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Started by #10906 at 11,May,09 20:15
im not gay but often think !! do gay guys have this hang up like straight guys about the size of their cock... is it different bcus its another man because they have a cock aswell ??

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By PSerect at 06,Aug,23 18:53 other posts of PSerect 
Straight or gay, the media always glamorizes the big dick and everyone plays along. But really when it comes down to sexual performance, penis size doesnt dictate whether or not it will be good. I've had sex with thousands of guys and the best sex Ive had has been for the most part with guys who are average or even small. To answer your question though, the answer is yes. Most guys have some anxiety about their cock size, always worried its not big enough, thick enough, etc. when it doesnt really matter in the end. Personally, Im more interested in the life support system for the penis rather than the penis. If you had the choice between a guy whose a jerk but has a big penis, and a nice guy with an average penis, which would you choose?

By Mrjoshua at 06,Aug,23 07:22 other posts of Mrjoshua 
Straight or gay i gues som3 guys might haveissues or worrie bout the size of there penis but it shoudnt be somthing you bounce round in youre brain what we have is what we got so yeh just do best you can with what we have and dont stress it

By #664956 at 12,Apr,22 21:54

By #5440 at 13,May,09 00:30
I'm thinking there's no one-size-fits all answer for us gay guys. I can really only speak for myself so here goes:
The aesthetics of a cock are important and it you can have some really ugly big cocks, and some absolutely gorgeous small dicks. I for one, have a beautiful cock head. Proportion is important as well. Foreskin is the end all be all for some, rather than size.

As for functionality, small can be better for some. Less painful up the ass...less likely to make you gag...

By #7976 at 11,May,09 21:00
Woa partner. Not everyone has a size hang up. Size is only the outward appearance of maleness and has nothing to do with performance. As for me, I could care less about the size of a dick. It is pretty impressive when a guy is blessed with a really big "shower" but for the rest of us with supposedly smaller equipment get hard, studies say we're all about the same. Since genetic combinations are the only reason one cock is bigger or smaller, a shower or grower, it really is senseless to care what one has as long as it works as designed.

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