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Started by admin at 13,Dec,18 09:13  other posts of admin
Just so it's official. If you come to me later I point you to this thread. I tried to keep Bella from insulting other members in forum, but eventually those same members started to insult her, using words bitch, cunt and so on. As long as I have not seen it when you did it in private or closed groups it was OK. But you brought it on forum and indeed Bella reported it to me several days ago. I don't know what else you expected.

I gave her my explicit permission to insult you back. So don't whine that I protect her. Same to Bella - if you get your ass served to you, don't whine to me that I protect others. I always protect peace on this site, not people. But since almost no one else left on the site, I don't care anymore. Bring it on.

Still, I reserve my right to move some threads to dumpster if I stumble on them occasionally (I don't read most thing here though) and find it too disgusting. Not because any of you, you deserve each other, just because I may feel queasy about them.

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New Comment

By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 16:28
Admin,,,Bella is right,,,I shouldn't have used the internet eye she uses as an avatar. I removed it from my page and replaced it with what I think is the real eye. Sorry if it caused confusion.
By leopoldij at 28,Dec,18 16:54 other posts of leopoldij 
Whose eye was that anyway?
Why would anyone post an eye?
By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 16:58
exactly,,,and is she BELLA SOMETHING or BELLA LUGOSI?
By leopoldij at 29,Dec,18 19:43 other posts of leopoldij 
"Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó, better known as Bela Lugosi, was a Hungarian-American actor famous for portraying Count Dracula"

By Skittles at 29,Dec,18 13:44 other posts of Skittles 
By #562152 at 29,Dec,18 13:58
I think it's Janice

only registered users can see external links
By Scorpio69 at 03,Jan,19 14:33 other posts of Scorpio69 
Who's Janice?

By #559941 at 03,Jan,19 12:28
There is the ban option so if you choose to disregard this to fight then expect to be attacked.. If you ban then unban to attack then complain who is responsible?

By Scorpio69 at 28,Dec,18 19:02 other posts of Scorpio69 
By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 19:47
You and popcorn.
By Scorpio69 at 30,Dec,18 04:27 other posts of Scorpio69 
Hey! It's what you eat during a good show. 😆
By #562152 at 03,Jan,19 11:09
What I eat during a good show is my lover’s butter

By bella! at 28,Dec,18 15:13 other posts of bella! 
admin, will you kindly request TWOWARMTTS2 remove MY picture of MY eye from the forum as well as her gallery. She has posted it without my consent. Thank you.
By admin at 28,Dec,18 15:33 other posts of admin 
Is it yours though? I mean - I don't see any photos of your face close in your uploads so I don't know. If you claim it's your eye I will remove it indeed, but if you just took some eye pic from the net to make an avatar you can't claim copyright on it.
By bella! at 28,Dec,18 15:56 other posts of bella! 
Yes, it is MY eye. If you are looking for proof, I will be happy to send you a copy of my passport picture which shows both eyes and my name.
By admin at 28,Dec,18 16:10 other posts of admin 
Ok. But the image is already deleted by the poster I assume.
By Scorpio69 at 28,Dec,18 16:14 other posts of Scorpio69 
LMAO Yes, it's her gotdamned eyeball!!
By bella! at 28,Dec,18 16:28 other posts of bella! 
Yes, it is MY picture of MY eye and I've been using that picture as my avatar for almost 7 years.

My guess is that TWOWARMTTS2 was convinced that the DRAGON LADY was serious about her removing it. It's really too bad that some folks can't seem to remain unbiased.

bwahahahahaha, *bella!*
By Scorpio69 at 28,Dec,18 16:42 other posts of Scorpio69 
I believed it was yours, cause I took that very same picture about 8 years ago. I got it somewhere in my files, I'll show you mine since you showed me yours.
By bella! at 28,Dec,18 16:51 other posts of bella! 
You took a picture of your eye in that manner?

Many years ago, I suggested to my friend and longtime member, cybercyril, that a unique avatar would easily identify HIM. Since the majority of SYD members post pictures of their cocks, I suggested that he use his eye(s) since I thought that they were quite sexy. He did and he received more visits. He had hoped that his visits would be from women but that was not the case.
By Scorpio69 at 28,Dec,18 17:02 other posts of Scorpio69 
Yes, it use to be my Facebook picture as I'm on the shy side

By bella! at 28,Dec,18 16:22 other posts of bella! 
Thank you.

