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window cleaner

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Started by #223096 at 21,Jan,12 06:55
I just got interrupted by the window cleaner, was in my bedroom lying on my bed in some small boxers with a big text and I didn't realise they were cleaning as I had just go up and the next thing I know he's window level and could see everything. I went to the bathroom and the same happened, must have been the next window on his route so he saw me pissing. I'm a lodger and the owner had gone out so I heard the door knock twice and I had to pay him so I ran down, threw on some joggers over my massive bulge and asked how much it cost and had to come back with the money. I rearranged myself, pulling my more than semi out my boxers so it could swing around more Nd then paid him. Was so hot I'm wanking over it now! Has anything similar happened to anyone else?

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By wycowboy at 27,Mar,20 18:09 other posts of wycowboy 
When in high school my girlfriend (now my wife) and I parked in a pull out on Lookout Mountain above Denver to make out. We got a little carried and started having sex on the front seat of my truck. Being a little busy I didn't notice two people, a man and a woman, were watching us until just before I came. My wife noticed right after when she caught her breath and sat up. She was embarrassed but i think it also turned her on as we drove away and found a more secluded spot and fucked two more times that night. Wish I could still go 3 times, or more, a night still!

By Jojo491970 at 25,Mar,20 17:20 other posts of Jojo491970 
Wife and I were on a cruise in the Bahamas. After a morning and early afternoon of shore excursions we were hot and tired so we went back to our cabin. We had a couple of hours before we needed to be ready for dinner and we got a little frisky. As my wife was on top riding me hard, she sat up and leaned back because she knows I love looking at and playing with her giant tits. Something caught my attention over the bed, where a giant window was, and I saw 2 guys on a moving platform cleaning the outside of the window. My wife had her eyes closed and was riding my cock hard and letting her boobs bounce and flop. The guys finished cleaning the window without her realizing we were being watched and gave me a thumbs up before loving to the next window. I unloaded an extra big load in her that day.
By shackles at 27,Mar,20 00:50 other posts of shackles 
Jojo....did you ever tell her that the two of you had an audience that day? What was her reaction?
By Jojo491970 at 27,Mar,20 15:36 other posts of Jojo491970 
I did and she was a little embarrassed but more turned on. We never closed the curtains on that window the rest of the cruise.

By #117906 at 12,Feb,12 11:04
Not been lucky enouhg to have this happen to me.. but whos teh luckiest, you, or the window cleaner t have such a grandstand view of such a sexy lad?
By spermkiss at 13,Feb,12 13:24 other posts of spermkiss 
Who was the luckier of the two? It's a toss up, but I'd say niceview was luckier. My guess is that the window cleaner has seen things like this before, but for niceview it was something new and different. He got to show himself off to another guy and he obviously enjoyed doing that (what SYD member wouldn't?). Just look at his next comment "Mmmm still get off thinking about this!"

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