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creampie eating/Cum swapping

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Started by irishman111 at 24,Sep,14 10:59  other posts of irishman111
Hi, i really want to eat my gfs creampie or swap cum with her after she blows me but i keep chickening out, what can I do to get over this or is it not worth it? Both sexes feedback welcome...excuse the pun

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By horniperv at 09,Oct,17 07:48 other posts of horniperv 
Just go for it. Depending on your health and diet, its delicious and girls think its so sexy. Ive always done it.

By Walker at 08,Oct,17 19:48 other posts of Walker 
Oh yeah, sucking my cum out of a fuck buddy's cunt and then letting her suck my cum out of my mouth so she tastes my cum and her cunt! Many times with one woman. I've done it with a total of four women over the years.

By #149019 at 23,Jul,17 01:51
I love creampie

By cowboy07up at 22,Jul,17 18:23 other posts of cowboy07up 
I didn't like the idea of a snowball and no way of eating a creampie. but women have said I taste good, one day a GF gave me a snowball, at first I was upset (but it really din't taste bad- it was kind of sweet like they have said), one time I cum in a lady friend and a guy ate her afterwards and keep calling her sweety. Lately, I have been wanting more snowballs and creampies. My wife did not like the idea much at all, I told her- she takes in her mouth, I kiss her after she cums in my mouth- so what the difference? She seems to be getting use to it, because I am at least getting more creampies.. Can eat someone else's - but will eat mine.

By tomas1 at 25,Sep,14 09:31 other posts of tomas1 
Yeah, would love to cum in her mouth and then kiss her, but never had the opportunity. Don't mind tasting my own cum, but usually lose all desire to do so as soon as I've shot my load. Only works while edging during a long wanking session. If I can let go of my cock in time and a little dribbles out without actually reaching orgasm. Once I've had a taste like that it not only makes me hornier, but when I do spurt my load, I find I do actually want to eat more, so scoop it up and lick my fingers enthusiastically.
By irishman111 at 25,Sep,14 10:55 other posts of irishman111 
Nice, i just need to do it once and go from there. I think it would really turn on gf....ihope and not gross her out
By spermkiss at 25,Sep,14 11:37 other posts of spermkiss 
Would your gf be grossed out by you eating your own sperm? I doubt it. After all, she eats it doesn't she? I strongly suspect that seeing you eat your own spunk would turn her on.

By spermkiss at 24,Sep,14 11:49 other posts of spermkiss 
This is a common, almost universal, situation with men. As we men get close to a climax the sexual excitement builds and we feel as though we'll do anything. We just want sex, sex and more sex. But everything comes (pardon the pun) to a screeching halt when we reach orgasm. Sure, when we're close the idea of eating our own jizz out of a lady's pussy or sharing a nice spermy French kiss after a blow job seems exciting, but this quickly goes away when we climax.

The reason is that a hormone is released when we have an orgasm. (I used to know its name but I've forgotten it. Can someone help me here?) This hormone causes the man's dick to get soft, causes him to get sleepy and causes him to temporarily lose all interest in sex.
By irishman111 at 25,Sep,14 05:17 other posts of irishman111 
Thats for that, very helpful, must try get over it
By spermkiss at 25,Sep,14 11:31 other posts of spermkiss 
Knowing this gives one a real appreciation for male porn performers, men who earn their living having sex, doesn't it? Not only do they have to turn in a convincing sexual performance including ejaculating on camera (the obligatory "money shot"), but then they have to do the "follow up" and use their tongues to clean up their lady partner(s) (or gentleman partner(s), if it's gay porn, or both, if it's bi porn). It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

By #465690 at 24,Sep,14 12:52
just dig in, when my ex told me she wanted me to do that I felt the same way. I had wanted to until the time was there. once I did I love it, I eat just about every load I blow now.
By irishman111 at 25,Sep,14 05:11 other posts of irishman111 
Thanks dude, ill just man up and go for it, i think she'll be turned on by it

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