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By phart at 08,Feb,23 03:58
Now if this don't beat all,
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Let me quote Kid Rock here,

By phart at 08,Feb,23 03:13
YOu didn't stay home during lockdown??????
OH my, how dare you endanger yourself like that,you coulda caught the wuhan virus!

By phart at 08,Feb,23 00:54
so how did lock down work???????
Food was brought to those sick, medical care was over a computer monitor, social interaction was by computer or telephone.

By phart at 07,Feb,23 18:15
I had some aluminum cans in bags crushed, and got tired of them laying around. was about 12 pounds. 4 bucks at the metal yard.
Not worth the trouble to haul them over there. But yet, when I go to get a license plate for the truck ,they can't issue metal plates because of a aluminum shortage I am reading of shortages in industry to. If it is so hard to get, looks like scrap would bring more.?
It is becoming obvious by so many different means that recycling is not as practical as some would like to claim.

By phart at 07,Feb,23 18:13
You are not forced to leave your safe zone to be exposed to things either.

By phart at 07,Feb,23 02:25
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14 overall in the nation.
So you are free from a bad economy.
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Number 8 in the nation on this 1,

You should be thankful, many states,and many people are NOT in as good of shape as you are.

By phart at 07,Feb,23 02:20
Open for study? Ok, what would prompt someone to study it,if there are no prompts? Such as a statue? Or a road name?
Hidden away in a library,to never be seen, probably to get repeated with a modern twist.

By phart at 07,Feb,23 02:17
I used to enjoy live music,but always got bothered by women asking me to dance. I never learned how and don't care to.To much motion and effort with no fruitful outcome.I can cut firewood or something if I want to work that hard and have something to show for it later.

By phart at 06,Feb,23 21:46
The 1 conspiracy you don't see under 1 rock is all it takes to make a mess.

Better safe than sorry.
And I just saw it on Trumps website that 2 of his officials have stated that report was a flat lie.Just something else to make him look bad.
That balloon went over canaduh and then over the US. Also indicates that castro's baby boy aint all that much of a leader either.And it was maneuverable and went over several military bases, flew near enough to fort Bragg to have gotten all kinds of data.Which you are correct, they already have the means of doing that. This must have been a test or they dropped something for us like another virus or something.
Also not to far as the bird flys or see's from where it crossed south carolina, there was a nuclear bomb that was dropped by accident. I don't think it went off but perhaps there was data the chinese thought would be helpful?
There was also a factory down there at 1 point for bombs.

By phart at 06,Feb,23 21:37
Saddam was killing people.
This is not killing, this is punishment for breaking a law.
Now understand, I DO agree that the law is a bit harsh. BUT it was probably rooted from a good idea and went to far.
Think about it,2 people get close while dancing, this prompts sexual arousal which then prompts sex, which then leads to babies. Now, some countries just let the women stop in at the clinic on the way to Walmart and take care of the baby, but perhaps in iran they don't allow that. They try to prevent it from happening at all.

Our government does not rule Iran. OUr constitution and ideas are not accepted there.
So for good or bad,it is none of our business what goes on there.
Should we allow Irans people to tell us how to do something?
There comes a point and time that you have to learn to butt out. IS that not the very thing gays have been telling straight people for so long? Butt out? Well perhaps we need to butt out of irans bussiness. and let iran run it' self.
IF the people get fed up,they will pick up a frying pan,a Ak-47 or a stick and they will rise and take action.
If not, then they must be happy./

By phart at 06,Feb,23 18:31
yea,most the burning robbing terrorist during the riots were bailed out by celebs and politicians.
what about this guy? should never have been arrested in the first place.But they had a rule and thought he broke it.

By phart at 06,Feb,23 18:29
Well when you break the law,you do the time?

By phart at 06,Feb,23 18:29
People like you dismiss the words of 1 of the greatest Generals in the history of our country. He didn't have to surrender ,he did it to save lives.
At that time it seemed logical but it didn't work.

By phart at 06,Feb,23 18:25
Remember Bella,, you are talking to someone that is liberal minded,Not dumb, but Liberalism requires naiveness to function.
He thinks he is safe because his government tells him so.
He think the chinese are hacking him and he does nothing they need or want. The chinese are amateurs and nothing to e concerned about. It is the terrorist groups like the Taliban and others that also realize we are not in 1945 any more and upped their game.
A ballon,sent from china,1 over Canada and the US and 1 over the south american continent .
What could they get that they can't get from street veiw? missle silo's. Plane counts, factory locations and sizes.
And besides, who is naive enough to think they are "taking" anything"? What did They LEAVE here, floating down in the rain and air? Another bird flu?
And what prevented that balloon from bringing a EMP?
Alot to be afraid of here, sadly, the need to be distrusting and deeply concerned with our lack of qualified leadership.

By phart at 06,Feb,23 14:17
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"Treatment by union soldiers could also be brutal."

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"25% of slaves that followed the union army died".
I can't copy and paste from this link but it clearly states alot of slaves stayed at the plantations after being freed.