By Skittles at 29,Dec,18 13:56 other posts of Skittles 
teacher! The cool kids are throwing spit balls at me again!!
By bella! at 29,Dec,18 14:06 other posts of bella! 
Members can be deleted for posting other member's pictures without consent.

Hey, here's something to consider, maybe you can ask TWTTS to put in a good word for you and *lix* might extend an invitation to you to be "kool kid"!
By Skittles at 02,Jan,19 21:53 other posts of Skittles 
I would spear the Walrus if I could.. but P-eta would whinge off Janice

By #562152 at 29,Dec,18 12:54
Has anyone noticed that Twits seems to be obsessed with bella! these days? Seriously...90% of her forum posts make reference to bella! It's getting to be a lot like a "it puts the lotion on its skin" situation.
It really is kind of sad and pathetic, actually.
Sure, Twits is in her mid 70's and has issues with dementia and alcoholism, but watching her dance like a geriatric monkey in the Forum just to get a pat on her addled, little head from the Sea Cow and its crew is depressing.
Would someone PLEASE pay a little attention to her?


By 2nice at 28,Dec,18 16:41 other posts of 2nice 
By JustWill at 28,Dec,18 16:51 other posts of JustWill 
You must be new here...

By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 16:56
Please, expand your comment. Who are the idiots??
By 2nice at 28,Dec,18 20:08 other posts of 2nice 
You. Just you. Only you. Emphatically YOU.
By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 20:19
That's not nice, 2. May I ask why you feel this way?

By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 20:44
You think the Bitch is Right? Are you going to obey and stop engaging me? Are you a pussy?

By bella! at 28,Dec,18 20:39 other posts of bella! 
Please don't engage her any further.

By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 18:02
And JustWill, with you around a person has to keep her gin bottle open. It's the only way I can keep my dinner down. Every time i picture you licking the Bitch's ass, I wonder how you can stomach it. Oh, wait, you like to play with the rear door.
By Scorpio69 at 28,Dec,18 19:02 other posts of Scorpio69 
Lol That was actually funny! 😆😆😆😆

By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 17:58
BELLA, Your post:

It is beyond me that she refers to herself as a "whore". Can you imagine that she was ruffled weeks ago when I referred to her unimaginative and vulgar?

5 identical posts; unimaginative
A self proclaimed "whore"; vulgar

Case closed.

Funny, we expose our bits (your words. You can't even say pussy or tit) to the world but you think i'm vulgar because I admit to whoring around? Tell me Bitch, who made you the good manners vigilante?
You are a piece of work. You are too chicken to say it to my face. You left a private mesg and blocked me before I could answer you. Yes, I'm mad. You make innuendos but can't take the heat. Why don't you stick a finger in that worthless eye of yours and go play with little girls. You are a disgrace to true mature women.

By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 08:19
Apparently, there are some members that think they are "Kool Kids". HA! Maybe their boss thinks they're "kool", me, I can speak only for myself, I think otherwise.



Hey, I'm one of the "Kool Kids". Can you name this "Boss"? I get tired of being told I'm under someone's orders. I'd like to know who is paying me. Why is it so hard for people to believe I'm a whore and I'm nasty all on my own. BTW...if we are the Kool Kids, then your 10 plus yr old group must be the "The Creepy Assh*le" group
--------------------------------------- added after 31 minutes


By leopoldij at 28,Dec,18 14:46 other posts of leopoldij 
No fucking way!

How did the Site Police find out about the Group's existence?

Actually, what's totally ridiculous is that the Police cares.
After all, she's blocked anyone who doesn't take orders from her.
So why the fuck does she care?

Don't be sad baby.
You got a pussy to show.
The Police doesn't show pussies.
It only controls those who don't engage in discussion about Wal-Mart but insist to show their dicks and cunts.

In a sex site, mind you...
By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 16:06
By leopoldij at 28,Dec,18 16:53 other posts of leopoldij 
That's so sexy.
By #562152 at 28,Dec,18 16:54

By Skittles at 27,Dec,18 14:35 other posts of Skittles 

Change yer name lass

By dgraff at 14,Dec,18 05:42 other posts of dgraff 
So here's my spin in all this I was away with life threatening medical issues for all most a year but I still would check in and what do I see but the same 4 screw balls taking there jabs at Bella and she was saying nothing to defend her self I know Bella all most 6 yrs and she's been nothing but sweet to me so if the two bad aussies the man whore and the dumb blonde want to insult Bella they can insult me to I can throw shit just as well as any one else on here
By bella! at 14,Dec,18 08:04 other posts of bella! 
Please, don't get involved. admin has a beef with me, not you, not anyone else.
By admin at 14,Dec,18 08:28 other posts of admin 
I don't have any beef with you, don't flatter yourself. If I was not admin of this site I would simply blacklist you and never even recall that you exist. I have to deal with your shenanigans as I dealt with Monted's and Johns's and I indeed don't like it because it's a completely unproductive waste of my time. Otherwise you mean nothing to me.

