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Big Cock and fondling it

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Started by #294695 at 10,Sep,12 13:11
If you have visited my gallery of pics you'll likely agree my cock is big. I go commando and sometimes wear boxers. My cock hangs low and most often during the day it needs "adjusting". I tend to do this whenever or wherever I am. In public or private I like to fondle my cock and balls. Sometimes folks see me, but I see this as a fact of being blessed with a well hung cock and for being male. Anybody else enjoy this ritual during the day?

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New Comment

By hardon4ugirls at 22,Dec,19 10:59 other posts of hardon4ugirls 

By niceonebighead at 11,Dec,19 19:36 other posts of niceonebighead 
dam im up for anyone 2 fondle my stuff anytime i have pics on here check it out

By cruz69696969 at 17,Nov,18 01:46 other posts of cruz69696969 
If I knew what your cock looked like I might even help you with that adjustment

By #139037 at 11,Sep,12 10:34
Adjusting how it hangs is part of my everyday rituals and habits. I dont even think about it when I do it. Sometimes a subtle push from the outside is enough (for instance when it became hard), sometimes I will have to change position from the inside of my pants, usually when I sat and stand up again to walk while not wearing the nicest underwear I have. But public fondling?? No, not really.
By #300891 at 11,Sep,12 10:56
i dont think you quite understood what this tit is on about."adjusting" and fondling in public?the blokes a pervert.
By #139037 at 11,Sep,12 11:01
Thats what I feared reading the replies. Therefore my last sentence. Adjusting however can be interpret as a normal thing and I tend to take things in a positive way.
By #300891 at 11,Sep,12 11:11
but then that is perverts all over.....
By #294695 at 11,Sep,12 18:50
Matt 7 :2-5 For in the same way you judge others you will be judged.
Judge not lest ye be judged.
FillysWilly was absolutely right in his perception and I thank him for at least giving me the benefit of the doubt.
Regardless of what you think this was a test in futility, courtesy and genuine adult behavior. I 100% agree that fondling or displaying personal groping of any kind is not only perverse but morally wrong. I always wanted to see the personal and moral compass with folks on this site. Your going to think whatever you want but know this your response was exactly what I expected and that morals and values are alive and well.
By #300891 at 12,Sep,12 02:26
mr7inches 9 :20-12 bollocks.
By bella! at 12,Sep,12 09:11 other posts of bella! 
Is the book of mr7Inches found in the old or new testament?

By bella! at 10,Sep,12 13:28 other posts of bella! 
By #294695 at 10,Sep,12 15:09
If you had a penis and testicles you wouldn't think so
By bella! at 10,Sep,12 16:46 other posts of bella! 
You are absolutely right, I do not have a penis or testicles, just large breasts. Spare everyone of your need to fondle your cock and balls when you "adjust" yourself wherever and whenever you want because that's just creepy. Here's a novel idea......wear appropriate underwear ......nicely fitting "tighty-whities"!
By #294695 at 10,Sep,12 18:41
I see your viewpoint however if you ask any male friend or associate of yours do they often feel the need to "adjust" themselves I think their answers would surprise you. Every man, those who are "hung" need to adjust their genitals. Even in the favorite American pastime of baseball players continually grab their crotch and adjust their gear, almost like a woman who readjust her bra straps. Its not creepy its human nature.
By bella! at 10,Sep,12 19:19 other posts of bella! 
Okay, get 'er done......but fondling yourself in public is for pervs and is very creepy.
By jerseyboy at 10,Sep,12 20:02 other posts of jerseyboy 
I agree fonding one's self should be done in private. If one needs an adjustment do it without anyone catching you adjusting your manhood. You know in good taste. Thats' my two cents worth!

By #300891 at 11,Sep,12 10:45
agreed bella! dont know what hes banging on about he aint that big.
By bella! at 11,Sep,12 11:08 other posts of bella! 
Damn! I'm glad you're back!
By #300891 at 11,Sep,12 11:12
so am i my sweet angel
By #254338 at 11,Sep,12 12:00
Glad to hear you're back as well!

By *kmadeau* at 11,Sep,12 02:23 other posts of *kmadeau* 
wow interesting I'm just VV, always take care nobody to see me when fondling it!

By #196416 at 10,Sep,12 19:30
Well, first off I don't agree that your cock is big, but I do agree with bella and Sinjid306. Maybe if you weren't so into yourself you would be able to find someone else to fondle you.
By bella! at 10,Sep,12 19:51 other posts of bella! 
Do YOU need a fondler......May I fondle you? Please?

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