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Uncut Dicks

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Started by #449577 at 13,Feb,14 01:14
share your uncut cock pictures and let other admirers of uncut cocks wank at them!

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By Winfred at 31,Mar,20 01:23 other posts of Winfred 
I have an uncut dick you would be surprise at the women that never saw one

By Boneman at 25,Mar,20 22:35 other posts of Boneman 

By #571688 at 10,Nov,18 19:06

Enjoy everyone
By tb1 at 12,Nov,18 00:36 other posts of tb1 
Sweet 😋😋😋

By Boneman at 08,Nov,18 18:38 other posts of Boneman 

By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 09:52

Good wanking for everyone.I hope you will blow a huge load for me.

By #566236 at 01,Sep,18 15:54

Please enjoy,wank all you want looking at me

By drew at 26,Jul,18 13:29 other posts of drew 

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 11:40

By #550500 at 20,Feb,18 08:50
I like cocks being uncut best.

Below are some pics of my cock and foreskin:

By #532415 at 20,Feb,18 04:30
According to my wife, the only uncut dick she had seemed to last a lot longer than a circumsized dick. It was also the first white guy she'd ever had too...

By #545303 at 19,Feb,18 20:25

By routemaster at 06,Feb,18 01:07 other posts of routemaster 
By lawrenceo at 14,Feb,18 02:25 other posts of lawrenceo 
Love to get docked in your foreskin

By 3fdfd at 14,Feb,18 11:10 other posts of 3fdfd 
Could you dock me ? I would love it

By #511422 at 06,Feb,18 01:14
By lawrenceo at 14,Feb,18 02:24 other posts of lawrenceo 
Nice place to start

By #546895 at 07,Feb,18 03:04
my uncut dick what do you think
By lawrenceo at 12,Feb,18 02:30 other posts of lawrenceo 
My hand is itching to get hold of it

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 14:29 other posts of Bludgeon 

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 13:18 other posts of Bludgeon 

By #540084 at 06,Feb,18 18:27

By #549942 at 06,Feb,18 18:22

By jazdragon61 at 06,Feb,18 17:32 other posts of jazdragon61 

By Sergius at 05,Feb,18 13:02 other posts of Sergius 
I like to play with my foreskin.

By #491232 at 27,Jan,18 05:57

By #491232 at 26,Jan,18 22:08
URL=http://showitoff.org/cowt7z6j71vzpic.html][/URL] uncut but pulled back

By #549199 at 26,Jan,18 20:32
Has anyone ever heard of a partial circumsicion. I have some foreskin but I still have a scar and I've been told its a ceartain way of having the best of both worlds

By #533846 at 24,Jan,18 16:07

By #535185 at 26,Nov,17 10:41

By lawrenceo at 22,Nov,17 11:07 other posts of lawrenceo 

By #528342 at 09,Oct,17 01:34

By #540813 at 30,Aug,17 03:08

Enjoy my soft and hard uncut cock.

By AussieMan187 at 28,Aug,17 18:35 other posts of AussieMan187 
This is my final form!

only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 115 seconds

Compared to one I uploaded a couple of months ago. Couldn't keep it at its hardest long enough to take a picture of its true potential

--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

With foreskin covering

By slipper at 28,Aug,17 13:37 other posts of slipper 

By Boneman at 27,Aug,17 20:10 other posts of Boneman 

By #540262 at 23,Aug,17 05:47

By Narcan at 23,Aug,17 05:27 other posts of Narcan 

By #540378 at 22,Aug,17 05:21

I have some extra foreskin

By JHP at 21,Aug,17 19:31 other posts of JHP 

By JHP at 21,Aug,17 19:28 other posts of JHP 

By Boneman at 21,Aug,17 18:08 other posts of Boneman 

By #149019 at 15,Aug,17 22:09

By qhaos at 11,Jun,17 05:21 other posts of qhaos 

Integral cock
By 3fdfd at 15,Aug,17 20:52 other posts of 3fdfd 
Proof that cocks ought no be cut

By mzr at 12,Jun,17 03:44 other posts of mzr 

Long Foreskin Uncut Soft Dick
By 3fdfd at 15,Aug,17 20:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
What a foreskin

