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Question for gay or bisexual men.

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Started by #555742 at 08,May,18 01:17
Hello I am straight and I have a question.

The question is what is more important or what is the most attractive the guys penis or his ass? I am trying to relate it from a straight point of view. Would the guys ass be the equivalent of say what a girls ass is to me?

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By Renmah69 at 26,Sep,23 16:22 other posts of Renmah69 
Definately the cock

By #702764 at 24,Sep,23 17:39
Cock and balls,as s is pudding

By andrew999999999 at 18,Sep,23 00:55 other posts of andrew999999999 
I'm bi, and I like fucking guys and sucking cock. For me, I like a cock more than an arse.

By hugehole at 17,Sep,23 19:24 other posts of hugehole 
Cock and balls for me

By fancyabit at 13,Sep,23 11:55 other posts of fancyabit 
For me it’s the slender body and a big cock that get my juice flowing.

By #699038 at 09,Sep,23 13:11
Im bi and for me a nice face and smile then be nice cock and hot ass usualy be one of those things or i could just like a person for there personality sometimes its not the looks but who they are as a person and throw good looks or nice ass or cock into the mix and its a sweet deal

By #667453 at 29,May,22 21:31
His cock. However his face & hairy chest turn me on more. His face gives insight to his personality & soul.

By #613564 at 21,Mar,20 10:09
Do I have to be gay or Bi, just saying that I like penises!? I have one, and penises are wonderful, and fun, and feel great, so why can't guys just accept that they love penises being straight or gay or just loving how wonderful they are?

By #610717 at 01,Mar,20 22:34
I guess I'm not a good example because I just recently discovered I'm sort of bi, and I've had few experiences; but being the dominating kind I feel aroused by the look of a round ass in a slim effeminate boy. Also, effeminate boys with small dicks makes me so fucking horny... not big ones. But that's my very specific experience.
By bil47 at 11,Mar,20 23:59 other posts of bil47 
Slender fem twinks with small cocks... Yum!

By #463848 at 10,Mar,20 08:32
Penis (& balls) every time. But I do like to see a nice twink with firm buttocks.

By #544423 at 01,Mar,20 21:38
im a top so i'm all about dat ass...since you can see that even with their pants on. once those come off tho i love seeing both and both gimme a big olllleee hard dick

By #612156 at 01,Mar,20 05:40
For me it most definitely the cock and balls
By tb1 at 01,Mar,20 05:42 other posts of tb1 
Me too

By deepchocolate2071 at 21,Sep,19 19:59 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
Hi, I'm a Bi Top, so Man's naked ass is attractive to me. Hairy or smooth, fat plump & round are my preference but slim to normal size bottom is good for me to fuck too.

By #551147 at 06,Sep,19 17:23
In my opinion, an ass is an ass. If you're an ass man like myself, you should be able to recognize a nice well shaped, rounded ass whether it be a Male or female. Be comfortable with your own masculinity. Just recognizing that a dude has an exquisite ass doesn't mean your a homo. It is possible that a guys ass looks better than his cock or vise versa. In the case both are fantastic... I'd choose the cock 😉

By What-once-was at 06,Sep,19 16:31 other posts of What-once-was 
It’s penis for me, an ass is basically the same on everyone but cocks come in 3.5 billion different shapes and sizes

By Ablaze at 06,Sep,19 14:04 other posts of Ablaze 
Both, I think. Bisexual, versatile.

By #463848 at 06,Sep,19 12:48
Definitely his penis; he can keep the rest covered if he likes.

By centexwill at 03,Sep,19 05:03 other posts of centexwill 
I'm not into anal so my answer would be cock.

By #595260 at 03,Sep,19 02:39
the cock for sure

By smcock at 12,Nov,18 05:26 other posts of smcock 
I'm bi-curious so for me it'd be another man's cock for sure. I hope to experience another cock one day.

By #545468 at 12,Nov,18 04:32
I find the entire nude male attractive. Sure a guy's cock is nice to see and a guy's nice ass can easily be a turn on, but a nude male is the best

By #571688 at 11,Nov,18 21:43
In a guy I find attractive his cock only.Other body parts are gross for me.

By #537175 at 19,Oct,18 21:31
No contest for me it has to be my bf cock , however I make sure all of his body gets attention and save the best forlast

By #536316 at 19,Oct,18 14:59
the cock is absolutely the better of the two, way better. I do not like the ass, on a guy or a gal.

By #568818 at 04,Oct,18 20:07
Although I am a bottom when it comes to men, I do check out both the arse and a beautiful bulge.

By CumHungryBBPig at 03,Oct,18 06:07 other posts of CumHungryBBPig 
Top men like ass thankfully. most flip but some men want to eat out a guys hole and fuck his load in deep
Bottoms love cock, I flip too but happy to suck cocks and get my ass fucked eaten filled and now my ass wants to be shared and stretched open

By JustWill at 02,Oct,18 19:32 other posts of JustWill 
That depends.
What IS a girl's ass to you?
It is tough to talk of equivalence if you don't give us some data to work with.

By bikev at 02,Oct,18 19:04 other posts of bikev 
Always his cock

By #555896 at 02,Oct,18 10:40
Definitely the cock

By #463848 at 01,Oct,18 08:05
Well, it all depends upon one's experience during the developmental period. It is possible to be attracted to a male's penis without having thoughts about anal penetration or even oral.

Everyone is different and they come to their personal needs according to experience and desires.

By #510483 at 01,Oct,18 00:52
I guess if I had to pick, penis beats ass every time. But I'm not one of those guys who only sexualizes one body part and claims to not be attracted to the rest.

