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Started by hairypussywife at 22,Mar,24 16:20  other posts of hairypussywife
Give us all the details

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By Maxwell_93 at 25,Mar,24 20:22 other posts of Maxwell_93 
Her mom was home and we couldn't fuck, but we were horny asf. She was sitting on the lid of the chest freezer while I fingered, but it was the perfect height for me to reach from my knees and I decided to give it a shot. I had seen enough porn to have the general idea of what to do, and it must have worked. She squirted on my face, which I was NOT into, but I trucked on anyway until she came again and was making too much noise

By nekekal at 25,Mar,24 18:34 other posts of nekekal 
How could I forget. It was about my third girlfriend. We had been fucking for a while and she had a hard time getting aroused. She didn't like me to suck her tits, was not into deep kissing, and would not suck my cock. She seemed to like to fuck but it took forever.

I had always heard that the fastest way to get a woman to say "fuck me now" was to go down on her and work her clit over with my lips and tongue.

So, one day we were in bed, under the covers, and I was fondling her twat and while she was starting to get wet, I decided that I should try licking and sucking. It would have the added advantage of getting my cock by her face and maybe she would try some cock sucking.

I spun around and got under the covers with my head between her legs. It was dark, I was exploring by feel. It was hot. She was hot. There was no air flow. I got my mouth on her cunt area. There was a strong odor. I almost passed out. I think that I am a bit claustrophobic. I had to get out. And I did. My always hard cock had withered.

I lay next to her as she ask what was wrong. Terrible experience, for us both. After a few minutes I felt good enough to fuck her though.

Later on, days later, I tried again without the covers and was successful. She got extremely excited, sucked the head of my cock and allowed me to fuck her really hot cunt really hard.

By metro1000 at 22,Mar,24 22:09 other posts of metro1000 
It was an overwhelming experience when i actually got the chance to go down my gf pussy and started by smelling it and then slowly licking it ... that sensation of tingling Nd erecting and feeling that thirst to be fulfilled for first time was unimaginable... its not easy to explain to my gf who was trying to push me away of her as I stayed for a long time breathing through her pussy ...

Its even greater when she sits on my face and i get to have all the fluids go down by gravity into my mouth and face.

Women dont get how sexy it is to actually lick their pussies. Its a bless and makes me feel happy and in many occasions i lose my control and cum even without touching my dick ...

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