By admin at 14,Dec,18 08:33 other posts of admin 
As I said, Bella is not the first manipulative control freak on this site. You happened to be on her good side and I do not expect you to understand or even to notice what's really going on. It was not any different with other people like her, they all have their fans and friends. I only wish that you never occur on her wrong side, because then you will realize that nothing really means anything to her except her ego. And please restrain yourself from calling other people names in this tread.

By leopoldij at 15,Dec,18 21:26 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm afraid you're lying or suffering from amnesia.  Let me please remind you that on 8 December I linked Lix's pic on aussieman's thread


for various reasons, not least because Lix likes her pussy been shown.

You jumped in, uninvited, and made sarcastic comments:

"Omg look at that gigantic slush hole"

When I replied to you, you used your foul language:

"I would puke I bet it smells like my garbage can"

Nobody invited you to comment.  You came in and used abusive foul language.  It's not surprising at all you find Bella sweet: you share the same foul language and you both cannot use reason to control your behaviour.
By dgraff at 16,Dec,18 07:13 other posts of dgraff 
You just think you have all the answers don't you Leo we all know what I said I just came back this December if you quit littering up the forum with pictures that don't belong. To you people might not bitch if I was lix I would be pissed off
By leopoldij at 16,Dec,18 22:46 other posts of leopoldij 
Read again what I wrote please. Carefully. And reply by not using ad hominem ways.
By dgraff at 17,Dec,18 19:52 other posts of dgraff 
I can't understand you I'm in America speak English

By #562152 at 23,Dec,18 17:13
Hey dgraff, if you want to be part of the fight, then why don't you grow a pair and identify who you mean. I find that many complain about other members, but make it ambiguous about who they mean. I've described myself as a "dumb blonde" and I've called Bella a bitch. Are you referring to me?
By dgraff at 24,Dec,18 07:59 other posts of dgraff 
Just how does one identity you are you twowarmtts2 or mandy658 yes we all know
By #562152 at 24,Dec,18 08:04
I don't know what you mean but, the question is still valid. Are you referring to me?

By #573272 at 24,Dec,18 08:20
Candy, who is this asshole?
By #562152 at 24,Dec,18 08:25
Stay out of it Barbara. He's one of Bella's pussy troll
By #573272 at 24,Dec,18 08:28
Who is Bella?
By #562152 at 24,Dec,18 08:29
the Wicked Witch of the West
By #573272 at 24,Dec,18 08:31

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Are you coming over later?
By #562152 at 24,Dec,18 08:34
Yes, late around 7p

By Skittles at 27,Dec,18 14:31 other posts of Skittles 

By leopoldij at 24,Dec,18 20:10 other posts of leopoldij 
Hi Mandy. If you want to know who Bella is, please be informed that she's someone who has declared herself the Site Police. She has an issue with sex and nudity and tries to control various members by recruiting them in her army. Many of her followers, or "minions" as she likes to call them, are trolls themselves. If you wish to find out more about Bella look at my posting here:

For a person who NEVER posts nude pics, she's extremely critical of others' postings. She has started several threads in order to discuss anything but sex. The world, according to Bella, is divided into two parts. Those who blindly follow her and those who don't. Often, you may start as a friend of Hers, especially if you're new, but if you show some independence of thought or expression you'll move from friend to foe overnight. Actually, those who are her friend aren't allowed to be friends of someone she dislikes.

Take care. Stay sexy.

