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Working naked

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Started by #220188 at 22,Jan,12 06:30
I like to work naked. I've got my own woodwork shop and I like it when men or women play with my dick while doing jobs for them. Some clients wank me, other sucks me. I never wear clothes over a weekend. Do you like the same? Tell your story.

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By jerrycums at 03,Mar,19 07:33 other posts of jerrycums 
yes i love working in the nude

By #147052 at 24,Jan,12 10:07
Having worked in the building trades for over 50 years, working nude in construction is NOT a very safe thing to do. Power tools used safely are one thing but perhaps a little "kick Back" on a table saw would have a grievous end to your dancing in the nude on site. Additionally, how would an OSHA fine look on your records?????
By toohey at 03,Mar,19 03:16 other posts of toohey 
I totally agree. There are just too many sharp things when working construction.

I have, on very rare occasions, been asked to do handywork in the nude so that the (gay) homeowner might enjoy the view. Considerable extra pay was promised. I had to explain that it's just not workable, let alone safe.

By countrynaturist at 02,Mar,19 22:07 other posts of countrynaturist 
I do a lot of painting and drywalling. Best way to work is in the nude. I have also put in a few backyard gardens and do it nude. Clients all know I work nude and are fine with it. Once in a while a neighbor or friend drops in to see what is up. They sure get an eye full.

By #206678 at 02,Mar,19 14:53
Helping the wife repaint her noodle shop. In the nude of course.

By Ray10754 at 22,Jan,12 07:01 other posts of Ray10754 
By Ray10754 at 22,Jan,12 07:01 other posts of Ray10754 
By Ray10754 at 22,Jan,12 07:04 other posts of Ray10754 
Love being nude! I have been a nudist most of my life and love it,I live a nudist lifestyle at home and where ever I can,Wouldn't change for anything in the world
By #105042 at 22,Jan,12 14:46
Ray, please never change. I LOVE your naked working pictures! Wish I could help, being naked as well and after work sharing a beer with you...naked
By Ray10754 at 23,Jan,12 22:56 other posts of Ray10754 
Have a few projects planed around here in the spring. Looking forward to doing them in the nude, will be taking pictures and will post them when I do! Thanks Paul allways open to help, Dont really drink but would be happy to get one for you!!

By dreamer at 22,Jan,12 07:12 other posts of dreamer 
Cool man, wish I could do that
By #220188 at 23,Jan,12 16:28
Work in your garden naked or have a naked barbeque with friends.
By dreamer at 23,Jan,12 22:50 other posts of dreamer 

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