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Circumcision = Lack of Sensitivity

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Started by #303133 at 26,Mar,13 14:13
My circumcised penis has no sensitivity!
It lacks anything resembling empathy, and has no regard for the feelings of others.
Damn thing won't even cry when watching a sad movie like OLD YELLER!
I can't take it out in public because it acts like such a fucking dick...

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By cutroundhead at 14,Apr,19 05:30 other posts of cutroundhead 
I was circumcised ten years ago for balanitis problems and my helmet is now more sensitive sexually than it was before. I tingles whenever iIfeel a bit horny (ie most of the time) and the sensations I get from sex and wanking are amazing...the feeling on the top of the helmet when fucking is mind-blowing!I think it varies enormously from one guy to another.

By #584942 at 11,Apr,19 15:49
I'm circumcised and have intense senstivity. Been circumcised my entire life. I'm also cut quite far down the shaft, which retains a large portion of sensitive inner layer between the head and the circumcision scar line. If you are not cut far enough down the shaft you will have less sensitivity....So best you are cut high and tight as they call it to get the optimal results.

By gradurgaur at 01,May,13 19:11 other posts of gradurgaur 
JustWill is hurting and we as his friend need to give him all the love and support we can because he have lost a lot..first his remote and the his clitoris so i was thinking if we his friend can get him new remote and maybe one those silicon type clitoris maybe that will make him happy what do you all thing?
Am with 2nice am not sure he will ever find the remote or clit but this way he can use those gifts and maybe find happiness again..

By #265525 at 30,Mar,13 06:06
Maybe your cock needs a rub down to calm down

By #341095 at 27,Mar,13 15:22
Well, I am circumcised and have plenty of sensitivity and sensation.

So your problem has nothing to do with being circumcised, but it is something else.

Most likely psychological.
By #303133 at 29,Mar,13 12:51
Are you saying that my dick is crazy?
By #360973 at 29,Mar,13 12:58
He's just saying that your dick is carrying some emotional trauma that is preventing him from feeling normal penile emotion, Will...and that he should get his head checked
By #303133 at 29,Mar,13 13:20
Anyone got the number for a good Pecker Therapist?
By #201583 at 30,Mar,13 02:37
Here on SYD "HEAD SHRINKERS" are as plentiful as proctologists.

By #201583 at 27,Mar,13 14:53
Mine laughed watching OLD YELLER and the start of BAMBI.
By #303133 at 29,Mar,13 13:21
That is one cold-assed pecker, cumdump! Perhaps if you bought it a turtleneck sweater it would behave more appropriately...
By #201583 at 29,Mar,13 20:20
Well, he was way too young to puke and he lacks tear ducts. Poor thing!

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