By JeffinKS at 12,May,17 09:07 other posts of JeffinKS 
By bella! at 12,May,17 09:22 other posts of bella! 
I hope that you won't mind that I am an admirer of your BIG, low hanging boys!
By MM_DD at 04,Jun,17 09:53 other posts of MM_DD 
Aren't they just beautiful? I'm crazy about cocks, but I go nuts over balls (pun intended)!
By tb1 at 06,Jun,17 15:28 other posts of tb1 
By JeffinKS at 07,Aug,17 00:13 other posts of JeffinKS 

By 3fdfd at 15,Aug,17 20:50 other posts of 3fdfd 
Gotta agree with MM

By #535185 at 09,Aug,17 03:32
By 3fdfd at 15,Aug,17 20:50 other posts of 3fdfd 
That's an especially nice one.

By Boneman at 05,Jun,17 11:57 other posts of Boneman 

By MM_DD at 06,Jun,17 07:00 other posts of MM_DD 
Wow...that's a foreskin that just begs to be nibbled on.
By Boneman at 08,Jun,17 16:27 other posts of Boneman 
Thanks. Yes, it would love to be nibbled on.
By MM_DD at 10,Jun,17 10:09 other posts of MM_DD 
By tb1 at 10,Jun,17 14:14 other posts of tb1 
My turn after you MM?
By MM_DD at 12,Jun,17 06:58 other posts of MM_DD 
You first, my friend. I already have a delicious foreskin at home to nibble on regularly!
By tb1 at 01,Aug,17 12:34 other posts of tb1 
ok my pleasure
By Boneman at 10,Aug,17 15:17 other posts of Boneman 
Thanks a lot. I'm happy you both like it.

By submissivemartyn at 09,Aug,17 05:16 other posts of submissivemartyn 

By winnie at 09,Aug,17 03:38 other posts of winnie 

By Yando at 06,Aug,17 04:16 other posts of Yando 

By palunko at 01,Aug,17 20:25 other posts of palunko 

By mzr at 11,Jun,17 04:45 other posts of mzr 

Awesome foreskin on your fine uncut cock

By mzr at 10,Jun,17 17:13 other posts of mzr 

My Long Foreskin Uncut Dick

By #510314 at 10,Jun,17 16:45

By #511422 at 04,Jun,17 02:13
By tb1 at 10,Jun,17 14:16 other posts of tb1 
Gorgeous, so succulent

By sivad666 at 10,Jun,17 01:33 other posts of sivad666 

By tb1 at 10,Jun,17 14:15 other posts of tb1 
gorgeous, so sexy, so sweet, so suckable

By Yando at 06,Jun,17 12:19 other posts of Yando 

By Yando at 06,Jun,17 12:18 other posts of Yando 

By oldbugle at 06,Jun,17 06:22 other posts of oldbugle 

By #535185 at 05,Jun,17 07:52

By Sergius at 25,May,17 23:18 other posts of Sergius 
My intact cock.
By MM_DD at 03,Jun,17 20:32 other posts of MM_DD 
Which is absolutely gorgeous!
By Sergius at 03,Jun,17 23:38 other posts of Sergius 

By Boneman at 03,Jun,17 19:44 other posts of Boneman 

By Narcan at 28,May,17 17:13 other posts of Narcan 

By Boneman at 26,May,17 12:28 other posts of Boneman 

My Hairy Foreskin

By Boneman at 25,May,17 12:14 other posts of Boneman 

My Uncut Hairy Dick

By #511422 at 12,May,17 11:44

By UncutSkinnyGuy at 11,May,17 20:02 other posts of UncutSkinnyGuy 

By ilovemydick at 11,May,17 11:43 other posts of ilovemydick 

By Bojan at 10,May,17 18:52 other posts of Bojan 
By #525363 at 10,May,17 22:01
Awesome cock.

By Boneman at 10,May,17 15:56 other posts of Boneman 

My hairy dick.

