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By cumcouplessa at 11,Sep,19 00:27
Hubby here. I'm emotionally attracted to women, hence I'm married, but have craved sucking cock for as long as I can remember. No-one ever forced cock on me, so I must have been born this way? Luckily my wife understands, and we've had loads of fun sharing cock over the years.

By cumcouplessa at 02,Sep,19 23:26
Hubby here. Best doggy style is when there's another guy at the bottom, licking her clit and your shaft as it goes in and out.

By cumcouplessa at 30,Aug,19 00:14
I would check to make sure hubby is asleep (no way I'm sharing that gorgeous cock), then I'd quietly climb on top of you, and ride you slowly till you cum deep inside me. Then I'd wake hubby up and let him lick me clean

By cumcouplessa at 14,Aug,19 21:37
Hubby here. Actually cannot remember when last I had sex with wifey and never ate her first. I find that eating both her pussy and butt is what REALY gets me going, and makes her so wet aswell, that sex isnt the same without it.

By cumcouplessa at 10,Aug,19 00:20
Any and all are beautiful in their own way, however a nice hard upcurved cock is a bonus for both of us.

By cumcouplessa at 04,Aug,19 03:52
Hubby here. Not sure of age, but was young, in junior school. Loved it ever since and never hid the fact from my wife. We have sucked many guys off together. She loves it just as much as me. Some couples garden, some camp, some cycle.... we suck cock

By cumcouplessa at 27,Jul,19 00:10
We enjoy kinky, mmf 3'some sex and love to share a nice hard cock. Our friends would freak out if they ever found out

By cumcouplessa at 26,Jul,19 23:45
Hubby here. I will suck cock at every opportunity. Unfortunatelly, its hard to find willing participants around here. Wifey doesnt have a problem with that, and will join if she can. I just wish there was more around?

By cumcouplessa at 12,Jul,19 00:04
To be honest, too long OR thick can hurt, so I prefer them an average sort of size. Unless I've been drinking, then sometimes I like to have my fanny torn to shreds but I do suffer the next day. All in all, if a guy knows what he is doing, and knows how to use his tongue too, he realy doesnt need to be very big to make me cum.

By cumcouplessa at 30,May,19 20:19
Not nearly as many as we would have liked

By cumcouplessa at 20,May,19 23:51
Hubby here, I dont believe being high makes you bi, but fully agree it lowers your inhibitions, and gives you the courage required to fully enjoy bi sex.

By cumcouplessa at 20,May,19 23:22
Damb, I nearly forgot. CUM VIDEOS! We both love watching guys cum. HUGE turn on.

By cumcouplessa at 20,May,19 23:18
Hard, up-curved cock does it for both of us. Also, hubby has a thing for bbw women with large labia. Wife loves the company and attention of more than one guy.

By cumcouplessa at 03,May,19 22:07
One of the best parts of being on this site is to watch the video's guys post of themselves wanking till they come. Always makes hubby realy hard too. 😍

By cumcouplessa at 30,Apr,19 00:11
With the right guy, it is absolutelly amazing. Always a little scary at first, but then the feeling is very intense and I can orgasm again and again. Always sore afterwards though, which kinda puts me off? On the whole, I guess the pain after is well worth it.

By cumcouplessa at 20,Apr,19 11:31
Hubby here. I was 15 when I ate a girls pussy on the steps at a drive in cinema. Married her 3 years later, still eating her pussy today, 35 years later, although nowadays I like to spice it up (realy enjoy a nice wet creampie). Have no idea how much of my cum she's swallowed over the years 😂

By cumcouplessa at 18,Apr,19 21:38
Your cock looks fine to us. Its not ALL about size. Yes, sometimes its nice to be stretched, but honestly speaking, some of our most fun experiences have been with guys that truly weren't that big at all. They were simply good in bed and knew how to pleasure both of us.

By cumcouplessa at 31,Mar,19 23:14
Hubby here. Honestly speaking, I realy dont think there are words to describe what it feels like to have a hard cock pulsating inside you. No toy even comes close. Definatelly something any curious guy should try for himself.

