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Started by #4812 at 20,Dec,11 01:49
I started rolling my foreskin back nearly 20 years ago and have been like that ever since.My foreskin stays behind the glans at all times.I can roll it back whenever I want with no problem.It feels like a circumcised cock.I just love the feeling when I am semi hard and my cock rubs against the fabric of my trousers,that is when I do not wear any underwear,and that happens almost daily.When in semi hard state I love to walk just so that my cock can rub against my trousers.Who else love this or want to try this.

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By lawrenceo at 06,Apr,19 09:22 other posts of lawrenceo 
The trouble is that when I roll it back, I want to roll it forward again; and somehow I can't get out of that habit and do it for a long time.

By bigone21 at 23,Jun,13 13:35 other posts of bigone21 
On the contrary!! I want to have my foreskin over the head all the time, untill it's time for sex!

It's just too sensitive to have it rolled back and feel the friction, and I like it to stay that way!

And walking around naked most of the summer, I don't want the sun on the head, I like to be really "pink" under the foreskin, when my cock has a naturist teint! )

By #404595 at 21,Jun,13 14:24
been experimenting with this idea for a while
By soundsgreat87 at 21,Jun,13 15:49 other posts of soundsgreat87 
Looks like you've got the glans for it..

By chris23d at 21,Jun,13 15:07 other posts of chris23d 
My skin is too loose to stay back on its own when flaccid

By soundsgreat87 at 21,Jun,13 02:25 other posts of soundsgreat87 
I enjoy the feeling from time to time, and admire guys who do it a lot, though I don't think permanently is for me!

By #403049 at 20,Jun,13 15:22
mine stay rolled back all the time the foreskin will not cover my head my cock hanging out feels good
By soundsgreat87 at 21,Jun,13 02:24 other posts of soundsgreat87 
With a head that big I'm not surprised..

By 0-00 at 20,Jun,13 15:07 other posts of 0-00 
I prefer it rolled back and keep it there permanently these days. I have often considered circumcision but have not convinced myself it is the right thing to do yet.

By cock#57 at 02,Aug,12 20:42 other posts of cock#57 
I was 'circumcised' but im also so small that I naturally turtle when soft which makes it hard to keep back. i would if i could tho

By delboy at 31,Jul,12 19:22 other posts of delboy 
Fully roll it back sometimes, mainly when i,m wearing my silk panties the feeling of it rubbing against the smooth silk is sensational, getting hard now just thinking of it

By #215672 at 23,Jul,12 01:22
no my cock is to touchy

By jocstfr at 21,Dec,11 23:09 other posts of jocstfr 
As someone who is cut, my head is exposed all the time and is always rubbing against my shorts or jeans. Reult is a lot of boners

By #177288 at 21,Dec,11 14:10
not for me

By vebi at 20,Dec,11 20:53 other posts of vebi 

By slipper at 20,Dec,11 20:19 other posts of slipper 

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