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"Russian warship go fuck yourself."

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Started by tecsan at 27,Feb,22 04:54  other posts of tecsan
This should resonate with everyone in the free world...

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New Comment

By phart at 12,Jan,23 04:58 other posts of phart 
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Hey cat?, remember when I mentioned that our arsenal was being depleted a while back and you said it wasn't?
um,this guy says otherwise

By phart at 10,Jan,23 04:39 other posts of phart 
how did it get in there?
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By phart at 06,Jan,23 18:31 other posts of phart 
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Putin offers a cease fire and ukraine is not going to agree to the same?
36 hours is better than nothing dumbass's. take the reprieve from the killing and rest at least
By Sir-Skittles at 08,Jan,23 15:06 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
I would not trust Putin's cease fire at all... only gives the cunt Russians a chance to re-arm and maneuver to launch attacks
By phart at 08,Jan,23 16:38 other posts of phart 
I will admit,you are right,BUT at least a symbolic agreement would show a humanitarian side from ukraine,and in the small chance that russia was being honest,it would have been a few hours that could be used to evacuate babys and women from the danger zones.

By phart at 25,Dec,22 00:49 other posts of phart 
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Won't be long now at the rate we are going.
By tecsan at 25,Dec,22 04:44 other posts of tecsan 
You are probably right. We should distance ourselves from this conflict. We have too many problems here in the US.

By phart at 21,Dec,22 04:00 other posts of phart 
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I sure hope he makes it back home safe. If something happened to him on the way here or back , the nato escort would put all in nato into the war if they took action to protect him.
1 missile,1 bomb,1 shooter,and we would be full into the war.
By tecsan at 21,Dec,22 09:15 other posts of tecsan 
You know, I bet he has gotten a lot of money from us and I bet he gets even more with the woke people calling the shots.
By Ananas2xLekker at 21,Dec,22 11:48 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Because you need to be woke to protect a European country from Russian invasion?
By phart at 21,Dec,22 16:38 other posts of phart 
I don't know if being woke is required, but he has already gotten BILLIONS and just got approved for 1.8 BILLION more along with our best missiles and guided bombs.
I am curious as to how much the netherregions has given and will continue to give, being they are a little closer and will be glowing in the dark quicker than us when putin is finished with his invasion.
That war can't be won.putins mind is gone and he has gone mad. He will continue it until nukes are used.he has nothing to loose,he is dieing. What part of that is so hard to understand?
By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Dec,22 08:42 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Yes, it has costed billions. Why is this different than your bloated military budget of around $ 800 billion per year, that I have always told you is ridiculous and you keep telling me is necessary to protect your country? The estimated cost of your 'war on terror' is $8 trillion and what do you have to show for that? And how about your wars in Korea and Vietnam, to 'protect those countries from communism'? How is all that different from helping Ukraine fight Russia, so Putin doesn't take back all land that the USSR lost to NATO?

That war cannot be won, that's true, but it can be lost. 'Winning' just means Putin stops attacking Ukraine, Ukraine remains a free democratic country and can start the long process of rebuilding. Losing means that Putin takes Ukraine and starts planning for the next country. Don't YOU understand that?

Maybe you don't see Russia as a threat anymore, because they are not communists anymore, but a fascist oligarchy, which is what you prefer your own country to be? Or is your brain just fried from watching to many Russia-funded grifters?
By phart at 23,Dec,22 00:17 other posts of phart 
Russia,china, all those 3rd world countries have LEADERS that would like to be a threat to us,and those with nukes ARE a threat to us.
HAD Ukraine kept it's nukes,it would be safe and sound right now,because before they gave them up, they had MORE than Russia.

By phart at 21,Dec,22 21:08 other posts of phart 
I just saw a picture of zelensky sitting with our president and he does not even have on a suit,and is wearing combat boots for crying out loud.Does the man not know how to dress as a leader? As a president?
I know the old saying, the clothes don't make the man and I would understand if he was in a military setting as in being on the front lines with his troops,being in uniform.But he is not in a war zone,he is as safe as he has been in almost a year and he is still dressing as a combatant.
By tecsan at 22,Dec,22 05:55 other posts of tecsan 
I think he was wearing a sweatshirt. Not very professional.
By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Dec,22 08:46 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
OMG, nothing but superficial nonsense again.
Good leaders are made by character, vision and perseverance, not by a suit.

By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Dec,22 08:52 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
"he is as safe as he has been in almost a year"

Really? He has been safe for almost a year? Russians aren't trying to kill him?

In the post to me you just said "That war can't be won" and "they are a little closer and will be glowing in the dark quicker than us". Who has the biggest risk of that?

You would hand Zelensky over to Putin today. What do you think would happen to him?
By phart at 22,Dec,22 16:19 other posts of phart 
You think the russians can't hire outsiders to do the job?

Ok,ideally if the US was going to get involved in that war to start with, I would have sent in elite military or cia forces to take out PUTIN, first and foremost.
THEN sit back a while and see what happens.
We have special forces and for some reason they all have been on vacation for the past year it seems.

By CAT at 22,Dec,22 16:02 other posts of CAT 
Do you think this was a state dinner to welcome the King of England to the US? I'm thinking of all these leaders that go around dressed in uniform. Some smoking Havanas. 🤣😈
By phart at 22,Dec,22 16:20 other posts of phart 
Yea, zelensky looked much more like castro or saddam, without the metals, than a leader of a free democratic nation did he not?
By CAT at 22,Dec,22 17:15 other posts of CAT 
I'm thinking of King Charles in his military uniform reviewing the troops
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Zelinsky was trying to show how dire his country's fight for freedom is. He has to dress in fatigues, ready to join the fight. He must have hit it right. He got several standing ovations by a joint session of Congress.
By phart at 22,Dec,22 17:53 other posts of phart 
so he put on a show to look the part?
By CAT at 22,Dec,22 18:38 other posts of CAT 
Don't we all?
By phart at 23,Dec,22 00:48 other posts of phart 
but being dressed like castro in 59 does not really "look the part" does it?

By phart at 10,Dec,22 15:28 other posts of phart 
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Is it starting?
By tecsan at 11,Dec,22 02:45 other posts of tecsan 
Think maybe it started with the invasion of Ukraine. Just a proxy war by the US and I think most realize that fact.
By phart at 11,Dec,22 13:10 other posts of phart 
Naw there is alot of people that think we are not involved in the war,just helping out a friend.
WRONG. We may as well be over there by the 1000's of planes and bombs. Go ahead and get WW3 started and over with.
No need to worry about global cooling I mean global warming, I mean climate change, just nuke the damn place and finish it off.
Leave it for the cock roach's.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

sounds inhumane and horrible to say leave it to the roaches. THat is what is going to happen if things are left to the Russians.
No one wants that for anyone.
But if we don't get our grimy hands out of that war we will be dragged into it and Lord help us when san fransico or new york are hit by long range missiles. 2 or 3 nukes on our west coast would prompt radioactivity to the whole nation thanks to the jet stream.
By tecsan at 12,Dec,22 05:16 other posts of tecsan 
Makes since. Still it is a proxy war, remember who is financing a large part of it.

By CAT at 22,Dec,22 18:40 other posts of CAT 
Are you saying it's ok to loose all our big cities to the roaches? Because, an all out war will decimate the US.
By phart at 23,Dec,22 00:14 other posts of phart 
Funny you should ask, I think we have ALREADY lost most of the big city's to the "roaches" I mean democrats, so not a problem, just fence them off,and let em crumble.

By phart at 03,Dec,22 22:43 other posts of phart 
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Now what do we have here?
another damn mess brewing.
While we as a nation have the weakest leader in history,our military stockpiles are depleted thanks to sending everything to ukraine and now our troops are in danger in syria along with the battle against terrorist isis.
By tecsan at 04,Dec,22 05:28 other posts of tecsan 
I think someone saw this coming. All can go back and look.
By phart at 04,Dec,22 14:08 other posts of phart 
Which mess next? the korea's start fighting again or Tiawan invaded by china?
By tecsan at 05,Dec,22 05:09 other posts of tecsan 
I do not think that North Korea will start anything. But, we should watch out for China invading Taiwan. Remember, would it be an attack on the US if an ally was attacked?
By phart at 05,Dec,22 14:35 other posts of phart 
It got wrote up that way years ago. Some how.

By CAT at 08,Dec,22 20:45 other posts of CAT 
That's not true. Our military stockpile is NOT depleted. Think about it. Twenty years in Afghanistan and Iraq and that stockpile kept getting bigger and, then, suddenly, a dirty little war that's been going on for a few months depleted the stockpile? And, as far as the weakest leader in history, you call him that when he told China you mess with Tywan you mess with us? At least he didn't ask for a personal loan from North Korea
By phart at 09,Dec,22 00:04 other posts of phart 
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Google will help you find more.

as for biden threatening china, that is like a chihuahua barking at a T Rex dinosaur with rabies.
By CAT at 09,Dec,22 13:59 other posts of CAT 
Not Biden alone. It's Biden and the full might of the American military establishment. And if that doesn't out the fear of God up the Chinese government, nothing will.
By phart at 09,Dec,22 15:35 other posts of phart 
A woke military, a idiot commmander in cheif? a country with it's economy in the toilet? and china is supposed to be afraid?
Bullshit,they are waiting for the right time to strike again.
By CAT at 09,Dec,22 16:30 other posts of CAT 
A woke military? The same military that kicked ass in Iraq and Afghanistan? The same military that every country in the world would sell it's mother's in order to have? And, what gave you the idea that our economy is in the toilet or that other countries are not in the same boat or that the Chinese are not struggling too? Maybe the Commander in Chief is a tad slow these days, but, he's no idiot. He's the one that put together the spanking yhe Democrats gave to the Republicans in this last election. Besides, a Commander in Chief points his troops towards an objective. The generals and, in particular, the troops do the heavy lifting. No, Phart, BS is what you are thinking.
By phart at 09,Dec,22 20:50 other posts of phart 
We did not kick anyone's ass in either country ,we left Afghanistan in shame and embarrassment . I personally knew a veteran that served in afganistan who committed suicide a week after that "withdraw " and her displeasure of the way things were done was made apparent before hand.
During the first Iraq war a former coworker was there and had Saddam in his gun sights and was denied twice of taking a shot that could have ended the shit MUCH QUICKER.
Poor fellow's mind was messed up afterwards as he got injured when a mine went off as he was toting a wounded solder out of a cave.
We didn't kick ass, over there. Sorry,I can't agree with that. Sure we have good men and women in our military,we have the nicest equipment,we have big dreams and ideas as a nation, but the bunch that heads the military, is NOT the best. IF they were any good, Afghanistan woulda went differently.
By CAT at 09,Dec,22 22:19 other posts of CAT 
HOLY many people do you know?
Never mind, I guess we did not overran Iraq. Saddam was not ever thrown and hanged. We lasted 20 yrs in Afghanistan. We did loose the war but, we left with our heads high. We are not the first to fail and, surely, not the last.

Human habitation in Afghanistan dates back to the Middle Paleolithic era, and the country's strategic location along the historic Silk Road has led it to being described, picturesquely, as the ‘roundabout of the ancient world’.[25] Popularly referred to as the graveyard of empires,[26] the land has historically been home to various peoples and has witnessed numerous military campaigns, including those by the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Maurya Empire, Arab Muslims, the Mongols, the British, the Soviet Union, and most recently by an American-led coalition.
By phart at 09,Dec,22 23:25 other posts of phart 
Fighting will take place in the middle east until time ends.
I know alot of folks.and sadly more that are no longer with us.

Your dad was in WW2, I am sure he may have told you about what he saw sometimes or some of the things he did. Some things he probably never spoke of.
You may mock me but you should have some understanding of hearing history from those that lived it instead of wrote about it.

By phart at 21,Nov,22 03:20 other posts of phart 
Now ukraine is bombing it's own nuclear plant.
What the hell?
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I think the US and the world is going to eventually regret all the money they have been sending as they will wish they had it to deal with the fall out of a nuclear plant going up.
By tecsan at 21,Nov,22 05:48 other posts of tecsan 
Sad to say, but I think you may be right.
By cody8789 at 21,Nov,22 05:53 other posts of cody8789 
Fake news by Putin
By phart at 21,Nov,22 14:25 other posts of phart 
Fake news that the bombs are being dropped or fake news based on who reported it?
don't forget ukraine bombed poland last week.Now germany is offering them arms to protect themselves from it happening again.
By cody8789 at 21,Nov,22 16:15 other posts of cody8789 
The way you say it is wrong, Ukraine was trying to shoot down missiles fired by Russia and two went into Poland, this happens all the time, don't make it sound like Ukraine is shooting at Poland. Ukraine wants there country, there not bombing there nuclear plant, I wouldn't put it past Russia shooting at the plant just so they can say the Ukrainians did it
By dgraff at 21,Nov,22 17:03 other posts of dgraff 
How true I remember Vietnam when Hanoi Jane was supposedly broadcasting on the only American radio station over there telling our American soldiers to lay down their weapons and surrender and it turned out to be Vietnamese propaganda my brother in law still to this day hates Jane Fonda
By cody8789 at 21,Nov,22 19:21 other posts of cody8789 
I've hated Jane ever since that conflict began and she sided with them
By dgraff at 21,Nov,22 21:06 other posts of dgraff 
She was a woken dema rat just like cat
By CAT at 21,Nov,22 21:40 other posts of CAT 
Not all Democrats are the same. Not all Republicans are the same. You, Mountain Man, forget I’m the daughter of a veteran. Jane Fonda should have been prosecuted for giving aid an comfort to the enemy. She was what Trump is today.
By phart at 21,Nov,22 22:41 other posts of phart 
hanoy jane and Donald Trump are not even the species of human.
jane was a no count bitch and a traitor.
Trump Is a business man that tried to save America. and I HOPE he gets a second chance.
By CAT at 21,Nov,22 23:31 other posts of CAT 
A second chance to overthrow our democratic form of government? You want him to be another Fascist a la Musolini or Hitler? Yeah Phart. Way to go.
By phart at 22,Nov,22 01:35 other posts of phart 
No I want a functional economy and affordable food and energy like we had under Trump.
I want someone that will ask questions before handing money to country's overseas.
Until china released the virus to destroy the world economy, ours was doing well.
By CAT at 29,Nov,22 16:33 other posts of CAT 
Phart--No I want a functional economy and affordable food and energy like we had under Trump.
CAT--We all want that, but it wasn't due to the Clown's actions.
Phart-- I want someone that will ask questions before handing money to country's overseas.
CAT--Is there a particular country you are talking about and what questions do you mean?
Phart--until china released the virus to destroy the world economy, ours was doing well.
CAT--You keep suggesting China released Covid on purpose. Why would you seriously suggest something like that?
The Clown got lucky. He wasn't that good. Really, he wasn't good at all. 👿
By phart at 29,Nov,22 22:16 other posts of phart 
1, we won't have it under biden either.
2, all of them.
3,Yes, I feel like it was released on purpose and unless the chinese present the people who made it and they say other wise,I will still believe it was a terrorist attack on the whole fucking planet.
By CAT at 08,Dec,22 20:55 other posts of CAT 
Yes, I can see their slogan. "LET'S KILL OURSELVES"
By phart at 08,Dec,22 23:32 other posts of phart 
cat, please don't forget ,china is a country that didn't allow familys to have but 1 child. Many babies were killed by driving a nail into their skulls.
So to think they would release a virus, not far fetched.
Also, you might consider the fact that they may not have wanted it turned loose in china,but to the rest of the world.
How much easier could it be to take over the world if half the population is dead from a virus??
By CAT at 08,Dec,22 23:55 other posts of CAT 
China changed their one baby per family many yrs ago. They found that the population reduction was not good for the country. I will not believe any country would use a pandemic as a weapon. With the movement of people around the world, they would have been in the same boat as the rest of the world. And they are.