By cumcouplessa at 24,Mar,19 04:47
We both love cock. Although hubby definatelly has a thing for female butt-holes lol. Specially if the lady is a little curvy. At times he just wont leave mine alone and my pussy feels a bit neglected. I have to remind him that I do have a vag aswell

By cumcouplessa at 22,Mar,19 00:23
Hubby here. Wifey gets very wet and horny when getting rimmed. Usually likes anal thereafter, although I think it depends on how big the guy is. She's rather tight in that area and cant handle anything too big. In those cases, I get the back and him the front. No complaints from my side, lol. I LOVE both rimming AND fucking her sexy butt-hole

By cumcouplessa at 18,Feb,19 12:17
Hi. Hubby here. We've had our fair share of mmf 3'somes. What I fail to understand is just how difficult it is to find a compatible male. Myself and wifey are very accomodating,and will go with the flow. On this site most guys are bi, and seem realy horny, and yet we actually havent had a 3'some in over a year. Most guys like to talk about it, but shy out when its time to meet. Maybe its just the area we stay in, but DAMB, we could give any decent guy an amazing night. I'm fully bi, we both love cock, and yet we battle for a hook-up.

By cumcouplessa at 13,Feb,19 22:52
Hubby here. Honestly, as I've got older, so has my staying power . When my cock makes contact with her soft, moist labia, I'm ready to blow a load. Usually I just have a quick wank before hand, as always have some staying power the second time around. Best however is to have a friend give her pussy a good workout first, that way she's not rely'ing on me to make her cum

By cumcouplessa at 09,Feb,19 22:43
Hubby here. Many years back, I caught wifey masturbating whilst looking at cock pictures in a magazine. This was in the early years of marriage, and changed everything. I told her the pics turned me on too, and we masturbated together for the first time ever. Our sexualy relationship went from 50, to 100 and has stayed there ever since. Best thing ever

By cumcouplessa at 09,Feb,19 22:34
Hubby here, that describes me perfectly. I love pussy, and am very open about that, however I absolutelly crave a nice hard cock, and only wifey and a few guys we've known are aware of that. Some things are better kept a secret? Especially where we live.

By cumcouplessa at 05,Feb,19 11:25
Hubby here. I am very bi, and therefore myself and wifey both crave cock. We have shared many intimate times in bed with a male third party. The focus is usually on giving her the greatest of pleasure possible with two guys, and from my side, there is zero jelousy, as I get to suck and enjoy the guy myself at the same time. In our minds, there is nothing better than sharing a nice hard cock, providing its with the right guy. Guiding a nice hard cock into her wet and wanting pussy is probably the greatest turn on for me. Its all about having fun. Sex has nothing to do with love for us. When the guy has left, THEN we make love and have the best sex ever 👍

By cumcouplessa at 18,Jan,19 21:44
Hi, hubby here. She has a lovely pussy, and yes, I'd fuck her in a heartbeat. How? That all depends on what she likes, and if you'll be joining us

By cumcouplessa at 31,Dec,18 10:38
Hubby here. Not NEARLY as many as I would have liked . Hard to find willing recipients around here

By cumcouplessa at 19,Dec,18 12:46
Hubby here. I think ALL and any cocks look awesome, but for some reason, those hard up-curved ones make me weak at the knees. Wifey shares my preferance, although living in SA, we take whatever we can get. We've shared big ones, small ones, curved and dead straight. To our amasement, they all did the job perfectly well

By cumcouplessa at 19,Dec,18 12:39
Hubby here. This is most definatelly about as RIGHT as it gets

By cumcouplessa at 15,Dec,18 22:41
Hubby here. I sucked a good friend off quite a few times some years back, both before and after his vasectomy. To be honest, I never noticed a difference.

By cumcouplessa at 13,Dec,18 13:14
Thanks Bella, to be honest, maybe because we've learned to be more open, I find her even WAY more of a turn on now than in my twenties.

