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Naked In Public Stories

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Started by #36802 at 17,Apr,10 02:46
I wanna hear your public nudity moments.
Weather it be in a public pool, store, park, long walks, locker rooms, bars, anywhere outside the doors of your home.

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By Cummingforyou at 25,Mar,24 12:31 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Was in Finland saunas are a big thing . So went to a spa complex with a swimming pool . The rules state they you have to shower and enter the sauna without you swimwear on . So of course it was so good seeing cocks of all sizes and ages swaying as you walked around . Even gave me pleasure exposing my own penis to all on view so natural in Finland

By Danal at 19,Mar,24 17:02 other posts of Danal 
I got naked in a sex shop one day,I went in and browsed untill I found something to buy, after paying for my cockcage I went into a video booth and got naked,put my clothes in a bag then put the cockcage on and left the booth and continued browsing, nobody said anything and I took it as being ok,as I was checking out a dildo a guy said he liked my cock and began to fondle it,I didn't object as he played with my dick, we then left the shop together,me still naked except for my newly purchased cockcage and walked to the carpark where his car was parked,I noticed he had a towball on his car and without saying anything I sat down on it , sliding the towball up my bum,it felt great

By #652988 at 22,Nov,21 04:32
Me and my wife was at the creek with another couple and went down the creek and was back very quick and we was in front of the truck and they say and watched us fuck for a good 45 minutes. It made last longer and I enjoyed being watched

By #652988 at 20,Nov,21 23:19
Me and my wife have done it many times

By #655976 at 19,Nov,21 11:02
I sucked two guys off in xrated theater while others were jerking off to my show, they then turned around and I rimmed their asses

By #583549 at 06,Nov,19 13:27
This is never a good idea.Too many cameras in the stores and not to mention the trouble you would get in!

By bella! at 26,May,13 20:55 other posts of bella! 
Seriously, naked in public stories? What does the weather have to do with it?

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