By tecsan at 29,Nov,22 06:25 other posts of tecsan 
Were we to quick to jump to Ukraine's defense?
By CAT at 29,Nov,22 16:12 other posts of CAT 
Explain if you think we did. Remember the old saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" Russia (Putin) is not our friend and they did invade a sovereign country.
By phart at 29,Nov,22 22:20 other posts of phart 
I feel like we jumped in to quick .
OR if we were going to be involved, we should have went ahead and sent in planes with bombs and such and took out the russian forces before they got any further in.
We are aiding and abiding,no different than the driver of the bank robbers car.
We should have either went in or stayed out,because we are in now,half way. kinda like a calf hip locked in it's mother. We are there until a tractor and a log chain show up.
By CAT at 08,Dec,22 20:52 other posts of CAT 
You are willing for Russia to wipe out Greensboro just to get involved on someone else's war? Giving aid to a friend and allied is ok. Going into war where boots on the ground would be the eventual outcome is not cool.
By phart at 08,Dec,22 23:34 other posts of phart 
No I am tired of seeing footage of mass graves of old people and kids being dug up all the while russia can push 1 button and kill em all.
Either deal with the situation head on or back off.
you do know putin has cancer in his intestions and gut. He fell down some stairs last week and shit all over himself. Which I don't feel sorry for him don't get me wrong. but he is not far from death, so he may wake up at 2am in pain and just say fuck it, then all our efforts and those of allies will be wasted .Plus our allies will be greater danger from the nuclear fall out.

By phart at 01,Dec,22 22:22 other posts of phart 
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So putin was looking at attacking Japan. Wow,over a few islands.
BUT 1 bit of text stood out from this link.
"“The whistleblower detailed movements of electronic warfare helicopters targeting Japan, while Russia's propaganda machine was also initiated, with a huge push to label Japanese as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’.”
We read and hear those words used to describe our own members of government. I am thinking it just the same as calling someone the n word or something.time for those words to go away.
By CAT at 08,Dec,22 20:53 other posts of CAT 
The same with agression,but, that's not going to happen.

By phart at 02,Dec,22 17:40 other posts of phart 
Well putin and uncle joe have something in common.
They both fall down stairs and shit their pants.
Leaders of the 2 most powerful countrys on earth.
only registered users can see external links
By CAT at 08,Dec,22 20:46 other posts of CAT 
And you've never been back-stabbed by a wayward fart, Phart? 🤣🤣😈

By phart at 06,Dec,22 20:54 other posts of phart 
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Well gee, somebody is! I wonder who?
only registered users can see external links
the biden bunch says they secretly modified the rockets so they couldn't go into russia .now they are. So who told the secret?

By phart at 04,Dec,22 19:58 other posts of phart 
could this be a feasible plan?
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By phart at 21,Nov,22 03:34 other posts of phart 
Yet another mess, war crimes?
only registered users can see external links
Is it time yet to cut the purse strings or do we keep feeding the beast?
By DJS at 29,Nov,22 15:48 other posts of DJS 
Wasn't going to reply on this thread ever again..but seeing you are posting absolute bollocks information..I've seen the whole vid of this so called war crimes,and if you haven't I would suggest you do..then add your say on it.but here what I seen about 10 orca came out singular hands above their head..lay down,then then the last fker came out and emptied his magazine on the Ukraine military which the return fire,so before you say well they were on the ground. you've got a milli second to think about protecting myself and my mates,they could off had grenades small you got to ask yourself were they in with the fker,but it doesn't matter anyway you take all of them out,that's war, me or them,by the way we called it fake surrender,many guys have been killed by a shithouse trick like that..funny the fker was last out,fking karma

By CAT at 29,Nov,22 16:20 other posts of CAT 
Phart, why are you so negative on the Ukraine situation?
By phart at 29,Nov,22 22:14 other posts of phart 
I don't really want to be negative ,I would rather be positive .BUT there is just no logical joyful win in this situation and I think as Americans we need to accept the fact that just because we drain our resources to help somebody that there will not always be victories. There will be loss's.
It was not that long ago I felt like Putin was doing a reasonable job of leading his country. Then he went and did this shit. Now he can't rot in the ground fast enough to suit me.
BUT before he does die, you can bet he will nuke ukraine and all the death and suffering will only then begin.
By CAT at 01,Dec,22 23:28 other posts of CAT 
Many years ago another Russian leader brought us to the brink of nuclear holocaust, Krustchev. Saner heads prevailed and he was "retired". I believe Putin is being given a lot of rope, but, I believe his "retirement" is imminent.
By phart at 02,Dec,22 14:50 other posts of phart 
I hope you are correct.
By CAT at 02,Dec,22 20:44 other posts of CAT 
I’m praying to three major religions and have offerings to several lesser gods. 😈

By phart at 21,Nov,22 20:15 other posts of phart 
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Gee now that the city's are liberated, the government wants the people to move away?
How and when will they get a chance to rebuild and who will protect their homes and property while they are away and what guarantee is there that they will be able to ever go back home?

By phart at 17,Nov,22 19:47 other posts of phart 
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Not a good thing to do, lie about a missile that killed people not even in the same damn country as your enemy.Is this a round about way of starting WW3?
--------------------------------------- added after 7 hours

I figured it out!
BLAME IT ON Alec Baldwin! Then no one will be held accountable. all will be well.

By phart at 04,Nov,22 01:33 other posts of phart 
This is what is getting to be a real issue in regards to ukraine. they think the US is a ATM machine.
They need money to cover a deficit, DUH we have 1 TO.
"And we need money for oil and coal for the winter heating season". Damn dude, our people are paying thru the fucking nose for gas and you want money from us so YOU can buy some?
and like the link mentions, haven't you heard of climate change? You are asking democrats for money to buy oil and coal while we are having electric cars driven up our ass's over here.
Damn dude, get real.
only registered users can see external links

and yea, bribes to keep dirt hid on biden,sounds more logical.
And PLEASE note who they show really needs the money more than mark 4.38.
By CAT at 04,Nov,22 11:23 other posts of CAT 
Asking is free

By Dev01 at 04,Nov,22 11:30 other posts of Dev01 
Phart, it's not just America helping the cause. I hope Ukraine are victorious in their cause.

In Oz we sell oil, iron ore overseas only to buy it back at 3x the price... So go figure cause no Aussies can.

I think most are happy not to fight the current and just swim with it

By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Nov,22 22:24 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
The US is spending about a trillion per year, to 'protect yourself', mostly against the
big bad Russians. Now the Russians are actually being very aggressive and planning
to not stop after Ukraine, Ukraine is doing the dirty work, while really hurting your biggest enemy ever. This is the best spending to thwart Russia that America has ever done.

You and other right-wingers defended your bloated military budget several times.
By phart at 04,Nov,22 22:36 other posts of phart 
If it were protecting us,it would not be a big issue.But it is not.
By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Nov,22 10:13 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Strange, I see all right-wingers be very proudly saying that the United States is the world's strongest superpower, but you seem reluctant when it requires the US to be strong. It really is time that Europe stops relying on the US. The US is already a 'failed democracy', but it will probably be a 'sham democracy' soon. Europe shouldn't want to be allies with such a regime. It's better that we cut ties militarily, stand our own and treat the US like China, Russia and the middle east powers. Let the relationship depend on what mutual interests allow.

It's clear that you don't understand it's your issue too.
Strange how fast the right-wing perspective has changed on that.
Trump really changed the party and its followers. I might like this part of it.
It would be interesting to see how long it will last, after Trump.
The military industrial complex will probably want to change it soon.
By tecsan at 08,Nov,22 07:26 other posts of tecsan 
I think you made yet another concession here ananas2xLekker.
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Nov,22 14:57 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Well, count your blessings
What do you see as the concession?
That Trump wanted less international meddling from the US?

It depends on how you shape it in the future.
I'm all for the US doing less territorial pissing with Russia.
Like the whole tugging war with Russia over Syria and Afghanistan.
Trying to bring democracy to the middle east was pointless.
But that wasn't the real reason. It's just superpowers trying to get influence and oil.
I would want those people to have democracy and freedom, but they should decide for themselves that their system doesn't work for them.

However, Trump also proposed to just seize Iraq's oil and said:
'It's not stealing, we're reimbursing ourselves'
Like Iraq ever asked the US to attack them.
If that's a sign that the US will still do wars,
but only for the benefit of the US and nothing else,
than the US is of no use to anyone and you're on your own.

Relations were already cooling down a lot during Trump's presidency.
It's time Europe is taking a hard look at it's values and it's responsibilities
and act on them. It might be the only way to save humanity, because it looks like
the US is not going to do that.
By phart at 08,Nov,22 15:00 other posts of phart 
Well, the middle east has been fighting it's self for century's. We can't fix it,no need to waste lives and money.
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Nov,22 15:43 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Centuries ago they were the top of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and advancement in science. Is the west, who were at that time a bunch of primitive zealots, who changed the middle east to what they are now. We have some responsibility to repair the damage we caused, but that certainly doesn't happen by waging more war on them.

The lives wasted were mostly theirs and the money the US spent was not to help them, but to control them and take their resources for free or cheap. But you're right we cannot fix their lives, we can just stop destroying their lives. Too bad we keep destroying the climate and make their countries too hot for human survival. Before you say they do have some responsibility, because it's their oil we burnt causing climate change, they didn't have much to say against it. The US put in their authoritarian leaders and Europe agreed with it, because we love oil too.
By phart at 08,Nov,22 19:40 other posts of phart 
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By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Nov,22 20:15 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
I expected a bit more after reading the title of the article.
There is some truth to it. Before Russia attacked Ukraine, Europe didn't like the US meddling with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. However that started in 2019, under Trump and at that point it was just an anti-Russian trade argument.
It's not that we liked to trade with Russia, but it's now obvious how dependent we were on Russian natural gas. Putin knows that and that's why he threatened to stop the supply of natural gas, if Europe resisted against his attack on Ukraine.
I have no idea how much Biden was 'egging on' European leaders to cut the use of Russian natural gas, that's all behind closed doors, but at some point European leaders were very unified in the sanctioning of Russia, by stopping the use of natural gas.
I do think about what would have happened, if European leaders had decided to sanction natural gas and oil from Russia way sooner, like when Putin was gathering troops at the border of Ukraine, under the pretense of exercises.
But, I don't think it would have stopped him. It's pretty clear that he has been planning this for a long time. It might be that his health was forcing him to do this before he was ready. He was clearly not ready. He caused a lot of destruction, but he has actually achieved nothing, besides the downfall of his own country.
I don't know when he will stop, but he will retreat in defeat and shame eventually. Ukraine will be helped to recover, but Russia will be a pariah for decades coming and their power and economy will be diminished for a long time.

Personally, I do see an upside from natural gas and oil being ridiculously expensive. It will hurt, but we will need to loose this addiction to fossil fuels soon and this is a good incentive to do that. Leaders need things like this to get off their asses and do something. I hate that they needed a war for that, they should have acted way sooner, but this might prevent way worse suffering in the future. We are also dealing with a massive Ukrainian refugee crisis, but that is also a good warning for what is coming when climate change will turn huge areas inhospitable for human survival. I might even be thankful, that this all happens under a right-wing government, showing their complete ineptitude to deal with any crisis. I hope people will wake up now and start electing leaders with wisdom and foresight. However, my hope is very small, seeing how Italy elected a true fascist.

Going back to the article, This is really the worst part:
"It would have been much easier to not have blindly followed Biden’s anti-Russian dogma knowing that the European economy is far more integrated than America’s with that of Russia. Dogmatic and ideologically-driven European elites might like the idea, on paper, of switching out Russian gas for what a U.S. official once described as “molecules of freedom”, but cheap Russian gas is what ultimately built Germany into an industrial powerhouse and has enabled Europe to compete with the U.S. Now, that global playing field is being tilted in Washington’s favor at the expense of average European citizens who get stuck with the bill for exorbitant anti-Russian virtue signaling."
It's not virtue signaling, to stop trading with an aggressor with a plan to conquer most of Europe. That's really detached from reality. European citizens will suffer much more from a war with Russia. The sanctions are necessary to prevent that. A large majority of the European citizens understand that.
By phart at 08,Nov,22 22:23 other posts of phart 
Yea, and sadly when Trump publicly warned Germany not to become dependent on Russian resources ,he was laughed at.
You may not like who tells you crap stinks,but it does not change the basic fact that crap stinks.
By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Nov,22 18:48 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
"not to BECOME dependent"?
Do you understand that fossil fuels do not grow on trees?
There is not enough of it in Europe to sustain the European economy.
Every country providing fossil fuels has 'issues'. Look at Saudi Arabia.
We laughed because Trump did not understand that.

