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how to cum more.

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Started by kira at 31,Oct,16 12:49  other posts of kira
hi folks i wonder if any of you can answer this question when i come i usually have 2/3 shots no more than this. i see people that have multiple shots and i never understood why, like in the movies for example does anyone know any tricks to cum more??

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By kebmo at 27,Mar,18 03:15 other posts of kebmo 
Drink lots of water. Cum is mostly water and if your body can't spare any water you won't cum as much. I drink lots of water all the time.

By Wipperman at 25,Feb,17 19:33 other posts of Wipperman 
You need to be well hydrated drink lots of water or black tea no milk , Sit back have lots of time to be with yourself use whatever turns you on Porn etc , and just lay back play with yourself and partner if you have and enjoy your penis Jelging is good to get you going if you can stay flaccid and get excited by it because that if done well will make you bigger and more excited , using oils are good olive oil is natural and good for your skin take your time do not rush spend time with your cock , in time when really hard slowly masturbate with the oil enjoy your hardness back off when getting to the edge and start again if you can do this it's hard not to cum but just keep backing off after 30 mins of this or even like I do well over an hour , eventually when you can take no more you will cum like never before. I do this every day and enjoy every time and come loads and shoot hard well past my head and on to the bed headboard , you must always be well hydrated, hope this helps because I know the enjoyment this will give !

By biggerdick at 25,Feb,17 17:46 other posts of biggerdick 
take vitamin E, twice the daily dose for a week w/o cumming and keep hydrated you'll blow bigger loads when you start masturbating again.

By Greek18cm at 31,Oct,16 16:36 other posts of Greek18cm 
Well actually if you masterbate for some hour(s) and hold , you will get about 12 , i managed to get about 23 once.

But the thing is i do not produce much of cum. I see videos that the girl is covered all over with cum. That i want to do...

Also... How the f*ck you sent your cum with such speed in the ear... When i cum it just pop out my cockhead... Never go mych ferther long... Any tips for these??
By PlaysInPanties at 02,Dec,16 15:56 other posts of PlaysInPanties 
edge more.. cum less frequently.. play with yourself for a long, long time with out cummming.. the longer I play without squirting the more cum I produce.. for squirting far, hard.. learn to control your kegel muscles, on your pelvic floor.. the ones you use to stop urinating.. the stronger these muscles are.. the more you can create a forceful squirt.. think, finger over a garden hose..
By Greek18cm at 02,Dec,16 23:15 other posts of Greek18cm 
Oh i am masster of my keggel zone muschles but still, can t produce a hhigg speed cum. Or a huge load.

Only thing i can do is, not cum for hours.
Nothing else.

By #147052 at 31,Oct,16 13:00
Yes, quit playing with it for a few days and let it build up.

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