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Ever shown/ used your dick with your siblings or cousins?

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Started by #121213 at 15,Feb,11 21:54
Ive always wanted to do something with my cousin or sister, But ive never known how to. Any stories or advice?

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By Sucklove at 04,Apr,21 07:05 other posts of Sucklove 
The first cock I ever sucked was my cousin I was 13 he was 15.

By wycowboy at 15,Mar,21 15:59 other posts of wycowboy 
When I was 17 and my little sister was 15 my parents were out one night playing darts at a bar. They did this often so we knew they wouldn't be home until very late. My sis had her friend staying the night. Her friend didn't have much for tits but had a great ass and was very good looking. We were all horny I guess and started messing around tickling each other and grabbing feels. As this went on we started taking our clothes off and getting hornier and hornier. My sis and I had seen each other naked often as being naked in my house in front of each other wasn't that big of a deal but seeing her friend naked and messing around soon had my cock pointing north. Her friend and I then started getting serious, doing 69 and then fucking until we both had satisfying orgasms. I had forgotten sis was there until I heard her groan. She had been finger fucking herself while I was fucking her friend.
By X_Y_Z at 15,Mar,21 18:14 other posts of X_Y_Z 
great fun 4 all of u
By tb1 at 15,Mar,21 18:26 other posts of tb1 
Ahhhh, the good old days

By Lvphose at 13,Mar,21 08:45 other posts of Lvphose 
I know I got hard at my girl cousin same age as me and her neighbor girlfriend , circa 1972, I was like 13!

By #502711 at 03,Feb,18 10:20
I showed mine to my si.ster
By #483979 at 03,Feb,18 10:40

By #569534 at 13,Oct,18 13:23
Same here... See my story / post above
By #502711 at 13,Oct,18 22:28
I can't see the story you're talking about mate

By #569242 at 11,Oct,18 03:22
Had a cousin who was a year older than me and around age 13 he came to stay with us for two weeks. Don't remember how it started, but each evening after supper, he and I would go to my room and we would pull our pants down and play with each others dicks until we had a nice cum. Always spent two weeks each summer at my Grandparents place. When I was about 14 or 15, I was there and another of my cousins was there. We had to share a fold out bed in the basement. One night I was horny and asked him if he masturbated or had ever done anything with another guy. He said that he had seen some of his friends jacking off but he never did. So I took off my underwear and jacked off while he watched. I told him I wanted to see his dick. He was very reluctant to do so, but finally gave in. His dick was only about 1/2 inch long. I played with it and it grew very little more. I asked him if he had ever cum and he said no. I asked if he wanted me to make him cum and he said okay. So I started sucking his little dick and it took less than a minute for him to cum. He had very little cum come out but I sucked it all down. Only times I ever did anything with cousins. Never with ****.

By #568296 at 11,Oct,18 02:00
My cousin made me suck his cock while naked. He then put me on the bed and fucked my ass hole

By #566236 at 01,Sep,18 16:22
Yeah I was around 14 years old when my cousins same age boy and a girl came to **** at my home.We slept together in my bed and at night we got so horny that I we started touching each other.It was my first time I touched a pussy and it was little hairy and wet somehow.It was little stinky, but I touched it and smelled it.Also I touched my cousins cock too.

By #547532 at 27,Aug,18 20:46
My cousin was my first blowjob, she was 12 & I was 14. She was the first pussy I ate out & it didn't take long before we were 69ing. When she turned 14 we started fucking & we fucked a lot until she left for college. I know some people say it is wrong. But we don't regret one moment, we are happy we had those days together because we weren't just having sex we became lovers. In fact I wish I could go back in time and see that perfect little round ass stuck up in the air one more time.

By fatcock66 at 27,Aug,18 20:31 other posts of fatcock66 
most of my female cousins were/are very nasty. I learnt how to "touch pee pees" at an early age. Kathy's mom was giving her a bath (both of us before grade school) and she turned towards me, smiled, and let out a huge pee. I've never forgot. to this day, that turns me on.