Not being dependent on horrible countries for fossil fuels, means 1 thing:
And I'm sure Trump did not tell Europe to do that.

By Ananas2xLekker at 12,Oct,22 06:45 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Russia invites US states to secede and join country
only registered users can see external links

Putin is mocking you.
"Let's talk about Russia's offer to Republicans...."
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 12,Oct,22 13:22 other posts of phart 
I will admit, before the ukraine invasion, I felt like putin was a far better leader than most countries had.
But since he has shown his evil side, he needs to be gone.
But just hope something better replaces him.
as for this guy thinking republicans are russian allies? go fuck yourself dude, you sound like you might be on to something but you aint.

A few states like Texas,that are talking about seperating from the USA are saying so because washington has abandoned them first. the US government should be protecting the US borders there and the citizens of that state and the entire country from the criminial impact and economic impact of illegal immigration.
There are no "Blue" states,only "Blue" citys.
Look at at a detailed map and you will see clearly,a few cities dictate what is happening over the entire country.not entire states,just citys.that is another reason for people getting tired of the failing union,no repesentation.
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

think about that,you own a 10,000 acre farm,and someone who rents a 2 room apartment that pays little to no property tax dictates how your farm is used on a national level. that makes no sense.The city folk do not have much stake in anything but run it.
By XJacker at 12,Oct,22 14:14 other posts of XJacker 
Be warned! Putin will soon be after you Americans too!

By Ananas2xLekker at 12,Oct,22 14:33 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Putin was a fascist before he attacked the sovereign nation of Ukraine.
You just liked him, because democracy isn't working for Republicans
and you want an alpha male like Putin coming in, turn over the will of the people
and destroy the freedom of blacks, the LGBT, women, the press and working people
and let christian extremists turn the US in a theocratic dictatorship.

You understand Putin is a fascist now, because it's not your country
doing horrible mass murder in a country that didn't attack anyone, this time.
Therefore you don't see it, for the biggest fan of Putin; Donald J. Trump,
who also loves other fascist dictators, like Kim Jong-un and Mohammed bin Salman.

Your principles are Anti-American and it's recognized by Putin.

The average farm pays about $4,900 in property taxes.
The average American pays $2,471 of property taxes.
Do you think farmers have a reason to cry about that,
while they own many times the space city folk do?
Farms support about 29% of the US economy, but most of that
is created by the city folk, working in food factories.
Farms are important. But maybe the farmers should understand
that Republicans are doing nothing against climate change
that is worsening droughts and heat, destroying their business.
By phart at 12,Oct,22 17:58 other posts of phart 
You are only thinking about the low %'s of people in this country and their demands. they have equal rights now,they need to go to work like the rest and quit expecting more and more.The majority should not be expected to give up 1 fucking thing for the sake of the small minority groups
The MAJORITY need economical fuels and food.
By Ananas2xLekker at 14,Oct,22 08:31 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
"The majority should not be expected to give up 1 fucking thing for the sake of the small minority groups"

Except when the small minority group is billionaires.
Then you expect the majority to give up lost of worker's rights.
Workers used to have the right to unionize. This is busted by employers regularly.
That's why they cannot afford food and fuel now. And it's not a low %.
By phart at 15,Oct,22 00:46 other posts of phart 
They can't afford food and fuel because of our failing government's pushing a non functional ,non practical agenda over on the people.
By tecsan at 15,Oct,22 05:04 other posts of tecsan 
Maybe we are all dreaming and when we wake the sane people will be in power.
By Ananas2xLekker at 16,Oct,22 16:48 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Sane people like Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz?

By Ananas2xLekker at 16,Oct,22 16:45 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Unlike Trump, who practically only gave presents to the rich and practically
denied the existence of a virus causing the death of a million people.

By DJS at 15,Oct,22 20:27 other posts of DJS 
Can you explain what this has got to do with the war???
By phart at 15,Oct,22 21:42 other posts of phart 
Oh,the war we are in with Russia thru proxy? Hard to pin point but we should be backing off from ukraine as we have stressed our military stock piles,and the war is still dragging on and will simply end with the country glowing in the dark shortly before putin dies from his health issues.
By DJS at 16,Oct,22 03:32 other posts of DJS 
The 8 post above have fuck all to do on this thread,as previously,So unless it's about Ukraine gains,& how many orcs have been killed,equipment destroyed start another fking thread..
By Ananas2xLekker at 16,Oct,22 15:45 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
In war, who kills the most of the enemy is not always guaranteed to win.
By DJS at 16,Oct,22 16:27 other posts of DJS 
Really..give me a example then,
By Sir-Skittles at 16,Oct,22 16:44 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
ehhhh. Vietnam

We dropped a lot of gook bodies there
By DJS at 16,Oct,22 18:57 other posts of DJS 
,jungle warfare compared to conventional warfare,is on a completely different scale,( had a uncle who fought there)usmc..But I was going on about the former & that's not being disrespectful to all who fought in jungle combat.
In Ukraine now you've got fibua,tank battles,you've also got cqb,that besides the hi-tec armaments.

So In war, who kills the most of the enemy is not always guaranteed to win.

I've just heard,that China and quite a few other countries have told their people to get out off Ukraine asap
Now if putin has decided to use a nuke strike, who as been warned by NATO if he does the retaliation will wipe out his entire.millatry by use conventional weapons on a scale what's never been seen before..
By Ananas2xLekker at 17,Oct,22 12:48 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
"Now if putin has decided to use a nuke strike, who as been warned by NATO if he does the retaliation will wipe out his entire.millatry by use conventional weapons on a scale what's never been seen before.."
I support that message to Putin and I would support that strategy.
Putin knows that, so that's why I don't think he will do it.

By Ananas2xLekker at 16,Oct,22 15:42 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
War is a information battle as well. Everywhere Putin succeeds in creating division
takes off the heat on him and lets his enemies fight among each other.
By DJS at 16,Oct,22 16:29 other posts of DJS 
I repeat again 8 post have fk all to do with the war,getting certain state to join him,farmers got fk all to do with the war etc etc
By Ananas2xLekker at 17,Oct,22 13:33 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Apparently you are a stickler for keeping within the scope of a topic.
Tecsan, the owner of the topic, isn't and many others here aren't either.
But, I'm done with the deviation and wouldn't mind sticking more to the topic.

Still, I don't support the message that Russia is the worst offender ever.
Russia had no right to attack Ukraine and they are doing horrible atrocities, but my standards on the legitimacy of war and the disapproval of dictatorships, war-crimes and fascism, are the same for all countries. I see all legitimization of the actions of Russia or against the right of Ukraine to defend itself as within the scope of a topic about Russia and I think you do too. I also saw a link with Putin trying to strengthen anti-democratic trends everywhere he can. Don't you acknowledge that at all or do you think it's just not applicable to this topic?

By phart at 17,Oct,22 14:21 other posts of phart 
The simple facts are you have a dying dictator ,Putin, who knows the ropes, and before he dies you can bet your ass there will be a nuke dispatched and it will radiate half of Europe .He is DIEING, what the fuck does he care who else does?? What part of that is so hard for people to understand.

Ukraine has lost the war , they just don't see it yet. They think if they keep shooting and killing that they will win .The world thinks if they keep supplying weapons that that will fix the issue All it is doing is weakening other countries to make them vunerable. Our own weapons stock pile here in the US is dwindling ,along with our oil reserves.
If the US is going to supply weapons, they should have just went ahead and sent military personal and so on to actually make a difference and stop the blood shed faster..
Their city's are bombed to oblivion, their women and children r@ped and slaughtered, and you think they are winning? Wake up., there are no winners there ,just losers.
By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Oct,22 00:32 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Putin wants to be remembered as a great leader. He won't be if he kills everyone.
Are you saying he would push the button, because you would do that?
Or just because you only understand 1 dimensional good and evil?

What do you consider losing? Ukraine is winning back territory constantly.
And what do you propose they do, surrender?
By phart at 23,Oct,22 13:18 other posts of phart 
Loosing hell, ukraine has already lost.
It's people have had to run to all ends of the earth to escape the war, the city's are bombed to oblivion. The only reason it has not "fell"is because the rest of the world is propping it up because they can't or won't deal with russia directly. The US and nato allies are using ukrainians as their hired guns to try to take down russia.

I admire the people fighting in ukraine,but they are being misslead to think they are "winning" as they dig up and rebury their dead familys and stumble around in their bombed citys.

see here,I am not stating bullshit.
The entire civilized world is running low on weapons trying to help ukraine.
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By Ananas2xLekker at 24,Oct,22 11:36 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
True, Ukraine would have already been annexed, if the 'free world' didn't help.
The whole of Europe would have been 'The Third Reich', if the 'free world' didn't help then either. What is your argument? Let Ukraine fall, to save weapons, for when Russia comes for the rest of Europe next? That's like sacrificing a foot, to keep some antibiotics, for when the flesh eating bacteria attack the rest of the leg.

If there is any time where a country is allowed to protect itself and should receive military aid from its allies, it's when they are attacked, without provocation, by another country that seeks to eliminate their autonomy.
NATO was founded to protect the modern world against being annexed by the Soviet Union. Ukraine is not a NATO country, but they are the front-line of Russia's renewed expansion drive. NATO countries decided it's in their best interest to fight Russia in Ukraine, instead of letting Russia advance to the borders of the NATO alliance. You're right, the motives of NATO are selfish. The best way to stop Russia is to make them fail in Ukraine. Do you prefer a war between Russia and NATO?
I thought you were worried about nuclear war?

The Ukrainian people are asking for those weapons. The US is not the only one paying for them, almost the whole world is funding the war effort.
Even if the entire civilized world is running low on weapons, that's not an argument to stop the supply to Ukraine. The US has the biggest military industrial complex in the world and should have no problem outproducing Russia. It's probably what finally will force Russia to abandon the war with Ukraine and their expansion drive. Producing weapons for the civilized world, is the role the US agreed on and makes a lot of money from. If supplies are running low, the US should do a better job.
Stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. They are killing innocent civilians too.
And they are not trustworthy and might sell those weapons to Russia.

Ukraine is using guns, hand-grenades and mortars against the Russian troops.
Do you think a war between Russia vs Europe and the US would be fought with guns, hand-grenades and mortars? It would be either battleships, bombers and fighter-planes or nukes, and none of those are running low in the US.
By phart at 30,Oct,22 19:14 other posts of phart 
The saudi's at least pay for the weapons they get,is ukraine?
By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Nov,22 10:37 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
The US never gives anything for free. Europe is paying for a lot of it and
I'm sure the weapons the US is paying for, are either on loans to Ukraine.
If not, the true leaders of your government decided that it's in their best interest to keep supporting Ukraine. If you actually still care about your national debt, which you didn't before when Trump gave presents to the wealthy, take solace in the fact that your wealthy make lots of money from those weapons going to Ukraine, whether they are paid for by Europe, Ukraine, future oil and natural gas deals or just by your tax-dollars. That's how you want it right?
Or did you want normal people to benefit from those tax-dollars, all of a sudden?
That would be a complete 180 for you.

By CAT at 23,Oct,22 16:05 other posts of CAT 
So DJS, You spout that, as a result the previous posts have nothing to do with the war ( I'm assuming you mean the Russian/Ukrainian war) those of us that don't stick to the "war" subject should go to another thread? I would suggest that this applies to you too. After all, the thread is:
By phart at 23,Oct,22 17:47 other posts of phart 
The war in ukraine can't help but stir up angry feelings from all was unnecessary and should have never happened. But instead of our Seal team 6 or some undercover CIA going in and taking putin out of the way and save 1000's of lives , we just deplete our weapons and sit back and watch the killing.
Depleting our oil reserves ,depleting our military stockpiles, and straining relations with other strong, heavily armed country's is not helping matters at all.
By CAT at 23,Oct,22 19:06 other posts of CAT 
Phart, what you are suggesting is an act of war. You believe we have the right to do that?
By phart at 23,Oct,22 21:09 other posts of phart 
What do you consider what is going on ukraine right now? A military exercise? There is a war going on,and we are supplying weapons, training and money.We are no different than the guy driving the car for the bank robbers right now.We are ALLREADY at war with russia.
Don't you get it? I do feel like we need to go ahead and end the shit now or our troops ,perhaps members of YOUR family will be drawn into the conflict and DIE.DO you want that?? I doubt it.
By CAT at 23,Oct,22 22:13 other posts of CAT 
Supporting an ally is one thing. Sending our boys into another senseless war to show off is another. I don't want another Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.
By phart at 23,Oct,22 23:50 other posts of phart 
And time is running out to avoid that.
By CAT at 24,Oct,22 12:18 other posts of CAT 
No it's not. As long as we are not attacked, or in imminent danger, I don't believe in going to war

By Ananas2xLekker at 24,Oct,22 14:01 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
On the contrary, time is to our benefit.
The Russians are spending lots of money, resources, patience of their people and goodwill from their allies on a war that they are not winning.
At some point they will be forced to stop.
By phart at 24,Oct,22 14:03 other posts of phart 
I hope I am wrong and you 2 are correct.
Sooner the better for all involved.

