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By phart at 26,Sep,22 18:09

By phart at 26,Sep,22 18:06
A disability is something a person can not CHOOSE to live with.
Trying to change 1's sex to the other ,is something they can decide not to do.
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Could these high numbers not be related to the fact that a persons body goes thru alot of changes and perhaps,they jumped the gun so to speak?
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“If you are silent about your beliefs because you are worried someone will be offended, then your beliefs are not that important to you, but rather what people think about you is,” it read. “When you stand up for what’s right and true, you will receive both hate and love, but everyone will know what you are fighting for.”

By phart at 26,Sep,22 18:03
A disability is something a person can not CHOOSE to live with.
Trying to change 1's sex to the other ,is something they can decide not to do.
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Could these high numbers not be related to the fact that a persons body goes thru alot of changes and perhaps,they jumped the gun so to speak?
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By phart at 26,Sep,22 17:48
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By phart at 26,Sep,22 17:44
I know transportation is only a part of the picture but I watched yet another video on youtube, this time of the Rivian 800 hp electric pickup and sure it towed 8000 pounds just fine, even went from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds with the load .But only made it about a 100 miles before it needed plugging in.
Not practical at this time.
Government should not be ramming this alternative stuff down our throats until it is equal to or surpass's the current line of trucks and cars as far as range of travel per charge or fill up.

By phart at 26,Sep,22 17:39
democrat , liberal
slut and cunt , I don't like the way people use those words to describe a woman in a negative way .May as well call them a bitch ,at least it is a word for female.

By phart at 26,Sep,22 17:36
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By phart at 25,Sep,22 23:41
"Like Pineapple on a pizza!"

By phart at 25,Sep,22 23:36
Civil forfeiture, a legal "loophole" meant to help handle drug dealers is frequently used now by law enforcement to just get money and assets willy nilly. Quite common and very expensive to defend yourself from. Google it, but this really takes the cake.

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By phart at 25,Sep,22 20:07
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He pushed someone at a protest that cussed at his 12 year old, and now could face 11 years in prison. Is this a example of what liberals would approve of relating to lack of compassion since it was a religious man and his kids really needed to see their father have big rifles pointed at him with desire and intent to kill him?

By phart at 25,Sep,22 16:23
Well 12 people must have been convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the man was guilty.
Sadly apparently they were wrong, who's to blame? The lawyers are who I would look at first.

By phart at 25,Sep,22 13:47
what is the 1 critter that can survive a nuclear bomb?

The roach.

By phart at 25,Sep,22 13:42
Yea but when you really need a friend, DOGPILE

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By phart at 25,Sep,22 13:40
Yep, same here, A good friend of mine that has struggled with drugs for years, finally got cleaned up a few months ago, got a good job, has got his bills caught up, and all he had in the world left that ran was a little S-10 pickup. several of us got together and dialed it in best we could and it was taking him to work everyday like a champ. UNTIL< last Tuesday a half mile from his house at 4 am, not 1 but 2 deer jumped in front of him at the same time ,totaled his truck ,even put a hole in the oil pan and he lost most of his oil before he could get back home. But we think the engine will be ok IF we can get the suspension rebuilt and new front end on it.
Deer hunting is so restricted as to what you can shoot 1 with and when.Plus we have a so called state park that has about 600 acres of woodland that no one can hunt on,so they seek refuge there until it gets dark then they walk around in the road. there are at least 3 dead deer within a mile of my house at the moment on the side of the road. And the "rabbit sheriff" ,game wardon, rides this road like a set of railroad tracks ,up and down,
No wonder the population is so high.

Edit, about 11 am,my drive way alert starting beeping. not once,but several times over a few minutes. Turns out it was a yearling doe that was putting it's NOSE up to the detector. I thought they couldn't see red,but apparently there was something about it that the deer was curious about.there is a little red led on it that blinks when it detects something and it sends a signal to the remote box here in the house.

By phart at 25,Sep,22 13:27
Strange that our constitution guarantees a speedy trial but we have folks arrested and held in jails because they went to the Capitol to protest a election. NO bail ,no parole ,no shit, and people like you and cat think that is fine ,but yet, you want to show "compassion" to murderers and rapist.
Apparently you all aint never been a victim or know any victims of violent crime.

