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Where are the 370,000 + members

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Started by #369654 at 31,Mar,13 06:28
I cant work out where the 370,000 + members are on this site for about the 20th time I have been on this site and I am the only member in the new main chat and with no member hosting a chat room, I cant work out where the 370,000 + members are. Every one cant be on Easter holidays at once can they? I think its time that we had a reality check on the member numbers on this site, mathematically 370,000 + people cant all be not on one site, ITS just cant happen.... So I will let you come up with why at least 15 are not on the site all the time, see where I am coming from it just dont work out?.....

Dated 31/03/2013 2100 hours Adel SA time

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By bliss14 at 02,Apr,13 16:07 other posts of bliss14 
Now im all confused do yetis not understand basic math and english .
I also do not go into chat but must confess its because i have my hand stuck on my dick oh well he got one thing correct

By Ray10754 at 31,Mar,13 06:44 other posts of Ray10754 
Dont know what your talking about, It is 6:45 am here in the USA and at this moment there are over 90 men and 20 woman on the site right now! People dont come here just to be in the chat area.
By #369654 at 31,Mar,13 08:27
Fuck off Ray, out of 370,000 plus members and only 3 are in a chat. Open your eyes stupid... get your hand off your cock and really have a look. 370,000 plus members and 3 members in chat what does that tell you...?
By Ray10754 at 31,Mar,13 08:43 other posts of Ray10754 
Maybe it is because of your additude that people are not there!Mabye you are the one that needs to get a grip on life and open your eyes! I didnt speak rudely to you,so there is no need for you to speak that way to me or any other member here for that matter,oh and by the way as Admi states your figures are incorrect!I dont even know why I am waisting my time and effort trying to explaine it to you. But when some one tells me to Fuck off for no reason I have to reply!

By admin at 31,Mar,13 08:32 other posts of admin 
There are no 370000 members on this site, only 53000.

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