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Read the line in yellow at the end.

By phart at 05,Feb,23 15:44
The cargo of the balloon was the size of 3 buses, if that tells anything. I mean ,really there are short bus's, long bus's. Wasn't much of a comparison.

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By phart at 05,Feb,23 01:19
yea he is a first class asshole.

By phart at 04,Feb,23 21:52
That is just sickening. That is deliberately creating health issues and burdens on society as a whole. How the hell is that is even legal?

By phart at 04,Feb,23 21:48
It flew over us this morning from what I read,I hope it got a good shot of me pissing out behind the shed!

By phart at 04,Feb,23 21:47
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Down right silly. Our history gets distorted ,erased, changed, forgotten.
If hearing a gun or seeing a simulated activity bothers you ,go the hell somewhere else, let others live,

By phart at 04,Feb,23 18:08
just how much debris can be attached ?

By phart at 04,Feb,23 15:19
With all the bullshit going on right now the racist accusations and so forth, I can't help but ask a question.
How the hell does anyone know ALL the terms all over the world that are or can be considered racist?

Would it not be a good idea to make a simple clear list of all terms that could be considered racist?

Lately you can't even use the word "boy" around black men as they considered it a slanderous term for crying out loud.

Perhaps we could call this the "simple go to list of racist terms" or something.

Let's see,
1, Spook
2, Ghost
3, n----r
4, cracker
5, redneck
for starters,

By phart at 04,Feb,23 15:16
Just how long would Obama or Trump left that thing floating before they did something about it?
NO president I can think of in history would have allowed this kind of intrusion into our airspace without action.
What the hell is biden thinking?
Unless this is part of what he is having to allow for his 10%?

By phart at 04,Feb,23 03:21
Well I went to see 1 once, and he seems to think it is in the muscles and wanted copies of exrays and such. I tried to get them from the hospital and couldn't. The friend that recommended this guy later had trouble and found out the chiropractor had actually done more harm than good from his medical i didn't persue that path.

By phart at 04,Feb,23 03:19
I agree but I don't know if the people in florida are willing to give him up!
well i know of 1 but i am talking about the majority

By phart at 03,Feb,23 21:18
I have and ananas keeps telling me it's a lie.BUT he never shows proof that all the slave owners beat their slaves and starved them either.
They were not free at home before they came here either,they were at war with other tribes,they were sold off by other tribes,they were running from wild animals,dieing of strange illness's and so on. Look at their decendants now. Lexus,gold teeth,good health,fine homes,fine clothes,and they still whine. Africa is ready when they are if they don't appreciate their ancestors sacrifices.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 17:59
While “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead” is from the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz, its banning had nothing to do with the iconic film. In 2013, the song surged to the #2 position on the British music charts following the death of controversial former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Despite this chart success, the BBC banned the song from its airwaves, claiming its success was a “celebration of death.”

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I wonder if this will get banned in the US when Nancy Peeeloowsee is gone?
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By phart at 03,Feb,23 17:38
well , 2 lidocaine patches on my back at the same time, 2 doses of Tylenol so far today and I am to a point I can walk around and fuss so I must be getting some better!
naw seriously,i am almost always at a level 4 to 5 in pain,I have learned to cope,but this morning,soon as i stood up,a strong 9 in my back,didn't let up for several hours.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 17:36
long enough. most of the tree huggers,1 swift kick would be enough to wake them up.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 17:35
I remember a meme of a cat walking over a keyboard typing out a similar group of letters on the screen.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 17:33
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Strange,in 2020 blacks burned and pillaged and were let loose if even arrested. This guy gets arrested for simply holding a sign

By phart at 03,Feb,23 15:01
Would you ban this book?
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What about this book?
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what about this 1? Very politically correct name for people we both may agree are not good.
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Here was just a few examples of books not in reference to trans and same sex things that would be on the table in the local elementary school library if your ideas were implemented literally.
A line was drawn decades ago, and people are trying to erase it,but where will it be redrawn, if at all? Slippery slope .

By phart at 03,Feb,23 14:55
Yea, and any positive change to make a difference, a tree hugger will prevent it.
They want us all to eat vegi based meat because of cow farts, yet if we do away with cars,we would have to eat more,thus farting more while walking,so the fart gas would be just as rampant as it is now!

By phart at 03,Feb,23 14:51
Neither of us has access to the written paperwork on the withdraw deal Trump had made.BUT I feel sure it did not include leaving behind folks and leaving weapons for the tailwackers to sell to the chinese and russans.
And a person trying to say the taliban was infiltrated into the Afgan government to assume control as soon as the US pulled out would have been called a conspiracy theorist and other negative things. Naive democrats.
I do know if the taliban was as bad as we are told they would be terrorizing us at the moment considering the US is holding millions of dollars of Afgan money that belongs to them. It is past time the US recognized the Taliban as the Afgan government and opened relations with them. In the long term it may save 1000's of lives in prevented terrorism.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 14:45
Opec just decided not to cut production so perhaps things will "level" out for a short time. THen we will see high prices and the "summer blend" excuse.
IF fuel is affordable, the country thrives ,if fuel is expensive the country suffers, when will government figure out thriving is better than suffering?
We are sitting on enough oil to keep us going for years. And a BUNCH right off our coast.
Save America, kick a tree huggers ass.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 14:28
Touted ultraviolet light as a COVID-19 cure.
I doubt he ever meant cure,it was more likely treatment or removal.