By DJS at 24,Oct,22 20:53 other posts of DJS 
Well seeing the thread 7mths old,as stated,meant a lot to a lot off people the Defiance to a invading superpower(not anymore)and that's one of many Defiance that Ukraine has done,besides the bravery of their military,in quite brutal battles before replying to you,I just went back & read the whole thread,I think what you've spouted,is a insult to the people who posted on the subject,Why because.
RUSSIAN WARSHIP GO FUCK YOURSELF. Is all about the war with Ukraine & russia..and also 97.5% of post,have been what posters opinions are and what they seen or heard about the war,So I would assume not just me but other posters know exactly what the title thread is all about...🤔🤔
By CAT at 24,Oct,22 21:41 other posts of CAT 
That post was tongue-in-cheek and not meant as editorializing other people's posts. Just yours. I was reacting to this:
"The 8 post above have fuck all to do on this thread,as previously,So unless it's about Ukraine gains,& how many orcs have been killed,equipment destroyed start another fking thread"
I, too, re-read the first 8 posts and, frankly, directly or indirectly, they all refered to the Russo/Ukrainian war. No one questioned the bravery of the Ukrainian military nor the stalwart defiance of the Ukrainian people. You, are the only one suggesting that.
Let me say this, though, the title of this thread, as Tecsan titled it, leaves a lot to be desired and the follow-up too.
Now, may I suggest that if you don't like other member's opinions, you should go out and establish your own thread.👿
By DJS at 30,Oct,22 05:11 other posts of DJS 

By phart at 07,Nov,22 01:24 other posts of phart 
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Look who else is pissed off at russia.
Now what do we do? do we support the taliwackers in the taliban or?
By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Nov,22 10:26 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
The US used to support the Taliban, when they were against Russia.
The US loves selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which are Islamic extremists too.
So, good question; do you keep selling weapons to people who hate you?

By tecsan at 01,Nov,22 07:32 other posts of tecsan 
Think we all realize that little russia has shit for an army.

By tecsan at 27,Oct,22 07:32 other posts of tecsan 
Fetterbum is a winner right. oops, spelling, sorry. Wiener is what I meant. How many of them have we seen?
By CAT at 27,Oct,22 12:01 other posts of CAT 
This from an Oscar Mayer site? 🤣🤣

By DJS at 29,Jul,22 05:28 other posts of DJS 
Its seems the orcs are not just murdering civilians,but also pow,and in the worst possible gratification unknown to the majority of mankind,am not going to post it,but just seen a Ukraine pow being castrated hands tied behind his back,like me probably some on here have been in battle but me personally if you catch your enemy(pow)you treat them well,These orca need wiping off the face of the earth..
By Ananas2xLekker at 29,Jul,22 10:04 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
That's what 24/7 propaganda can make people do.

The Russian people never asked for this, but they are fed 24/7 fearmongering
about the Western Imperialists, trying to corrupt all their former allies.
In Russia, they don't know what we know. A Russian mother doesn't even believe
her own daughter, living in Ukraine: only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

I hear Putin is at the end of his life and he wants to be remembered as the great leader who reunited the once great Russian empire. He can do what he does, because he controls the media to constantly brainwash all the Russian people, he silences all opposition and he pays off the families of all the dead Russian soldiers.
Putin is a fascist, plain and simple.
By DJS at 29,Jul,22 13:34 other posts of DJS 
First off I wouldn't call it propaganda & western imperialism,even tho you like to politicalize every thread,its called the Geneva convention,Why did he do what he did,instead of just putting a bullet in his head,I know why just like the Mujahideen did with the orcs.
By Ananas2xLekker at 29,Jul,22 17:32 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Since when do dictators prefer to die themselves over dealing death unto others?
It takes a psychopath to make an empire. But he is not getting his hands dirty.
Dictators need lots of loyal followers to commit the atrocities and spill their own blood just as willingly as the enemy's blood. That takes some convincing.

Putin is using his media apparatus, to lie the Russian people into doing that.
How would you call that, other than 'propaganda'?

The Soviet Union did not sign the Geneva Convention, but Putin wouldn't give a crap anyway.

True, I do like to politicize every thread. However, what is more political than international war?
By DJS at 29,Jul,22 20:18 other posts of DJS 
My 1st post,doesn't mention putin or any other leader,I only stated the fking barbaric attitude of the enemy,yet both your post go way of tangent,the cunt who do these things are not loyal followers they get paid a
By Ananas2xLekker at 01,Aug,22 11:28 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Why did you feel the need to communicate that opinion?
Do you think that anyone would disagree?

It seems like you have a point on the barbarism preformed by mercenaries:
only registered users can see external links

But that Russian warship that started this post are just Russian soldiers.

By DJS at 29,Jul,22 20:22 other posts of DJS 
My 1st post,doesn't mention putin or any other leader,I only stated the fking barbaric attitude of the enemy,yet both your post go way of tangent,the cunt who do these things are not loyal followers they get paid just like when they were in Syria,if someone offered them more cash they probably swap sides,
By Ananas2xLekker at 01,Aug,22 11:31 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
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By tecsan at 08,Aug,22 07:37 other posts of tecsan 
You stated something that I have suspected all along. 'I' think putin has been given some devastating medical news and no longer cares about anything. That would make him the most dangerous man on Earth.
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Aug,22 09:51 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
There is just one problem; it isn't over when he dies, because he is lining up successors who are just as dangerous or even worse.

only registered users can see external links
By tecsan at 09,Aug,22 06:09 other posts of tecsan 
You keep making my points for me.
By phart at 09,Aug,22 13:11 other posts of phart 
Yep,just like when we kill 1 terrorist with a drone, another terrorist gets a promotion.
It won't end until they are ALL taken out.
By DJS at 09,Aug,22 16:51 other posts of DJS 
Doubt it will make any difference how many come after putin,if this place goes up,there be millions the planet fking gone for ever.
This is the biggest nuke plant in Europe
Yesterday, russian invaders once again shelled the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, nearly missing the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel. If that storage were to be damaged, it would cause a catastrophe on a planetary scale
By phart at 09,Aug,22 17:06 other posts of phart 
Climate change is a much worse threat, nukes are nothing to worry about.
Said no body.

Yea, but meanwhile be sure to not charge your electric car during peak hours and eat your veggies.
By CAT at 09,Aug,22 17:10 other posts of CAT 
By phart at 09,Aug,22 20:00 other posts of phart 
that will be your response 1 day in the near future when you are waiting on your electric car to charge up and there is a huge mushroom cloud on the horizon.
And then ,as the last few minutes of your life pass by ,you will think, "you mean I ate healthy, sold my mustang, gave up luxury's for the environment and then some asshole has to blow up 1 of those things? This sucks!". and your flesh will start to drip from your bones and you will pass away.
all the sacrifice, all the arguing for climate change action will be for nothing.

Live your life to the fullest, there very well may not be a tomorrow.
By DJS at 09,Aug,22 20:28 other posts of DJS 
By the time everyone driving a electric car I be pushing up the daisies as I will never by one,has for the nuke station he got it all mined plus also he using it as as a arms dump,seeing a hell off a lot around the country are being blown away,by the Ukraine military,they also letting off various kinds of projectiles knowing they cant/wont retaliate,if he does decide to blow it up,going by reports the wind flow to Russia but that doesn't the rest of Europe & the world will get away with it,armageddon maybe,but if everything I said we will all soon find out,The funny thing is,they be people watching from above(the space station),who will see the destruction of the planet & knowing that they never get back to earth and in time will die up there,
By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Aug,22 14:42 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Transportation is 27% of the US CO2 emissions. Cars make up 41% of that.
So electric cars are only 11% of the solution and not all of them need to be electric to reduce catastrophic climate change. A lot of other progress is necessary to reduce the 25% of CO2 emissions by electricity generations, 24% from industry, 13% from buildings and 11% from agriculture. Ever heard anything about that or are you just listening to media that is only focused on cars, to distract you from the actual problems?

I don't know when a Russian or American president decides to end the world.
I just know that I have no influence to stop them, so I don't worry about it.
It might be tomorrow and then everything we do now is useless.
It might be in a few years and then at least I did my part to be productive.
Or it will never happen. Maybe someone decided not to listen to his superiors.
As far as we know, the world was saved twice before by people like that.
It would then be a pity if humanity still perished due to climate change.

Strange how you feel sorry for those astronauts in the space station.
How about people on earth? Looking death in the eye is worse than dying?
They are not the only ones who will see the destruction of the planet & know in time they will die. Many people will not die in the blasts immediately, but know they will die of radiation poisoning. There might be some rich assholes in a nuclear shelter, who might survive longer. But even though I loved the Fallout game series, I find it unlikely they will ever repopulate civilization again.
Fallout is just a game, nuclear war isn't.

But it is useless to be afraid of something that might never happen and you are powerless against to stop.

Climate change is different; it is already happening and we are not powerless to stop it. It just takes a lot of effort and money, from rich and powerful people, who don't want to use their money and put in the effort, to save humanity.
Most of them are old and therefore don't care. They can shut out the suffering of everyone else, in their air-conditioned mansions or on their super-yachts.
And then they buy a Tesla to ease their conscience. Because they know...
By DJS at 10,Aug,22 17:35 other posts of DJS 
As for your 1st paragraph( mr copy and paste)I didn't mention anything about% far from it,I stated I wouldn't buy a EV,yet you like to come across like some fking einstein going of tangent,
3rd paragraph,They will be the only person to see it,but you always want to take you perspective on it,so people in say Amsterdam will see the destruction say in Eindhoven,no they wont,those above see this little planet in a vast space,the guy who dropped the bomb on Japan was never the same man ever again knowing what he done.
4th paragraph,couldn't give a fk,always been like that and will always be the like that,no one will change that ever,
But just like to add seeing you know me so well(well you do think I listen to the MSM and take the bs they serve us)..well surprise I've got a brain & it thinks for it self,AUB
By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Aug,22 20:45 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
I didn't copy and paste anything in that piece, I just looked up some data.

I'm not going to buy an EV yet either, because they are too expensive to buy and I don't drive enough to make that investment rewarding. However, I just drove an electric car and really liked it. They drive very quiet and smooth, but they accelerate fast. Electric motors are just better. The batteries are the only problem, but if that's improved, why would you still be against them?
Just stubbornness?

I don't watch or listen to ANY of your corporate media, because they are all owned by rich people. It would be a pleasant surprise if you don't watch that shit either, but that is no guarantee that you are capable of recognizing real information from lies and propaganda. There is a lot of that on the internet.

(A tip; you can recognize fake news websites from the banners all over them, advertising bogus medical products, telling you 'the pharmaceutical industry wants to ban this, because they will lose millions' and then they try to sell you some jar of berry extract for $59. If you trust information from websites like that, than you don't have a brain capable of thinking at all)

However, I do see you worry about ACTUAL problems, unlike phart who is fearmongering over the earth spinning a few milliseconds faster. So I agree with the problems you bring to the discussion. I just don't see how you can come to the conclusion that climate change isn't real, without consuming and accepting a lot of horrible lies. Now, I understand that some lies are pretty elaborate, but most of it can be destroyed easily with critical thinking and some are just childishly stupid. And when a claim is also supported by childishly stupid, obviously false arguments, why would you even trust the more elaborate arguments? Just recognize on which side the liars are.

I tend to trust the claim that is consistent with everything I researched on the subject and that just matches with my personal experience of winters without snow and ice and fucking hot summers, with grass turning yellow everywhere and people being asked to conserve water, while in my youth I was used to freezing my nuts off in winter, inclement weather in spring and fall and having summer holidays ruined by weeks of clouds and rain. It's just so obvious.

By CAT at 09,Aug,22 21:28 other posts of CAT 
C’est la vie

By DJS at 09,Aug,22 17:35 other posts of DJS 

By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Aug,22 13:38 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
There are hundreds of dangers with the power to destroy us all.
There is only one way for humanity to survive; not enable those dangers.
You are promoting several of the dangers that could destroy us all.
Maybe not promoting those dangers is a good idea?

There is no reason to fear dangers. Fear paralyzes people.
I prefer to engage those dangers and eliminate or reduce them
or at least support the people who strive for that, instead of the people
who aggravate those dangers.
By tecsan at 11,Aug,22 06:53 other posts of tecsan 
None that will destroy ME.
By Ananas2xLekker at 11,Aug,22 11:01 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
I'm sure you are immune to nuclear explosions.

Many people just like you died in hurricanes, floods, fires and power outages during cold spells, so you are very fortunate to be indestructible.
By tecsan at 12,Aug,22 02:25 other posts of tecsan 
It cannot be fixed over night or in several years is all I am saying, wise up and get real.

By tecsan at 16,Aug,22 05:37 other posts of tecsan 
Hey, I forgot about climate change being our worse threat. I bet ananas2xlekker likes his little EV. Charge it all you want using fossil fuel as the means.
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Oct,22 18:53 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Stop with the EV bullshit. It is not the solution to the problem yet.
When you need to solve a problem, you start with the low-hanging fruit.
That's transitioning away electricity generation from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives, which are also much CHEAPER. And the most cost effective method to lower CO2 emissions at the moment is just insulating houses. Especially in Europe, where natural gas is scarce and very expensive.

I have a very fuel economic petrol car and since covid, I drive it at maximum
3000 miles per year. It would be throwing money in the fire to buy a EV now. However, I drove an electric car not so long ago and liked it a lot. My next car
will probably be an EV, because I'm sure they will be much cheaper then.

By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Aug,22 13:42 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
I just commented about the media turning everyday life into zombie survival.
But that's really how life feels to you, isn't it? Everyone is coming to get you.

It's not like I don't care about the nuclear threat.
But people have been living under that threat since 1947.
The doomsday clock has never been farther from midnight
than 17 minutes to midnight (in 1991). We are still alive.
They want you afraid, because your fear serves them.
Release your fear. It's used against your life.
And it is used against doing anything productive in the world.
By phart at 10,Aug,22 15:02 other posts of phart 
and you know why the nuclear threat is still here?
Because no one actually does anything to eliminate the feeling that we are in danger. Nuclear weapons in and of themselves are never meant to be used again. Japan suffered horribly and even the lowest of people don't want that. Putin even said there is no winners in nuclear war recently. The nuclear weapon is meant to be a deterrent against aggression. Ukraine was foolish and gave up their nuclear stock pile and you see first hand what is going on in your back yard. Do you think for 1 minute Putin or anyone else would have invaded Ukraine knowing full well they could push a couple buttons and take them out?

Eliminate the feeling of danger.
By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Aug,22 15:14 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
'no one actually does anything to eliminate the feeling that we are in danger'

I just said, they want you to be afraid.
'They' are all the politicians who get rich of donations from the military industry
and media stooges that think of war as 'good ratings'.

