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By gradurgaur at 22,Mar,20 15:43
First i want to give big hug and thank you for all that works in healthcare system hospital workers and doctors and nurses around the world  that have are working day and night to care for sick and the dieing I wish i can give you all a big hug you are awesome people.Please stay safe...

To those that are infected with  this nasty virus around the world i wish you all speedy recovery.

To the families of the love ones that sadly has lost a love ones a family member my heart and prayers  and my thoughts goes to you in this sad time and may god watch over you all in this hard and sad times.

To the countries round the World that this virus is spreading my hope and prayers and thoughts are with you and this is the time for all of us to take good care of one and another and help the fellow man.this Virus is not going to Defined who we are as a people we are all one big family and we are all in this together and together we will over come this

please Stay safe everyone and be kind to one and another

love from Iceland

By gradurgaur at 15,Nov,19 17:14
What is the deal about new terminator dark fate?
this me-too movement is taking over holy-wood and now more and more films are now going woke woke woke.

Am not sure this woke deal is going to make stronger woman.

And what is the deal with trump he is all over the place building walls all over USA strange

By gradurgaur at 16,Mar,19 17:36
After manny years of safe song that was not working this song was chosen to go to eurovison 2019.
this song have been talk alot about and is very out there.the main theme of this song is about hate will win if we dont to remmber to love first

By gradurgaur at 12,Sep,18 15:13

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 18:58
The game against Argentina was Awesome
I was working and i saw the game at work and i was so hype watching the game because this was history for us playing for the first time ever in big major tournament and playing against one of strongest teams in tournament and have 1-1 draw is awesome result..

We can now say we played against one of the best players in the world and did that in major tournament

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 14:38
I saw the game is was good game for Russia and Russia start strong in the tournament

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 14:36
thank you my friend

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 14:35
Iceland played today with strong team from Argentina and we draw 1-1.

It was awesome to see my country team walk into the stadium and play against one of the strongest teams in the world..

1-1 is great results for us is win

By gradurgaur at 14,Jun,18 09:28
I was there at Arnarhol and taking part in the chant was so cool

By gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 21:02
I remember that when Jamaica debut in Calgary 88 that was so awesome to see nation that is use to warm weather to take part in Winter sport.

For me it shows that everything is possible if you believe and are willing to put in the hard work.

We are only 330.000 people but we dream big.
most of us that are my age or older was not sure that we will ever take part in Major tournament like EM or HM but dream can come true.

We are going to have fun place soccer and enjoy this amassing moment and we hope for good results

Viking chant will be heard all over the stadium

By gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 20:54
Australia have good team and wish them all the best in the tournament and hope to see them in finals

I hope soo too my friend hope we can bring some good victory hopefully with victory over Argentina

By gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 20:52
nice is going to great world cup and viking chant will be chanted in Russia..

By gradurgaur at 13,Jun,18 11:14
yes şetta reddast

By gradurgaur at 30,May,18 15:23
nice i will have to visit all of this locations and dont forget the sf ****

By gradurgaur at 30,May,18 15:22
I have booked a ticket to Alcatraz i did that same day i booked my flight to sf and i will visit the Aquarium and fishing mans warf area is going to be awesome time

By gradurgaur at 28,May,18 16:52
Awesome thank you my friend.i will do that.

By gradurgaur at 28,May,18 16:52
I will bella.Is going to be awesome..

By gradurgaur at 14,Nov,17 13:24
What about iceland?

northen lights

or over christmas time

see Grılu and yule lads

By gradurgaur at 16,Oct,17 16:11
How is trump doing this days?

love this guy

By gradurgaur at 12,Oct,17 18:05
Thank you.Am big fan of Australia you guys have great team and it will be shame if Australia will not be in world cup 2018

By gradurgaur at 11,Oct,17 12:36
you are most welcome Bella..

I know i may be spamming this being dick/pussy side but

It was special moment for Iceland and am so happy about it

By gradurgaur at 11,Oct,17 12:33
Thank you my friend it was awesome and i never thought that i will see the icelandic team on World cup in my life time but here we are.
next stop Russia 2018

By gradurgaur at 10,Oct,17 18:26
here is the moment that will live in hearts of Icelanders

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By gradurgaur at 10,Oct,17 05:53
am still i high heaven Bella for the first time ever the male team is going to Fifa 2018 in Russia.Is been dream of mine since i was young **** to see Icelandic team in big tournament and last year my dream came true when Iceland played in euro cup 2016 for the first time ever so now my dream is full filed by Iceland taking part in world cup.

The party was awesome.people having good time and enjoying music and when the team came to the stage the people went wild and the team and the staff of Ksí was on the stage singing and dancing with us and it was a memory that will live for ever in heart of Icelandic people and what ever happens in world cup just to take part of beaning there with the best teams in the world is Award that will pay forward for next generation of young kids that dreams can come true if you believe and are willing to work hard for them.

