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Sad when your favorite play friend bails 09,Apr,12 18:02
How did you get this way? 09,Nov,11 15:04
Even get caught looking at another guys cock by his wife and sister 01,Nov,10 15:42
Were you fooled or misidentify someone? 20,Oct,10 18:07


By Walker at 08,Oct,17 19:48
Oh yeah, sucking my cum out of a fuck buddy's cunt and then letting her suck my cum out of my mouth so she tastes my cum and her cunt! Many times with one woman. I've done it with a total of four women over the years.

By Walker at 08,Oct,17 19:43
I go commando al summer, every time I wear shorts. I like the breeze on my cock and balls and how easy it is to drop my shorts while driving.

By Walker at 08,Oct,17 15:32
Super erotic. Some women love it and all anal sex, others asked did you intend to lick my asshole? Yes I did do you like it? Keep doing it and we will see. Some saw yes, some say no. Ass licking sometimes leads to anal sex. I do love having women lick my asshole massage my prostate and peg my ass with a strap on dildo.

By Walker at 08,Oct,17 09:23
Adultism, Zoig and Motherless. I do enjoy finding my cock pics when I search cut cock head per cum. I do enjoy finding my cock pics on sites others have uploaded.

By Walker at 12,Oct,15 21:32
The dream is a big fantasy. Coming form immigrant grandparents I see the dream being for filled. I see the jewish issue as a distraction. Yes well if you are not willing to work you will not succeed and achieving the American dream. Now granted the dream of 1890 or 1920 or even 1950 is very different than 1990 or now 2015, hard work is the key. We are made stronger nation because of it whether we like it or not. Semper Pi

By Walker at 12,Oct,15 20:02
Wow, took me a while to read through this thread. (Oh god I hope big **** is not monitoring this) but hear goes! Now as a gun owner I do support the constitutional right to keep and bare arms. And yes as a gun owner they are all locked up. I also have educated everyone that handles my guns to their responsibility to be a good citizen in exercising their rights. I also believe that especially kids that are given mind altering drugs to compensate for mental issues should in no way be given access to fire arms. Are you in your right mind allowing a mixed up **** access to a fire arm. Sorry Andy, my friend who actually has no kids is rabid for his rights. No it is a responsibility of a gun owner to maintain control of his or her firearms, it is your right and responsibility to maintain control. Business is not just business. I have survived two mass killings!!!!!!! one by 50 feet and one by 25 feet!!!!! No chance to use a concealed weapon. Glad I didn't have one on me. I just managed to get away. I believe the police response is generally over the top. I will argue that topic with my FBI friend later.

I respect my friends who do not own a gun that I had taught to shoot, but chastise for saying I know where to get a gun if I need one and the SHTF. I find it funny that they believe I will be in my City home waiting for them to show up to get their loner gun and ammo. Sorry Caitlin you don't get one.

As for the rest of the chatter sorry I can't follow that shit. I love you all dearly and would love to fuck you all in the ass men and women the rest of the dribble is just that. lol
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As to a foot note. how do some, clearly not all, but how do the kids get guns??? Some are acquired by arcane rules others by lack of understanding and resistance of simple rules. Yeah as a **** I had my 22 in my closet. Ammo on the shelf. Never once did I think of taking it and using it outside the set rules. I worked at a chicken farm and shot rats for ten cents a rat. Yeah I got paid sometimes in eggs, or a chicken. OK a different world. I'd ride my bike to work and a cop would stop me to chat. Officer Murphy, Hey buddy, on your way to work? Yes sir. got to stop those rats. Shoot straight, boy. He drove off, no fuss. Stopping a 12 year old with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Give me those time again.
I tell those stories and make adults cry. Younger adults than me. I have helped many, but I can't help all.

By Walker at 12,Oct,15 19:08
Oh thanks for posting my pic. I can't figure out how to do that. Yes I have a secluded backyard while the leaves are up. I can walk around naked.

By Walker at 12,Oct,15 14:12
I do enjoy swallowing my own cum. For a long time I could suck my own cock. I loved the taste of fresh wet cunt and would clean my cock and make myself cum and swallow that too. I have also sucked my cum out of several women's cunts after sex. I had a girlfriend that lat me cum in her mouth but made me swallow it after.