The 'feeling of danger' is in you. Eliminate it yourself.
By phart at 10,Aug,22 16:15 other posts of phart 
How? when folks like you are more worried about stoping cows from farting than taking apart nuclear weapons? You "solve" a big problem by "just not worrying about it". That is not a viable solution for the population.
Sit down with Kim Jong Un and ask him point blank. "sir,why do you feel you need nuclear weapons"?
Trump,the man you and other's hate so much,is the only President to take a moment of his time to actually SPEAK TO north Korea's leaders in decades.
Why do I feel afraid? Because I know in Iran right now,and probably afganistan, that there are folks planning attacks to kill possibly me or my neighbors.Instead of solving that problem by blowing the hell out of those places, we played patty cake for 20 years and left afganistan 1 of the best militarys on earth,at NO COST TO THEM>!Those people are fanatics,YOU Ananas,are the very kind of people they like to blow up or injure ,naive, unprotected.
By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Aug,22 19:40 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
True, I am more worried about climate change than about nuclear war.
Because, climate change is 100% guaranteed and nuclear war is just a risk.
There is no gain for anyone to use nuclear weapons. Remember, the US is the only country to ever use them, because you were the first. Now all sides have them, no one dares to be the first, because no one wants to be obliterated.
I am actually most worried about the US using them first, because you seem to pick the dumbest presidents. Putin is evil, but he is much smarter than your presidents. He played Trump like a violin.

There is no 'solving' the nuclear threat. The US chest-thumping is not going
to make them cower away. Everyone is already doing sanctions.
What is your big idea to solve it then?

The US created the terrorist threat in the first place, by overthrowing governments and installing religious fanatics, just to steal the oil from under the feet of the people who live on top of it. You are also arming Saudi Arabia, that scared Iran into wanting nuclear weapons and then slash the deal the whole world made with them. Afghanistan was just the country that Osama bin Laden fled to. There was no reason to do a genocide there. The only reason it's now a terrorist hellhole, is because of the US. I cannot see how the US could have created a bigger terrorist threat, if it was your goal from the start.
By tecsan at 18,Aug,22 02:57 other posts of tecsan 
How stupid, putin is playin brandon like a violin. Brandon does not even know it. Yes this coutry screwed up by electing a democrat that would support socialist thinking. Climate change my ass being our largest threat, how ridiculous. Let us get rid of the farting cows and forget about major threats. Nuclear weapons do not have to be used for others to know how dangerous they are, thankfully we led the way there.
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Oct,22 19:09 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
You don't seem to understand the difference between a deadly risk
and certain slowly building damage. Maybe this clear it up for you.

What would you choose of the following options:
a) 1 round of Russian roulette with 1 bullet in a 10 bullet revolver.
b) Having a finger amputated each year, then next two toes each year, then one foot each year, then one remaining hand each year and after that each year a bullet aimed at your dick by a poor shot at 5 feet.

Lets say option b isn't optional, unless you pay $5000,- each year.
Care to pay or take the punishment?

That's the situation with climate change. I'm not saying it's free to prevent it, I'm saying the alternative will be worse. Maybe 'a finger' is worth $5000,-
to you, but it will keep getting worse.
By phart at 05,Oct,22 19:32 other posts of phart 
your analogy is a bit confusing but I think you are missing the point entirely.
If you remember, in the Bible, there was a fellow by the name of Noah, He started building a ark. People told him he was crazy, it wouldn't rain.40 days later, They all drowned. Fable or fact the point is that We are trying to tell you that a nuclear bomb in the hands of a psycho is a much greater threat to us at this time in which WE are living , than a few cow farts.
as you glow in the dark drinking your last morning coffee, don't forget to charge your electric car during off peak hours.
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Oct,22 10:08 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
You're giving me an example about Noah preparing for a climate disaster,
but you think it applies more to Putin using nukes than climate change.

Do you understand the difference between a CHANCE of absolute death and destruction and the CERTAINTY of slowly increasing death and destruction?
You are missing that point entirely.

I told you before that I completely understand the threat of nuclear war.
Putin can assure all our deaths tomorrow, if he so pleases.

And is this incredible threat any reason to not fix any of the other threats?
You are the one denying threats!!! AND THOSE ARE PREVENTABLE!!!

And maybe they won't affect us NOW that much YET, but it will affect us more each year. However, we all have to start doing more NOW, to prevent the damage and suffering becoming worse each year.
I'm not the one living on a hurricane coast or in an already fucking hot area.

I'm not interested in useless fear, I am talking about SOLUTIONS!

You and I will not be on 'the ark', when the 'rain' comes.
Last I checked, we were not called Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.
Do you have a super-yacht to hide out on, in the safest places?
Or a space program and plans for a space station?
Do you want to drown or stop 'god' from 'drowning' everyone?

By tecsan at 22,Oct,22 06:39 other posts of tecsan 
Ananas2xLekker I am actually most worried about the US using them first, because you seem to pick the dumbest presidents

ananas2xlekker said this. What about joey, obummer, carter, clinton etc.
By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Oct,22 14:17 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
All of them are way smarter than Trump.
And they are all carefully considering their plans.

Trump just does something and then keeps doubling down,
even when it explodes in his face.
And he is way too arrogant to listen to anyone.

By Sir-Skittles at 16,Oct,22 16:44 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
TecRat has been very quiet since his was neutered for his spamming
By tecsan at 17,Oct,22 04:58 other posts of tecsan 
You were spayed for the same damn thing. Skittles has been quiet, no silent since it got spayed. You all know the rainbow rat.

By phart at 17,Oct,22 14:23 other posts of phart 
Neutered? hows does that happen?

By phart at 04,Oct,22 14:34 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links
Elon Musk has bent over backwards trying to keep Ukraine online and that has helped it's citizens and military greatly.
BUT when Elon proposes a way to save Ukrainian lives, he is told to Fuck off?
I think I would just take them off line a while if I were Elon,
Seems quite ungrateful of them for all the Americans have done for them thru this horrible invasion.
It is quite obvious they would be under Russian rule already had it not been for the US and others helping them.Being they didn't have enough sense to keep their nukes.
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Oct,22 16:02 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Basically, I agree with you and Elon that Ukraine should accept Russia's claim over Crimea, to save a lot of lives. However, it would not be enough to stop Russia at this time. Russia already occupied Crimea, they had the opportunity to take it forever, but it wasn't enough for Putin. Giving in to Putin now, will not stop him. It might even encourage him and Russia again, to keep going. I see no justification for why it would lower the hostilities or the threat of nuclear war. The only way out is waiting for Russia to kick out Putin or Putin to give up and come to the negotiating table. Then it would be justified to give him Crimea, to save face, if there's reason to believe that he won't try the same shit again.

By DJS at 04,Oct,22 16:38 other posts of DJS 
Seen the tweets earlier,must admit find it a bit strange what he proposing,he doesn't come across as the brightest bulb in the room,would rather take Garry Kasparov views over him any day,the man is more clued up probably than anyone else,
Its seems musk has a habit of interfering which he knows nothing about but gets the response by clicks,maybe he likes to think he's important and make potus one day who knows,
For me Ukraine should never give up this war,until every fking orc who invaded are fking burned alive,blown to bits,throats slit the murdering rapist shower off cunt to walk this planet,fking slaughter the lot of them orc cunts..
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Oct,22 10:19 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Elon Musk has some skills, some intelligence and some creativity, but strategy
is definitely not his greatest strength.

Right-wingers just think everyone who is incredibly wealthy must be absolutely brilliant. They are not, but they like everyone thinking that. It's very easy to keep making money, when everyone keeps blindly following them, even when they are obviously fucking up
a lot too. But most of the very wealthy either started out already rich or they were just lucky to make it to some wealth. On a basis where everyone thinks you're brilliant,
it's not that hard to become even more wealthy. Narcissism is what you need most.
Just fuck over your workers, funnel the losses of your mistakes to your customers, suppliers and the taxpayer and you'll be (one of) the richest people in the world.
Just look at the top 10 wealthy and think: "Which one is actually that smart?"
By phart at 05,Oct,22 14:16 other posts of phart 
When it comes to ukraine, to many people have died, there is so much destruction, some city's are not in a shape to even bother rebuilding.
You can't help but wonder,what if they would just give putin a couple areas and maby,just maby the sumbitch will die before he trys to take any more and the new leader will have some common sense and more respect for life.
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Oct,22 15:28 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Yes, too many people have died. And you think just giving Putin what he wants will stop him? He will not even say 'thanks' and continue killing more people to take the rest of Ukraine. Maybe Putin will die soon. The only way to deter the next Russian dictator from trying to retake their former glorious empire, is showing them it's a big mistake. Ukrainians are winning lots of territory and you want them to surrender?
Did you think of that yourself or are you parroting Russia-funded right-wing grifters?
Don't you still understand those guys will say anything for money?

By DJS at 06,Oct,22 07:00 other posts of DJS 
If someone was to invade your property what would you do,phart?.welcome them or try to throw them out?(but what would you do if they were armed)? wouldn't let them have the lower level and you have the upper level would you,
No difference what's going on in the Ukraine now,
If they didn't invade they be peace so doesn't matter if more die hopefully the murdering rapist orca,Ukraine are fighting for their families and land,
Has for musk your views saying Ukraine are being disrespectful,there seem a lot of reports that he was paid by usa government for his starlink..and not him personally.
Who knows

By DJS at 24,Sep,22 14:53 other posts of DJS 
We finished up with the 🇷🇺professional army, and now it’s time to defeat unprofessional” - Gen. Valerii Zaluzhny, a Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

This is after Putin called up 300k men& boys,to go to the front,2weeks training to become a trained killer 😂 I doubt they will see the 15th or 16th days when they get there,straight in the meat grinder

By tecsan at 14,Aug,22 07:39 other posts of tecsan 
Be careful. What you say can bite you in the ass.

By tecsan at 21,May,22 03:14 other posts of tecsan 
Think it is sunk if I heard right. Good riddens.
By biggg at 03,Jun,22 20:22 other posts of biggg 
Moskva sank. Much debate as to how and why
By tecsan at 04,Jun,22 06:09 other posts of tecsan 
Yeah, I wonder. Think most wonder as I do.
By phart at 04,Jun,22 13:26 other posts of phart 
I am wondering if it was not scuttled to prevent the ukraine from catching it?

By biggg at 10,Aug,22 16:56 other posts of biggg 
Donґt really buy into the hit-by-missile theory. Moskva had multiple layers of defence against surface-surface missiles and was 60-80 miles offshore so would have seen them incoming. Thinking more about a sneaky submarine which shouldnґt have been there and isnґt going to fess up anyway

By Sir-Skittles at 10,Jun,22 16:12 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
It is GOOD RIDDANCE you window licker!!


By strakar at 29,Jul,22 18:58 other posts of strakar 
Трампу бы очень хотелось иметь власть президента Владимира Путина! Вот почему президент Владимир Путин был таким героем, чтобы победить Трампа!
By CAT at 09,Aug,22 17:14 other posts of CAT 
Трамп был анютиным глазом для удовольствия Путина
By phart at 09,Aug,22 17:26 other posts of phart 
No no,you folks have it backwards.
Who used the fbi for political reasons last night?
The democrats love putin and his power and are trying to mimic his methods to take hold of the US and take it back to the stone age.
Bernie sanders probably jurks off to putin
By CAT at 09,Aug,22 17:33 other posts of CAT 
So, Phart, you've been outed. You use Google translate too.🤣🤣🤣
By phart at 09,Aug,22 20:03 other posts of phart 
I am quite capable of alot of things.I sandbag alot
By CAT at 09,Aug,22 21:29 other posts of CAT 

By Sir-Skittles at 30,Jul,22 13:14 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Where has Tecsan been?

By DJS at 22,Jun,22 18:02 other posts of DJS 
Now, a couple of cents here from yours truly.

The #Russian plan in a nutshell is to take #Donbass, and then relocate all their forces South, because they're still hoping to take #Odesa. That's a fact. So, our window of opportunity to take the South is while most of their forces are tied down in the East. They have been moving forces from #Zaporizhia to #Donbass, and this whole flank is weakened. The way to take #Melitopol and #Kherson is through partial encirclement, allowing the Enemy a corridor to escape. Fighting in the cities
with civvies around is not what we want to be doing. We need to consolidate our counterattacks and hit their flanks as well as their rear, with the help of partisans and infiltrators (giggity). Greatest salute to our boys in the East, stiff upper lip and pass the ammunition.

you're all heroes. The longer you hold them, the more time we'll have here in the South. Your sacrifice and courage will never be forgotten.
Canadian fighter words in Ukraine 👏👏
By phart at 22,Jun,22 20:44 other posts of phart 
2 Americans got caught there and will probably be put to death for getting involved .Leaving their family's to suffer the loss of a husband and a father.
Only for a few months from now when putin is on his death bed seeking revenge ,he will unleash nuclear weapons on the country and all the death and sacrifice will be in vain.
This is a unwinnable war with someone using their country's resources and men to fulfill a final wish before his death and I doubt he will stop for anything unless HE personally is stopped.
By DJS at 25,Jun,22 08:43 other posts of DJS 
Also 2 brits, but 1 married to a local girl & 1 lived there for years,but the regime says the mercenaries so found guilty and to be shot,There's two kind off folk,those who stand up to bullies(aggressors) & those who stand by & watch & do nothing(by the way haven't got a problem with either)
But for me you've got to stand up against bullying cunts,if that's going to war or on the streets,
I respect all volunteers who gone there,some to pass on their skills & experience in helping fk the aggressors out off their country,
I've said previously,they knew the consequences before they signed up for it,
Ukraine foreign legion are 100% ex military,I also said Putin could use chemical or nuclear at some point,which I still think he will unless hackers stopping the launching of them,And that will be the end off russia,
Only this week,I met a guy with a mate(ex army) abit of a stitch up,
Asking me would I be interested in going overthere,No I said to old,
He told me my skills are need,& the money offered was unbelievable,even told me there a place in Europe were I can hone my skills before going there,

By tecsan at 23,Jun,22 06:32 other posts of tecsan 
This comment was a little stupid, I do not mind. All comments welcome. We are funding a war that cannot be won either way and both sides know it. Both sides are using it as a distraction from they're politics. Sad to say politics come before kid's lives.
By phart at 23,Jun,22 11:26 other posts of phart 
--------------------------------------- added after 2 hoursYou can't "win" a war with a nuclear power.
All you can do is stand them down by loosing 1000's of your own people.
I can't see how ukraine could have suffered any more by just surrendering early on . 1000's would be alive,citys would still be standing,etc.
IF Russia walked away right now,dropped everything and just took their balls and went home, Ukraine is a disaster area that will cost billions of dollars and probably 20 years or more to rebuild.
And on top of that, ukraine had plenty of nuclear arms they could have sat on and never been invaded in the first place. Russia would know they were a formidable enemy and left them alone.But no the dipshits gave up their protection.
Similar to leaving the doors unlocked at a school. Just open for attack.
By tecsan at 24,Jun,22 02:19 other posts of tecsan 
Question though, what is the difference in funding this proxy war or the US being in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Seems to me that all three are about the same. We just throw taxpayer money at whatever. It makes the current regime look bad. But did biden need help making himself look bad?
By phart at 25,Jun,22 02:05 other posts of phart 
no difference really. sadly I am beginning to feel like ukraine is another money pit like afganistan. A no win situation.
biden and his cue cards. I wonder if a cue card told him to fall off his bike?
I want to do the job of writing his cue cards for a few days.
Hehehe, I could have him saying all kinds of shit.
By tecsan at 25,Jun,22 05:16 other posts of tecsan 
I know, but you would be like me telling him to fall at the top of the stairs of AF one, hell he would get broken bones from that.

