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cock piercing or not?

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Started by #186712 at 29,May,12 18:14
Hi guys and girls,

What do you think? Should I take a cock piercing (Prince Albert) or better not?

I get really excited and even horny from seeing a pierced cock and would like to know how it feels. What are the best things about it? What are the disadvantages?

Before I take a decision, i would like to hear your opinion!


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New Comment

By mzr at 13,Jun,17 16:51 other posts of mzr 

My frenulum piercing on my uncut foreskin intact dick

By mickey192 at 18,May,13 16:07 other posts of mickey192 
Hi i have had mine now for 40yrs and it has been fine and is great see my profile for picks

By Ray10754 at 30,May,12 15:31 other posts of Ray10754 
I found mine not as painfull as everyone said it would be!
I only had minor bleding (stoped bleeding by the time I got home from the piercers shop) Ihad a minor dull pain for about a day or so after being pierced then everything was fine, although It was sencitive to touch fo about a week but nothing that was unbearable.As long as you do what your told to do,keep it clean!!! do your h20 soaks and be sure to keep moving it around you should be just fine.I have found that I am more sencitive now during sex no discomfort at all.Was able to masterbate about 1 1/2 weeks after getting it done,( with caution ofcourse) and had sex with in three weeks!!!
I never wear underwear so yes it is noticable, depending on the type of pants,shorts your wearing, But that's the fun of having it !!!I have gotten comments both good and bad But I realy dont care what others think I got mine for me!
Being Bi sexual I have had sex partners love it and others don't,and some ask me to remove it during sex, I have no problem taking it out if asked to!

You will be supprised how many people like them and just don't make it known,From my experiance most woman dont mind them at all or will atleast be interested enough to at least give it a try!! Good luck with your venture and hope you post some photos if you decide to go for it !!

By Ray10754 at 30,May,12 13:53 other posts of Ray10754 
My P/A is a 0 ga,I have a 12 ga diamond stud in my ear, Just up sized to 10 ga in my nipple and last week I had my Navle done with a 10 ga bent bar bell

By 67malibu at 30,May,12 13:13 other posts of 67malibu 
Just stretched mine to a 10ga. And my Guiche to a 0 ga. My nipples r 12ga. My navel 6ga. Pubic 14ga. All else 14 ga. How often do u guys stretch etc.

By princea at 30,May,12 09:50 other posts of princea 
ray has really said it like it is.If yr thinking about it,go for it,youll love it

By 67malibu at 30,May,12 05:29 other posts of 67malibu 
I LIKE my PA but its not a painless process by any means , healed faster than any Piercing I have ever had wanted one for years finally did it at 51.

By Piercedknob at 30,May,12 01:25 other posts of Piercedknob 
It was the best thing I ever did. It is well worth getting for the extra stimulation.

By Ray10754 at 29,May,12 18:59 other posts of Ray10754 
That it totaly up to the individule! I had mine done because I wanted it,for as long as I can remember I was always impressed by the site of guys that had P/A's.
Took me a long time to finaly get it done and now I wish I had it done a lot sooner. I enjoy the added weight of it hanging there,your aware if it all the time, (in a good way)
Looking at your profile photos, you have a great looking cock and Having it pierced would only make it more so! (Thats my honest oppinion ) other's my think otherwise!
I wish you luck in making your decision not matter what it turns out to be.
I am no professional but If you have any quetions or oncerns feel fre to message me and I will try to answer them for you !!
By Ray10754 at 29,May,12 19:02 other posts of Ray10754 
This is mine 0 gauge 3/4 dia circular bar bell

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