By DemonCleaner_!LF! at 13,Dec,18 11:46 other posts of DemonCleaner_!LF! 
Numbers have actually been growing, ad - my friend (: - so why would you hint at closing the place. I haven’t been back that long (so i may have missed some stuff that my off-site friends haven’t told me...coz we don’t talk about the site much at all), but bella! is a rare jewel of this site! She’s a tough nut and she always fights fairly if challenged; but that’s only 1% of her involvement on this site, the rest is a sweet woman who nurtures new members and has a lot of long-standing friends that she talks to as often as someone with so many friends can.
This site is looking healhy to me - plenty of paying members by %. The blacklisting rule when it comes to the forum is kind of shitty though - fighting etc is fine (not many of us visit the serious & non-sexual forum topics anyway), but people should be able to stand up for themselves and not be blind to cowardly behind-the-back sledging of them
By admin at 13,Dec,18 12:25 other posts of admin 
I don't know in what universe less than 1% of active members is considered good percent in terms of paying members.

Bella does the same as Johns or Monted before her. She tries to control as many members as she can and if someone ignores her or disagrees she tries to attack them. She's just more subtle than those two.
By DemonCleaner_!LF! at 13,Dec,18 22:27 other posts of DemonCleaner_!LF! 
Really? It seemed to me that i was seeing more premium logos than in the past; but you would be the only person who knows.
i was with friends with those 2 on & off too. I think bella! is a very important member. Yes, she stands up for herself and yes she's opinionated - but so are a lot of us (just like in real life, that is going to lead to enemies and the occasional fight). I just don't like it when public fights aren't fought fairly (when people hide behind their blacklist or use dummy accounts)

By bella! at 13,Dec,18 23:28 other posts of bella! 
Comparing me to JohnS and/of MONTED, wow! I "attack" members when I'm ignored or when someone disagrees with me? Gee, what have you based that on?

What you've done now is no different then whenever the group was formed to discuss lix. The group was created by one member who passed it off to another member. That member brought the grievance into the forum and YOU decided to blame me for it.
By Skittles at 16,Dec,18 00:31 other posts of Skittles 
Eat me Bella
By bella! at 16,Dec,18 00:50 other posts of bella! 
Fuck off, Skittles.
By cody8789 at 16,Dec,18 22:29 other posts of cody8789 

By Skittles at 16,Dec,18 23:44 other posts of Skittles 
Dear Bella- enjoy yer 4000 calorie Panera salad.. get the diet coke to go with it
By cody8789 at 16,Dec,18 23:45 other posts of cody8789 
I'm glad where all friends again, just like old times
By Skittles at 16,Dec,18 23:48 other posts of Skittles 

By leopoldij at 17,Dec,18 14:41 other posts of leopoldij 
Bella is a hypocrite and/or jealous.
First, she's friendly.
But later she turns against you for no apparent reason.

She claimed that she wants "her" thread
to be nude-picture free.

But this is not true. If you click the image below you will see that when aoneeyedmonster /member.php?w=383363 posted a pussy pic, saying Merry Christmas, Bella said nothing. I responded with Merry Christmas to him, also posting the pic of a Chinese pussy I fuck, Bella got upset and blacklisted me.

HERE IS THE PROOF, a screenshot from her thread with aoneeyedmonster's Merry Xmas, followed by my Merry Xmas:

But the REAL reason she got upset is because I pointed out her total lack of logic and consistency in whatever she says. When she could not respond to my "challenging" remarks, she just launched an ad hominem attack. She basically said "I'm the SITE POLICE" and I aply my own rules and do whatever I like. Here is her declaration of being the Site Police.

HERE IS THE PROOF, with a screenshot of a message she sent to me with her declaration:

--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Even though she states

"Just remember the rules, you can't be rude to members in public places, ie the forum AND members cannot call other members derogatory names"

she, herself, uses all kinds of foul language

"No, this asswipe is not offended in that manner, I suspect that IT is referring to when I refer to them being an asswipe.
This asswipe is like no other asswipe, IT is a major asswipe, like the GRAND DOUCHE of ASSWIPES. IT is the fart in an elevator."

"She's such an asswipe!"

[excerpts taken from the current thread that she thinks she owns and which, unlike others she had started in the past, have not been thrown to the dumpster]

and is also good friends with many trolls.
By dgraff at 17,Dec,18 20:05 other posts of dgraff 
Once again its sarcasm Bella doesn't think she's the site police she says that sarcastically because you and lix call her that but your so smart you cant even understand sarcasm
By leopoldij at 17,Dec,18 22:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Read the whole thing carefully to see that I'm not talking about that only. Si quieres, puedo escribir en espańol.
By dgraff at 20,Dec,18 21:53 other posts of dgraff 
Again speak English you powdered coated French pastry
By leopoldij at 21,Dec,18 12:05 other posts of leopoldij 
No. I shall speak the language that you ought to know as a good will gesture to a huge number of speakers of this language in your country, a language that has official status in your country, so important in fact that you ought to know some of it.