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As for gas,
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febuary 2017 2.41 a gallon
Febuary 2018 2.70 a gallon
Febuary 2019 2.39 a gallon
Febuary 2020 2.53 a gallon
febuary 2021 2.58 a gallon
What was that? a pandemic?
I don't see a affect until about april thru december than as soon as biden went in,prices went back up.

raking the forest?
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"In areas with an over-accumulation of fuels, a combination of thinning small trees and clearing brush followed by controlled burning can be the most effective method to reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire."
Also ,don't forget i was a fireman for about 10 years, so I also saw this first hand on a much smaller scale in the wooded areas in my district. edit

"Does clearing underbrush prevent fires?
Established trees have to compete with undergrowth for nutrients and space. Fire clears the weaker trees and debris and returns health to the forest. Clearing brush from the forest floor with low intensity flames can help prevent large damaging wildfires that spread out of control and com- pletely destroy forests.
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Benefits of Fire -
Even the states own website that was suffering says the same thing Trump did. DUH!

There is 3 things,
I am in extreme pain right at the moment but will work on some more later.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 02:52
I think it was 8.9 percent starting jan 23.
quite a kick in the wallet for the old people.
I am not saying they didn't need it but when a system is already drained,by the time I get old enough to get it, it will be gone at this rate.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 02:49
Cat, most of that can be debunked with just a little research.
Gas was cheaper when he was in office,food was cheaper when Trump was in office and so on.
America was better off with Trump than biden. The numbers don't lie.
Peoples life experiences don't lie.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 02:47
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Will the complaining ever stop?
Freed slaves paid for the statue for crying out loud.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 01:41
let me ask a question.
You worked hard and got a few acres in Georgia in 1858 and you have a wife and 2 kids.
A war breaks out in 1861 between the north and the south. And someone says it is because the north wants to abolish slavery.
you are sitting at the table eating deer meat and corn, knowing full well you don't own a slave and don't have a opinion either way as it has always been a thing for the rich.

If your family and home are not in immediate danger, do you sit back and wait and just hope it all passes, because you don't support slavery? Knowing the yanks don't give a damn if you agree with slavery or not? Do you defend your home,or do you run like a chicken and hide or what?

Out of nowhere 1 day comes a group of soldiers in blue suits, they burn your crops ,kill your kids, cattle, r@pe your wife and leave you bleeding to watch it all burn.
When you muster the strength to get up,do you give a rats ass about slavery, or who is right or who is wrong? NO, you want revenge.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 01:33
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By phart at 03,Feb,23 01:27
Well considering the huge raise social security got recently, perhaps not do any cutting,but get it in writing that there will be no more raises for at least 5 years. That system is already purty much out of money since the social security funds got thrown in the bucket along with the rest of the governments money.
As for medicare, hell it don't pay for shit as it is, once my dad hit about 80,they quit doing his colonoscopy's and the endoscopy's that he was supposed to get every couple years .having Barret's esophagus in his case is not a good thing to let go unchecked.

By phart at 03,Feb,23 01:23
and if the history is erased or modified to suit a particular agenda ,how do you expect anyone to learn any lesson, good or bad?

By phart at 03,Feb,23 01:22
Well we will survive!

By phart at 03,Feb,23 01:22
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Some of my Democrat colleagues refuse to admit that the vast majority of those claiming asylum are coming to the U.S. for economic reasons, not humanitarian, which makes them ineligible for asylum.

By phart at 02,Feb,23 00:31
You and I were born and raised in a different time, when the history we were taught was a bit more diverse.
I seriously doubt the word carpet bagger is in a "modern" history book used in a public school. I hope I am wrong,I hope they teach history thru and thru,but I doubt it.

By phart at 02,Feb,23 00:25
Well look at who's calling us that. They think it is ok to loan money, and then not get it back ,and it is ok to loan money to people that don't need it, because they have plenty or they are dead.
Called me dumb, but yet,common sense tells us if Wells Fargo bank loaned everyone a million dollars and then didn't get it back, they would not last long as a bank.
So just how is it a government,can do that and NOT go tits up is beyond understanding.

By phart at 01,Feb,23 21:38

By phart at 01,Feb,23 21:14
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NO SHIT sherlocks!
Heck,even I saw cell phone video that was taken by someone that was actually there,of cops MOVING barricades for people to come in.

By phart at 01,Feb,23 21:10
I must admit,I would not want to hire a company that couldn't haul something the size of a roll of film without loosing it on the hwy. Sheesh,.