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Favorite and Unusuall Places to Jerk Off

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Started by #15105 at 31,Oct,09 18:00
I love to jerk off in unusuall places. I love to do it in a subway train between two stations, on a soccer field at night, all naked on the wet and dirty ground, or - which is my favorite - in the backseat of a taxi while talking to the muslim driver.
does anyone have the same habbit? What's your favorite and unusuall place?

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New Comment

By leopoldij at 04,Dec,18 02:55 other posts of leopoldij 
At home

By #4825 at 20,Dec,09 17:56
When I was in school I used to like to masturbate in one of the bathroom stalls. Now I love to go hiking and find a secluded place to strip and stroke! I always fantasize that someone is watching. I'd love to see a pic of myself posted by someone else here who 'caught' me!
By #15105 at 23,Dec,09 08:01
I'd love to watch you
By MoeJoe at 23,Dec,09 08:34 other posts of MoeJoe 
I like to masturbate in outdoor secluded spots too!
By #15105 at 01,Jan,10 17:35
Watch you both!

By liketoedge at 07,Sep,18 11:51 other posts of liketoedge 
I did it almost daily in the bathroom stalls back in school. I was a serious turn on know people were so close and had no idea what I was doing

By #22008 at 03,Nov,09 16:45
Every day when the British Parliament is in session +~ 600 Members of Parliament do it in the DEBATING chamber of the HOUSE OF COMMONS.
By #11431 at 02,Jan,10 10:25
dont yopu mean in the MASSdebating chamber ?

By #15105 at 07,Dec,09 15:52
I once lay on the beach, reading a magazine. I lay on my belly and got horny. So I was gently pressing my boner in my swimsuit into the sand, when a lokal seller came by and knelt by my side. I had perfect view into his crotch. And while we talked I continued humping the towel I lay on. Then I could'nt controll it anymore and came right into my swimsuit! I can tell it was just the harder to controll the expression in my face and my voice, as I was to moan out loud and shiver in excitement and relief. When I finally turned around he recognized my bulge and the big wet spot.

By #38799 at 27,Nov,09 18:56
Nude beach... I remember when I was 17/18 I went to a nude beach alone, found a loneliest spot with just two ol' ladies nearby (10 meters or so). At first nothing specially happened, I was laying there, reading some sci-fi novel, but suddenly I felt my cock getting bigger and harder! (what can I say, I was young). I remember I was embarassed because my 'neighbors' obviously notticed what's going on, but then I think - what the hell! I grabbed my rock-hard dick and few seconds later I was in heaven! Then I quickly clean myself in the sea and run away from the 'crime scene'. Last thing I saw was that two ladies giggling and laughing Since then I had many jerk-offs in unusual places - my porch, in the sea, while I'm driving, on the top of the roof (!)... But that first one was special.
By #15105 at 04,Dec,09 05:28
I can imagine!

By #37169 at 14,Nov,09 03:48
I once did it in a huge library between rows of bookshelves - stipped totally and masturbated by lying face down and thrusting my cock against the floor and left a huge deposit. The sound of footsteps in nearby rows was a tremendous thrill.
By MoeJoe at 14,Nov,09 04:24 other posts of MoeJoe 
I've done the library thing several times....never got naked, but did drop my pants to do it. One time after shooting my load, I went into the bathroom which was right around the corner from the book aisle I was jacking off in, and encountered another guy eveidently libraries are a hotbed of masturbation action!!

By #35660 at 12,Nov,09 14:11
jerking off apt. hallways,staircase out in the woods. one time I had my camera taking pics of my dick I was walking looking for a place to take my next pic I was nude. A woman walking her dog came out of no where. had a good look at my dick walked by me said hello I replyed with a hello back. you know if I had just said some to her she had a big smile on her face. that gave a rock hard dick to jerk off.
By #15105 at 13,Nov,09 16:33

By #4162 at 04,Nov,09 09:18
My neighbours garden shed!
By #15105 at 07,Nov,09 15:48

By #8288 at 02,Nov,09 04:08
so....if the taxi driver is non-Muslim it's not fun for you???
By #15105 at 02,Nov,09 12:39
fun enough as long as they're macho!

By supablack at 01,Nov,09 16:02 other posts of supablack 
List if alot of pudpull's patio, bathroom, lockerooms both male and female, car, friends houses, church, the list goes on mile high club

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