By DJS at 30,Jun,22 09:11 other posts of DJS 
Big difference between the iraq & afghani wars,as bush called it (a war on terror)This is about a fking loon who wants the old ussr again never going to happen,There's no way the rest of the world aren't going to let Putin Russia win this,no matter if he uses chemical/nukes,is he mad a big yes,does he no the capability of the west(besides their nukes) he probably got a idea with what's been given to the Ukraine,But multiple that by hundreds of thousands with the tech,bombers/fighter jets,etc.
Like in all wars,companies make huge fortunes,whilst people are dying,Here in the UK not that far back the labour party wanted us to do away with our nukes,& not spend money on upgrading to the modern system,well thank fk they never got it passed,
By tecsan at 01,Jul,22 02:56 other posts of tecsan 
You better hope they never pass it or you will be in the same boat as Ukraine. That was stupid, I think for them to give up nukes, but if they did not, would we be in WWIII now? I wonder.
By DJS at 01,Jul,22 10:11 other posts of DJS 
I can guarantee that many nukes from countries around the world will be in the deployment range of Russia incase the arsehole tries to get strikes first,
Only this week our chief off General staff,stated this is our 1937,and British forces must be ready to fight the enemy Russia in Europe,he also said tech doesn't get you across a river,but high tech gives you the advantage,
Which am happy with his comments,unlike marcon the french guy who said we shouldn't embarrass Putin,yeah right just let him get on killing the innocent for fk sake,
Not getting political but when trump addressed NATO,stating other countries up the defense budget as the USA is not a handout,now all are upping their budgets abit late for me,

By Dev01 at 01,Jul,22 03:02 other posts of Dev01 

By tecsan at 30,Jun,22 03:38 other posts of tecsan 
Cannot wait for the day when putin is hung like saddam! Probably will be shown to a sold out audience. Who will be the ones selling the tickets?
By DJS at 01,Jul,22 10:34 other posts of DJS 
I would guess the Ukraine,will supply tickets
By tecsan at 02,Jul,22 00:02 other posts of tecsan 
And the rope.
By DJS at 02,Jul,22 04:06 other posts of DJS 
Wire would be more appropriate
By tecsan at 02,Jul,22 05:04 other posts of tecsan 
Barbed wire maybe.

By Sir-Skittles at 03,Jun,22 17:41 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Russia sucks, always has sucked. But that didn't stop shit stain Obama and his slag Hillary from saying Russia posed no threat to the world...


By Ananas2xLekker at 03,Jun,22 14:00 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
What the hell was Putin thinking?

Here is a video that explains that neutrally, with no defense of his actions.
I found it very interesting.

Russia's Catastrophic Oil & Gas Problem:
only registered users can see external links

By tecsan at 20,May,22 08:29 other posts of tecsan 
I wonder what that russian warship thinks now.

By Ananas2xLekker at 18,May,22 18:56 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
By tecsan at 19,May,22 02:51 other posts of tecsan 
You really nailed that one. I have to agree.
By Ananas2xLekker at 19,May,22 07:10 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
There are topics we can agree on.
Just current events make that difficult at the moment.

By tecsan at 19,May,22 05:41 other posts of tecsan 
I wonder what kind of help is being provided inside Ukraine? Glad they can keep their mouth's shut about it if I am right.

By phart at 19,May,22 03:35 other posts of phart 
What a story of survival!
only registered users can see external links
By tecsan at 19,May,22 03:45 other posts of tecsan 
Yeah, I saw that one, but only about 30 mins ago. little putin is really up. Now he is a war criminal. All I can say is good luck with traveling to other countries.

By phart at 09,May,22 02:43 other posts of phart 
ukraine gave up it's nuclear arsenal.
Look who is learning from all the strife.
only registered users can see external links
By tecsan at 09,May,22 05:12 other posts of tecsan 
I wonder if they would do it again...But, if they had nuclear weapons now would they have used them to put us in WWIII...I do not know...Some good questions here...But, if they come out on top, I think they will go nuclear again and not trust us meaning the US...
By phart at 09,May,22 13:17 other posts of phart 
I would not blame them for wanting their own nukes.But that would put russia on the defense for sure then
By tecsan at 10,May,22 02:23 other posts of tecsan 
Yes, I agree with that...But things are looking up for Ukraine...
By Dev01 at 10,May,22 03:07 other posts of Dev01 
I hope that is the result

By tecsan at 10,Mar,22 07:59 other posts of tecsan 
A damn tyrant killing children, how much more does the world need to see from this son of a bitch judo boy........
By Dev01 at 11,Mar,22 11:06 other posts of Dev01 
100% Agree with Tecsan on this.
I can't believe the world watches these atrocities while putin laughs. Biden showed weakness pulling troops and putin has seen a window to attack. Ffs once the Ukraine is conquered who next. NATO mean shit..
By Sir-Skittles at 11,Mar,22 17:42 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Biden and that ginger retard Psaki are weak cunts

NATO would never step up. Europe has always been filled up with do nothings
By phart at 11,Mar,22 19:19 other posts of phart 
I agree something needs to be done but if what I read is anywhere near the possibility, Putin has Parkinson's and that means early Demita. I read about drs that have watched Putin on video and his leg is giving way and such.I know who cares BUT, he has no one between him and the nuke buttons. He literally has the world under his thumb.1 or 2 nukes released in the area around ukraine, and europe will be useless and unlivable for 1000's of years.
Do we want that?
That is why no one has done anything or said they would do anything PUBLICLY. I can't help but think that somewhere there is a secret plan going to "take care" of putin. I mean why do we have green berets and Seals and all that if we aint going to use them? Send 4 of em in and find and flatten.
This whole episode is a big disappointment to alot of people. Russia was becoming a more respectable country.Mcdonalds,Coke,and other big companys were investing there, citizens seemed to be living better than ever there in Russia,putin was acting like he had some sense up to a few months ago.
BUT here is something to think about,

only registered users can see external links

Look at the womans chest. That is the "BLACK SUN" a less popular than the Swastika for Nazi. This is a UKRAINIAN woman soldier.Now back up to when Putin started this shit, it was to denazify Ukraine. Are we being told everything??
only registered users can see external links

Pisses me off the post runs off the edge and you can't read it.
By DJS at 30,Mar,22 06:26 other posts of DJS 
Some good points,what people dont realise,firstly Nato is a defensive force,(in translation any country attacks another Nato nation) then they get involved,As for people calling them out to do more,quite clearly dont understand the situation,UK plus on military have been training the Ukrainian forces for years & now arming them with vast more technical weaponry that the enemy has got & that includes sophisticated technology,so folk who say the west are doing fk all need to give their head a wobble..

By Ananas2xLekker at 30,Mar,22 16:26 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Putin has Parkinson's? Let's hope it's a fast variant of it. I usually don't wish harm on anyone, but I make an exception for Putin. Off course there is no guarantee that his death will turn Russia in the right direction. Putin has the support of a bunch of oligarchs, who favor an authoritarian regime, because democracy could take away their power and some of their wealth. If Putin dies, they are sure to put in someone new, who does their bidding. Maybe more than Putin, because they have reason to also fear Putin.

Don't believe the propaganda that Putin would care about Nazis. He has many traits of a Nazi himself and intolerant, ultra-orthodox, right-wing fanatics run Russia's church.
I am surprised you care. That Azov regiment is very similar to your proud boys;
right-wing nationalists, who arm themselves to protect themselves and their country.
You might like them and they might like you too. At least a lot more then me.
By tecsan at 31,Mar,22 06:58 other posts of tecsan 
Does not who is in power in Russia, we all know sleepy uncle joe will fall a sleep at the wheel as usual.....Brandon fears Russia and we all know it.......
By Ananas2xLekker at 31,Mar,22 08:30 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Nice principle; always blame the Democrats for everything, never blame the Republicans for anything. Is it really that difficult to think independently?

Biden is weak, true! Trump is an irresponsible, selfish idiot!
In the current situation, Trump would be worse; either useless or disastrous.
Putin preferred Trump and tried his best to help him win, because he knows
he could outsmart or buy off Trump.

Biden is doing much better than I would have expected him to do. Much better than Bush or Trump would do. Only Obama would have done better, because he was the smartest US president in my lifetime. They say Bill Clinton had a higher IQ, but when I'm judging his actions, I don't believe that. He started the change that turned the Democrats into what they are now; almost as corrupt as the Republicans.

The future looks bleak, either the Republicans win next time with a true fascist
or the Democrats win with another corporation approved weakling.
In either case humanity loses.
By phart at 31,Mar,22 13:59 other posts of phart 
biden is afraid his son's financial deals will come out and bring him down as well. Since the "big guy" was supposed to get 10%.I seriously doubt hunter was referring to God when he said "the big guy".
Money may be the reason why biden is doing so little.
We know there are plenty of older American fighter planes mothballed that could be sold to Ukraine for a dollar apiece to make it all a "legal" business deal and not be legally considered any type of "military aid" that would prompt russia to declare war on us. biden could encourage drilling and do things to get our oil supply back up to par.
But he is sitting on his ass.
Remember when chuck schumer was on the tv hollaring for Trump to do something about high gas prices a few years ago? Why aint he hollaring now at biden?
By Ananas2xLekker at 31,Mar,22 16:18 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
If they think there is something criminal in the e-mails of Hunter Biden, they should indict him. However Hunter Biden has credible deniability (probably intentionally), because in the same April 2014 email, he indicated that Burisma's officials “need to know in no uncertain terms that we will not and cannot intervene directly with domestic policymakers, and that we need to abide by FARA [The Foreign Agents Registration Act] and any other U.S. laws in the strictest sense across the board.". Hunter has certainly cashed in on having Joe Biden as his father, but that is sadly not illegal. There is no evidence, other than some words that can be interpreted in many ways, that Joe Biden had any intention of doing anything for his son's connections. It is clear “the big guy” was Joe Biden, but a subsequent email from Hunter says his “Chairman” gave him “an emphatic no,” and a further email clarifies that the chairman is his dad. So they have nothing on Joe Biden.

"Money may be the reason why biden is doing so little."
OFF COURSE! He doesn't want to upset the DONORS!
And everything is blocked by Manchin, because of his coal company
and by Sinema, because she suck off her donors like a cheap whore.

Like Russia cares about whether the aid to Ukraine would be 'legal' or 'illegal'.
Are you kidding?

About the gas prices. Sure Democrats are hypocrites too. Other than giving away oil rights to very profitable oil companies, there's not much a president can do about oil gas prices. The oil prices were higher in 2008, but the gas prices are lower. They are screwing you and the only way a president can affect that is (to threaten the oil companies) to set fixed gas prices. But no Republican will vote 'yes' for that and many Democrats neither, because that is considered communism in the US.
By phart at 31,Mar,22 17:23 other posts of phart 
If there is nothing biden can do about gas prices,why is he wanting to empty our oil reserves? Which will cost a MINT to refill unless there is another pandemic that will bring down the prices to near 0 and make it cheap to save.
By Ananas2xLekker at 01,Apr,22 06:31 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
It takes a while to ramp up the oil production both in the US and other countries. Meanwhile the OIL price can be lowered a bit by using oil reserves. Whether that lowers the GAS price is up to the oil companies. They can decide to not lower the GAS price and just pocket even more profits.

There are signs oil companies are willing to ramp up oil production. A Dutch company called Fugro is in the business of collecting data about oilfields.
Their stocks are going up, after years of decline, because they just got a new multi-year contract with QatarEnergy as part of a redevelopment project on the coast of Qatar.

By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Apr,22 09:43 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Oh yeah, there was your post concern trolling about Biden wanting to empty
your oil reserves, while you previously wanted him to use them.

I won't deny gas prices are high, but they have been higher before and if you calculate the affordability it has been much worse. In 2008 you payed much more for gasoline, because the dollar was worth more and people's wages
were lower. If you calculate that in, gasoline is not at all at its peak yet.

By tecsan at 08,Apr,22 07:23 other posts of tecsan 
I agree, think we will see $8 a gallon before long with this backward thinking admin...
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Apr,22 09:39 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
The president / government has no influence over gasoline prices.
You would say this if it was Trump in this situation.
By tecsan at 09,Apr,22 02:15 other posts of tecsan 
No I would not, if he stopped the keystone pipeline and halted drilling...If he did that I would blame it on him...Go back and read your statement, ridiculous and you know that...
By Ananas2xLekker at 09,Apr,22 09:17 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
The keystone pipeline doesn't halt the capacity of oil, a pipeline is for transportation. Where is Biden halting drilling?