When you ask if we like male asses the way you like female ones... Yes and no. Part of that depends what you like to do. For example, maybe you're not into fucking women in the ass, but still love seeing a nice round ass. I'm not too inclined to fuck other guys, so I don't look at asses as "important" - but I still check out a nice ass when they pass by heh. Others who have more direct use for someone's ass will probably focus way more on that.

By #536913 at 09,Sep,18 05:05
I wouldn't exactly say I'm bi, but liking dick as much as I do I think it's hard to say that I'm totally straight. That said, I really only like dick. Can't say I find anything else attractive about guys.

By #566722 at 09,Sep,18 03:19
For me it is all about a man's dick.Only attracted to it.I preffer woman's ass more than man's.But sometimes if a guy have hot and juicy round ass and he shaves down there I would happily fuck a guy too

By #551147 at 15,Jul,18 01:36
For me... Personality wins the day, to be honest. But I guess if we are talking about just walkin along the beach, or down Broadway, I would probably check both ass and frontal bulge. That being said, give me the most perfect human specimen ever dreamed of but he's arrogant. Forget it, he could rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. It's one of the most ugliest of all attributes. Imo of course 😉

I've always been attracted to asses moreso on both sexes than any other part. Hope that helps.

By #550094 at 15,Jul,18 00:00
I'm attracted by his personality, his sexual appetite,
and then his physical attributes... in that order.
If he lacks any one out of these three = I'm not interested.

In the physical attributes department: my man
has to be older, and Hairy from head to toe.
No exceptions about body hair...
...that includes his genital/ass regions.
I just m-i-g-h-t make an exception about his age;
but that is another topic for another day.

Back on topic...
Narrowing it down to this: a hairy old man muscular
firm bubble ass, and a hairy cock, wins me over.

By foreskinlover52 at 13,Jul,18 17:36 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Amales ass is so sexy when looking at it from behind, with his balls hanging down and his penis dangleing there! Showing his hole wanting to be fucked is a super plus..Now when looking at a female ass there is nothing there and she doesnt want your cock in her ass for any reason

By knewbi at 13,Jul,18 17:20 other posts of knewbi 
Give me his cock first every time.

By #560456 at 08,Jul,18 10:57
the dick and body have to be a certain way for me...

By #554549 at 08,Jul,18 02:44
Bi here. Personality is the key for me.

By #537175 at 07,Jul,18 11:25
Personality first every time .

By oliver09 at 07,Jul,18 11:20 other posts of oliver09 
I love uncut cock, I'm a self confessed cockaholic. Do like a nice arse though.

By jt36013 at 07,Jul,18 10:58 other posts of jt36013 
Oranges or bananas. To each his own, so to speak. Everybody's different. I always say its like walking thru an art gallery. 1 painting you like and the next, not so much. Nothing really wrong with the 2nd, just doesn't look as nice in your own eye. You could have a really nice ass, but a ugly penis or vice versa. Just depends on the persons point of view or likes/dislikes.

By #551686 at 29,Jun,18 15:07
I like the penis

By foreskinlover52 at 28,Jun,18 15:18 other posts of foreskinlover52 
His penis and balls of course but I love their ass too

By #555742 at 09,May,18 05:05
Thanks for your opinions. I was curious because in general it seems as though women dont much care or in some cases would rather not look at a mans ass.
But gay or bi guys seem to compliment a nice guys ass.
By MM_DD at 10,May,18 01:15 other posts of MM_DD 
I would think it varies. The male ass is a beautiful thing. I think some women (or perhaps even many women) do admire it.
By #556372 at 24,Jun,18 16:51
it would depend on the end game,,,a woman wants cock, generally,,,she doesn't need the back door,,,in a gay male relationship it's vital
By MM_DD at 28,Jun,18 11:03 other posts of MM_DD 
I wouldn't say it's vital in every gay male relationship. Lots of gay guys aren't into anal, although many are. We definitely want cock too, so I would say that's more vital.
By #556372 at 28,Jun,18 12:03
Sorry, you are right. Wrong choice of words. If you agree that cock is, almost all the time, the common body part used in hetero and gay sex, then, unless the gay relationship is purely a cock sucking thing, then anal would be an option. But, think more about it, in my case, I find that admiring a woman would mean looking at her tits, her hips,her face and hair and,yes, her ass. Admiring a man may mean looking at his phisique but more than anything else, his ass
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

Another thing, women tend to look at many sex practices as yucky. Many won't lick a cock, let alone suck it. Touching an ass? Not on her lifetime. She may not even like you to go down on her. Most women think of anal as something yucky that hurts too. On the other hand, a dick provides the ticket to all her life's fun, motherhood, companionship, and, even pride (think about it)

By #204766 at 22,Jun,18 00:37

By knewbi at 21,Jun,18 18:19 other posts of knewbi 
That luscious cock every time.

By #539358 at 21,Jun,18 16:42
Penis every time, just looking at them gets mine hard Arse holds no interest to me all though.
By tb1 at 21,Jun,18 17:18 other posts of tb1 

By #558501 at 21,Jun,18 14:37
I do enjoy the site of a beautiful smooth ass on a sexy lady, but crave the site of a nice thick cock, Im a Bi male and enjoy both.

By onthelose at 21,Jun,18 00:54 other posts of onthelose 
I am bi and like to look at both cocks and pussies. Just thinking of the possibilities gets me going.

By #220845 at 20,Jun,18 15:17
Smooth ass

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