By phart at 25,Sep,22 13:22
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By phart at 25,Sep,22 02:04
This is neat. Why reinvent the wheel? Just use a roach for the mobility device! They can steer the roach by sending current to it's right or left rear leg.
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By phart at 25,Sep,22 00:24
I don't want to argue or whatever but, you and Anannas both need to look at things from the VICTIMS side for a minute an think.
A wife of a murdered man does not get to go the prison in 20 years and get her husband back. A child raped at 6 years old can't go the prison in 20 years and have the stigma lifted from her.
Victims suffering is permanent. There is no parole ,no second chances, no trustee promotion to working the book buggy. NOTHING of the sort for the victims.
That is what the liberal logic of punishment is missing.
As for being innocent,I am sure the wrong guy has been punished in the past,but damn we are all human. A jury of 12 decides the fate of the accused . none are perfect.

By phart at 24,Sep,22 16:08
YES with all that butter!
and what ever else in there,garlic and other stuff.

By phart at 24,Sep,22 16:08
I go fishing at Caption D's.

By phart at 24,Sep,22 03:28
Yep,I say we plant 100's of acres of peach trees and pecan trees and other fruit and nut bearing trees.Solve 2 problems at once, the idea would provide food and oxygen.

By phart at 24,Sep,22 03:25
I love going to red lobster during the all you can eat shrimp thing,I do my dead level best to eat my weight in shrimp scampi.

By phart at 24,Sep,22 03:22
Yea I read a bit about it earlier.
I think this could be called liberal privilege.

Kyle Rittenhouse $2 million bail video proof of self defense,

Shannon Brand $50,000 bail Hit's someone with a car to kill them because of political views.

By phart at 24,Sep,22 03:16
Looks to me like that is opening them up for a lawsuit. There are straight homeless people out there than deserve the same as those others are being offered. After reading it, I think that is part of the plan, to create division and anger among the people.
All you would have to do is lie and get the money right?

By phart at 23,Sep,22 21:49
THis is scary,
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Listen to it all and think about this.
A man that has something gone haywire in his brain ,Putin ,is threatening to use nukes. Other country's that hate us all, are stepping up threats.

1 thing that seems to not be mentioned. The simple fact is there are people out there,terrorist ,that could highjack a nuke and launch it,without Putin or anyone else doing it.Which would then cast the world into the blame game and then a bunch of mushroom clouds and we could be gone.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 21:24
FINDING THEM to send them back could be a issue.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 19:12
me thinks he is lost in his own mind.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 19:09
Here Kitty kitty!
I would like to try a pocket lazer dot with 1.I bet it would be a blast.
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I have a family member that volunteers at a place that takes care of these big cats.She enjoys playing with the cubs,they are just huge kittens.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 19:05
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Now be honest,does he look like he is in good shape??
Looks lost as a white elephant in a blizzard

By phart at 23,Sep,22 18:41
Wow,I wonder how common it is in the fish camps as we call them in rural areas? I love scallops but they are pricey so I don't get them often but when I travel and eat out the folks I am friend's with know all the good "fishing" spots and we go eat and I get my bait of scallops.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 18:30
to a point. But seriously, there is nothing we can do to plug that volcano.
It will do damage and all we can do is adapt or die.
If we went all the way back to the methods of the stone age, these things would still happen and affect the climate. Just ask a Trex next time 1 comes strolling thru your neighborhood. he could tell you all about it,if the climate had not changed and caused his death.

Only good thing about going back to cave man methods,I might have a better chance of getting some!
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By phart at 23,Sep,22 18:28
It is either legal or not.
That is like being Semi Pregnant,or semi dead.
It don't work that way.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 18:26
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By phart at 23,Sep,22 14:34
I think the Kennedy thing is what changed how the president is protected.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 14:26
Why not read info about towns like Yuma that I mentioned in another thread and see for yourself that there is a damn issue with illegals over flowing small towns?
I agree 100+% with what is being done hauling them to liberal city's that claim to welcome them but then turn their noses up.
Brings out the hypocrisy
The fact that 1 person gets in the US illegally is a issue. Frankly the numbers are not important.ANY illegals are a drain to our system that is SUPPOSED to take care of AMERICANS
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By phart at 23,Sep,22 14:16
Well the liberal greenie weenie humans think they can catch farts in jars and stop "climate change" when in reality,mother nature will change it when ever it wants to and there is NOTHING we can do about it.BUT just as scientist are wanting to sprinkle stuff on the polar ice caps to refreeze them,some ass wipe will come up with a plan to fly around with a sponge or paper towels and try to soak up the water.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 02:05
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I hope it don't get much bigger,I have had enough of pandemics