By Walker at 12,Sep,15 12:06
I wish I could still do that

By Walker at 10,Sep,15 11:00
On occasion when the opportunity presents itself I look. I am mostly disappointed. I do enjoy the way my circumcised cock looks, and do enjoy other cut cock.

By Walker at 10,Sep,15 10:54
My backyard is wooded, and I walk around naked all the time weather permitting.

By Walker at 10,Jul,15 09:22
I wear boxers or none in shorts. On occasion I have worn women's sexy dirty panties. All in fun. But I prefer to wear none when I can.

By Walker at 10,Jul,15 09:18
Definitely cut. I enjoy looking at cut cock. All my lady friends like my cut cock too. They like the clean look.

By Walker at 21,Feb,15 11:40
When I could suck my own cock I enjoyed my precum but is had little flavor, then my salty cum.

By Walker at 21,Feb,15 11:35
I learned when I was very young that I liked sucking my own cock. So my first cock and first blowjob were at the same time. I sucked myself off everyday for years.

By Walker at 28,Dec,14 19:28
Shower head water jet masturbation is no where as good as hot tub jet masturbation. My fuck buddy uses the center jet to masturbate her cunt it opens her cunt up filling her with a water jet cock. It can fill your ass too.. Made us cum many times.

By Walker at 26,Dec,14 18:16
I wish I could see my Gym trainer naked in the shower. She is around forty and is so buff. She works me hard and when she sweats she gives off a heavenly musty stink. I love to get to her at the end of the day after she has worked up a good stink. My wife switched to an earlier time and then an easier trainer. I have kept up with Sexy Lisa and her hot body. By 5:00PM her tight yoga pants are so deep in her camel toe My cock gets hard as soon as I see her sweaty wet cunt. She knows she is a buff cunt and knows I have a rock hard cock when we are done with the workout. She gets her stink right in my face because she knows it makes my cock hard. She is my wife's buddy Kelly's trainer and she has told Kelly she likes giving me a hard cock. Kelly is her client just before me and she likes to flirt and hug me all sweaty and musty, but she is mild compared to my sexy musty Lisa.

By Walker at 08,Jul,14 20:18
Yes her ass is on my blog, yes you have seen the ass I rub my cock in and cum

By Walker at 06,Jul,14 22:38
I rub my cock in my Wife's ass crack with a little lube. She usually doesn't wake up even when I cum on her. If she does wake up we fuck then she goes back to ****.

By Walker at 09,Nov,13 17:54
I have sucked my cum out of my girls cunt lots of times. She sucks my cock after I fuck her after cuming in her cunt. I lost a truth or dare and my girlfriend at the time said I had to suck a cock. So I sucked my own cock and sucked my own cum. She had to suck my cum out of my mouth and i ate her cunt a tongued her asshole too.

By Walker at 09,Nov,13 17:34
Several women want me to masturbate before sex to unload my sperm. Several jack me or suck me off two times then make me pee before we have sex. It is a form of birth control for them.

By Walker at 09,Nov,13 17:31
Sex daily is a fantasy. Even when I three girlfriends that didn't happen. Now once in a while I had sex with two different women in one day and on a few occasions I had sex with three women in one day but I always masturbate.

By Walker at 28,Aug,13 15:47
I love sweaty girls, sweaty girls are sexy and erotic. Girls that smell musty and sweaty get me sexually excited. Hairy sweaty armpits on women are erotic and I love women armpit stink. Sweaty cunt and ass are also hot and erotic, smooth or hairy. I love the point where a woman's deodorant fails and you get her stink burn through.

By Walker at 28,Aug,13 15:38
Almost every day sometimes more. Wife can't make me cum and she doesn't try. So I masturbate and cum on her ass crack or in her dirty panties or between her legs

By Walker at 28,Aug,13 15:34
I use to let the girls in the neighborhood watch me and I'd watch them. I use to let the ladies in the neighborhood catch me. Only one was upset and punished me. The others just watched some came right up to me others peeped on me. Girls in school and at campgrounds. Dates and at parties on a truth or dare. So I'd say about a hundred or so over the years.

