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Frotting & Docking pics

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Started by #454258 at 12,Nov,14 23:12
PLZ show me two cocks rubbing on each other. Such a turn on.

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New Comment

By shackles at 31,Mar,20 09:48 other posts of shackles 

By Dickventures at 30,Mar,20 17:57 other posts of Dickventures 

By Steve116969 at 25,Oct,19 19:00 other posts of Steve116969 
By 3fdfd at 30,Mar,20 08:09 other posts of 3fdfd 
This is a wonderful picture
By X_Y_Z at 30,Mar,20 13:58 other posts of X_Y_Z 
sure is

By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 15:41
For me as well

By palunko at 14,Nov,14 02:09 other posts of palunko 
By #454258 at 15,Nov,14 12:25
nice. clear picture too.

By shavedpubis at 22,Nov,14 08:36 other posts of shavedpubis 
i like this one. flotting with lotion is nice and fine. it makes me horny.

By Smoothmann at 25,Oct,19 17:19 other posts of Smoothmann 
I really need too try this one day! So cool!

By #575202 at 25,Oct,19 12:25
By X_Y_Z at 25,Oct,19 15:21 other posts of X_Y_Z 

By Smoothmann at 25,Oct,19 17:18 other posts of Smoothmann 
This looks like a lot of fun!

By elljo at 25,Oct,19 12:15 other posts of elljo 
Love to try this

By #590624 at 24,Oct,19 09:02
my cock on the left, playing with my friend

By lawrenceo at 07,Jan,19 08:35 other posts of lawrenceo 
You will find plenty on xhamster and similar programmes.

By Lenatur at 14,Nov,14 00:50 other posts of Lenatur 
Here the first Pic
and now the secend

Pls comment if you like or not,thanks
By #82400 at 17,Nov,14 16:12
I'd like to join
By #454258 at 02,Jun,15 23:44
me too

By #575378 at 01,Jan,19 04:47
I love this pic.

By X_Y_Z at 06,Jan,19 17:18 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I like that, wish I was one of you

By jerrycums at 06,Jan,19 14:18 other posts of jerrycums 
i love frotting and coming on each others cocks then lick it all up.Lovely

By midnightrambler at 04,Jan,19 03:53 other posts of midnightrambler 

By midnightrambler at 04,Jan,19 03:50 other posts of midnightrambler 

By #575912 at 03,Jan,19 08:28
I started missionary frott at very early age with friend.

By lawrenceo at 09,Dec,18 09:08 other posts of lawrenceo 
Very rarely see pics of full body frotting; which is the original sort.

By #454258 at 01,Dec,14 01:17
come on guys, keep those pics coming

By #472648 at 23,Nov,14 04:28
This thread is awesome wish more people would contribute to it (:
By ChocolateDevine at 24,Nov,14 11:14 other posts of ChocolateDevine 

By #454258 at 29,Nov,14 14:54
then lets keep adding comments, pushing it to the top of the forum, until someone posts a pic.

By redhead at 17,Nov,14 12:53 other posts of redhead 
I have quite a few in my them!
By ChocolateDevine at 24,Nov,14 11:10 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Hot collection!

By #457775 at 14,Nov,14 07:08

it feels so good
By #454258 at 18,Nov,14 23:55
very nice

By #390287 at 14,Nov,14 13:22
i have a few in my gallery

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