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Size Matters

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Started by #709175 at 29,Jan,24 05:01
It is interesting and even from a casual observation that any request for comment or fantasy to be aired in regard to cock size the preference is always large, bigger the better, certainly amongst guys this seems to be the case, and I agree. My point is that when women are confronted with this question there always seems to be this collective diplomacy that size doesn't matter. This is very noble of them but the reality is without a doubt they would much rather a big cock any day. Size does matter.

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By Moench at 30,Jan,24 07:37 other posts of Moench 
I have only 9 cm but he can do two lovely kids. My wife has is own technique to satisfy her and me. With her ex boyfriend (8 inches) ,she has only pain and Sex wars like rodeo.

By Maxwell_93 at 29,Jan,24 22:00 other posts of Maxwell_93 
Let's be real here, most of us who are average or less know how to compensate and it's a wash in the end. Their loss

By PSerect at 29,Jan,24 19:53 other posts of PSerect 
The popular misconception that a large cock is better, more desirable, is fueled mostly by the media at large. The truth however is that by and large, aside from the locker room banter, and drunken discussions at parties and singles bars, size really doesnt matter. There are many couples oiut there that have loving fulfilling sexual relationships absenty of large penises. The life support system for that penis regardless of size, matters more than the peice if flesh between a mans legs. The way a man treats his sexual partner, the ways he uses his penis to arouse and satisfy his partner is far more important. Lastly, while penises come in all shapes and sizes, so do vaginas. Some women can comfortably take a large penis, but most can't. The average depth of a vagina when not aroused is only 3-4 inches. Many can expand to 6 or 7 inches when fully aroused, but anything larger than that can be uncomfortable or painful.

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