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meeting up with others

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Started by #5594 at 23,Dec,11 07:00
Has anyone ever actually met up with someone off this site or is it just the impossible dream. If you have please describe your experience good or bad

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By lawrenceo at 09,Dec,18 08:50 other posts of lawrenceo 
So many on here are from other countries.

Also, I suspect that there are more opportunities in cities and large towns than in the depth of the countryside where I live.

By #147052 at 28,Dec,11 09:59
Not enough people in my state are on or know about this site to meet anyone from here or the distance is too great to accomplish a meeting. It is

By #216929 at 24,Dec,11 05:00
no , it'll not work. This site is only for fun & for exhibitionist. It's not safe to meet a person. u can't guess, how the person is or his nature.
By #5594 at 24,Dec,11 07:17
oh I think most of the guys and girls on here would be ok
By Ray10754 at 25,Dec,11 11:46 other posts of Ray10754 
no more unsafe than choosing some one at random in your own area, just another negitive post from mr hornydick
Not to be rude!! but you must be a boring person in real life and that assumption is formed by your contributions here on this site! that is my opinion and Im entitled to have an opinion last I knew!

By #201583 at 25,Dec,11 11:39
I have only once, and it was a great time. I have had a few that offered and ran.

By oldbugle at 23,Dec,11 10:45 other posts of oldbugle 
Have a look at my blog.
By #5594 at 24,Dec,11 04:06
your blogs were very interesting if a bit un believable but well written as you see there are not many comments so far so thank you for taking the trouble
By oldbugle at 25,Dec,11 06:57 other posts of oldbugle 
Well some of my 'blogs' ARE "unbelievable" because, as stated, they are fiction.....

.....However, the item about 'Carol' and how she introduced me to this site and what transpired is all true!

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