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Watching porn together

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Started by #3997 at 18,Jul,09 21:48
Does it turn you on watching porn with your girlfriend/wife...boyfriend/husband, my finance and i watch porn all the time and its such a turn on and gets us both in a good mood, sometimes i even trade with a female friend of ours and we all share stories, she likes to watch porn with her husband too, does anyone else??

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By Allalexallday at 27,Feb,24 20:14 other posts of Allalexallday 
My fiancee and I watch porn together I love her telling me how much she likes those big cocks. Gets me rock hard and her pussy drips

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 22:16 other posts of Lvphose 
Yes an ex and I watched slot of porn, we had a married couple friends we’d watch porn with them. My buddy and I always wanted to switch gals but never got bold enough to see if the girls would go along

By #485312 at 19,Mar,17 09:25
we start watching it, but we never seem to see the end, or the middle really.. even our own porn, we couldn't watch the entire movie, we wound up fucking and when l took it home to watch, the same thing, l couldn't watch the lot, l ended up masturbating and missing it, had to have 4 goes at seeing the entire thing, 10 minutes lots are about as far l get *lix*

By leopoldij at 14,Mar,17 07:41 other posts of leopoldij 
I used to watch porn with a (female) classmate because she didn't have any at home and she was curious. She never let me fuck her but she let me watch her masturbate. I remember shooting some huge loads.

By #471066 at 13,Mar,17 10:02
Porn helped us to be open with things we liked but never admitted to eachother. we would masturbate together and ask dirty questions. I like mfm gangbangs. Turns out my gf does too. My idea was to message her ex an invite him over to fuck her while i watch. My gf convinced him. We jerked off together then they started fuckin so i put my dick in her mouth. 2 weeks later we dp her. We all still get off together sometimes

By #8824 at 31,Aug,10 17:06
My new chinese neighbour came around to watch a video, and i put on my favourite porn. Was kneeling between her legs in front of my sofa licking her pussy within minutes while she kept watching over my head An event to treasure tee hee. Getting a boner just remembering it
By #3997 at 02,Dec,10 18:23
Nice, when I had my apt sometimes I would leave porn mags in my bathroom, it was funny when friends would sleep over or even come over to visit to hear them turning the pages in the bathroom, sometimes i would leave one open, or would leave a dvd in there and accidently press play and stop it, some of my friends male and female would say leave it on

By #59855 at 30,Aug,10 21:05
From Matt's Wife: Supa, Matt and I like to watch porn and act out exactly what they are doing on the dvd, it can be really fun Buy different themed dvd's
By #3997 at 31,Aug,10 14:00
That is the fun part buying different ones like my wife and I have one called I wanna fuck you in the kitchen and they use foods and stuff its awesome, to act out what they are doing on the dvd, thats hott you and matt like to watch porn together

By #40333 at 08,Jan,10 21:55
My wife is really into watching men fuck so it's always gay porn and very often.
By #3997 at 30,Aug,10 14:20
Has she ever wanted you to be with another man??

By #37311 at 10,Jan,10 00:22
Yeah, my ex and i used to masturbate each other while watching porn. It's good fun
By #3997 at 09,Aug,10 23:08
it is good fun for sure

By slipper at 20,Oct,09 00:05 other posts of slipper 
Sure... great turn-on!!!

By #19210 at 23,Jul,09 08:56
I love to have sex while listening to it in the background.
It's a huge turn on! So the answer is yes!
By #3997 at 25,Jul,09 17:43
Yes is good and fun and sounds great

By #3997 at 25,Jul,09 17:43
My girl and i watched one last night, It was so hott, had the porno on surround sound, with her moans, and the girl on the porno sounded real good it was great

By #5532 at 22,Jul,09 18:49
My SO and I watch porn together on a regular basis. It helps set the mood at times, gives us some ideas, and I get to be reminded that he has a much larger than average cock. I like to check out some of the women too.
By #3997 at 22,Jul,09 19:07
that sounds great, luvmyclit, its fun to get new ideas from porn, I have had many thoughts of directing my own, lol putting my ideas out there

By #14182 at 21,Jul,09 11:31
We love to watch porn together. It is another outlet for our sexual desires. We mostly enjoy amateur bisexual (mmf) and gay films.
By #3997 at 21,Jul,09 19:44
nice, thats pretty hott, it opens up alot of windows, and you can explore a little more while watching porn,

By #17872 at 20,Jul,09 18:01
Yes indeed. When watching porn for the first time with someone new, seeing how they react to differant scenes and acts can give a read on what they may like or dislike. Some women are more into porn men are!
By #3997 at 20,Jul,09 19:48
that is so true, some women are into to porn more then men, especially when the story line is good, i find many woman like that

By #2277 at 20,Jul,09 16:14
Yes, my wife and I do it sometimes. But unfortunately seldem! Would like to do it more often!
By #3997 at 20,Jul,09 19:48
try to, its great

By #8288 at 20,Jul,09 07:27 is wonderful to be able to share like this. Before we got married and when we lived in different places, my wife used to also surf porn and she would send me hot pics she found or I'd send some to her that got me hard or helped me cum that day. After moving in together, for a while we had our computers next to each other and sometimes we'd porn-surf together or share what we were looking at and sometimes we'd "get busy".
By #3997 at 20,Jul,09 15:51
thats pretty hott, i like to look for porn with my girl its hott like you said

By #14167 at 19,Jul,09 17:41
Maints-Perfect and I have quite the library
By #3997 at 20,Jul,09 15:51
she likes my collection, she wasnt one of the girl that try to get you to get rid of your collection lol

By #348 at 19,Jul,09 16:12
I use to watch porn with wife and gf...and it is so turning om that we never actually finish the whole movie.
By #3997 at 20,Jul,09 15:50
we never finish it either your not alone

By #10421 at 19,Jul,09 16:06
Yes my girl and I do alot. Cant hardly get through the first 10 minutes and were fucking like rabbits.
By #3997 at 20,Jul,09 15:50
Tell me about it, alot of the time we cant make it thru not even 10 mins of the movie lol

By #12373 at 18,Jul,09 22:15
no but i might try
By #3997 at 18,Jul,09 22:54
Its fun, my girl and i go shopping for porn together, or we will rent one from cable, there is even a porn place where you can watch the person in the booth next to you, so once we fucked while this guy in the booth next to us was jerking off and watch us the the window, it was pretty hott she loves it

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