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Strap on, dildo, vibrator versus the real thing. What do you prefer?

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Started by #449850 at 14,Apr,14 02:09
Any guys on here that are straight curious or Bi ever been fucked by a girl with a strap on, dido or vibrator? If you have and you've also been fucked by a guy what did you prefer, guy with the cock or women with the Toy, tell us why?

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By jsmythe73 at 20,Jul,18 00:42 other posts of jsmythe73 
I prefer a girl, that knows, with a great strap-on toy. Maybe someday, a real penis, but not really wanting that now. She's enough fun!

By Mazinga at 19,Jul,18 22:39 other posts of Mazinga 
I prefer the real thing.

But when the real thing isn't available,
I prefer a dildo.

With a dildo I can just get it over with and enjoy
a cigarette break whenever I please.

And, what if a dildo isn't available?
...well then, I'm assed out of luck, aint I!

By ReallyTooSmall at 19,Jul,18 22:17 other posts of ReallyTooSmall 
My has me wear a dildo to fuck her do to my penis being really tiny . She doesn’t feel my little dick when we fuck so hence the strap on cock for me

By #556114 at 18,Jul,18 17:21
a cock is great but hard to get, a dildo is great too plus its thicker than a cock and I can have anytime

By Samcro816 at 14,Jan,18 09:18 other posts of Samcro816 
The real thing is so much better than anything else!

By #545840 at 13,Jan,18 23:54
I rather be fucked by a big black dick 9 or 10 in why because nothing better then taking a dick up my ass

By cockles at 24,Jun,14 05:03 other posts of cockles 
They are two different experiences, with a strap on, etc., your partner is feeling nothing, it's all about your gratification, having a man inside you, you are offering your body to gratify him. So there is no real comparison. As to a preference, I find pleasing a man more fulfilling.
By submissivemartyn at 15,Aug,17 22:53 other posts of submissivemartyn 
You can get strap-on's which have two dildos,one for the person receiving and one for the person giving.My ex wife,who was also my Mistress, had one and we both got real 'gratification' from her using it.

As to the original question much prefer the real thing because of the nice feeling of their warm cum you get when they cum inside you.

By #536462 at 13,Aug,17 03:13
Strap on only

By Arexa at 23,Jul,14 00:05 other posts of Arexa 
I've had all three.... Strap-ons are nice, but nothing compares to the real thing.

By #102053 at 03,Jul,14 09:39
I've used a vibrator on myself. But I've also been fucked by a guy and a shemale. Loved all three, but the shemale was the best!!!!

By cumonme1 at 01,Jul,14 07:27 other posts of cumonme1 
I have had a strapon, vibes, an butt plugs can't wait for the real thing a nice long thick cock WOW I can only dream

By Texas979 at 30,Jun,14 16:04 other posts of Texas979 
I have just recently had my GF use a dildo on me. It started with her playing with my balls and then fingering around my Ass. Then she brought in a egg vibrator... Next she used the dildo and just toyed with my Ass. Then one night she actually slipped it in. I must say it is a totally different experience.... So last night she told me to bend over to get some spankings because I have been being bad (have been talking dirty to her through text while at work) she spanked my Ass a couple times and then I felt it pushing up against my Ass. She gave it to me pretty hard, she Fucked me and told me she is doing to me what I do to her. She pulled it out and told me to turn over, lifted my legs up and shoved it in. I started stroking my cock and wow!!!! I shot it all over my face and the headboard. Never had a real dick in me yet alone a toy. That has now changed

By andrew999999999 at 12,May,14 16:26 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've had the real thing, so I'd like to try a strap on next.

By #447598 at 12,May,14 10:19
Ooonly tried a strapon~

I'm guessing it depends a lot more on the person rather than the tool though.

By ghostfuck at 17,Apr,14 22:23 other posts of ghostfuck 
Both! With a cock you get the prize in the end. (pun intended). With the dido you get the long hard fuck for longer.

By #316057 at 17,Apr,14 16:10
Hmm let you know later
--------------------------------------- added after 1668 hours

Lol the real thing

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