By Walker at 23,Aug,13 10:42
Yah, that's what I want to know, does she feel like she is missing out? Do you say sorry honey I just shot my load you are going to have to wait for a fuck. Humm... I think not. I got that demand ones at a cookout with a group of friends. I replied OK if we fuck everyday. Her friend's eyes went wide, everyday. She shut up after that. I then tried to fuck her in the morning and at night. She told me to go back to masturbating.

Jack on

By Walker at 23,Aug,13 10:16
Yes I do cum on pictures as you can see on my page, I cum on many for their privet enjoyment as well.

By Walker at 08,Aug,13 16:03
Well I do enjoy anal. I show off and have had many women lick me and use a vibrator on my ass stimulating my prostate to achieve a fantastic orgasm. I have even had a few women use a strap on in a femdom affair. A threesome session with two women double dong ass fucking. Their point was if I was going to fuck their ass they were going to fuck mine. So I show my ass and have attracted more women and for some less rude to grab a guys ass then reaching up his shorts and pulling his cock.

By Walker at 28,Jun,13 18:48
I use tosuck my own cock. Now I can't, too bad for me. I now suck my cum out of my cunt bitches.

By Walker at 24,Jun,13 17:14
Well we don't have bath houses, orthose kind of book stores. Although I have picked up women MILFs mostly. My wife gets after me aboutmy homophobia. She knows my fetish for flashing my cock to women, so she set me up at one party. She made an excuse to leave and her friend Marcia said had seen pictures of my cock and wanted to measure it. She got my cock hard and took pictures. A while later she had my cock pics several other guys cocks on her 52 inch TV! No hiding now. I was a bit drunk like everyone else. We voted andI got second place. A guy all dressedup like a girl said she/he wanted to suck cock. Marcia took pictures of me getting my cocksucked. She said my wife told her I loved anal sex. after I blowa load of cum she/he offered her ass to fuck. Plowed her ass and came again. Marcia then pulled her tranny friends cock out. I didn't flip out. I just kept pumping her asshole. Marcia showedmy wife and she
laughed. She thought it was so funny. I have only sucked my own cock, andsucked my owncum, but do let guys suck my cockand I do ass fuck a few. My wife says I'm not gay because I let girls suck my cock too and fuck their assholes when they let me. She refuses to do either, and wamts me to unload in someone else. On a sliding scale, she says all men are 10% if you look at cock. As you are more into cock it goes up. If you like sucking cock and one is infront of you next to a cunt, and you go for the cock first your Bi. I'd go for the cunt. When we fuck she makes me suck my cum out of her cunt. We have done 3 way with another woman,and they make me eat both of them cunt and asshole. Although I have gone out with Marcia's husband Rob to guy parties, and fucked his ass, he never pushed to fuck my asshole, although his wife has fucked my asshole many times. Rob likes receiving my cock. So my wife says i'm a 15%, no whereclose to Bi.

By Walker at 05,Dec,12 18:14
Ah for the lack of spell check, on this site, jow hani worlds have endded Lmao!!!

By Walker at 10,Sep,12 20:33
Ok I'll fuck her even if you want to watch, I've done that too!

By Walker at 10,Sep,12 20:31
I wish

By Walker at 09,Apr,12 18:21
Not to be offensive but, I have been to many seders and have had two jewish girlfriends. I was told that oral sex was OK and admissible under jewish law. Now several Catholic girlfriends some said yes some said no because it was not allowed by the bible. My best cock sucking girlfriend was protestant and she cleaned my cock everyday. So when it comes to anal sex Jewish girls are 100% in Catholic girls are 50/50 and Protestants and all over the place. Now an indian chick - not hindu but catholic was into all pleasure although was guilty and had to confess to me before sex again. I love my jewish friends they are hot. I am circumcised to Jewish girls don;t hesitate sucking my cock.

By Walker at 09,Apr,12 18:13
Hummm... I don't understand that, harder soft than hard. Can't see that. Every cock I have seen is much bigger hard than soft. Hummm...

By Walker at 09,Apr,12 18:11
Well assholes are assholes and everybody has at least one. I love to get licked I also like as a matter of course. it's so intimate. I have only licked women's assholes as a lead in to sucking their cunt of as desert from fucking. But I do understand guys love ass licking.

