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Curved dicks

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Started by #19020 at 22,Aug,09 02:36
I wonder how many curved there are on this site. I?ve got a curved dick myself. It curves downwards.

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By Lvphose at 11,Apr,21 02:42 other posts of Lvphose 
Or this

By Lvphose at 11,Apr,21 02:40 other posts of Lvphose 
Here is

By xxx25 at 10,Apr,21 17:46 other posts of xxx25 

By rowen at 29,Mar,21 07:05 other posts of rowen 

By Twolfe at 27,Mar,21 01:23 other posts of Twolfe 

By andrew999999999 at 05,Jul,20 15:07 other posts of andrew999999999 
Left curve.

By everett at 05,Jul,20 13:36 other posts of everett 

By lawrenceo at 22,Nov,17 11:05 other posts of lawrenceo 
Curve up

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However, I think I like to wank a slim, straight one best

By xxx25 at 10,Oct,17 04:16 other posts of xxx25 

By anthem13 at 02,Oct,17 18:51 other posts of anthem13 
left curve

By xyz at 15,Dec,12 15:29 other posts of xyz 
Photo of a member from xyzPhoto of a hot-rod from xyzPhoto of a weasel from xyz
By Annett4you at 21,Sep,17 04:57 other posts of Annett4you 
this is a hot cock!

By #539358 at 21,Sep,17 07:55
That is one impressive erection

By Annett4you at 21,Sep,17 04:56 other posts of Annett4you 
curved cocks are the best!!!
By licksipsuckit at 21,Sep,17 05:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, l agree, they really make me wet and l can come so quick with a curved cock.. they hit the g spot so well *lix*

By mobiusdick at 20,Sep,17 08:35 other posts of mobiusdick 
Lots of comments say mine is curvy.

By boc at 20,Sep,17 05:23 other posts of boc 

By #539358 at 19,Sep,17 18:17
Definitely seems to be more of us left curvers here
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By veryshyguy at 19,Sep,17 16:18 other posts of veryshyguy 
Mine actually curves downward! But you won't find a pic of it on my page. I took down my pics!

By HungJack1999 at 19,Sep,17 10:49 other posts of HungJack1999 
I curve down and to the left.

By coop-m at 18,Sep,17 12:11 other posts of coop-m 

By #539358 at 13,Sep,17 16:48
Mine has always curved to the left, I think it gives it character!

By #541419 at 12,Sep,17 18:35
Mine is curved to the left.

By #524108 at 12,Sep,17 11:46

By kebmo at 23,Feb,17 01:39 other posts of kebmo 

By xxx25 at 18,Jun,13 02:41 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a boner from xxx25

By #390287 at 18,Jun,13 00:57
downwards curve here too.

By berty35 at 05,Jun,13 08:10 other posts of berty35 
Mine curves to the left

By #348414 at 01,Jun,13 10:47
mine curves upwards

By Jere at 01,Jun,13 06:09 other posts of Jere 
I quess I have

By #143894 at 31,May,13 18:02

And shaved

By #143894 at 31,May,13 17:59


By mobiusdick at 31,May,13 08:44 other posts of mobiusdick 
Mine definitely curves up.

By #381635 at 31,May,13 04:15

By xxx25 at 22,Jan,13 16:33 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a dong from xxx25

By Narcan at 19,Jan,13 02:58 other posts of Narcan 

By xxx25 at 18,Jan,13 19:57 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a boner from xxx25

By #279682 at 19,Dec,12 18:08

By #189833 at 19,Dec,12 09:43

By xxx25 at 19,Dec,12 03:03 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a equipment from xxx25

By Jason1161 at 16,Dec,12 05:20 other posts of Jason1161 
Mine curves to the left.

By #52272 at 20,Oct,12 17:12
curved down

By #58289 at 06,Sep,11 11:33
By Vita at 14,Jul,12 09:05 other posts of Vita 
really nice !!

By #263926 at 20,Jun,12 15:36

By mike81 at 20,Jun,12 10:03 other posts of mike81 

what you think

By langloot at 19,Jun,12 06:28 other posts of langloot 
top to the left

By #119451 at 02,Feb,11 09:04

Untitled photo of a purple headed monster Untitled photo of a joystick
By #187986 at 09,Oct,11 22:09
By Stecher93 at 04,May,12 04:07 other posts of Stecher93 
wow hot hook !!

By #125770 at 14,Feb,12 15:00
wanna see a curved cock come see my pagelet me know wat u think

By #227192 at 12,Feb,12 16:57
Its slightly curved, but it is curved

By #14270 at 22,Aug,09 09:36
I?ve got a curved dick, too. Isn?t it o.k. to have a cuved cock, becaus so many discussions are on it in this forum?
By #22008 at 22,Aug,09 16:24
By Vita at 22,Jan,12 14:14 other posts of Vita 

By langloot at 01,Jan,12 00:34 other posts of langloot 
To the left

By #111048 at 10,Oct,11 19:36
By #111048 at 10,Oct,11 19:37
Photo of a rooster from eboner
By #111048 at 10,Oct,11 19:38
Photo of a hot dog from eboner
By Vita at 29,Dec,11 17:02 other posts of Vita 
your stand is gorgeous !

By #15798 at 10,Oct,11 11:28
Mine curves to the left

By #146131 at 09,Oct,11 16:42
check mine

By #150803 at 30,Sep,11 11:54
Mine has a gentle upward curve - check me out

By Vita at 05,Sep,11 18:34 other posts of Vita 

curved enough ?

By stinger432 at 05,Sep,11 07:32 other posts of stinger432 
Mine is little curved too if it counts.

By #146131 at 05,Sep,11 02:35
Check mine

By jo64 at 02,Sep,11 19:51 other posts of jo64 
Mine curves down!

By #78174 at 02,Sep,11 14:52
Photo of a equipment from centrino

By 0-00 at 02,Sep,11 14:47 other posts of 0-00 

By #78174 at 02,Sep,11 14:36
Photo of a boner from centrino

Photo of a rooster from centrino

By #163417 at 02,Sep,11 14:27
Here's mine.

By xxx25 at 02,Sep,11 12:48 other posts of xxx25 
My very curved dick:/

Photo of a hot-rod from xxx25

By slutfinder69 at 20,Jul,11 20:12 other posts of slutfinder69 
Mine is curved too!

By #95006 at 17,Feb,11 20:21

By #48122 at 15,Jan,11 18:48

Mine is curved too!

By oldbugle at 15,Jan,11 12:41 other posts of oldbugle 

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