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Should i shave my pubes?

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Started by #17145 at 01,Oct,09 18:53
I'm thinking of shaving my pubes and i was wondering do people prefer hairy or shaves. If the majority say shaved i'll shave and post new pics. If people prefer hairy the i'll leave it the way it is.

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New Comment

By b4idie at 03,Jan,19 16:06 other posts of b4idie 
Im 72 and just started shaving my pubes, I wish Id done it years ago

By bungeman at 03,Jan,19 13:28 other posts of bungeman 
wake up to urself who cares

By knewbi at 03,Jan,19 12:58 other posts of knewbi 
Hell yes!! You can always grow them back if you do not like it...

By cutroundhead at 03,Jan,19 04:26 other posts of cutroundhead 
No, keep it wild and hairy!

By countrynaturist at 02,Jan,19 23:35 other posts of countrynaturist 
Shave. Your boyfriend will thank you

By #187007 at 03,Nov,13 08:30

By Pauli at 05,Oct,09 14:36 other posts of Pauli 
He - your pubes is shaved and its great that way!

By supablack at 01,Oct,09 19:15 other posts of supablack 
I honesly feel so much better when my pubes are trimmed, its mor comfortable, and i like how it looks, depends on your comfort level

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