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Started by #1551 at 28,Dec,08 22:29
Many of us exchange hot mail addys,so we can enjoy the other person on video...are there more that would like the same on this site?

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By #1551 at 05,Jan,09 19:56
Admin...i would pay for a membership,this is really a great site,lots of people with the same interests.
Anyone else want to comment?
By admin at 06,Jan,09 00:26 other posts of admin 
Well, after some thinking I may have a solution without paid memberships, though downloads will be still limited. But paying the bandwidth is not my only consern.

Uploading video is not that simple as photo. Too many different formats. I can allow uploading any type of file, indeed, but making a thumbnail for it is not a trivial thing. I have a kind of ready solution, but there is no guarantee it'll work with any format of video file.

Also, web-based uploads do not work good for large files. You may experience frequent upload failures or the uploaded file may be corrupted in result.

More important - because of the variety of formats there is no guarantee that every member will be able to see every particular video file. Taking money for ability to view them like that (i.e. when you may actully not be able to see anything) does not look good to me.

Bottom line - I can allow uploads of any kind of file in a couple of minutes (if not making thumbnails). But I cannot guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.
By #4652 at 06,Jan,09 10:24
Instead of uploading videos here, how about people uploading them to a dedicated file sharing site like

All you'd do here is upload a thumbnail and provide a link, and by clicking the thumbnail you'd get taken to the other site to download the video.

That should avoid any additional bandwidth or storage costs for this site. What do you think?
By admin at 06,Jan,09 12:20 other posts of admin 
Yes, this is possible. I will not guarantee any quality or reliability of this feature, indeed.

By #348 at 29,Dec,08 12:16
i did asked admin to add video features in te web but he doesn't keen on it. But i did exchange some with members via email.
By admin at 05,Jan,09 19:52 other posts of admin 
I can make it, but only if I introduce a paid membership for this.

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