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Question to uncut cocks, how to fuck a pussy!

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Started by #130055 at 26,Aug,11 10:20
I have a questions to all of you with uncut cocks. Do pull back the foreskin when you entering into a pussy or how did you handle that? I pull always back but i don't know.
thanks for your answers

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By twoeyes at 26,Aug,11 16:47 other posts of twoeyes 
i have my foreskin forward, line him up, then let it retract as he goes in. even if shes wet i think its more comfortable for her.
By niceonebighead at 03,Feb,18 18:04 other posts of niceonebighead 
ur dam sure right my wife wouid think of fucking cut cock it hurt 2 much but after awhile u ladys thats only fucked cut cock dont know any better i know ive fuck lots i can always tell when i get one fucked lotof cut cock it feel like iputin mine in top 55 gal barrel im just got anice cock look at it its on here 4 all 2 see

By lawrenceo at 02,Feb,18 02:29 other posts of lawrenceo 
I have a short foreskin but even so I would not want to miss the exquisite feeling of my bare cockhead going through the gate. It is so good that it is often repeated before keeping it inside.

By akaMrK at 21,Sep,13 10:41 other posts of akaMrK 

By #171382 at 26,Aug,11 11:17
I'm gay; never fucked a woman, and don't want to, but here's the logic as I understand it and I'm sure that gay and straight sex isn't that much different:

The foreskin equips the penis with a natural gliding motion and will often retract and return as you enter and leave the vagina. Precum, the moistness of the natural glans and the foreskin is designed to aid in this action. You can always use some lube if it is uncomfortable, but technically a natural cock should be enough.

Above all, the foreskin should NEVER debilitate sex, only assist. If the sex isn't pleasurable enough then it is down to technique or other similar factors.
By Matt52 at 26,Aug,11 15:12 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: So basically you don't know what you are talking about
By pomper at 29,Aug,11 05:18 other posts of pomper 
Cheeky, I like that!

By #22384 at 26,Aug,11 18:13

By #82400 at 27,Aug,11 07:05
I never pull it back because its such a great feeling when my forskin gets pushed back while entering the pussy
By #177288 at 28,Aug,11 00:42
same here

By #10886 at 26,Aug,11 10:56
Just stick it in.....the 'skin will take care of itself!

By Diamond at 26,Aug,11 15:00 other posts of Diamond 
By #22384 at 26,Aug,11 18:13

By slipper at 27,Aug,11 16:09 other posts of slipper 
ABSOLUTELY!!! How do you think men did it until circs???

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