By phart at 23,Sep,22 01:40
I am sorry if I got out of line on this particular thread.
may the Mechanic-Queen rest in peace.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 01:37
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His home town newspaper is asking him to disclose his medical records. If he is fit for duty,what the hell would he be hiding if he doesn't?
I suffered brain damage from impacts to the head from a accident. I would love to run for a political office and do my part to improve my community,state or more. BUT knowing I have health issues that are brain related,I would NOT willing put myself in a situation that it might cause hardship from a bad decision.
Think back to when Dale Earnhart jr had his brain injury. He retired from racing for safety. similar to this fetterman fellow, even if his intentions are good,he may not be fit for office.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 01:34
It is going to be 56 in the morning,48 saturday morning.Kinda cool!
--------------------------------------- added after 17 hours

I got in the truck this morning, Cold! I cranked it and the air conditioner was on and I had to switch to heat. This afternoon I had to change shirts back to short sleeve. That time of year! Won't be long till we are all freezing our ass's off.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 01:34
-You can figure those dimwits are wearing ear buds that are making sounds like, "breath in, breath out"

By phart at 23,Sep,22 01:32
What is the fucking incentive to improve 1's self if you walk right into a gravy train right out of 6th grade?
You crawl before you walk. You work at a labor job, you learn,you age,you work towards promotions and then by the time you get older you are in the better working conditions.

I typed what the hell I see with my own 2 eyes. When I see it, hear it,and communicate with the people, I can't see how that is fucking opionion.

By phart at 23,Sep,22 01:30
HAHAHAHAHAAAAA yea right, professionals.
When Hugo came thru in 89, we got a good look at the "professionals".
People up north and out west would walk out their front doors, steal a truck first, steel a couple chainsaws, a trailer then a skid steer, and by the time they got here they were fully equipped and ready for "contract" work being provided by a front man "professional. When Hurricane Floyd hit ,my neighbors tandem trailer and skid steer loader was stolen and found being used for storm clean up by Mexicans.

By phart at 22,Sep,22 23:28
OH my, I am a angry asshole just because I type out some FUCKING FACTS?
Sheesh.these whiney assholes wanting MORE MORE MORE< have no fucking idea where that MORE comes from. The horn of plenty is about fucking empty.

By phart at 22,Sep,22 23:26
You think the victims wishes are of no consequence?
The victim had no choice. The crook DID. The crook did not have to commit the crime.They had a choice. That is the issue.

Read this qoute again.
"''we — the families, the survivors, and people that were at the school, and the whole community — were given a life sentence by the shooter and didn't have the opportunity to get a second chance, a reduced sentence."

By phart at 22,Sep,22 23:22
how is it religious to teach the basic facts, Male-female and so on? Biology is not religion, it is the very same thing, science , that not so long ago that liberals were trying to cram down our throats regards to covid .Trust the science, unless it is about biology ,then it is wrong.
These people that are writing books outside the social norms are considered a bad influence by people in power to make sure it does not affect our children.

By phart at 22,Sep,22 18:16
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And since water vapor acts as a heat-trapping greenhouse gas, the eruption will probably raise temperatures instead of lowering them

Ok, so what say ye greenie weenies? are we going to fly around with rolls of Bounty paper towels and try to soak up this water?

By phart at 22,Sep,22 18:05
it is harmful to be a man?
Sheesh,this is liberalism-wokeism gone amuck.
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a couple of quotes
"The authors of the guidelines are uniformly focused on the social construction of gender, ignoring biological inputs to both sex and gender identity."

" I consider myself a feminist, but as a clinical psychologist myself, I am highly skeptical that the partially unemployed coal miner, struggling to feed his family of five, is going to benefit much from discussions of his privilege."

In my opinion ,Phart's opinion, white privilege is a recent social construct being used to further divide people and cause hatred .

By phart at 22,Sep,22 17:59
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This should give you a indication of how the world views the US now. Way back from the front.

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Race is still a issue with the monarchy.

By phart at 22,Sep,22 17:44
Well there is a flip side to this coin.
Just because some of us talked about the politics of the mess does not mean we mean any disrespect to the dead.
The Queen was a mechanic in the military. Not many women took that role during those times. She was a good person and did her job.
The question is ,in modern times, what is the job of a "queen" or a "king"? They have a parliament to govern.
What is Billionaire charley going to do with 2 billion dollars that was just dumped on him?
He had a beautiful wife ,Dianna, and cheated on her like a sorry ass redneck bastard. And I still believe to this day he was behind her death.But with his money, and influence, he got away scott free.
That should show the world the quality of person he is.

And 1 of the straws that broke this camels back was for at least 2 fucking weeks it was difficult to even get a weather forcast off the tv for all the media coverage of the people marching and falling around her casket.
Put the poor woman to rest.
400 secret service to protect our so called president bidet since he was to damn goody 2shoes to ride in the bus with the rest of the people invited. Wants all of us to cram onto a amtrak rail car like the jews in nazi germany but he has to ride in his limo. Sorry no good asshole.