By gradurgaur at 10,Oct,17 05:43
Thank you Limestone
it was so amassing evening and people went down town area to and had big party with team and the staff and we did the Viking chant and it was special night for us.

I will i know there is a place in iceland that sell Icelandic jerseys feel free to massage me with your measurements and i see if i can sent you one by post

By gradurgaur at 09,Oct,17 17:22
thank you dear bella is so amassing for us we have be waiting for this for very very very long time and i for one did not think that i will ever see the Icelandic team in the biggest soccer torment in the world.

and we will be the smallest country to take part is by it self amassing.Am very proud to be Icelandic and the icelanders are going bananas here fire works and we are going to have big party with the team in down town area and Tv is going to have it Live

By gradurgaur at 15,Sep,17 16:37
Not sure if you guys know what is happening in Iceland right now.But the government of Iceland has falling and we are going to vote for new Government soon maybe as early as Nov 2017 that will mean that the Government that is going out of power have life-line of almost one year.

You may not know why this is happening in Iceland well the reason is that in Iceland we have this Thing call Restore Honor/clean Slate that mean that Criminals can Ask for to be restore honor and that mean that record will be clean of the crime.

Now This case is making people in Iceland very angry because the pardon was giving to a guy that was **** and The father of the PM of Iceland sign A latter of recommendation that This person is modern citizen and is trustworthy and good person and are be Restored his Status.The leading party in Icelandic Government thought it was a good idea to keep this A **** so the public will not know about who the people were that was making this latter s What do you guys thing about this law that we have ?Do you thing is Right that people that comment awful crimes are to be allowed to ask for restore of honor?

By gradurgaur at 23,May,17 10:08
Am game

By gradurgaur at 23,May,17 10:06
My heart and thoughts are with family and friends of those that lost a love-ones in this Horrible event that happend on monday.

By gradurgaur at 19,May,17 16:58
he had very nice butt

By gradurgaur at 07,May,17 18:29
It was so Good Even better then first one more jokes and lot more of cool action like it alot.

Cant wait to see part 3

By gradurgaur at 07,May,17 18:20
I was watching one of my favorite film of All time

shawshank redemption and what can i say about this film it amassing the acting of Morgan freeman and Tim Robbins are so awesome and the story is so good is something about this film that give it something extra special.

I think it one of thous films that will be timeless and will be Cult classic forever

It in same Class as film called Green Mile with Tom hanks and Michal Clark Duncan

By gradurgaur at 30,Apr,17 18:27
In iceland is Crazy lot of home parties and everone is having lot of fun watching the contest

By gradurgaur at 29,Apr,17 14:57
Are Aussies Crazy about euro vision like we in iceland?
When eurovision is every one is in parties or have eurovision party and there is no cars in rvk while the contest is on

By gradurgaur at 27,Apr,17 15:21
Am so glad that Australia is in the eurovison

Australia have so manny good singers.

I loved last year entry from Australia demi she was amasing.

I do like this year song and it will do well in the contest in Ukraine but is not as strong as last year but he will be in the final for sure..

By gradurgaur at 05,Apr,17 16:22
Reykjavik iceland

By gradurgaur at 31,Dec,16 19:56
happy new year

By gradurgaur at 25,Dec,16 19:42
merry christmas jayman73

By gradurgaur at 25,Dec,16 07:45
merry christmas dear bella

By gradurgaur at 25,Dec,16 07:45
meery christmas kmadeau

By gradurgaur at 27,Nov,16 15:17
Thank you bella

7 years that is long time.
I have enjoyed being part of this site and i have gain good friends here over the years.

Thank you all for being part of my life

By gradurgaur at 05,May,16 15:49
am 5" and 5" round

By gradurgaur at 04,Mar,16 16:42
Am icelandic and I call It Ass.

In icelandic Ass/Arse/Butt is Rass

As in Flottur Rass.

Arse Ass butt/is all the same Right

By gradurgaur at 06,Feb,16 10:17
thank you bella my love

By gradurgaur at 06,Feb,16 10:16
thank you my friend T-rex

By gradurgaur at 06,Feb,16 09:01
Thank you love

By gradurgaur at 27,Oct,15 16:08
Graig for sure.

bond babe that is hard one.

I wil have to say melina havelook from

For your eyes only

By gradurgaur at 27,Oct,15 16:04
I loved the new mad max film amasing action

By gradurgaur at 25,May,15 21:19
When you visit iceland please stop by and lock at the

the icelandic Phallological Museum or penis museum were you can see over 280 penis. The collection of 280 specimens from 93 species of **** includes 55 penises taken from whales, 36 from seals and 118 from land mammals,

How cool is that Right

By gradurgaur at 24,May,15 08:47
iceland only got 14 points in semi-final group 2 and was never in the run for taking part in the finals.
but hey there is allways next year.