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Neighbor Saw

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Started by #50908 at 18,May,12 07:29
Neighbor saw me wankin off and blowin a load. Anyone else have this happen?

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By overeight at 18,Mar,20 19:58 other posts of overeight 
I had one old neighbor who saw me do I a few times she was fun about it too. We used to call each other and talk while watching each other,that was fun.

By #5532 at 18,May,12 07:58
Our neighbor has gotten an eyeful of a number of different , um, playing events.
By ChocolateDevine at 18,May,12 09:31 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Some people have all the luck
By Dickventures at 14,Mar,20 18:22 other posts of Dickventures 
I hear that. Only nude stuff I've seen irl are done on purpose, so no candid action for me.

By Komp122 at 14,Mar,20 01:21 other posts of Komp122 
My female naigbor saw me naked try the window when i was in the shower,she liked it

By #612667 at 12,Mar,20 00:51
My neibour in c/van park used to look in everyones windows he was big perv nothing wrong but was the way he was doing it nothing wrong with neibour seing but when you go from window to window looking purposly that was bit wrong as halfthe others didnt know i didnt realy care
By grifkami at 13,Mar,20 00:47 other posts of grifkami 
My ex girlfriend and I youth to fuck in front of a huge 8 foot glass doorwall in her second story apartment all the time. Especially on Friday and Saturday night We would get home from the bar or a party, I would open the curtains, turn on her bright fluorescent lights, undress each other, and start eating her pussy out with her spread eagle on this tall day bed she had. There where windows from the floor to the ceiling on two walls facing a fraternity house and the other was a major street that hundreds of people walked by all night long. There literally was nothing obstructing anyone outsides view. When we would start fucking changing positions frequently and put on a couple hour show for the whole world to see. A Group of my friends saw us one night and mentioned it to me the next day. They said, "Oh my God dude! We all saw you railing Katie hard last night! I can't believe you didn't close the drapes! Aren't you afraid that someone's gonna call the cops or you're going to get in trouble?" And I said, "No, not at all. I deliberately open the drapes and turned on all the lights so passers by could see clearly. If they didn't want to look, they didn't have to. We were in her apartment and weren't doing anything wrong. If someone called the cops or complained, I could just as easily accuse them of being a peeping Tom." Like I said we did it all the time and a few of my friends not only admitted to seeing us fuck, but watching us fuck to completion." I love to be an exhibitionist.
By leopoldij at 13,Mar,20 18:43 other posts of leopoldij 
You should be given an award for providing free wanking material to those who can't fuck.

By leopoldij at 16,Feb,20 11:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Sure. Not a problem.
By licksipsuckit at 13,Mar,20 16:23 other posts of licksipsuckit 
my neighbour is the police sergeant, so l want be pulling my curtains. l used to walk a lot at night and seen many people fucking in their homes on my nightly rounds. the best was one lady entertaining 3 men, her house was at the top of a street, so l could see them for a while before l turned the corner. good to see the population still loves a good show and tell night *lix*

By wycowboy at 18,Feb,20 08:29 other posts of wycowboy 
Yep, I didn't care and she didn't seem to either

By #113591 at 20,May,12 13:42
I once used a saw to cut some stuff and things, but mainly things.

By #52093 at 20,May,12 02:54
lucky neighbour

By 67malibu at 18,May,12 11:37 other posts of 67malibu 
I LIKE neighbors like u

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