By #544423 at 27,Aug,18 20:26
yea i fucked my cousin when i was 13 and she was 16. she came over on the weekends a lot and we'd go to the park and play fight - she rolled me onto her n long story short my dick was in her. we did it a few times but then she gotta boyfriend so we did it less after that

By thicknsmooth at 27,Aug,18 02:21 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I was 11 years old and my cousin was 8 years old. I had my first experience with another boy when I was 8yrs old. You can read the whole story in my blog. However we came to my cousins house to visit. My aunt told me to head upstairs to my cousins room and that he had been taking a bath and should be done by now. So I went up to his room and when I entered he was already out of the bath and drying his self off with a towel with his pajama bottoms already on. He looked so good standing there. He had a beautiful smooth nicely toned muscular little body for an 8 year old. Loved his short soft dark brown hair as well. I said hello and walked right up to him and said, do you want me to show you something that feels really good. He said ok what is it I said getting your pee pee sucked on. He said ok so I got down on my knees and slowly slid down his pajama bottoms and was amazed at his beautiful cock & balls. At the time I was about 6 1/2 inches long and about 41/2 inches around. Pretty big for an 11 yr old. So I was surprised at his size. He was about 41/2 inches long and about 31/2 inches around. An absolute beautiful cut cock with a beautiful shaped head and a plump shaft. I immediately started to suck on it and enjoying every inch of his cock & balls. I couldn’t believe how smooth the texture was and the taste and smell of him especially after a fresh bath. We sucked on each other for over two years. I still think about those days and get just as horny.

By steve8211 at 11,May,18 12:58 other posts of steve8211 
I had a step **** that always wanted me to lick her pussy and watch her masturbate with a vibrator she would jack me off sometime. She was 13 I was 17
By bella1123 at 18,Aug,18 04:44 other posts of bella1123 

By 2nice at 11,May,18 16:52 other posts of 2nice 
You ever notice that the people who write these sort of posts never stick around?

By JustWill at 11,May,18 19:14 other posts of JustWill 
I worry more about what that kind of person does when they are NOT here...
By 2nice at 12,May,18 09:41 other posts of 2nice 
I hear ya, buddy.

By johnp at 05,Aug,18 02:28 other posts of johnp 
Read some of the responses!! Wtf ?? 🤢🤮

By Joe93930 at 04,Aug,18 10:53 other posts of Joe93930 
My female cousin slept over and decided to **** in the same bed with me. We were both around 16 and I was really horny so I waited to when I thought she fell asleep. I took my dick out and started running it on her legs and thighs. When I was more confident I started rubbing her pussy. I then got her hand and made her jack me off until I came. I wasn't sure if she was awake so I cleaned her up and went to ****.

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 07:55
Yeah when I was about 13 years old my cousins boy and a girl came to my home for a weekend.So at night we all get to **** in my bed.There was me, my **** my cousin boy and a girl.It went that I touched pussy for a first time and it was my cousin's.It was hairy and hot pussy , but I enjoyed putting my hand on her.And of course I felt and touched my ****'s and cousin's cocks.It was weird but a really wild night.

By #550700 at 09,Jul,18 05:49
Yes..my step **** and I party and play...we also play n front of her younger **** and cuzzin

By jt36013 at 07,Jul,18 10:44 other posts of jt36013 
We lived at a cottage in summer months. My aunt and uncle used to visit each summer. Us kids had to camp out because we didn't have enough beds. I was in a tent with my cousin who was a year older. After lights out, I noticed him doing something under his sleeping bag. When I asked him what he was doing. He pulled back his sleeping-bag to show me. He had a massive hardon sticking out of a dense black bush. He was stroking it when he stopped, took my hand and put it on it and showed me how to Jack it off. After stroking it for awhile, he put his hand over mine and took control. It only took another minute before he gushed a huge load over both his and my hands. That was the first time I ever touched another penis. Wonder if that flipped a switch and is now why I like cock. True story.

