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Cum shots

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Started by #35940 at 09,Feb,13 11:12
Nothing hotter than a good cum shot, really gets me going, but I can't seem to take a good one of myself. any good suggestions, hints and tips would be very appreciated. Also feel free to share your cumshots I would love to see lots of cum

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By #559966 at 20,Jun,18 12:38

By lawrenceo at 15,Jun,18 01:50 other posts of lawrenceo 
After the event

By Ablaze at 12,Jun,18 04:37 other posts of Ablaze 

By Boylover at 12,Jun,18 00:15 other posts of Boylover 

By lahbr at 07,Jun,18 02:39 other posts of lahbr 


By hatcher at 06,Jun,18 18:38 other posts of hatcher 

By Snake-n-hole at 18,Mar,13 12:18 other posts of Snake-n-hole 
I love this topic. Look at all the great pics that got posted!! Great job.

By inca47 at 17,Mar,13 13:13 other posts of inca47 
Try taking video and editing it to show individual frames. Here's one I did as an example.

By webwanker at 17,Mar,13 10:34 other posts of webwanker 
pic adding didn`t work . sorry . Now , I`m unable to delete the comment

By #277673 at 17,Mar,13 10:27

Whatcha think

By langloot at 17,Mar,13 00:28 other posts of langloot 
One of mine. Good light and fast shutter/sport.

and another

By PeterPeter at 15,Mar,13 17:24 other posts of PeterPeter 
Like this?

By #78174 at 15,Mar,13 13:12

By #247606 at 14,Mar,13 17:04

By #266414 at 12,Feb,13 17:44
By Mikedick at 13,Feb,13 06:58 other posts of Mikedick 
you got some good spurt range

By #359325 at 14,Mar,13 06:45

By duncanidaho at 14,Feb,13 18:23 other posts of duncanidaho 
take a video and then select the best frame - see my page for plenty of ideas!

By xxx25 at 14,Feb,13 02:30 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a short leg from xxx25

By Mikedick at 12,Feb,13 01:58 other posts of Mikedick 
you should be shooting all those loads in my mouth

By #163417 at 10,Feb,13 11:34
By #35940 at 11,Feb,13 05:52
I want to take pictures like this, so hot
By #163417 at 11,Feb,13 15:27

By tallmanjd at 10,Feb,13 19:30 other posts of tallmanjd 
its hard capturing a big cum shot on camera lucky a friend did so with this cum shot of mine comment if you like

By #277673 at 10,Feb,13 14:29
esiest way i found is to shoot video and then use VLC players snapshot ability as you screen advance to the snap you want

By oldbugle at 10,Feb,13 12:58 other posts of oldbugle 
This can be VERY difficult to get a good one. I tried numerous times but found I could not judge exactly when to push the button especially since my orgasms are very powerful andn 'take me over' so I can't press the button,... Also, I tend to shoot right out of the picture, so I got lots of 'missfires'. This is about the only one I managed and it was essentially just a 'lucky shot', so to speak!....

......I got lots like this where the shutter was too early;

However, as digital cameras have improved they now have very high quality video capability and I have had more success using this and then choosing the best frame, like this, which I will try again soon;

By jodyallgood at 10,Feb,13 11:21 other posts of jodyallgood 

By #247606 at 10,Feb,13 07:10

By stickyknickers at 10,Feb,13 06:59 other posts of stickyknickers 
Here's another of my own efforts...

By stickyknickers at 10,Feb,13 06:58 other posts of stickyknickers 
Maybe I should take the pics while you concentrate on masturbating and shooting a good cum load!

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