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sexual encounter with another man

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Started by #451069 at 27,Dec,14 20:27
Some people will say that you haven't lived your life to the fullest until you have had a sexual encounter with another man.

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By #432072 at 30,Dec,14 16:47
I just started sucking and fucking cock and its been the best... My gf joins or just watches or I eat her out while I'm getting fucked
By spermkiss at 30,Dec,14 17:42 other posts of spermkiss 
Been there done that. You identify as straight but you have discovered how much fun it is to do a little switch hitting. I identify as gay and I discovered the same thing. So, yeah, I know what it's like to get fucked in the ass while I had my face buried in a lady's crotch and my tongue stuck up her pussy.

By #479114 at 30,Dec,14 02:51
I prefer women as I think nothing beats the feeling of fucking a dripping wet pussy, but I don't mind playing with a big dong every now and then
By spermkiss at 30,Dec,14 11:49 other posts of spermkiss 
Variety is the spice of life.

By bikev at 29,Dec,14 10:08 other posts of bikev 
Man on Man sex for me is far better than Man on Women. I was married for several years (my wife died) then by chance I realized I preferred to bat for the other side. Since that time I have have numerous sexual encounters with other men and never been disappointed.

By spermkiss at 28,Dec,14 11:59 other posts of spermkiss 
I'll agree with that. Also for gay men, you haven't lived your life to the fullest until you have had a sexual encounter with a woman.

As a sidelight to this topic SYD members might want to click on the "Other Posts" link next to my name and pull up my Forum topic "Things Every Man Should Do at Least Once".

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