By #550700 at 04,Jul,18 14:27
Me n my step **** pnp and masturbate alot..her younger cuzzin watches

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,18 07:19 other posts of lawrenceo 
I once played with my cousin when he was on the toilet but he was somewhat younger than I was and was too embarrassed at me finding him with a hard cock to make anything of it. (We were boys then)

By CumHungryBBPig at 17,Jun,18 06:01 other posts of CumHungryBBPig 
Stepfather got my older **** and I suck his dick and each other as 8yo & 12yo we watched porn 10 years later making porn was swapping loads daily with family including our Step Uncle who had the similar relationship with his ****, our Stepdad. This is my Uncles Dick I was 17

By #554175 at 16,Jun,18 12:55
I was 8 my cousin 13, we spent summer holidays at grandma’s house by the sea out of town. After lunch we used to go to bed to “rest”.
We stripped naked and did what we thought to be experiments: touching, hugging and some sort of 69 but without sucking, just having each other dick on the face
By #502711 at 17,Jun,18 01:32

By #552392 at 27,May,18 06:58
My older cousins stripped me naked when I was 12 and taught me how to suck their cocks, when hard they took turns with my ass hole, I cried and struggled but they didn't stop, their dad caught us due to my screaming and gagged me so that I was more quiet

By #206678 at 26,May,18 21:37
I grew up on a farm in the country. Summertime was down the river swimming holes and we always swan naked as kids up until were about 13/14. We never though it strange to be naked with each other. We all has similar dicks.

By #539358 at 23,May,18 21:40
My older cousin played doctors with me when I was really young. It involved me lying on the bed and him pulling my underwear down and inspecting my penis. I could have only been about 8 or 9, it was very weird.

By #543089 at 23,May,18 21:01
Full fucked my cousin. See my blog

By spermkiss at 15,Feb,11 22:11 other posts of spermkiss 
'Never did anything with my sister or a girl cousin, but my boy cousin and I used to play with each other's dicks and suck each other's dicks all the time. Don't all boys do that?
By kebmo at 24,Feb,18 02:18 other posts of kebmo 
So it seems. I had a best friend for my cock sucking fun so my seven br0thers or four cousins didn't do that with me. Because we were eight klds we had "shower buddies" to save water when we were young. Barry and I just showered.
By spermkiss at 24,Feb,18 19:02 other posts of spermkiss 
I, too, had a best friend who was a suck buddy. Again, that's part of growing up and just about all boys play with and suck friends' dicks.
By JackHammer at 12,May,18 11:21 other posts of JackHammer 
I had several suck buddies growing up, one of which was a cousin. **** overs were common then and that made it easy to get cock often.

By #552510 at 22,May,18 05:31
Never had that with anyone.

By #552589 at 21,May,18 05:21
My older **** **** caught me masterbating several times, and when I was between 5 and 10 years old we would visit my gre-grandparents farm in the Missouri Ozark and go skinny dipping in the small lake on their property with all of the cousins both male and female.

By cardinal at 12,May,18 13:39 other posts of cardinal 
With a family member that love is different then with someone none relative just like love shown with **** or pets non sexual.

By #537175 at 12,May,18 11:06
shared a room with my older bro for a few years so yes both seen each other and he taught me about jerking . Shared a room with cousin (male) a few times and we have also jerked each other

By #554437 at 10,May,18 20:17
Grew up showing my dick to whoever wanted to look. Family, friends and strangers - including several male and female cousins and my ****. And yes she showed her goodies to me also.
By #532415 at 12,May,18 05:08
Me too. Still do....

