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better, pussy or ass

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Started by #309533 at 16,Oct,12 23:14
What's better guys ass girls ass girls pussy or getting fucked by a cock

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By hairypussywife at 26,Oct,19 21:36 other posts of hairypussywife 
Absolutely depends on the woman how she's built in those areas and the looks of those areas make a difference too!

By nekekal at 26,Oct,19 13:37 other posts of nekekal 
I love cunt. My cock is pretty big and all cunt is very tight. I love to fuck cunt. I only tried ass once, her choice, but I could tell that it wasn't going to go well. Nothing in Nature coming out of an ass is as big as my cock. Even with lots of lube, it hurt her, I am not into pain, and wasn't that good for me.

Most cunts are not deep enough, but I love having my cock in as far as I can.

By cumcouplessa at 26,Oct,19 09:10 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. I absolutelly adore wifey's pussy, and can lick it till my mouth actually gets sore. However, sometimes I just CRAVE her butt, and can lick and fuck it till we are both properly spent. Have to say, its an awesome change. She keeps herself extremely clean and can have multiple orgasms whilst I'm inside there.

By Smoothmann at 24,Oct,19 17:18 other posts of Smoothmann 
A smooth shaven wet pussy get me going!

By nolongercurious at 24,Oct,19 15:59 other posts of nolongercurious 
Pussy, but getting fucked in the ass is good too.

By waves at 24,Oct,19 12:32 other posts of waves 
Pussy always, love the wetness of a cunt

By 67malibu at 17,Oct,12 13:54 other posts of 67malibu 
All of the above

By #146804 at 17,Oct,12 11:10
I prefer anal over vagianl sex
By WristThick at 17,Oct,12 13:28 other posts of WristThick 
Definitely not the first time I've heard that!

By WristThick at 17,Oct,12 13:27 other posts of WristThick 
Really tough to answer, but I'd have to say a pussy where the girl knows how to fuck and has exercised the muscles in her vagina. But ass is usually just as good

By pornlover59 at 17,Oct,12 11:34 other posts of pornlover59 
fucking a womans pussy and having a couple fucking over my face so i can lick their assholes while getting my ass plowed!

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