By cumcouplessa at 12,Dec,18 23:07
Hubby here, I remember when I married one of the hottest chicks around 30 years ago. We're still married, and she's still sexy as hell. I remember the first time I saw her naked, and every time I think of it, I still get hard. I remember when on the weekends I would have her 5 or 6 times in a day? Damb, age can be a bummer . Nowadays, once a day is ample. But hey, you adapt, and since we both enjoy a nice hard cock, we now allow a friend to join, and she still gets all the cock she deserves. She still likes to fuck like she did 30 years ago lol. I've seen much younger guys admit they just cannot carry on lol.

By cumcouplessa at 12,Dec,18 22:47
Hubby here. I've never come across either a vagina OR cock that smelled bad. Maybe I just been lucky? Some have definatelly had a stronger smell than others, but all tasted perfect . Have heard of an old tradition in Northern Africa, where women would stand over a pot of boiling sweet potatoes, so that the steam would deodorise their pussy's. Haven't had the pleasure to dine on one of those, but would love to try

By cumcouplessa at 12,Dec,18 13:04
Hubby here, you must be friends with Pharell? Oh my word, what a gorgeous pussy? Hairy, and those lips???? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

By cumcouplessa at 12,Dec,18 13:00
Hubby here, I think its important to take it slow. Massage her back, let your cock rub along her butt-hole. When she starts lifting her bum to find your cock, she's ready! You force it, its painfull, and the whole experience turns sour. Let her butt find your cock

By cumcouplessa at 12,Dec,18 12:54
Best experience EVER. Hubby here, and I LOVE to watch her in action, also love to particiate. Nothing better than a nice wet creampie after they leave

By cumcouplessa at 24,Nov,18 04:41
Hubby here. I would grab that cock quicker than you could blink , and before you knew what was happening, I'd have it firmly nestled in my mouth

By cumcouplessa at 19,Oct,18 23:50
Just had a private message from some dude, claiming he'd "love to give this whore the real cock she deserves". WOW! What a conversation starter. There realy are some super people on this site.

By cumcouplessa at 06,Oct,18 23:30
Hubby here. My fantasy is to have a mmmf 3some where 2 hot guys get to play with wifey and for once I could just sit back and enjoy the show whilst quietly stroking myself to orgasm.

By cumcouplessa at 04,Oct,18 23:31
Hi there Champstamp. Your profile doesnt say where you live. If its anywhere near South Africa, pm us

By cumcouplessa at 14,Sep,18 23:58
Cockaddict. Describes both of us, lol.

By cumcouplessa at 25,Aug,18 00:08
Not too big, not too small, with an upward curve . Oh, and preferably bi

By cumcouplessa at 25,Aug,18 00:05
Hi, hubby here. The first time wifey and I crossed this bridge, I was EXTREMELY jelous. After that, I couldn't wait to try again. And again. And again. Nowadays, a MMF 3'some is all I think about? Dont be put off by your feelings the first time around.

By cumcouplessa at 22,Aug,18 23:57
Still trying to figure out what "non penetrative sex" actually is? How does one have sex without penetration? Gees, times sure are changing

By cumcouplessa at 08,Aug,18 23:19
Now THAT is what I call a cock! Rugged, ready for action? Oh my hat, I am Soooooooo wet? 😍

By cumcouplessa at 14,Jul,18 00:19
Hubby here. How do you watch it in person and resist the urge to put it in your mouth? I could never stand back and see a guy wasting his load like that?

By cumcouplessa at 12,Jul,18 00:37
Hubby here. Sign us up! We're having no luck finding hot, horny guys that wanna play in our neighbourhood. Maybe we get lucky with the Martians? Green cock may be better than NO cock? Right?

By cumcouplessa at 19,Jun,18 23:41
Count us in

By cumcouplessa at 17,Jun,18 00:08
Hubby here. I once sucked a guy whilst his guy friend and my better half were busy trying to break our bed. They carried on for around 2 hours, and I sucked him the entire time. All he wanted to do was bang my mouth. Very weird experience. He came twice. My jaw was so sore the next day, I couldn't chew food. Was fun anyway

By cumcouplessa at 15,Jun,18 23:41
Nothing better, than a nice, hard, up-curved cock.