By tb1 at 11,May,18 18:43 other posts of tb1 
Yeah, don’t do it

By cardinal at 11,May,18 18:05 other posts of cardinal 

By cardinal at 11,May,18 18:05 other posts of cardinal 

By cardinal at 11,May,18 18:05 other posts of cardinal 
No prob touching myself when it comes to the thought of sexing family members that shit is gross like having thoughts of sexually touching **** just cant do it.

By #502711 at 06,May,18 07:30
I ran around naked with my male cousin on my aunt & uncle's property (they had acreage) around a bon fire we made. I also pulled myself in front of him. I also showed my cock to my younger si.ster once too
By leopoldij at 06,May,18 23:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you ever see her pussy too?
By #502711 at 07,May,18 02:16
Yes, she used to flash it sometimes.
By leopoldij at 07,May,18 05:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Naughty kids
By #502711 at 07,May,18 10:19

By shavenjason at 06,May,18 12:22 other posts of shavenjason 
I fucked my neighbors daughter when she was 19

By leopoldij at 06,May,18 23:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, 19 year old girls are very needy
It's our obligation to help them fulfil all their needs. How old were you then?

By lankan at 06,May,18 12:18 other posts of lankan 
yeah my male cuz had 8" cock and we used jerk eachother off

By #543717 at 16,Apr,18 00:37
Had no siblings, but at 17 played with my 9yo cousin (boy). Just showing and feeling ur boners, never made him jack me off (unfortunately).
By #502711 at 06,May,18 07:31
That's hot

By #552392 at 06,May,18 06:13
My cousin and I were alone at home and board. He put his hand inside my pants, I did the same. Soon we both were naked, my cock smaller than his. He had me suck him then he fucked me.

By louther at 02,May,18 12:27 other posts of louther 
You can read my story in my blog. It’s long but maybe a turn on.

By #555337 at 02,May,18 01:21
I had sex with a cousin of mind. She came to visit and my wife at the time were separated. So in the kitchen and mind you. We haven't seen each other in about 20 years. While in the kitchen she was cooking and I was standing in there having a beer. She turned to me and asked. Have you ever want to have sex with a cousin. First thing out of my mouth was yes? You. So for the next three weeks we lived like a couple. And the sex was great.

By #553294 at 16,Apr,18 02:14
My s-i-s-t-e-r is 10 years older & my b-r-o-t-h-e-r is 7 years older - so I never did any of that stuff with either of them. However - back in my junior-high & high-school days, I did jack off with one of my male cousins whenever we'd go there to visit. He was 2 years younger & was the only cousin that was anywhere near close to my age.

By NOWHEREMAN at 28,Feb,18 04:01 other posts of NOWHEREMAN 
Now that you mention it? I changed at a water park with a second cousin female once.

By NOWHEREMAN at 28,Feb,18 04:00 other posts of NOWHEREMAN 
Wish I could! got 2 smoaking hot cousins! 1 married though. Both snobs would never happen!

By #549130 at 24,Feb,18 01:58
My older bro always touched my cock and liked seeing it, when 13 one night alone at home he was 17, we got naked and played with each other, eventually he wanted to try something new, I scram as his cock slid in me but after a while It didn't hurt so much, he fucks me every now and then
By spermkiss at 24,Feb,18 18:58 other posts of spermkiss 
True brotherly love.

By liketoedge at 03,Feb,18 15:32 other posts of liketoedge 
I compared with a couple cousins when they would spend the night. Sleepovers were alway fun times

By lawrenceo at 02,Feb,18 07:46 other posts of lawrenceo 
Not relatives but many times with other boy scout friends.

By mrseveninches at 31,Jan,18 17:15 other posts of mrseveninches 
Me a cousin the same age would blow each other while growing up. I used to j.o. with my halfbro looking at porn together.