By routemaster at 05,Jul,16 01:07 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 41 seconds

By tb1 at 05,Jul,16 01:12 other posts of tb1 

By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
Routemaster's great cock

By #506845 at 06,Jul,16 04:20
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:27 other posts of 3fdfd 
impressive cock

By #503907 at 10,Jul,16 03:51

By Boneman at 08,Jul,16 23:43 other posts of Boneman 

My hairy intact cock

By #509938 at 08,Jul,16 21:06

By routemaster at 08,Jul,16 08:12 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 25 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 53 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 78 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 110 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Oops! Sorry, I clicked on one pic twice by mistake. It must be too early in the morning

By #323075 at 05,Jul,16 03:26

By #323075 at 05,Jul,16 03:24

By #497509 at 04,Jul,16 12:15

By #510909 at 10,Jun,16 17:06
By tb1 at 12,Jun,16 11:32 other posts of tb1 
hello sexy
By routemaster at 13,Jun,16 00:43 other posts of routemaster 

By #510909 at 03,Jul,16 02:17
Hey hey x

By shwarts at 02,Jul,16 20:13 other posts of shwarts 

By #478692 at 28,Jun,16 13:49
Intact Men Turn Me ON!!! so many foreskins

By aoneeyedmonster at 28,Jun,16 11:13 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
meet my meat

By routemaster at 27,Jun,16 21:05 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 31 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 45 seconds

By Hornyman1975 at 27,Jun,16 07:20 other posts of Hornyman1975 

By Hornyman1975 at 27,Jun,16 07:19 other posts of Hornyman1975 

By routemaster at 04,Jun,16 19:41 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 29 seconds

By #510777 at 13,Jun,16 19:41
By tb1 at 26,Jun,16 17:36 other posts of tb1 
By routemaster at 27,Jun,16 02:38 other posts of routemaster 
MANY THANKS to both of you

By topalbatross at 26,Jun,16 16:24 other posts of topalbatross 
By tb1 at 26,Jun,16 17:37 other posts of tb1 
awesome thick hood, mighty tasty looking

By foreskinlover52 at 12,Jun,16 14:08 other posts of foreskinlover52 

By #514244 at 12,Jun,16 11:16
By tb1 at 12,Jun,16 11:33 other posts of tb1 
perfect, gr8 cock and balls and fab foreskin, luv it

By Browningman at 08,Jun,16 07:28 other posts of Browningman 

By #511667 at 04,Jun,16 20:12
By tb1 at 05,Jun,16 14:34 other posts of tb1 
oh my, what a fine, fine dick, gr8 hood

By routemaster at 04,Jun,16 22:57 other posts of routemaster 
By tb1 at 05,Jun,16 14:33 other posts of tb1 
so sweet and so so suckable

By JeffinKS at 23,May,16 12:18 other posts of JeffinKS 

By JeffinKS at 15,May,16 17:53 other posts of JeffinKS 

By #471389 at 16,Oct,14 21:46

By 3fdfd at 12,May,16 09:24 other posts of 3fdfd 
very nice !

By JeffinKS at 15,May,16 17:49 other posts of JeffinKS 
nice restoration!

By Yando at 22,Apr,14 20:04 other posts of Yando 
By 3fdfd at 12,May,16 09:30 other posts of 3fdfd 
Super uncut cock

By JeffinKS at 15,May,16 17:49 other posts of JeffinKS 
very nice!

By #443664 at 14,May,14 03:55
Close up flaccid
Fully flaccid (with foreskin covering head)
By 3fdfd at 12,May,16 09:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
beautiful uncut cock

By JeffinKS at 15,May,16 17:48 other posts of JeffinKS 
I WISH my foreskin was as long as yours!! so jealous

By Darcey656 at 12,May,16 17:12 other posts of Darcey656 

By iowaguy at 13,Jul,14 12:13 other posts of iowaguy 
By 3fdfd at 12,May,16 09:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
Iowaguy has a great uncut dick.