By Walker at 09,Apr,12 18:08
Oh that's great because older women can be any age older that you or me. As a younger boy-man older was 20-25 as a teen older was like 30. as a college grad older was 35. Humm... as I worked and early 30s older was 40ish. Now well older hummm... I don't really want to see 60s. Although some here who claim to be 60 are very hot.
I'd still hit that cunt if is were hot and wet.

By Walker at 13,Jan,12 16:32
Oh baby that is so hot I would love to massage you naked and fuck you as I massage you. I love the fact you didn't shower for him because he love you ripe that way. I would love to smell ripe women it makes my cock extra hard.

By Walker at 13,Jan,12 16:26
Every day for prostate health, of at least that's what I tell the wife.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 19:31
Yes many years ago. I wish I could still

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 19:17
I was at a buddies house and him babysitter made him drop his pants and she spanked him for being late to get home. He got a boner and began stroking his cock. He blew his load as she watched. I quietly snuck out of his house.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 19:01
Well all of it once the woman has her cunt opened up. I have fucked several virgins in my day and many non virgin cunts. I find than about half of the non virgin cunts I have fucked only had about half their depth i opened up. The first time it happened I heard the chick grown and ask what was that. I took your inner virginity. They admitted they hadn't really enjoyed sex and had difficulty having vaginal orgasm. A six inch deep cunt is normal.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 18:42
Oh yes you have a beautiful shaved cunt. I would love to kiss you in your lips and suck your clit. I would love to lick your butterfly clean of your juices and have you sit on my face and rub your cunt lips all over me.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 18:34
Yup, although wife knows she ignores my play.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 18:32
I have only seen a couple of women pee in public in the US. I have seen women pee everywhere in Europe. I thought it was just guys peeing to avoid paying for the toilet. Not so I began noticing women just squat down in doorways in the street next to building in the open not trying to hide. My wife began pointing women peeing to me when I didn't see them. Our US friends also picked up the habit and I watched and she watched me as I went too.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 18:10
Wow this is a hot topic. I was on a high school ski trip to Switzerland, Went in a public restroom in the mens door. Woman's door opened to the same bathroom. I stepped up to the urinal and saw a woman stand up and pee. There was no wall between and I watched her looking at my cock peeing. I got a great tingle and my cock started getting hard. She giggled and I looked at her looking at me, she smiled and said nice. She turned slightly showing me her pee and said you have it easy. I could see she had no cock just had her cunt lips pulled open. I stared at her cunt peeing until she was done. My cock was hard by the time she was done. Several of my friends were watching both boys and girls.

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 17:59
Oh man thanks for that one I had forgotten about how hot she is. I blew my load watching the video, time and time again. Random? no not as all I love her and she is so hot. I'd love to have her give me a prostate exam using her whole hand. Then check my semen load with her mouth.

By Walker at 20,Nov,11 08:56
Rustic glory hole. I was camping in the Florida Keys, on spring break. The campground shower was just a walled in area with open showers along the walls. I noticed two girls hanging around and watched them peeking through a knot hole. When I got to that part of the wall I turned on the shower and stripped to take my shower. I heard giggling and it got my cock hard. After washing and stroking my cock I inserted my cock into the knot hole and heard the two girls talking so I stuck my cock out of the hole for them. I could see from another hole drilled at a down angle that one was about to suck my cock. she did with the help of the other girl pushing her head down on my cock. She sucked me until I blew my cum in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off my cock and the other girl began sucking me tasting my cum. I was able to give the second girl some cum too.

By Walker at 20,Nov,11 08:38
After my sister and her friend caught me one time they made me show other friends. I was sad when they got older and stopped asking.

By Walker at 20,Nov,11 08:20
Just the other day, ww were staying with friends in their house. I was in the bathroom wanking to SYD making cum tributes didn't realize the flash was noticed under the door. The wife opened it thinking it was her daughter taking nude pics again. She caught me in the act as i shot my load. She said Oh My, came in and shut the door. Keep going she said as she watched a second shot of cum hit the iPad. She squeeded my ass as I finished up. I took several shots as she watched. She gave my cock a squeeze and kissed me on the cheek whispered pervert, I love it.