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By niceonebighead at 25,Feb,21 20:03
u are right because all of his seantors are like him spin les afarid of him an the mob an that they may not get voted back in next time some of the smarter trumpers are geting smart i didnt know we had 27% stuiped people in the usa but he will be jail if he told u that dog shit was steak u would eat it thats how dumb trumpers are

By niceonebighead at 25,Feb,21 19:13
im in 309 area macomb area im uncut 5.5x7;5 bi

By niceonebighead at 22,Feb,21 08:12
for the ladys perfect lady great cook diplamat whore in the bed room

By niceonebighead at 15,Jan,21 09:12
I DONT THINK ITS about how many cocks u suck its about what u think about if u dont want 2 suck it because the guy dont turn u on or if uthink hes ugly then ur gay if u oniy suck cock because its only about the cock then u might be BI

By niceonebighead at 25,Nov,20 09:48

By niceonebighead at 25,Nov,20 09:38
i knew that the con man trumpwas always aloser but ahell of a good con man but i didnt think that 27% of the people where crazy enough 2 fall 4 his lies the frist time. the black hellocopters is comein after u crazys

By niceonebighead at 19,Oct,20 15:04
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By niceonebighead at 05,Jun,20 07:50
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By niceonebighead at 20,May,20 23:16
i have a33yr old nurse im 78 yrs hung un cut always horny age dont mean shit when ur both happy we have sex every way but in the buthole we are both very oral

By niceonebighead at 28,Mar,20 17:44
heel yes anytime i get the chance luv checkin out all the cocks i can

By niceonebighead at 26,Mar,20 14:54
7.75 x 5.75 can u deep thoart it

By niceonebighead at 11,Dec,19 19:36
dam im up for anyone 2 fondle my stuff anytime i have pics on here check it out

By niceonebighead at 02,Nov,19 08:03
thats what i luv the big red head on a black cock

By niceonebighead at 17,Sep,19 16:23
cocks luv cocks playing or sucking them

By niceonebighead at 17,Sep,19 15:15
u are right easy she luvs it u know when ur in right place she says don't stop please don't stop

By niceonebighead at 04,Aug,19 15:59
im with u luv edgein

By niceonebighead at 21,Feb,19 19:03
i use same name every where ishow there also

By niceonebighead at 19,Feb,19 17:33
age & looks means nothing 2 me its about the cock luv big head 5--10 in

By niceonebighead at 19,Feb,19 17:07
there sure is and wish we had secert sigin so it wouldnt be so hard 2 help one another out cause the older u get the harder it is 2 find action

By niceonebighead at 28,Dec,18 15:53
aqs long as there big enough 2 titie fuck me with lots left over

By niceonebighead at 11,Dec,18 09:59
the feelinim hooked on it

By niceonebighead at 16,Nov,18 13:05
956 from oct to apr apr to oct 309

By niceonebighead at 13,Jul,18 11:24
who licks a wisker bisket

By niceonebighead at 26,Feb,18 12:05
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By niceonebighead at 03,Feb,18 18:04
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By niceonebighead at 24,Jan,18 23:26
cant talk 2 a idot no use tryin

By niceonebighead at 11,Dec,17 23:13
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By niceonebighead at 06,Dec,17 20:18
im addicted 2 sex with man or women

By niceonebighead at 06,Dec,17 20:12
at 5yrs old next door boy 13yrs old had me jack him off 1st time i seen a cock cum it was fun 2me 2 play with a big uncut cock done that 4yrs

By niceonebighead at 23,Nov,17 09:40
im samewayplus im lucky enough 2 have a lady that like 2 suck on it several times aday

By niceonebighead at 22,Nov,17 14:41
always commando me & my lady we play off & on all the time

By niceonebighead at 22,Nov,17 14:27
you are dead on im a str cocksuckerluv2 swap bjs

By niceonebighead at 21,Nov,17 07:34
im retired im with you luv 2 play of an on all day more fun

By niceonebighead at 21,Nov,17 07:31
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By niceonebighead at 20,Nov,17 19:57
the only dark meat i likereal nice uncut cock

By niceonebighead at 18,Nov,17 18:06
thats very trueit is hard 2 find a jerk bud

By niceonebighead at 18,Nov,17 17:50
what is normal if it feels good do it

By niceonebighead at 18,Nov,17 17:48
im with u like pre better

By niceonebighead at 09,Nov,17 22:01
any cum shot is goodsome just better than others

By niceonebighead at 09,Nov,17 21:26
well my dau knows i play with my cock she has caught me enough knows i have venus2000 cock suckin mach & sybain 4 my lady friends 2 ride so what when im dead give me one last bj & burn me

By niceonebighead at 09,Nov,17 21:12
lookin 4 cock pics

By niceonebighead at 30,Oct,17 12:25
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By niceonebighead at 30,Oct,17 12:06
LOOKIN ATtryin it but elec on my cock is scareie

By niceonebighead at 30,Oct,17 11:56
yes it cost more but built vert well i have 1 4 the last 8yrs still use it every day many times a day irun the hell out of it edgein ive done 2hr sets on cam luv edge with it is workin on my cock now luv 2 play with my cock or yours but when u look at how many hrsive used it it is cneap there is no price for the pleasure it has given AN STILL GIVEN GET A SYBAIN VENUS 2000 EVERYONE I USE IT ON LOVES IT

By niceonebighead at 28,Oct,17 16:51
your group of clones looks good i have agroup of them butt mine are all from a differnt cock thanks 2my wife she told all her friends about it and showed mywork 2 them we had asex toy bus & havesex toy partys

By niceonebighead at 28,Oct,17 16:20
i also have a sybain for the ladys with all the toys that goes with it u can watch the sybain & the venus 2000 sex toys work on the computer just type in sybain an u can watch both machines operate an belive me there worth every dime they cost they will give u orgasm like u never had!!!!!

By niceonebighead at 28,Oct,17 16:00
wish i could up load a pic cause my venus 2000 has been playin with my cock 4 a long time this afternoonit feels so good got it truned down in speed so it just keeps it hard

By niceonebighead at 28,Oct,17 15:45
im always playin with it or my lady is

By niceonebighead at 24,Oct,17 22:33
then just call me a pussy eaten cocksucker

By niceonebighead at 24,Oct,17 20:39
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