,May,21 02:24
Could this help any of you?
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By phart at 05,May,21 01:40
Um, so you want yet another person to be on trial for murder? Another BLACK MAN in jail? 1 of The very things blm'rs are complaining about?

By phart at 05,May,21 01:12
TADA! Here ye go liberals, here is what happens when you try to shit the system. You wanted the cop convicted of more than what he was guilty of,so it happened because of a scared jury.

Now the real problem is, when the miss trial is declared, the libtards won't accept the fact that also a juror lied, and ruined it, they will just be pissed off the cop got another trial and will be burning and looting again in the streets.
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now your little house of cards is about to blow over.

By phart at 05,May,21 00:55
Uh, think for a moment, Leo said it reads as if written by a imbecile. Now,Dgraff was pretending to be YOU when he wrote that, so surely you are not calling yourself a imbecile?

edit,47 minutes later crickets, all I "hear" are crickets. UM.

By phart at 05,May,21 00:40
Let me see if I can help,
Let me first quote most of my last post.
"he was typing it as if it were 2warms typing how she felt"
Now if he had typed it grammatically correct,the point he was trying to make in his post may have been lost in translation.

By phart at 05,May,21 00:18
I thought he was looking at the florida governor?

By phart at 05,May,21 00:16
He didn't, he was typing it as if it were 2warms typing how she felt

By phart at 05,May,21 00:13
Aint the least bit ashamed to say 90% of that applies to me.The deer thing,don't care to hunt em,but I love it when the fellow brings a big bag of deer jerky with that hot spicey maraniade . I use a buggy to help me walk around the store without using my cane.

Back'ard's and far'ard's not backwards and forwards,that is how domesticated yankees say it after they been around here a spell.

By phart at 05,May,21 00:07
If people don't know about it,they can't enjoy it or complain about it. Lamemainstream media sure aint gonna give him the coverage to help folks find his site.
THis needs to be posted on facebook and anywhere else it can be to get the word out.