Incidentally, it's not English.

Even your friend Bella would recognize it. Capisci?
--------------------------------------- added after 199 hours

By dgraff at 21,Dec,18 17:44 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah bla bla bla

By #525562 at 19,Dec,18 11:24
I find this so hilarious as this type of thing has been going on for at least ten years.I sometimes think that you are Vince McManhon.
By admin at 19,Dec,18 12:17 other posts of admin 
Well, you see, I made this site as a simple dick pic hosting site. You could post without registration here at first and there was not much aside from the wall on profiles and comments on pics. No forum, no chat, no private messages, no anything else. The idea was to get a lot of dick-related traffic and sell penis enlargements and such. It did not work.

But it was alive, people were reacting, asking for improvements and additions and I kinda hooked up on it. It's always nice to see that what you do is needed. So I developed the site, but the question of making money remained. As the site grew it required more and more resources.

At one moment I realized that people do not want to pay for the site, most people think all the world is eager to see their dicks and I make a lot of money from ads so that I have to pay them and not they to me. But as I said - it's not true. On both accounts. First, there is so much free porn and quality one that barely anyone wants to look at some amateur dude's average dick. And second - there is no money in ads on a site like this. Almost nothing converts.

But, I realized that people are willing to pay to feel superior over others. So, my bad, I kinda encouraged this. Not directly, but by making site features that allowed people to do this. And for some time it was good. Regrettably, later it turned out that this model is not sustainable. They eat each other. Bella is not eaten by now only because the site dropped in search engine ranks and started shrinking. There is no one new now to eat her.
By bella! at 19,Dec,18 19:55 other posts of bella! 
Again, YOU throw ME under the bus.

In your mind, I seem to be your only "problem" here on the site. Nah! You just pretend like there is no one other than me and choose not to mention the others.
By admin at 19,Dec,18 21:04 other posts of admin 
I have been saying this for years to everyone and personally to you at least several times, that there is always a dragon. It's just at the moment the dragon is you. More than that, I was warning you, that you would become the dragon, when you were running to me complaining about Monted and Johns and trying to kick them off the site.

But with you it's like talking to a wall anyway, you only notice what suits your current agenda. I'm writing this reply not so much for that you read it, but mostly for other members to read.
By bella! at 19,Dec,18 21:47 other posts of bella! 
I most certainly NEVER asked you to kick anyone off the site. All I have ever wanted was an "even playing field".

Several weeks ago, I noticed bonbon52 trolling around and I believed it to be just who it turned out to be. Yes, I came to you and asked you if the IP/ISP was similar to any other members. You said it was but would not divulge who it belonged to because it was a "premium member". At that time I mentioned being called a "cunt" in the forum and having more than one dozen memes referring to me as "a bitch" or "the bitch" spammed into the forum. Yes, I mentioned those member's names to you because you turn a blind eye to their shit but keep a watchful eye on me. Let me post something where I'm calling someone a bitch or cunt or create multiple accounts. You would not permit that from me. Whatever!
By admin at 20,Dec,18 06:57 other posts of admin 
Cut your bullshit. Usually I do not publish private conversations but you are notorious for sharing your conversations with me, so I don't see why I can't do the same. Here is the log of our exchange:

Nov 28, 12:37 bella!: Hello. Would you be able to determine whether this member's IP is similar to any IP for another member? Or if the location of the user is located in the Miami, Florida area? /member.php?w=572871

Nov 28, 12:37 bella!: Thank you.

Nov 28, 12:49 admin: I don't know where it's located. Yes, it's similar to other member IP, but I can't really say who, cause that's a premium member.

Nov 28, 12:57 bella!: Thank you. Is it possible that the premium member and I have had our differences?

Nov 28, 13:28 admin: probably. I think it's easier to count members who you do not have differences with than all the others

Nov 28, 13:41 bella!: C'mon, you know who you think this is. Are you going to allow the premium member to troll me? You have allowed lix to call me a cunt and TWOWARMTTS2 has spammed the forum calling me a BITCH. Why do you knuckle down on me and allow others to do whatever they want?

