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Thank you!

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Happily naked from head to toe:

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There have been several such sites:,, getfaded, and perhaps others. They were fairly short-lived because of all the repetitive uploading of problematic pics.

I have posted on all of them, and it was fun to be 'extended' and reposted. It was a great way for people to find their courage with a modest risk. My own exposure is more than temporary.

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Thank you!

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I'm happy to show myself completely nude, including face and erection. But I totally understand if anyone chooses not to do it. You need to be prepared for the situation when (not if) people you know (family, friends, coworkers, neighbors) find the pics. I try my best to make my pics look good, so that I can acknowledge them proudly.

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Impressive: a thread from 2010 that's still alive.
Most of my pics are outdoors, like this one:

You can see my other 36 outdoor pics on my profile.

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One sunny Summer day the lake was busy with boats. A jetty ran out quite a distance into the water. I was dared to walk down the jetty naked, and masturbate at the end, in full view. And I did. What a turn-on. I don't think I've ever cum that hard.

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Full body, here you go:

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Full nudes, I'm all for it.

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My nude pics are public domain, and can be found here:

only registered users can see external links

Feel free to download and repost anywhere.

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Never do it on a horny whim. Masturbate & cum first, and then see if it still seems like a good idea.

Always imagine (realistically, vividly) that the people around you will see the image. Will you be embarrassed talking about it? Will they cause bad consequences for you? Then don't do it.

I have no problem being seen:

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many more on my profile

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I'm here (almost by definition )

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Never do this on a horny whim. When in doubt, first masturbate to a powerful orgasm, and only then decide if you want your face pics to be public. Always imagine that someone you know finds the pics. Will your confidence be up to that? Will it cause actual problems?

If you have what it takes, then by all means go ahead and experience the kick of being 'out there'. Tip: make sure your pics are of good quality, so you can really be proud of them once the people around you find them. I have done it, and I love it. I'm totally happy to be the man in e.g. this pic:

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Spreading wide for you:

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I have posted the same video on various sites, with the following current viewcounts:

only registered users can see external links: 9328
xhamster: 7841
xvideos: 1699
xtube: 1528
dickflash: 557
pornhub: 458
dudesnude: 274
redtube: 54

Of course it is alo here on with 345 views:

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I think it's a thrill that everyone can see me naked with a hard erection. Hiding my face would make me feel cowardly.

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I'm a handyman, and have been offered extra money to work in the nude and/or masturbate. Nude working is neither comfortable nor safe, but I have no problem getting naked and jerking off.

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No, sorry.
Each to his own, but I'm not into the whole 'humiliation for pleasure' thing.

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Not all shopping is bad. I have had quite a bit of creative fun with Photoshop.

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I like to relax nude in the warm sun, reading a book. Posing for nude photos is of course great fun. Occasionally I work from home, doing only computer work, which requires no clothing.

With other activities I prefer to be dressed because of protection (I'm a handyman), or because nudity would be considered inappropriate by the people around me.

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I agree: they are completely yours. I have no interest in them.

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I have been victim of identity fraud due to an online ID. This is not pleasant, I can assure you. Someone had used my ID to buy computers worth several thousand euro's on credit. Of course he didn't observe the required payments, so the credit company hired a collection agency that eventually came knocking on my door. It took a lot of effort to sort this out, involving being interviewed by the police.

You either believe that I'm Ed Toohey, or you don't. I'm not supplying any ID, and I advise everyone against doing it.

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Not at all! I'm straight. I love to be watched, and most of my 'audience' is gay. That's totally fine.
Please take a look at my photos and don't hesitate to compliment if you feel like it

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This is as hard as I get.

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Take a step back, literally, and widen the perspective to include more than the cock. A cock has a limited number of degrees of freedom, the body has a lot more to express all manner of moods and concepts. If you include a bit of background, this opens yet another world of possibilities.

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Agreed, fully.

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I totally agree. There are just too many sharp things when working construction.

I have, on very rare occasions, been asked to do handywork in the nude so that the (gay) homeowner might enjoy the view. Considerable extra pay was promised. I had to explain that it's just not workable, let alone safe.

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That's ambitious. I'm not sure I'll do well on this challenge. I haven't accomplished anything on the list

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Both are very attractive. I was very impressed with Olivia Munn's Sloan Sabith on the Newsroom. However, perhaps simplistically, I was a little disappointed that the actress and he persona did not coincide. Olivia Wilde will forever be engraved on my mind as '13' in House MD. House manipulated everyone, but he never got the better of 13.

Wonderful actresses both, and very attractive because they have personality.

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I enjoy nude beaches and other nude recreation areas. As is obvious from my profile, I enjoy being watched naked. I happily take off my clothes in full view. I usually find a spot not too far from where people pass by.

Some nude areas are of an explicit 'naturist' persuasion that frowns upon anything erotic. I do my best to respect that. Otherwise, depending on the mood, an occasional happy erection can be part of the experience.

I have described my first experience on my blog.

I have not experienced any nervousness. I think that being nervous about nudity has something to do with the idea that being nude is somehow wrong or 'sinful'. Many major religions, like islam and christianity, hold a dim view of nudity in general, and anything sexual in particular. We see this reflected in society. The growing number of muslim immigrants causes social norms to shift towards the prudish. People who have been raised in such religions often need to first overcome a psychological barrier before they can relax and enjoy nude recreation. That problem has very little to do with nudity, and everything with those repressive religions.

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Most recent (26 Feb 2019)

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I put on a bath robe before answering the door. There is no point to getting in trouble.

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I think I can stop. Let's try it.




No pics! There you are.

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When I have time I'm here every day. However, I could easily do without it (I know because I have), so I don't consider myself addicted.

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There is a paradox inherent in this sort of requests for humiliation. If we give in and grant the request it means that we will effectively be doing your bidding. That's not exactly what I think of when I hear the word 'humiliation'.

I'm a nice man, or try to be, so I'll do my best to humiliate you. Here goes nothing...

You confused idiot! Stop whining about your penis! Stop right now! No one is interested in your allegedly small penis. No one. You good-for-nothing weakling, man up. Look into the mirror. Right now. Do it. Look yourself into the eye and repeat after me, word for word exactly as I say: "I am a worthy human being. I respect myself and the world. I solemnly promise to celebrate everything good in life. Henceforth I will never again ask anyone to humiliate me, nor to praise me. I will live my life in the best way possible to me, and let others judge as they will. My well-being will never be at the mercy of their opinions, good or bad. Never."

I hope that helps. I certainly had fun writing this

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I wear briefs. I don't care at all about the fashion aspect. I consider them purely from an utilitarian aspect: you wear them, and you take them off. C'est tout.

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