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By jt36013 at 26,Dec,18 09:54
Merry Christmas... and don't burn those nice chestnuts on an open fire... that would be a shame...

By jt36013 at 07,Jul,18 14:37
Need a friend to help keep you hard during the process.

By jt36013 at 07,Jul,18 10:58
Oranges or bananas. To each his own, so to speak. Everybody's different. I always say its like walking thru an art gallery. 1 painting you like and the next, not so much. Nothing really wrong with the 2nd, just doesn't look as nice in your own eye. You could have a really nice ass, but a ugly penis or vice versa. Just depends on the persons point of view or likes/dislikes.

By jt36013 at 07,Jul,18 10:44
We lived at a cottage in summer months. My aunt and uncle used to visit each summer. Us kids had to camp out because we didn't have enough beds. I was in a tent with my cousin who was a year older. After lights out, I noticed him doing something under his sleeping bag. When I asked him what he was doing. He pulled back his sleeping-bag to show me. He had a massive hardon sticking out of a dense black bush. He was stroking it when he stopped, took my hand and put it on it and showed me how to Jack it off. After stroking it for awhile, he put his hand over mine and took control. It only took another minute before he gushed a huge load over both his and my hands. That was the first time I ever touched another penis. Wonder if that flipped a switch and is now why I like cock. True story.

By jt36013 at 07,Jul,18 10:30

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I tried the cloneawilly but it didn't work very well. The jell setup too fast, before I could stir all the lumps out. I just got some molding jel at Snobby Lobby. Helps to have a friend to help keep you hard thru the process.

By jt36013 at 03,Jul,18 16:38
Not so much when you orgasm. But, when you have it in. Kind of hard to describe. Kind of like the feeling your IN your DICK when you are peeing. I dont me an it feels like you are peeing all the time, just the sensation pee flowing thru your dick probably doesn't make sense.

By jt36013 at 03,Jul,18 12:27
Yes, I haven't done much more with the electrostim, at least until i learn more about it. Maybe thats all it is. I hope not. Sounding is fun. I don't go extreme with it though. I'm happy with the 3rd size up. Sometimes I use the urethral plugs to JO with or leave them in for awhile. You need to use the hollow ones for that. Cleanliness is important though. Don't want any UTI's.

By jt36013 at 03,Jul,18 11:20
I was the same as you 2nice. I saw a video of a guy using one and he shot without ever touching his cock. So, I ordered one and tried it. I didn't have the same experience. It was pretty stimulating, no doubt, but no orgasm from it. I came to the conclusion that either I have the wrong electrodes, placement or unit. I bought a better and more highly rated unit, but still unsatisfied. Like you I was hoping for some advise. I went on to get the urethral sound probe, as well as an anal probe. The probe sound worked the best, but still left much to desire. The anal probe. All I can say is WOW. First, I had some trouble inserting. It is quite large, and I'm not very accustomed to things in there. But when I turned it on. Very intense and actually quite pleasing, but alas, no orgasm except for the JO that went with it. The urethral probe sound probably did the most for me. Not as intense as the anal probe, but still pleasurable. I play around with urethral sounds and cum thru plugs, so I kind of liked that. So, in conclusion. I'm not overly impressed, but would like some advise, help or tips from someone more experienced.

By jt36013 at 03,Jul,18 10:33
I personally have never experienced an uncut dick before. I would love to, but I think I would be more interested in the person, personality and abilities in bed. If the guy is clean, why not. Something extra to play with. As far as which looks better, no preference. Some uncut cocks look nicer and some cut cocks look nicer. Depends on the cock AND how he uses it.