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Full body!

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All my pics show my face.

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The sky between the two arcs is a little darker than the rest of the sky. This is called Alexander's Band, after Alexander of Afrodisias who described it around 200 BC.

I think I would not mind living in a place called Afrodisias myself.

By toohey at 19,Sep,19 11:46
Aliens may not have a binary sex distinction. Perhaps there are 7 sexes, each pair having difference success-rates for producing offspring. Perhaps 3 or more individuals need to pool their genes to produce offspring, unlike our 2: a creampie gangbang as essential requirement. Perhaps they create new individuals by assembling them according to specifications, requiring no sex at all. Aliens may be very alien....

Given the time needed for interstellar travel (barring highly relativistic speeds, warpdrives, wormholes, and cryogenic hibernation) it seems helpful to have procreative ability: you may not arrive, but your great-grandchildren will.

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Confidence of its owner.

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I'm always happy to show my full body, from head to toe. Of course I include my face. Otherwise it would be very hard to recognize me.

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Some people have difficulty receiving compliments they do not expect. For example, a straight man may need to get used to being complimented by gay men on the suckability of his dick. Some compliments may feel unpleasant: "you look good for someone that old". I can well understand that some people feel uncomfortable. In my view they should simply learn to take any compliment at face value and accept it with good grace.

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All my pics show face and cock.

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Many things have already been said. I add one little bit:

I'm straight and enjoy being seen naked. In practice that means that most of my viewers will be gay males. That is totally fine. I'm not obsessed with dicks, mine or anyone's. I have zero interest in sex with men. I'm here to show my best erotic nude pics, and it makes me happy if people appreciate them.

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Jerking off for an 'audience' is always exciting and fun. I wish there were more opportunities for it. Of course it's perfectly alright to jerk along

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Thank you! I love doing them, and it makes me happy that you are enjoying them.

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No one saw me at this occasion. This is actually a good thing. People in this thread write about the excitement of being seen, and I totally understand , but the reality is that you get into trouble quickly. Say some children arrive around the corner, followed by their parents. Say park rangers on their patrol see you. Say a group of angry muslim immigrant teenagers surrounds you. In all these cases you will be one unhappy camper...

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If you live in a city, as I do, you can use the park:

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Most viewed is this gathering of the photoshop brotherhood:

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Fully naked with face. Yeeha!

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We have had a heatwave, and it was way too hot in the full Sun. So I found some shade in the forest.

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Hot day at the lake.

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Completely naked, with face and erection. Everyone can see I'm a shamelessly happily excited man

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Most commented is this gathering of the photoshop brotherhood:

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Thank you!

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Happily naked from head to toe:

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There have been several such sites:,, getfaded, and perhaps others. They were fairly short-lived because of all the repetitive uploading of problematic pics.

I have posted on all of them, and it was fun to be 'extended' and reposted. It was a great way for people to find their courage with a modest risk. My own exposure is more than temporary.

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Thank you!

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I'm happy to show myself completely nude, including face and erection. But I totally understand if anyone chooses not to do it. You need to be prepared for the situation when (not if) people you know (family, friends, coworkers, neighbors) find the pics. I try my best to make my pics look good, so that I can acknowledge them proudly.

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Impressive: a thread from 2010 that's still alive.
Most of my pics are outdoors, like this one:

You can see my other 36 outdoor pics on my profile.

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One sunny Summer day the lake was busy with boats. A jetty ran out quite a distance into the water. I was dared to walk down the jetty naked, and masturbate at the end, in full view. And I did. What a turn-on. I don't think I've ever cum that hard.

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Full body, here you go:

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Full nudes, I'm all for it.

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My nude pics are public domain, and can be found here:

only registered users can see external links

Feel free to download and repost anywhere.

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Never do it on a horny whim. Masturbate & cum first, and then see if it still seems like a good idea.

Always imagine (realistically, vividly) that the people around you will see the image. Will you be embarrassed talking about it? Will they cause bad consequences for you? Then don't do it.

I have no problem being seen:

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many more on my profile

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I'm here (almost by definition )

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Never do this on a horny whim. When in doubt, first masturbate to a powerful orgasm, and only then decide if you want your face pics to be public. Always imagine that someone you know finds the pics. Will your confidence be up to that? Will it cause actual problems?

If you have what it takes, then by all means go ahead and experience the kick of being 'out there'. Tip: make sure your pics are of good quality, so you can really be proud of them once the people around you find them. I have done it, and I love it. I'm totally happy to be the man in e.g. this pic:

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Spreading wide for you:

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I have posted the same video on various sites, with the following current viewcounts:

only registered users can see external links: 9328
xhamster: 7841
xvideos: 1699
xtube: 1528
dickflash: 557
pornhub: 458
dudesnude: 274
redtube: 54

Of course it is alo here on with 345 views:

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I think it's a thrill that everyone can see me naked with a hard erection. Hiding my face would make me feel cowardly.

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I'm a handyman, and have been offered extra money to work in the nude and/or masturbate. Nude working is neither comfortable nor safe, but I have no problem getting naked and jerking off.

By toohey at 30,Mar,19 02:16
No, sorry.
Each to his own, but I'm not into the whole 'humiliation for pleasure' thing.