Nov 28, 13:54 admin: That's not how I see it. Aside from initial outburst Lix does not write about you in forum for a very long time, I think it's more than 2 years, yet you keep mentioning her in degrading manner here and there occasionally. I do not like it.You are still free to write about her anything in your blog, I won't stop you. I just don't want to see it in the forum. As for TWOWARMTTS2 I did not really follow what's happening between you two. I mostly don't care what members say to each other unless someone bother me too much with complains. Don't even watch the forum or blogs most of the time, just occasionally.

Nov 28, 13:59 bella!: bella! has sent a private pic to admin:

Nov 28, 14:03 bella!: bella! has sent a private pic to admin:

Nov 28, 14:22 admin: I think it's fueled by recent EvilFairy's rant about her in your thread which I did not delete. Anyway, if you want to continue to degrade yourself in public I don't really care anymore. The site is almost dead anyway, I don't think it will scare away anyone at this point.

Nov 28, 14:24 admin: However, I think you made a way too many enemies here and it may not play out well for you if they join their forces. I can't protect you outside of this site even if I wanted.

Nov 28, 14:26 bella!: WOW! Thanks for making it an even playing field for all.

I may be did not say it very clearly, but from your last remark it is obvious that you understood it as a permission to insult them without consequences. But later people complained to me that I let others insult you and don't let you insult them. Because of that I made this very topic. So that everyone know you know I allowed you to insult them but you still tell your friends that I don't. I.e. that you are a liar and manipulator.

By #562152 at 20,Dec,18 14:01
Bella..Lol,,let me put it to bed. Bonbon52 is a friend and I persuaded her to join so I could read all the crap you and YOUR MINIONS were saying about me. We are terrible at undercover work (except in bed) and it was too hard to continue. Besides, she didn't want to pose for more pics.

By #562152 at 20,Dec,18 13:52
Bella,,,After reading this exchange MAYBE IT IS A GOOD IDEA IF YOU END UP UNDER THE BUS.
--------------------------------------- added after 15 minutes

And, FYI, I don't care if you call me a Bitch. I've been called a lot worse. But I'll make your life miserable if you do. I'm not like the Aussies. I like to fight and I don't stop.

By veryshyguy at 17,Dec,18 15:30 other posts of veryshyguy 
What does anyone gain by getting into an escalating battle of words? Nothing is nor can be resolved.

Yes, people will be people and yes words do hurt!!!

I have been around for almost 70 years, I've seen death and destruction. I've seen abuse and hatred.

Maybe it is time to step back from these conflicts and we all consider how we should conduct ourselves in a civil manner.

There is enough civil conflict going on today in all aspects and levels of our society, (think about our political situation).

Everyone insists they are right and everyone else is wrong. So be it.

If this is to stop someone must be the first to stop. Someone must be the first "peacemaker".

"I will fight no more forever" - Chief Joseph
By #562152 at 17,Dec,18 16:49
Teddy Bear,,
Chief Joseph led the Nez Pez tribe through an exodus to join the Lacotas in Canada. He, and the tribe, tried doing this while fighting a war of retreat against the US CAVALRY. He did not succeed. He was defeated just short of the US/Canadian border. Instead of being returned to their reservation, he was kept semi prisoner in reservations all over the southwest. He was considered a statement and peacemaker. However, his life was full of war and disappointment.

I can agree to not start crap on purpose but, sometimes, without intent, we, all start crap. Or, someone else does. Either way, we get embroiled in a brujaja that ends up causing a lot of ill feelings. No one likes that. On the other hand, no one likes to be taken advantage of or made fun of or be disrespected. And that is why there's always going to be fights.
By veryshyguy at 17,Dec,18 21:13 other posts of veryshyguy 

By #487013 at 13,Dec,18 19:01
Just curious, what kind of topics will make a thread get dumpstered?
By admin at 13,Dec,18 19:40 other posts of admin 
As I said if I occasionally stumble upon something that looks too disgusting to me. If I see an entire page of monkey crap flying around for example. I once ran an anonymous chat where mostly 16 years old were hanging and almost every second sentence was like "I fucked your mom yesterday" and "I wish you die of cancer", so I'm quite hard-skinned, but when I see this kind of behavior from people who have their own 16 y.o. kids or may be even grand kids of that age, it kinda gets under my skin sometimes.
By #487013 at 15,Dec,18 11:13
I don't blame you. I saw someone in another thread mention Ponygirl/Doris. I could be wrong but I vaguely remember her posting pics of 💩. That always grossed me out.
By sven57a at 15,Dec,18 14:10 other posts of sven57a 
Ponygirl never posted anything remotely like that