Oil companies are halting drilling themselves. They are sitting on 35,000+ unused oil wells and 9,173 approved and available permits. How does a president force private companies to do what they don't want to do, in a free market? Are you asking for communism?
By tecsan at 10,Apr,22 02:18 other posts of tecsan 
You will have to show me facts with that statement...You cannot drill without a permit and you know it..Brandon stopped all the approvals for more than half the leases...Who the hell wants to waste money drilling if brandon wants to shut them down next week...Hell his puppeteers may decide tomorrow to shut them down...Keystone would have been finished by now if the idiot would not have halted it...Can you name me one thing that has been really beneficial that brandon has done...No BS crap...
By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Apr,22 14:25 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
It's both true:

Basically Biden wanted the oil companies to pay more for those permits, to pay for the costs of climate change, so there is a battle in court now.
only registered users can see external links

But, he also approved more permits than Trump did.
only registered users can see external links

And there are 35,000 idle oil wells. There's a good reason, they are creating a toxic hell.
only registered users can see external links

Sure, cheap petrol is nice, but if you pollute everything, then your
drinking water will be the price of petrol at some point.
But that requires LONG TERM THINKING.
By tecsan at 11,Apr,22 05:08 other posts of tecsan 
Can you tell me the places where brandon approve the permits...Probably places that he knew there was little to no oil right...
By Ananas2xLekker at 11,Apr,22 11:47 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
only registered users can see external links

I hope you notice one thing; you make a claim without any supporting evidence or data, but you ask for numbers and maps from me.
By tecsan at 12,Apr,22 06:01 other posts of tecsan 
Now you are trying to start a war again with me...I have never asked you for pics...Maybe images of truth to prove to me that what you are saying is true...The first is not going to happen though...Unless you start it...Show proof of where I asked for one pic from you...Maybe links to proof of some of your so called truth...
By Ananas2xLekker at 09,May,22 22:27 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
What would a picture look like that proves that Biden has approved lots of oil permits, other than the link I sent.

Would you trust people who are opposed to oil drilling and are also leaning left? Why would they lie about an unconvenient truth?
only registered users can see external links

Would you trust political fact checkers?
only registered users can see external links

Phart often links to Yahoo news, so it's probably pretty right-wing:
only registered users can see external links

If the US needs oil, I think Venezuela would be ready to be on your friend-list right now, because your sanctions are hurting them hard. They have so much oil and so little demand, at some point their petrol price was incalculably low. It was 9 cents per gallon on April 11th.
only registered users can see external links

That was a depressing link for me, The Netherlands is the most expensive in all of Europe I would blame our Prime Minister Rutte,
if I didn't know he was the leader of the most right-wing, car-friendly, road-loving, tax-hating, lobbyist cock-sucking party we have.

By tecsan at 09,Apr,22 02:21 other posts of tecsan 
Who was the potus in 2008 and who was the potus in the 70's when there were gas lines???

By tecsan at 01,Apr,22 04:02 other posts of tecsan 
Much better than you expected, "come on man" pun intended...He is wrecking the USA and making a mockery of our republic...Anyone with any common sense knows that we were better off with Trump, hell biden has to be led off the stage sometimes...Sun downers???
By Ananas2xLekker at 01,Apr,22 06:44 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
only registered users can see external links
"Years after living through one of the most abnormal recessions in a lifetime, Americans are getting caught in the middle of an equally bizarre recovery — and there’s no clear blueprint for how the U.S. economy is going to evolve from here."

The rest of the world looks far more favorably at the US now Biden is in office. Trump made a mockery of your republic.
By tecsan at 03,Apr,22 04:50 other posts of tecsan 
What in the hell do you think brandon and cumala are doing to the country...Mockery does not come close to describing their crap...Stopping oil permits, stopping off shore drilling and stopping keystone pipeline and allowing nordstreamII...Stopping drilling in Alaska to boot...Ice cream boy and word salad girl make comedians not look so good...Trump was not incompetent like the three we have now...He knew what day it was and did not need third grade que cards to help him along...Sure he said some off the wall crap, but so has brandon and cumala...'Russia big and Ukraine small' sounds like she was talking to five year olds...And many of brandon's crap has come out just as bad or worse...
By Ananas2xLekker at 03,Apr,22 16:26 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Where do you get your information? Biden is giving out more oil permits than Trump did.
only registered users can see external links

Pipelines are for transportation, they don't increase production.
They are intended to transport the oil of Canadian tar sands to the US.
This is what happens to nature, for that almost useless crap:

It's true that Biden is stopping drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, pending an environmental review. Do you think every piece of nature should be destroyed? Humanity is destroying the planet WE LIVE ON, God damned!
Those trees are making the air you are breathing now.
By phart at 03,Apr,22 17:26 other posts of phart 
As if we can't plant more trees?
Trains wreck and tanker cars could dump oil into residential water supplys. Trucks can wreck doing the same.A pipe,doesn't move much,can be checked and repaired.
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links

Contrary to what these liberal scientist say,wildlife ADAPTS to the changes made by humans.
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Apr,22 09:03 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Oh sure, first we destroy huge parts of Canada en then we 'plant more trees'. Where?

Why is it an argument to say 'we dump oil here, so why is dumping it there a problem'? Destroying nature is happening everywhere and it's a problem everywhere. Brazil is cutting the rain forest for farming, Indonesia is cutting forests for wood and paper and Canada is cutting down forests and than leaving a barren wasteland, for almost useless tar sands.

It's YOUR priorities that are killing the world, that sustains us all.
It's choosing profit over people and gas over air, that is killing humanity.

Your second link refutes your own point. Did you only read the stupid quotes from Republicans in there, that the article later destroys?

People are planting trees, but much more are cut down. No one will plant trees because they like to. Countries that are cutting their forests need to be forced to stop. Oil companies that are RAPING the earth, need to be forced to stop. You are supporting a party that doesn't care at all about planing trees and only cares about companies making profit and giving part of that profit
as bribes to their politicians. So, no, that way we can't plant more trees!

Wildlife adapting a bit, doesn't prevent it's decline. This was in 2020:
"The World Lost Two-Thirds Of Its Wildlife In 50 Years."
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 04,Apr,22 12:33 other posts of phart 
so what do you propose,going back to the stone age? First you have to kill off over half the earths population so the remainder can find enough caves.Oh,that's right, fauci helped the chinese make a virus to do just that.
The earth will be fine.
it will adapt.
We aren't going to be here much longer anyway.
A nuclear war will probably end it all because no one has the balls to get rid of rocket man and those iranians that are hell bent to kill us all.
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Apr,22 14:12 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
No, progress to the renewable energy age, so we don't collapse to a
Mad Max like dystopia.

The Earth will probably be fine, after humanity is gone. Nature had it's chance to kill us, but failed again this time. Fauci should do a better job, because this attempt failed. But, now that vaccines are politicized enough,
a finely tuned virus is the perfect method to get rid of all the people who are holding back progress, because of a stupid reason like money.

Nice how humanity is stacking up all the methods of self destruction.
And nice how you are only worried about inflation and high gas prices,
which the economic system you prefer is completely responsible for and
which gave the lucky part of humanity wealth and prosperity for a while,
but which is now causing the end of humanity.

Unfortunately, humanity has not evolved from apes enough, to save itself.
Maybe the descendants of cockroaches do better, a billion years from now.

By tecsan at 05,Apr,22 06:13 other posts of tecsan 
Sorry, I had to stop reading after the second semi paragraph...But what the hell matters where any country gets fossil fuel...Is it easier for climate change idiots to buy fossil fuel from other countries???What is the difference where in the world it comes from, it all impacts mother Earth right??? I guess you think if the US imports wood and fossil fuels that lowers our carbon footprint...You do know it increases where ever we import from, face it, until the alternative comes down in price we are faced with polluting...Another question I have is where do you think electricity comes from (perpetual motion or something)...The more EV's on the road then the more coal we have to burn...Thus brandon would probably get on his knees and beg for coal then...
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Apr,22 15:54 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
There is a lot of difference n the carbon footprint of different oil drilling/ mining technologies. The old-fashioned pipe in the ground costs the least energy to get it out. Shale oil costs extra energy and creates extra waste to get it out. The tar fields in Canada cost massive devastation over huge areas, because it's a thin layer of tar, below the surface. Additionally that tar doesn't contain much useful hydrocarbons, because it's a thick, dry, filthy sludge. Some of it looks like coal. There is only a bit of petrol coming out,
a bit more diesel and a lot of heavy hydrocarbons that don't burn easily. Some tar sand oil mines are even running at massive losses.

The alternatives are ALREADY much cheaper than coal, oil and gas, but it takes investments to get them running. The infrastructure for oil is already existing. Another reason is that fossil fuels are massively subsidized. That is just giving away money to the oil industry, which is already making a few people extremely wealthy. Investing in renewable energy is not giving away money, because they give a return on investment. Using fossil fuels is just burning money.

Even if the electricity for charging an electric car comes from coal, an electric car is still double as fuel efficient. The internal combustion engine is just a wasteful messy technology to get a car moving. However, transportation is only responsible for 30% of the total energy demand. Industry is where the big changes should come from.
By tecsan at 06,Apr,22 00:10 other posts of tecsan 
I agree with your last line...But who the hell has the money in middle class America to invest in a EV that probably out values their house...But do you think that foreign oil companies drill cleaner, yet do you think they even care..."Come on man" pun intended...Hell we have an administration here that lies, cheats and steals...Brandon knows there is not a chance in hell he will win or even be nominated...So why should he not appease the progressive left???

You can bring up the carbon footprint of different oil drilling, but like I said honestly do you think other countries even care...Think they are in it for the money and you know it as well...Mighty weak brandon is, I mean who the hell sends the POTUS to voice mail...They are saying FU and I think you know that too...The US has cleaner oil and LNG, so what the heck is the problem with sleepy uncle joe...I know you like him and why should you not, watching this Country sink like the titanic...He is busy lining hunter's and his pockets...Hell, does he even know what planet he is on???

By phart at 06,Apr,22 00:54 other posts of phart 
Just for giggles, how environmentally friendly is lithium mining? You know China ran to afganistan soon as we left as they have the last known untapped lithium reserves. Do you think the afgani's will give 3 shits about how bad the mining affects the environment?
As for lithium, alot of it will be needed to supply your renewables idea? mining of any sort can be messy.
Now we are captives of big oil.if your dream comes true we will be captive to big lithium. Which will STILL be coming from our enemys.
And as for lead batterys , apparently no demand for lead as it is down to 16 cents a pound scrap.

only registered users can see external links
This page mentions national security issues by being dependant on outsiders for the components of electric cars.
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Apr,22 11:40 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
It's not for giggles, it's a legitimate concern. The alternatives to fossil fuels are also creating pollution. There is a difference though, lithium is not getting burned to drive a few miles. It can be used up to ten years in a car battery and then most of it can be recycled. Even when every car drives on solar energy, they still produce environmental damage.
Since no one wants to go back to the stone age, that's the environmental damage most people think is unavoidable. Let's hope the remaining environmental damage our demand to keep the way we live intact still allows for low enough emissions, to at least have humanity survive.
If world leaders had taken the problem more seriously and started the energy transition frigging decades ago, when science was already pretty clear about the problem, it wouldn't be so urgent now. However they decided to take the same fucking lobbyists serious, who said cigarettes are healthy (because they brought lots of cash with them).

There are no easy answers. Either we choose to stop the business as usual or it will BE stopped by reality kicking in the door.

When oil is burned, it's gone forever. That is a waste much worse than any alternative. The devastation to get it is getting worse, whenever it gets more scarce. But, besides the direct pollution, it also causes the earths CO2 concentration to rise. Nature stabilized that carbon over hundreds of millions of years. Releasing that carbon unstabilizes the natural balance, that has been created over the past millions of years. That will create another massive extinction event, like the earth has seen every other 100 million years or so. It might even be permanent, because all previous massive extinction events were 'natural'. The earth has never seen a force as destructive as humans.
By DJS at 06,Apr,22 12:39 other posts of DJS 
You do NO there's another thread for this shit..
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Apr,22 15:37 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Sure, but the discussion goes everywhere.
I am just reacting to people deviating from the topic.
By DJS at 06,Apr,22 15:41 other posts of DJS 
Well dont and take it to the appropriate THREAD...instead
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Apr,22 16:17 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Are you the moderator?
By DJS at 06,Apr,22 17:18 other posts of DJS 
You no what,I can't be fking arsed..

By phart at 07,Apr,22 01:18 other posts of phart 
And which thread might that be sir?If you don't mind me asking.
By DJS at 07,Apr,22 11:46 other posts of DJS 
Trump/Pence or Biden/Harris...Which do you feel will prevail???

By phart at 06,Apr,22 13:20 other posts of phart 
Anasas,YOu know how to recycle Lithium? WOW,you need to get with Toyota,honda and others and tell them how as all they know to do with all the old batterys is store them in salt mines like nuclear waste.
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Apr,22 15:36 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
only registered users can see external links

"95% of the valuable metals from the battery's black mass can be recovered with our cutting-edge hydrometallurgical recycling process"
By phart at 07,Apr,22 01:18 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links
I know,the moderator will jump me about this but I found this and it relates to our discussion above the moderator

That is good news on the battery recycling. I have made contact with a fellow that can get battery cells from nissans, and you can match up cells and get the voltage you need,in my case 36 volts,and the pack weighs about 20 pounds.
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Apr,22 10:00 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
I'm interested to see what they find. Probably lots of filth, which is standard for a laptop of any guy. What would they find on yours?
This discussion would fit better in the Trump/Biden thread.

When the energy of my solar panels is not reimbursed anymore,
I will get some battery station as well. I'm also thinking about putting
an XL solar panel on my shed. It's just the challenge of finding a micro converter that can talk to my system and take more power.
The Enphase IQ7A only goes up to 366 W. I want more.