By #549380 at 29,Jan,18 09:38
i have done that with my cousin during my childhood
& even if its really far away now, im still remember what happened

By #270555 at 28,Jan,18 23:32
i have i have emailed pics of mine to certain family

By #409075 at 14,Sep,13 09:07
im always attracted to my boy cousins, nd hv succseed most of times to suck dere dicks nd make dem suck my dick, they even fucked me many times. but my odr 2 boy cousins dont like me touching dere dics, so i dont do any moves on dem, but i want dem.
By bella! at 14,Sep,13 10:47 other posts of bella! 
Wif all dem peepl in India, cudn u fin sum buddee uther than famlee to suck n fuck? U sound like ur sic n pathetic.

By Rose at 14,Sep,13 02:14 other posts of Rose 
I think this is a question for member Ulissis!

By #403461 at 16,Jul,13 07:27
This is fucked up :'(
By Rose at 14,Sep,13 02:10 other posts of Rose 

By skot at 06,Sep,13 10:31 other posts of skot 
a friend once confided that his older **** (muscular, ginger) used to suck on him in the bath when they were younger. Alas I was never offered the opportunity.

By staudacher at 09,Mar,11 18:01 other posts of staudacher 
I have a 1st cousin (same age as me) that used to spend the weekend with me and my sister.
My sis was asleep one night and my cousin and I were sitting on the couch watching tv. Just out of th blue she said she was horny, so we started rubbing each other all over. We eventually got up and snuck outside where I ate her hairy pussy while she set on the tailgate of my dads pickup. My first taste of pussy and I will never forget the aroma. We were around 12 or so.
By boyracer42 at 04,Jul,13 05:21 other posts of boyracer42 
so jealous

By #390287 at 03,Jul,13 05:23
i started playng around with a cousin when i was 9, continueddoing it for a good 8 years until he decided he was more into girls.

By #178875 at 03,Jul,13 02:10
Yeah me and my male cousin are like a year and a half apart, and once our families went on a trip (I was about 8 he was 7) and we showed each other our dicks. Since then we've always played with each other every time were together. I love swallowing his cum, just as he loves when I cum on his face

By 67malibu at 02,Jul,13 21:28 other posts of 67malibu 
My cousin Tim and I had many experiences, unfortunately no oral or anal.

By #259412 at 13,Jun,12 06:46
When i was aroun 8 yrs old,i used to spend weekends with my cousin(male) 9 yrs older than me. He used to rub his cock against my thigs n ass, but never inserted it in my ass hole. One day when i was 11 we were all alone, he tied my arms n legs, taped my mouth.. He inserted his 8 incher with one thrust into me...it was so painful.. He fucked me hard n began to like it.. We did it every time we got chance but in a proper way... He has been married now but we still do it. I like his cock.. I always wanna get fucked by him..it is so pleasurable.

By #99700 at 12,Jun,12 09:38
I moved interstate and stayed with my cousin (female) and her hubby. He was a shift worker and a drunk. I was looking to move into a pace of my won. She felt safe having me there in when he got full and angry. One thing led to another and we had sex. Although I thought it was wrong, it was extremely intense and thrilling. It went on for about 2 years before she left her husband and we both moved back to our home town - alas not in the same house but always remeber those times. A cousin once removed so I dont feel so bad. Her effection for me seemed uncomplcated and honest. She always keeps in contact and I guess have a special bond.

By hotcock33 at 19,Aug,11 20:48 other posts of hotcock33 
Showed my cock to a few female cousins, and had a couple show me their pussy, but we never got into playing. Probably would have at the time!

By #177423 at 23,Jul,11 17:39
i ve been played my causin(boy)...jerking n sucking n fucking each other....

By MackyJay at 17,Feb,11 04:50 other posts of MackyJay 
No advice, but fucked two of my cousins many many times in the past.

By #7976 at 17,Feb,11 00:44
When I was young, very young, I had a wide array of second and third cousins nearby. We played a bit as we matured but that's about as close as it got with Cousins. And siblings never came up as I'm an only child.

By #46165 at 16,Feb,11 04:16
not all, but im sure a lot more do than admit it.

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