By routemaster at 20,Oct,14 00:04 other posts of routemaster 
By 3fdfd at 12,May,16 09:23 other posts of 3fdfd 
I love Routemaster's uncut dick

By #500604 at 12,May,16 06:15

By Thundercock at 20,Oct,14 05:17 other posts of Thundercock 

By Lenatur at 20,Oct,14 00:45 other posts of Lenatur 

By #41858 at 12,Jul,14 12:51

By #7435 at 12,Jul,14 04:12

--------------------------------------- added after 103 seconds

By #464645 at 11,Jul,14 21:32

By routemaster at 23,Apr,14 00:40 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 44 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 85 seconds

By #323075 at 19,Apr,14 02:59
Photo of a penile from Hamburgaal

By inca47 at 30,Mar,14 09:01 other posts of inca47 

By #206678 at 28,Mar,14 15:16

By #404379 at 27,Mar,14 04:45
Hope u like my pic xx

By routemaster at 26,Mar,14 10:14 other posts of routemaster 

By foreskinlover52 at 19,Feb,14 13:47 other posts of foreskinlover52 

By routemaster at 18,Feb,14 23:34 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 35 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 82 seconds

By tb1 at 19,Feb,14 08:05 other posts of tb1 
bloody awesome m8

By bliggy at 18,Feb,14 22:13 other posts of bliggy 

By #447598 at 18,Feb,14 07:01

By #214409 at 18,Feb,14 14:02
great shot man

By #443664 at 17,Feb,14 12:04
Photo of a sausage from Blaine25
Foreskin fully covering head
By routemaster at 18,Feb,14 02:15 other posts of routemaster 
By #443664 at 18,Feb,14 02:32
Thanks man , yours is great too
By routemaster at 18,Feb,14 05:11 other posts of routemaster 
A mutual admiration society, thank you SO MUCH my friend

By oldbugle at 18,Feb,14 04:03 other posts of oldbugle 
Another view...does anyone know how to put two (or more) pix in the same post as when I try to add a second 'edit' it tells me it's a 'link to another site' and not allowed....

By oldbugle at 18,Feb,14 03:59 other posts of oldbugle 
Here's my old one,...although for me it's not "uncut"...it's just a normal non-mutilated one as nature intended.....

By #451861 at 18,Feb,14 01:33
it makes me hard knowing i might be helping someone out /4sq3lmax45depic.html
By routemaster at 18,Feb,14 02:16 other posts of routemaster 
I've wanked off looking at your HOT UNCUT PRICK several times now

By #440213 at 17,Feb,14 13:35
I'm uncut

By routemaster at 18,Feb,14 02:15 other posts of routemaster 

By routemaster at 18,Feb,14 02:11 other posts of routemaster 

This is mine, I hope you will have a nice wank looking at it
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

By Cutewilly at 13,Feb,14 03:39 other posts of Cutewilly 
Some pictures of mine from my gallery.....

By #449577 at 13,Feb,14 05:29
beautiful!! i love the various pictures for comparison
By Cutewilly at 17,Feb,14 11:35 other posts of Cutewilly 

By Gary5 at 14,Feb,14 10:18 other posts of Gary5 
Would show you mine but I forgot how to upload on this page
By JeffinKS at 14,Feb,14 12:07 other posts of JeffinKS 
here let me help you

By Gary5 at 14,Feb,14 20:48 other posts of Gary5 
Thanks - wish I knew how you did that!

By routemaster at 14,Feb,14 12:30 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 33 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 65 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 100 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

By #449262 at 14,Feb,14 10:24

By foreskinlover52 at 14,Feb,14 11:10 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Just lovely! I would love to suck your foreskin!

By #285354 at 13,Feb,14 08:21

By 3fdfd at 14,Feb,14 09:58 other posts of 3fdfd 
great uncut American cock

By thermal at 14,Feb,14 06:50 other posts of thermal 
My very wet uncut at full stretch.
By 3fdfd at 14,Feb,14 09:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
one of the nicer cocks on this site

By foreskinlover52 at 14,Feb,14 09:10 other posts of foreskinlover52 

I love foreskined cocks! Yum Yum!

By doedeldi at 14,Feb,14 07:42 other posts of doedeldi 

By #213926 at 14,Feb,14 07:32

By #351685 at 13,Feb,14 18:13

By JeffinKS at 13,Feb,14 08:14 other posts of JeffinKS 

By foreskinlover52 at 13,Feb,14 05:06 other posts of foreskinlover52 

I love foreskin sucking!

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