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Started by #101633 at 29,Jun,13 20:01

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By #601496 at 16,Jan,20 17:29

By #319390 at 04,Jul,13 21:08
Keep bella! away from the slap-chop please!

By #274357 at 29,Jun,13 22:30
Hello, Bella.

And, hello, to you...magna_carte.

Stay away from kitchen apparatus, you're creeping me out.
By #101633 at 30,Jun,13 06:16
Hehehehehehe hello to you too 2nice

By bella! at 29,Jun,13 20:05 other posts of bella! 
Here's something for you to build thoughts on; what do YOU think about kitchen appliances?
By #101633 at 29,Jun,13 20:07
Hmmm I quite like using the oven ...But the saucepan makes for a great weapon
By bella! at 29,Jun,13 20:13 other posts of bella! 
The oven? I agree, that's hot? And as for the saucepan, depending upon the size, you're right, it could be a weapon or a pleasure device. I find that a smaller saucepan ( less than 3 quarts ) can easily be used if you're looking for an object suitable for the bum or the hoohah.......
By #101633 at 29,Jun,13 20:18
Hehehe what are your thoughts on the blender?
By bella! at 29,Jun,13 20:24 other posts of bella! 
Blenders are good if you're making smoothies but personally, I don't own one. A hand mixer is a must! Dual functionality, you can mix a cake in the afternoon and in the evening, it sure makes a hella dildo! I recommend starting off on a lower speed and then work up to full power!
By #101633 at 29,Jun,13 20:30
I....I've never thought of using kitchen appliances that way I have much to learn......
By bella! at 29,Jun,13 20:43 other posts of bella! 
The forum is where it's at for brilliant minds to converge and exchange thoughts and ideas. I guarantee, you're going to have much more respect for the common hand mixer. Knowledge is POWER!
By #101633 at 29,Jun,13 21:22
respect for it is already increasing

By #170523 at 30,Jun,13 00:21
Kitchen appliances, I think you mean a spoon.
By bella! at 30,Jun,13 00:24 other posts of bella! 
A spoon is so mundane..........
By #170523 at 30,Jun,13 00:26
Have you yet to master it?
By #101633 at 30,Jun,13 06:15
Never underestimate the simple spoon

By bella! at 29,Jun,13 20:03 other posts of bella! 
YOU are silly!
By #101633 at 29,Jun,13 20:03
quite so

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