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By leopoldij at 17,Jan,22 01:07

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,22 19:55
how about this sexy pussy?
isn't it awesome?

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The best

By leopoldij at 08,Jan,22 14:56
This is so unbelievable, society is still in middle ages. Imagine, an innocent guy being killed by some "respectable, god-fearing, family-oriented" people because he's out jogging.

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At least they were given life in prison.

Three White men who chased and murdered 25-year-old Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery in south Georgia were sentenced to life in prison Friday, with two having no chance of parole.

By leopoldij at 08,Jan,22 02:07

By leopoldij at 08,Jan,22 02:05

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,22 02:19
They do

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,22 02:18
Any updates?

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,22 02:17

By leopoldij at 06,Jan,22 02:32

By leopoldij at 05,Jan,22 16:16

By leopoldij at 05,Jan,22 01:37

By leopoldij at 05,Jan,22 01:32
Squeezing my balls

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My balls being licked

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My balls against a shaved cunt

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My tied balls

By leopoldij at 05,Jan,22 01:23
Wow! Where was your gf when her friend was making you cum?

By leopoldij at 04,Jan,22 03:10
Exciting! Did your girlfriend know?

By leopoldij at 03,Jan,22 19:12
Have you fucked many?

By leopoldij at 03,Jan,22 15:36

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:58
I do.

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:58
I fucked those puffy lips

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:57

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:55
I want to go to vatican city to meet Asianfucktoy /member.php?w=626599

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By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:52

HoneyLips loves creampies, I think.

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:50
But some people claim it's 12!

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:48

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That's HoneyLips the inimitable.

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:46

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:45
People meet up on only registered users can see external links these days

By leopoldij at 01,Jan,22 20:42

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 22:42
Pussies I've fucked

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 22:26
Preferences are personal.

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 18:10
I fucked a south Asian dark skinned girl 2 days ago. The closest I've been to black pussy lately.

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 18:09
I just exposed your pussy. Wanna know how?

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 18:08
Does your wife or anyone else know?

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 18:07
That's all? And then?

By leopoldij at 30,Dec,21 01:49
Why does she need so many veggies?
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By leopoldij at 29,Dec,21 22:09
Good luck. Hope he gets well soon.

By leopoldij at 29,Dec,21 22:09
Many girlfriends have shaved me and me them

By leopoldij at 27,Dec,21 01:28

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By leopoldij at 27,Dec,21 01:10
Have a Japanese girl sit on my face, a black girl fuck my cock, a German girl lick my ass and a French one lick my balls, all at the same time

By leopoldij at 26,Dec,21 15:51
I posted a few pics of black pussy I've fucked.
I never miss the opportunity, whenever it arises,
to fuck black pussy. It's the excitement of the lesser known
domain that drives my libido to new heights!

By leopoldij at 26,Dec,21 15:50
You're absolutely right. I agree with you 100%.

But what makes black pussy attractive is that I like diversity.
The thrill of the new.
The unknown.
The anticipation that a lesser known person would
make the erotic experience 10 times better.

And since I fuck mostly white pussy, whenever I get the chance to fuck a black girl, I get super excited.

I guess I'd feel the same way if I were to fuck an
Inuit girl. Alas, I never have.

By leopoldij at 22,Dec,21 00:54
I like sex with nice Asian cunt these days.

By leopoldij at 18,Dec,21 23:10
Thank you

By leopoldij at 18,Dec,21 17:42
Use your passport.

By leopoldij at 18,Dec,21 17:40
You're lucky. Enjoy your life.

By leopoldij at 17,Dec,21 23:34
It's a terrible society we live in.
We've vilified one of the most enjoyable aspects of being human.

We use it for cursing "fuck you", "fuck off", etc., when, in reality it has not undesirable. I think this is the result of 2 thousand years of religious tyranny, a system that taught humanity that sex is bad, that it has to be avoided if you feel pleasure from it, that it's only good for procreation, we created myths saying that sex is a sin, the biggest sin of all. If you think logically, we've destroyed our best asset. We're waking up, but it's not easy, neither immediate.

Imagine a society where sex is seen as something positive only. In such a society it would make no sense to use it as cutting, neither wind it be possible to make jokes about it. Why would anyone do this if sex was seen as positive only? It would make no sense.

By leopoldij at 16,Dec,21 19:35
Hm.... Casual sex is much more enjoyable than pizza.

By leopoldij at 16,Dec,21 18:02
So what's your preferred method for cumming?

By leopoldij at 16,Dec,21 18:02
That's unhealthy: pizza and beer after midnight.

By leopoldij at 16,Dec,21 03:26
Sex is about proximity. I love to talk about sex and empower people on sex. I'm easy going and sincere. That's why I fuck a lot. Because I'm honestly loving sex and talk about it.

By leopoldij at 15,Dec,21 00:55
Is this why the system crashed? How many gigabytes is that cock man?