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By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:59
Answer it.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:56
Old guy in a public toilet.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:48
Gay and eat mine and anyone else's cum.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:45
Most men like to have their cock sucked and licked every which way you can. Lick the head and shaft or take all the way into your throat.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:43
Both for me.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:38
Oh yes. Almost choked when he finally shot his load while his cock was deep in my throat.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:36
I love to receive doggy style.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:35
Enter the room, first strip off second shut the door.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:32
Love eating my pre cum and cum. Why would I waste it.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:26
Never shy to show my cock. It feels so natural to just strip off. Like to show at the urinal and see what others have to offer.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:23
Never ever spit. I love the different tastes of cum and eat it all.

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:20
Naked when ever I can. Love going to the sauna and walking round naked brushing against other men. Enjoy nudist beaches. Just wish I could ne naked all the time.

By bikev at 06,Aug,19 02:27
It looks great.

By bikev at 29,Jul,19 03:38
I regularly broadcast on cam4 and wank. Love being watched.

By bikev at 18,Jul,19 08:36
I love the taste of cum. Never spit, always swallow.

By bikev at 29,Jun,19 03:09
Its my duty to make as many guys cum as I can.

By bikev at 25,Jun,19 14:05
Love it.

By bikev at 25,Jun,19 03:28
Been in several amateur gay vids. L am a bottom and love being videoed/filmed either taking really big cocks, dp scenes or gangbangs.

By bikev at 25,Jun,19 03:17
I had a part time job in the evenings in a local shop. Stewart the owner used to grab hold of me from the back and rub his dick against my bottom, I could feel it getting bigger and harder. He offered me 5 extra pay if I would play with him and wank him off (I would have done it for free if he had asked). It didn't take long before I progressed to being down on my knees sucking him off and eventually letting him have his way with me when ever he wanted. His big dick was a nice bonus but the money came in handy as well.

By bikev at 23,Jun,19 04:59
Always swallow, love the taste.

By bikev at 23,Jun,19 04:56
Naked in the house and garden all the time.

By bikev at 19,Jun,19 03:15
I love the thrill I get when stopping at traffic lights.

By bikev at 19,Jun,19 03:10
When ever I can.

By bikev at 18,Jun,19 03:42
I stretch both my cock and my balls. Feels great.

By bikev at 18,Jun,19 03:40
I am a total slut. Will take cock anytime anywhere.

By bikev at 18,Jun,19 03:29
Love it.

By bikev at 18,Jun,19 03:24
Yes please.

By bikev at 18,Jun,19 03:14
Love to watch a guy wanking and shooting. Better still if it goes in my mouth.

By bikev at 18,Jun,19 03:09
Can only get 4 of my own due to not being able to reach any further round. I have no difficulty in taking a whole hand when being fisted. I love having my arse played with.

By bikev at 17,Jun,19 03:21
Kneel and suck it dry.

By bikev at 17,Jun,19 03:20
Love when a man gags me with his cock.

By bikev at 17,Jun,19 03:19

By bikev at 17,Jun,19 03:18
I love sucking cock and swallowing loads of hot cum. But a 69 is always welcome.

By bikev at 07,Jun,19 03:20
I was with a young guy at the weekend who over an hour and a half gave me three loads of cum in my mouth without his cock going soft. Great

By bikev at 07,Jun,19 03:05

By bikev at 07,Jun,19 03:04
Love hairy men rubbing against my shaved smooth skin.

By bikev at 05,Jun,19 12:56
Will see a few tonight. Mid week orgy at the sauna.

By bikev at 02,Jun,19 14:21
Were is this adult cinema please.

By bikev at 30,May,19 03:43
Wifi on my mobile

By bikev at 19,May,19 04:25
Tapered traffic cone. The lower you get the bigger it gets.

By bikev at 19,May,19 04:15
I go to a gay sauna most weekends (Fri/Sat) and nearly always manage to receive DP. It feels great riding a hard cock then having another one slide in to my bottom. If the guys can get the same rhythm going and cum together its even better.

By bikev at 01,May,19 03:17
I love to do that.

By bikev at 01,May,19 03:13
I dream of cock every night. A couple of times my dream has cum true and I have met up with the guys in my dream. Last night I was on my knees pulling down the pants of a big black guy. I licked the full length of his cock while he get aroused and got nigger and bigger. I woke with a raging hard on and my mouth felt sore (I wish) from taking him in my mouth. Hope I meet him tonight when I go to the sauna.
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

Didn't meet my dream black man but had a great time with 2 French guys. Hard fucking with a DP and loads of cum.

By bikev at 14,Mar,19 04:12
Either. They both taste good to me.

By bikev at 09,Mar,19 14:16
A big well hung black guy.

By bikev at 05,Mar,19 03:23
I love being used by dominant men. If they have a big cock then even better.

By bikev at 26,Feb,19 02:37
I use cam4. User name kevwatson.

By bikev at 26,Feb,19 02:34
Visit several times a day. Love looking at all those juicy cocks, Go naked whenever I can.

By bikev at 26,Feb,19 02:30
Wear mine all the time.

By bikev at 25,Feb,19 03:53
Will this do