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who is most horny

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Started by #20996 at 23,Aug,09 02:46
Do you find that men is always horny much more than females or men is always willing to have sex as women always with excuses ??

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By JimmyB at 09,Dec,17 19:10 other posts of JimmyB 
Men get horny when the glands that make our cum, and our balls get full regardless of anything else. It gets stale and can mineralize and you can get stones similar to kidney stones, and sperm also only have a limited shelf life, so the plumbing needs to be flushed pretty often.

For women it depends on where they are in the menstrual cycle, reaching their peek level of horny right when they are most fertile.

That's strictly biologically speaking. Psychologically speaking, there are men who never want sex or even to masturbate for whatever reason, and nymphos are a thing. Some people just don't like or want it, which is harmful to men and can give you prostate cancer, seminal vesicle stones, and all sorts of other ailments. Conversely, there are some that love sex and will act horny and have sex like thy were even when they aren't horny because sex and masturbation are fucking awesome.

Hope it helps, and you learned something.

By leopoldij at 09,Dec,17 09:15 other posts of leopoldij 
No. Women are as horny as men. But there is an asymetry: in general, if a woman asks a man for a fuck, the man will rejoice, but if a man asks a woman for a fuck, the woman will take it as harassment. In general.
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And, of course, I'm talking about heterosexual sex here.

By #374428 at 18,Apr,13 04:39
it may have to do with the subject of my forum....guy, many partners = stud...girl, many partners=slut, why the difference?
Society treats each sex different in the way we are viewed!

By #374428 at 18,Apr,13 04:37
I stay so horny my ex boyfriend nicknamed me horntoad

By #164428 at 14,Apr,13 15:15
I'll fuck any one of you back to back!

I'm incredibly horny.
By smiley at 15,Apr,13 04:18 other posts of smiley 
I'd fuck you all night

By FREAKKYZEKE at 15,Apr,13 02:44 other posts of FREAKKYZEKE 
I find guys are usually

By bigone21 at 14,Apr,13 18:26 other posts of bigone21 
100 year old discussion! have a brain please!!

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