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By Wipperman at 24,Jun,22 11:05
Beautiful cock just pull that skin back to reveal your gorgeous head

By Wipperman at 22,Jun,22 08:33
Very Nice

By Wipperman at 29,May,22 09:44

By Wipperman at 18,May,22 10:32

By Wipperman at 18,May,22 10:29

By Wipperman at 02,Apr,22 10:55
If I just stimulate the prostate I leak cum but for the full powerful intense orgasm I stimulate the penis as well and I shoot a lot of cum well past my head it’s wonderful

By Wipperman at 20,Mar,22 16:00

By Wipperman at 11,Mar,22 13:58
Not could be he fuckin is !

By Wipperman at 06,Mar,22 11:46
One of my favourites /dti3v0crynerpic.html#t16534259

By Wipperman at 06,Mar,22 11:41
8x6 uncut forskin back when erect revealing a beautiful head such a turn on !

By Wipperman at 14,Nov,21 12:06
I’m greedy both

By Wipperman at 14,Nov,21 12:02

By Wipperman at 14,Nov,21 11:52

By Wipperman at 24,Sep,21 22:45
Sometimes a few hours the more time edging leads to very strong ejaculation squirting past my head onto the wall and lots of cum !

By Wipperman at 24,Sep,21 22:37
Wish I could but not flexible enough would love to cum in my own mouth and feel my warm cum shoot down my throat !

By Wipperman at 03,Sep,21 22:51
I cut my frenulum years ago best thing I did no more soreness when on a session and releases the head slightly giving more beauty to the organ !

By Wipperman at 10,Aug,21 11:17
Long at least 8 x 6 uncut straight and erect with thick veins and a beautiful showing head

By Wipperman at 10,Aug,21 11:14

By Wipperman at 28,Jul,21 11:33

By Wipperman at 28,Jul,21 11:13

By Wipperman at 28,Jul,21 11:11

By Wipperman at 14,Jul,21 10:11
Not mine but a guy on here , a perfect cock in my eyes /nfpx15cy7euspic.html#t15694189

By Wipperman at 14,Jul,21 10:04

By Wipperman at 27,Jun,21 11:54
I also wish I knew to would I love to produce lots of precum

By Wipperman at 11,Jun,21 10:39

By Wipperman at 25,May,21 14:37

By Wipperman at 07,May,21 09:40
Not mine but a guy on here I think is the best looking cock here /qqt1q7yhan0cpic.html

By Wipperman at 16,Jan,21 11:21
I do with coconut body oil beautiful super slippery doesn’t dry out and easy clean up , I always wank with it for hours just a little top up now and then been using for years I’ve tried everything this is the best , here in England Boots do it in a jar it’s solid but melts on contact , soon as I get it out my cock gets hard knowing what’s coming ! , Just love the stuff !

By Wipperman at 16,Jan,21 11:09

By Wipperman at 16,Jan,21 11:08

By Wipperman at 16,Jan,21 11:01
When I’m fully erect the skin pulls back on its own to fully expose the head then i oil up and have a long slow edging session

By Wipperman at 16,Jan,21 10:57
Always pull back gets a bit splashy otherwise

By Wipperman at 10,Jan,21 00:17

By Wipperman at 25,Nov,20 12:30
Silky nice

By Wipperman at 25,Nov,20 12:27
Love wanking with Coconut Body Oil slippery never dries out

By Wipperman at 18,Nov,20 13:12
Same for me used to love masturbating in front of the mirror real turn on

By Wipperman at 18,Nov,20 13:09

By Wipperman at 25,Oct,20 11:45
This guy has one beautiful Dick to me that is /cosphb43dny1pic.html

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:33
I cut my frenulum years ago best thing I did no more soreness when on a session and releases the head slightly giving more beauty to the organ !

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:30
Shaved Girls and Guys 👍

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:28
I’m uncut and glad of it love having a foreskin to roll back when erect and expose the sensitive head to play with

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:25

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:24

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:21
This is one I’d love to have a play with just so horny looking thick and big he’s a straight guy on here , love his pics


By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:17
Just above average

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:16
I sometimes use a prostate massager when edging and when I finally cum it’s incredible and very messy shoots everywhere and past my head just love it

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:11
Quite like some of the videos on here very sexy

By Wipperman at 17,Sep,20 10:11
I’m uncut and love uncut cock so natural and beautiful to look at and play with !

By Wipperman at 17,Sep,20 10:09
I love masturbating and edging for hours then finish off with a few poppers Wow when I Cum it’s explosive with fantastic glorious sensations just luv it

By Wipperman at 28,Aug,20 12:05
Hi , I’ve been jelqing stretching and clamping for ten years or more now have gained just over 2 inches length 1.5 girth it’s been well worth it as it makes you more confident I’m now on a good hard day 8 inches and just over 6 inch girth , makes me feel more horney and always finish a good work out with a nice wanking session for about an hour or so and cum so good ! , I think I’m now at the max increase but i still enjoy doing the work out and the great ending it feels so good you will cum so good !
A lot of people don’t believe it’s possible to gain but if you read up on it and do the exercises properly I assure anyone it is possible