By DJS at 02,Apr,22 20:05 other posts of DJS 
I met a guy through work 7yrs ago funny enough he was Ukraine,he told me them Putin wants Ukraine & will do anything to get back controlling it,plus he also stated he had cancer
By phart at 02,Apr,22 22:18 other posts of phart 
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By phart at 03,Apr,22 01:19 other posts of phart 
holy crap and OH deer!
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By DJS at 03,Apr,22 07:42 other posts of DJS 
The really sad thing in this war,is all ages of people being murdered & women raped then being abandoned naked on the road side,To a certain extent I felt for the Russian conscripts,with them thinking it was a training mission,But now with just over a month of fighting,and seeing what atrocious they've done,no fking mercy to them.
By phart at 03,Apr,22 11:53 other posts of phart 
I have read that alot of russians are shooting themselves in the leg to get out of fighting.
I also read about Syrian fighters being recruited to fight there.AND if you look back,raping and killing kids and women is something that a mercenary type that hates everyone and everything would do.
By DJS at 03,Apr,22 12:49 other posts of DJS 
These are actual russian troops doing killings of civilians,the Syrian are suppose to be getting $5k pm,but seeing how putin works can't see them getting paid upfront,also dont see them making any difference to the war, Ukraine got some serious top hi tech weaponry and willing to die for their land & their people..

By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Apr,22 11:54 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
It is possible to understand that a leader is doing horrible things, without obviously made-up stories of them bathing in blood or drinking blood or child sacrifice or pe*do*ph*ile* rings. Stories like that or designed to stop people from THINKING.

The 'good' side can do without propaganda. If your side needs propaganda,
than maybe you're not on the 'good' side (at best another 'bad' side).
By phart at 07,Apr,22 01:23 other posts of phart 
There are 3 sides to a peice of paper, the front,the back and the edge,and it is closer to the truth most likely.

By tecsan at 07,Apr,22 02:25 other posts of tecsan 
That was a little hard to understand...But I do agree with the first part if pewton died tomorrow, you and I know another tyrant would take his place...But after the first which I agree with, it kind of became a word salad...Yes I understand pewton is more of a nazi...How he can accuse Zellinksy of being a nazi is beyond me...
By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Apr,22 10:16 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Putin uses whatever works to indoctrinate the Russian people, so they will fight for his cause, which is mostly: Ukraine was Russia's bitch, but they are now collaborating with his enemy, cutting access to Russian propaganda and fucking over his rich friends (= cutting their corrupt stranglehold on Ukraine).
The Russian people still hate Nazis, so he calls a democratically elected Jew a Nazi.

By phart at 10,Apr,22 15:18 other posts of phart 
Well considering the "circle back girl" is going to a mainstream media outlet I can't help but wonder what kind of clown they will put in her place.
Probably something similar to the freak show they put in charge of disposing of nuclear waste.

By phart at 29,Apr,22 17:33 other posts of phart 
He had no business being there. Now a child is without a father, and a wife is without husband. And can't even retrieve his remains. What the hell was he thinking?
only registered users can see external links
I Understand that next year by this time American troops will be on the ground in Ukraine and other places as WW3 gets into full swing.But this fellow had already served.He did more than alot of folks did. He was married and his responsibility's were to care for his family.
By tecsan at 30,Apr,22 01:40 other posts of tecsan 
That is so true...Why did he go there when he had a caring family...
By phart at 30,Apr,22 02:19 other posts of phart 
He served his country,he owed ukraine nothing.

By Ananas2xLekker at 01,May,22 12:25 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
He was probably thinking that this war is about protecting democracy.
Every US soldier fighting anywhere has been told they were protecting democracy.
It's your justification for the collateral damage of millions of civilians.

And now this guy fighting, by his own choice, against tyranny, is irresponsible?
Don't you think he decided this fight was especially important for democracy?
What changed in your head to think this war is less of a fight for democracy?
By phart at 01,May,22 13:17 other posts of phart 
The US is not directly involved in that war.We are a weapons supplier. It should end there.US citizens over there right now are priority targets ,great for propaganda to the russian people and a excuse to take action against the US .
Sadly,the US couldn't win a war with any 3rd world country right now,we have no leadership.
The collateral damage could stop at any moment, at any time,any where in the world,if people would understand what some of us have been saying for several years now. ALL Lives Matter.
By Ananas2xLekker at 02,May,22 15:17 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Putin doesn't need a reason for propaganda. He will vilify the west anyway.

Our choices will affect what message his propaganda contains:
1) "All NATO countries united against us, from liberating Ukraine from the Nazi's."
2) "We have completed the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi's and NATO countries were too gutless and divided to hinder us in any way. Lets now liberate Poland!"

Which of those 2 options conveys our strength better, do you think?
What shows more leadership from our part?
By tecsan at 03,May,22 01:13 other posts of tecsan 
You lost me again, I do not know what the hell nazis have to do with it...Remind me again what country you are from since you are saying we...
By Ananas2xLekker at 03,May,22 19:53 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Don't you watch any real news? Putin tells the Russian people that Ukraine is taken over by Nazis and he is 'liberating' them. He calls what he's doing 'denazification'.

Maybe you don't know, but Russia was on our side against the Nazis in WWII.
Putin is using the Russian pride from WWII for propaganda to justify his war crimes.

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By tecsan at 04,May,22 03:35 other posts of tecsan 
I know what little judo boy putin said about nazis in Ukraine...I did did not know why you were using the little russia crap...Hell, we all know Zelinsky is a Jew...How the hell could he be a nazi...That was the focus of my question...
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,May,22 11:33 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Propaganda doesn't have to make sense (to an outsider) it only needs to achieve the purpose. There is no media in Russia telling the Russians that Zelinsky is a Jew, because all media either says what Putin wants or they all go to jail.
Putin calls them 'fake news', does that sound familiar?

I was giving those two propaganda options, because phart feared that American guy killed in Ukraine would give Putin a reason for propaganda.
Putin doesn't need a reason. He is creative enough to make up complete lies.

Lies are just as effective in motivating uninformed Russian people and to redirect
the blame away from Putin, who attacked Ukraine, to any of Putin's targets.
By tecsan at 05,May,22 02:04 other posts of tecsan 
You are right...But I think, most of the world knows that putin probably will be a convicted war criminal before long...He probably has very few options to travel out of little russia...Bet we will never see him on US soil...
By Ananas2xLekker at 09,May,22 21:50 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Russia is big enough for Putin. Who's going to arrest him there?
He's obviously worried that someone would like to help him have an accident,
but you can be sure he has surrounded himself with like-minded confidants.

If Putin ever came to the US again, it would be for diplomacy.
Do you think Biden would infringe on diplomatic immunity?
I don't think any US president would do that. It's a clear declaration of war.

By Dev01 at 04,May,22 03:42 other posts of Dev01 
"Real News" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,May,22 11:47 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
It still exists. There's still some of it remaining, even in the US.
It's definately not FoxNews and NewsMax, they are completely biassed and corrupt.

Because of all corporate media in the US being corrupt, biassed liars,
the United States has steadily dropped to 27th place on transparency.
Still not too bad, because of freedom of speech. Protect that or drop like a rock.

Much better than Russia, who is on 135th place (no freedom of speech)
China is going up a bit. They are now 66th (some freedom of speech)

Australia is doing a bit better than the US: 18th place
The Netherlands are on 8th place (stable but not improving)
Denmark, New Zealand and Finland are on shared 1st place.

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By DJS at 01,May,22 17:33 other posts of DJS 
Funny you mentioned Americans Around 8,000 British soldiers are due to be sent to eastern Europe to take part in military exercises designed to combat Russian aggression. The deployment - which is one of the largest to take place since the Cold War - will see troops placed in countries from Finland to North Macedonia..
By phart at 01,May,22 18:48 other posts of phart 
I can't help but think actions like you describe will prompt it to become a world war with in the year. it is kinda like wolves circling ,Russia sees it and will react in a way that will force a world war.
By DJS at 02,May,22 03:58 other posts of DJS 
Maybe,but he has threatened Finland & Sweden, at some point I think you got to make a stand against evil,no matter what the consequences will be,me personally( if its true,his generals are not telling him the truth about casualties & hardware tanks & other vehicles which include choppers & jets which have been destroyed) have been to scared to tell him,but they will know that the west have vast superior weapons & military personnel which could destroy the Russian military in days..

By DJS at 02,May,22 04:40 other posts of DJS 
He had no business being there
Money is the reason,some say to fight the aggressors,but its down to the cash,& there's a lot of fked up veterans who go to these places &; I would say they dont give a fk about who there fighting with,unless your known to them in previous fighting,harsh as it is,I very much doubt that the guy body will ever make it home,Sad but that's reality in war..

By phart at 02,May,22 03:12 other posts of phart 
I wonder how much other stuff we are hearing is fake ?
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By phart at 29,Apr,22 21:32 other posts of phart 
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By tecsan at 27,Apr,22 06:14 other posts of tecsan 
I screwed up here with one's comment here...I will try to be more astute in the future...
By Sir-Skittles at 28,Apr,22 19:11 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Did you get that word of the day app on yer mobile mate ??

I'd say be less of a baboon!
By tecsan at 29,Apr,22 00:44 other posts of tecsan 
Do not know what you are referring to...Did I use another ten dollar word you had to look up...

By phart at 24,Apr,22 16:47 other posts of phart 
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By tecsan at 16,Apr,22 06:58 other posts of tecsan 
That was funny as hell when I heard that russian warship sank...Good for the Ukrainians... I love it...

By #649983 at 11,Apr,22 17:10
Ugh. I come here not for political shit. Can’t we just talk about sexy stuff. Make another site called show your political side.
By foryourdesires at 11,Apr,22 17:21 other posts of foryourdesires 
I feel the same way
By Dev01 at 11,Apr,22 21:01 other posts of Dev01 
Well click the... I do not like this topic button at top... Simple

By phart at 12,Apr,22 00:13 other posts of phart 
No disrespect meant by this but to put it simply, You cliced your way in to this thread,you can clic your way out just as easy.No 1 is forcing you to clic on it. Some of us realize there is more to life than sex.

By DJS at 03,Mar,22 14:02 other posts of DJS 
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Nothing to be scared of here😂
By tecsan at 05,Mar,22 04:17 other posts of tecsan 
Really, I see where you are posting this......You do know I have a pic you could have posted that right.........
By DJS at 06,Mar,22 10:37 other posts of DJS 
Why a pic,because it wouldn't show how a so call elite para,cant access a fking door..
By tecsan at 10,Mar,22 08:01 other posts of tecsan 
Was just saying, hell do not take it so seriously.......
By DJS at 11,Mar,22 07:24 other posts of DJS 
Thing alot of people are not taking this cunt seriously enough,he's mad enough to press the big button..
By tecsan at 11,Mar,22 07:41 other posts of tecsan 
Well I know you right about everything you stated....But how long do we let a bully push us around....I cannot answer this, but I know 2-3 yrs ago we would not have had to face this...
By DJS at 11,Mar,22 15:24 other posts of DJS 
Its abit longer than 2/3yrs ago,he invaded Georgia 14yrs ago,and nothing happened then,The only way he goes it up to the rich elite,And by the way he using the same rhetoric like he did in Syria by using chemical weapons(on bullshit lies) this will be his next move in Ukraine,and like previously nothing happened to him,

By tecsan at 09,Mar,22 08:35 other posts of tecsan 
Little judo boy can go fuck his self....He is a fucking coward bitch...

By tecsan at 09,Mar,22 08:38 other posts of tecsan 
Why not post that where you found the message, just saying........
By DJS at 09,Mar,22 12:16 other posts of DJS 
If I understand your reply correctly,I called him a cunt when he invaded other countries previous,and I actually fought for them other countries like I would off now if I was 20yrs younger,been in many conflicts/war zones in my 20yrs service has a British paratrooper,
Do I think he's the biggest cunt yeah I do,but saying what the Ukraine's said has a defiant fuck you on the island means more to me,than people on websites..
By tecsan at 07,Apr,22 02:17 other posts of tecsan 
Great statement... You are right...
By DJS at 07,Apr,22 19:24 other posts of DJS 

By phart at 24,Mar,22 22:57 other posts of phart 
well they are alive! only registered users can see external links
By tecsan at 27,Mar,22 06:43 other posts of tecsan 
Am I taking you right here that you praise the war ship and condemn the Ukraines.........They did the right thing, they were dead either way.....Surrender would have meant tortured to death......I do not think you meant that.....
By phart at 27,Mar,22 18:39 other posts of phart 
I didn't mean anything about supporting the russians.I was just saying they are alive! And if you read the link,they were traded back to Ukraine in exchange for russians.
By tecsan at 28,Mar,22 03:59 other posts of tecsan 
I know the link which you refer...I still do not know if it is true or not........I thought you were referring to the people on the warship......Can you or I prove they were not killed...Can you or I prove osama was buried at sea....Not yet any way.....I find it hard to believe they really lived, but I admit it is possible......I still do not know if all are alive......Possible for many or all, but you know how news goes....

By tecsan at 27,Mar,22 06:39 other posts of tecsan 
Now a russian warship got blown up, again russian war ship go fuck yourself.........

By tecsan at 20,Mar,22 01:06 other posts of tecsan 
Do not really care to advertise little judo boy pewton's pic.....

By DeepThroatThis at 04,Mar,22 22:52 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
Fuck Putin he could be another Hitler if he goes unchallenged
By phart at 05,Mar,22 00:37 other posts of phart 
A challenge is difficult.And with china being their friend, that makes for a powerful pair.
IF his brain has fried or whatever,and he decides to nuke the challenger, millions of people will be affected.
By DeepThroatThis at 05,Mar,22 02:33 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
Doubt China will get involved now knowing world sanctions can cripple an economy ....they don't want there peeps working full time jobs in the rice fields again. They value there economy and the business of running a country more then putin.
By tecsan at 09,Mar,22 08:42 other posts of tecsan 
Think you really spoke the truth here...I hope you are right...

By tecsan at 09,Mar,22 08:37 other posts of tecsan 
I do believe you are right.....
By Sir-Skittles at 09,Mar,22 12:02 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Speaking of rice- Tecsan do you wear a coolie hat at your low life cook job?
By tecsan at 11,Mar,22 02:08 other posts of tecsan 
Damn will you quit trying to give me suggestions about what you do....You are a weird one....

By tecsan at 11,Mar,22 02:10 other posts of tecsan 
Damn, my thoughts exactly....Thanks for the post.......

By Wipperman at 11,Mar,22 13:58 other posts of Wipperman 
Not could be he fuckin is !

By Sir-Skittles at 09,Mar,22 12:02 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Joe Biden is Putin's bottom bitch

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