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Adult Circumcision

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Started by #321462 at 14,Jun,14 17:01
Hey Guys,

I am considering getting circumcised at the age of 21 for purely cosmetic reasons. I like the look of a cut cock and I've heard it is more hygienic.

Has anybody here been cut as an adult? Would love to see some before and after pics. As well as any personal experiences,

Thanx Guys

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By soundsgreat87 at 15,Jun,14 01:01 other posts of soundsgreat87 
Hygiene isn't a problem if you're uncircumcised as long as you live in a developed nation and practice your own personal hygiene.

If you wanna do it for cosmetic/aesthetic reasons, go for it. I mean, it's your body, and it's just another body mod. But if you're doing it because you're being pressured to, or because you think it'll make you better in bed, or because you think the opinions of women-you've-yet-to-meet matter, please reconsider. You're only 21, and your sex life has only just begun. You have more than enough time to make up your mind on the matter.

By Ray10754 at 14,Jun,14 17:36 other posts of Ray10754 
Serch the fourms and you will find tons of discutions on this topic! hope yopur prepaired for all the comments you will be getting on this topic Good luck

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