By sven57a at 16,Dec,18 11:57 other posts of sven57a 
correction: there seems to have been one single pic in which she was having a shit on a meadow; but never posted anything remotely related to copra.
I held/hold pony-girl in high esteem and felt very strongly that she was wrongly treated, that's why I'm posting this

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This is all pedly bullshit. Who cares if someone has something shitty to say to someone else. If the 12 members who have blaclisted us, for no other reason than being part of another members clan. I would be able to tell them what I think of them privately and not in the forum. People around here need to he able to take what they dish out and stop acting like victims. When we signed up for the site nowhere did it say it that everyone would be made to like us.
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The problem with this attitude is that it changes when people lose fights. I've seen it numerous times when someone complains that I protect someone from their attacks, I say "ok, go for it", they start fights, get their ass beaten and start complaining that I don't protect them from attacks or evil people.
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Seems to me we are proving Admin's argument. CC54 don't complain about getting blocked. You've done your share. I think it's good we can say it as we feel without having Admin's wrath (figure of speach) on our backs. If we do it right, we'll all block each other and peace will reign in the forums. And, if we don't block then we can show off our insult abilities, like "twosaggytits".
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Admin, I think what we expected was a member, Bella, to be critical of us but not insulting. I'm one of those that called her a bitch and more. We reached a truce were we stay out of each other's face. In her defense though, there are other members that, either because of friendship or misguided loyalty, will abuse other members and because they are referencing their nastiness to a Bella thread, she gets blamed for it. Bella has been in good behavior with few and unimportant lapses. Was this your doing? And, are you saying that the gloves are off and an insult can be countered by another insult? Does that go for those other unpalatable members too?
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one more question,
" But since almost no one else left on the site, I don't care anymore"

Are you saying the site is almost dead???
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I'm saying that 80% people in forum are the same several groups that hate each others guts. Other people rarely view forum.
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I have never understood why some members feel the need to abuse and insult other members on a regular basis, except of course that this is one of the benfits that the internet has brought us. Today an idiot on an electronic device can spew out bile and offence aimed at anyone that they choose.

I must declare an interest and say that in my experience bella! has been and is a true friend and someone whose opinions and views I respect. Hers are some of the more interesting threads and some of the few that I read. I certainly don't recognise the person that some members attempt to portray her as.
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That is as long as you are on her good side. It was not any different with any other member like her. Lots of people hated them, lots adored. Unlike you I get to see all sides of people here. I know a lot of people here are lying hypocrites, who say completely different things depending on who they are talking to or sometimes even depending on their mood.

Anyway, this thread was not meant to discuss Bella. I'm just stating that you all are free to swing your monkey crap at each other. Whether you wish to join someone or stay aside is totally your choice.
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Definitely stay aside, I have no interest in swinging crap of any sort.

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Then if this thread was not created to discuss me, why would you mention me?
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I was not discussing your personality in the original post. But since it involves you I could not not mention you at all, otherwise you would continue to play victim and tell others that I limit your ability to as you say defend yourself. That is entire point of this post - so you can't afterwards lie to people that I have different rules for different members.

And in the comment I'm replying to someone who mentioned you first. This is called conversation.

From such reactions when you pretend to conveniently do not understand what's really happening, sometimes I begin to doubt that you are full of shit and start thinking that nay be you have a schizophrenia. Mental disorders are quite often among the members of this site, regrettably.
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Okay, why not rewind what happened, what really happened.

So that there is no doubt or question about mental stability, I'm going to post our conversation on my page.

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To be honest, even though I sometimes want to be part of the discussions on occasional threads that are actually interesting and worth talking about, I rarely do comment because of the inane abuse hurling that usually begins and I don't want to be part of it.
Fair enough, this isn't a site intended for serious discussions etc, but it's become more of a social place for me rather than just a pics site. I defend anyone's right to view their opinions regardless of whether or not I agree with them because that's how we all should be if we want the same right. If some of the discussions here took place face to face, people would be beaten up for the way they speak to each other! Such a shame.

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You are not a babysitter admin...
And people want to throw insults/names at each other... it's the nature of the web...
One person's muck is another person's gold...

But I do have to say,I find it hilarious that people can get offended by the word "cunt" especially when part of the site is called showyourcunt....
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So true lol!!!

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